Zukul Crypto Trading Bot – how to setup your trading bot

hey guys welcome back to the channel this is Brian cob with the zoo COO trading bots some update this is gonna be day one I'm actually gonna start from the beginning of where I picked my cryptocurrency I'm going to trade and put it in I'm show you how easy it is to do this so what's your in your back office what you wanna do is go here to create a new bot alright and then whatever I can't yet G Dax or cex like item G Beck's account and in your API key you want to put that here my I've already created a bot it has my API keys so I'm just going to import it but there's a video and come in Zuko trade it shows you step by step how to put your API keys in there now let's welcome to the exchange and as you can see I only have any three dollars in there 83 dollars not a lot but I just wanna start out at the beginning like where most people start out at and they say don't start less than under 100 bucks but I'm close enough to it there this right here is your return on investments I just put it out to infinity you can put it at 59% once it reaches that and you just need up reset it I'm gonna do let's try eight lot send me nine months eight but it's gotta be at least 10 or above $10 or above and return on investment I want at least 1% each trade sin and if it goes past 11 saying it will follow it will follow it on up it could you know go up 20 cent 30cm whatever eat straight but it a trailer auto compound his own and let's go ahead and start to buy you I got a name it was trade BTC be JC and then let's start it all right now I'm a bot straighten would it do is to define uh it'll go out there and it'll scan Sibiu details of the scandal market and it's going to find the best spot to buy the best position to buy and I'm Michael put this as day number one I wield 24 tomorrow I go day to day number one but this is done actually the first first spot did I just put on here and we'll go from here we'll scale it up 83 dollars not a lot of money so I wouldn't expect a huge amount of return for from each trade but thing is it's going to return more than a savings account and and even though it's so small I got the compound on it's just going on it's gonna slowly build slowly be able to get bigger bigger bigger bigger over time over time over time and it's just gonna be like a snowball effect bigger and bigger bigger bigger a little bit bigger and what else I like about this this spot right here as the only of as an affiliate system on the other side of it which all my videos I'm gonna go over it and I'm gonna show people about it you get uh get capture pages you get a free autoresponder get free email templates that you know when somebody signs in to your site and they put their email in then goes into your leads and automatically sends them an email out so not only are you building your business I mean this right here's like $10 a month starting out now I've got any $3 in there so I'm on the starter package so I could trade up $300 now once I get $300 on good to the next level which is going to be $35 and I could trade it up 15 minute and it's so on so forth my biggest community right here we can just give us a thumbs up subscribe to the channel and once we get this channel built will start doing laughs let's get the downline going I mean you catch my spillover there's different ways to earn money in the disaffiliate side I mean you don't even have to admit all you do is click a button it's plug and play go on about your business just look in on it every day or every few days and it's just gonna be working for you it's gonna be doing something that a savings account won't do for you and once I said you click that compound on snowball effect came in be dead alright guys this is day number 1 I guess a college thing number one in tomorrow day number two we just starting out we just made our of we just made her bot it's 10:45 a.m. April 26 2018 alright guys we'll see you on day number 2

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