If you like eating pork and fish, ZUBUCHON is where you want to go. . MUSIC PLAYING.. Hello everyone and welcome back. I invite you to click on that Subscribe button if you’re here for the first time, And the bell notification icon so you can receive fresh new Philippines videos almost daily. And motivational videos as well. Hey today, I’m going to talk to you about ZUBUCHON Philippines, ZUBUCHON PHilippines. Yahh! LisaD and I are eating lunch today. and we are eating at ZUBUCHON Philippines. This is one of the nicest restaurants we’ve seen. But we’ve never eaten here before. We’re trying them for lunch today. We’re out and about and we’re hving this for lunch. And they mostly specialize in seafood and pork. MUSIC PLAYING…. And lechon. so we’re trying the out for the first time. I’ve ordered the adobo dish, slow cooked adobo And lisaD’ordered some vegetables and some pork and some other things. So when the food comes out we’re gonna check it out and we’ll let you guys know what ZUBUCHOis all about. But we’re having an awesome day in the Philippines, Uh, we’re doing a little shopping. Out and about and uh, Pacific Mall is one of our nicest malls to go to. It’s and older mall but we enjoy coming out here every so often LisaD’s over there trying to act like she’s so busy on the cell phone. And uh, I’l show you a little bit of the restaurant. the prices are not that bad. their average prices. my meal is actually 130 pesos and I think Lisad”s meal is 200 something. 269 or something like that. We’ll let you know how it is MUSIC PLAYING… OK EVERYBODY we got our meals. This si the slow cooked Adobo. and some vegetables and rice. And LisaD got the Zubuchon Special And man it’s piled high, What is that? Pork? Porka and rice and some vegetables. We’l tell you what it’s like when we’re done. MUSIC PLAYING Alright everybody. I just got through with my meal. And uh, it was very good very delicious I had slow cooked adobo And that’s what’s left of it. hahaha. LisaD is over there and she’s still working on her meal. But everything was very good We also had some vegetables were very good.. They were filled with chicharon. I’ve never had that before. Very tasty. And uh, so if you ever have a chance to got to ZUBUCHON ZUBUCHON Philippines. We reccommend it Fast Service Pleaseant service Food was delightful very tatsty. And very affordable as well. So that’s it for now. This is BobbieD So that’s it. Remeber to like share and subscribe. Also questoion for the day What’s your favorite restaurant in the Philippines? Huh? What Jolibee? Hahahah. Lisad=D said her favorite restaurant was Jollibee. hahahaha…. Question for the day. What’s your favorite restaurant in the Philippines? leave it for me in the comments section of this video. This is BobbieD, saying take care, God Bless and Peace! MUSIC PLAYING……


  1. Jack's Ridge in Davao, Philippines, that is where I proposed to my fiancé. Jack's Ridge has a very beautiful view of the city in the hills.

  2. Chicken would love.
    Is that expensive in general.
    I would not want to eat alot pork all the time.

    Looked good though.
    Just my opinions.

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