ZRX 0x Token Added To Coinbase! What's Next?

hey guys how's it going it's the crypto analyst here and I hope all of you guys are having a good morning evening wherever you guys are from and welcome back to another cryptocurrency video now today we're gonna be talking about how coinbase is added a new cryptocurrency to their exchange we're gonna be breaking this down looking at what when they added why they added it and how we actually predicted that they were going to add this coin a couple of months ago so if you guys are interested go and stick around for the video and do not forget to hit the like and subscribe button as it does help out the channel a lot but that being said let's go ahead and dive on into this so of course guys the coin that we're talking about here is ZRX otherwise known as 0x token now this was no surprise to us I have made several videos in the past talking about how coin base was extremely likely to add this coin in the future and this was months ago and so of course now that they've now they've added a theory in classic which I also predicted that they were going to add and now they've already added 0x token otherwise known as Z or X and with this a pretty sharp price evaluation in this coin has shot up here and so what I mean by this is we've seen this go all the way from you know nine thousand three hundred Satoshi's all the way up to around fourteen thousand six hundred satoshis on with a pretty large spike since it was announced that it was getting added and since it has actually been added so of course you know the speculation shot it up then it was actually added with shouted up even more and then upon it being you know fully kind of emerged into coin base already now it's had some time to settle in settle down and here comes the correction time now well we get you know price value Asian this quickly when we see things that are going to get out at the coin base it's no surprise that coins spiked up I mean we've seen it with big coin cash we've seen it with the theory and classic and now we're seeing the same thing with 0x you know as no exception here so it's really no surprise that when something is going to get added the coin base with them being one of the largest exchanges in the world right now that the price is going to be affected we see the same thing when a coin gets out at the finance or BitFenix or bit Mex or one of these other ones at crack and maybe even but you see this stuff happen especially you know really the most with queen bees because the main difference here is you know of something like coin based versus buy Nance sure buy Nance might be bigger but they don't offer US dollar pairings they don't offer Fiat pairings like coin based us so you can trade your US dollars for cryptocurrency for Bitcoin or any of the coins that they have listed on their exchange unlike by Nance and some of these other ones and that's why it's such a big deal when coins get added to coin base because it gives people really an entry point to get their fiat in the cryptocurrency so enough looking at this you know of course this has had some parabolic run-up with the announcement of it getting added let's go ahead and look at coin based Pro here you know as we can actually show and prove that this thing's been added so here we had the drop down menu you have Bitcoin the USD aetherium litecoin Bitcoin cash at the Aryan classic and now ZRX so here you know you can click on it you can trade it to the US dollar you can trade it to Bitcoin and you can also trade it to the euro so they are really expanding their gates here if you guys know anything about coin base and have followed them for a while on they have really been working on their website and their their diversity a lot because they've been expanding upon the pact that they that they want to become more global for a while they were pretty centralized in their user base within the United States but they've been doing a good job at expanding that especially into Europe that's really their main focus point right now and I can imagine that after Europe Asia is going to be their you know their next target as they're already starting to dive in and try to get an in and trying to find entry points over in the Asia so this is what coinbase is looking right like right now of course if we look at ZRX since it was added you saw some parabolic run-up followed by a pretty hefty downtrend now and z RX as it will begin to start following Bitcoin in the market again as the hype is wearing off over here so this is you know pretty cool news it's good to see you again it's good to see this get added but we know that there's several more coins coming in you know we talked about stellar illumines we've talked about oh man there was a couple of them stellar lumens and Z cash and I want to say that there was one or two more that we've talked about there in the previous videos you guys can find those you know probably there in the description or on my channel somewhere else but it's cool you know knowing that coin base is actually following their word and coming through with some of this stuff because for a while it was always just hype and speculation of you know what's the next coin that's gonna get out of the coin base you know a lot of people thought it was gonna be X RP they released a statement saying that you know it wasn't going to be X RP but now with all this coming out we're actually seeing them take action to really show us that they're actually going to be proactive about adding cryptocurrency and listening to us and following you know really what the people want here so this can show you guys that it's not actually on coinbase yet this is their little coin base bundles this is a kind of another cool future or a feature excuse me that coin base is added over here because they've actually added a thing where you can buy essentially all the cryptocurrencies in one buy based upon their dominance in the market right now so it's you know it has a dispersed out down here it's pretty self-explanatory but it's not ZRX is not on this list yet so with this I'm gonna go ahead and wrap this video up guys but again it is cool to see quinby's adding new coins because what this does is again it it adds entry points for regular people to get into cryptocurrency easier because of Fiat pairing into a cryptocurrency pairing is always the easiest way to get into cryptocurrency rather than going through some of you know a lot of the other sources it's really just the most traditional and comfortable way and that's what makes it so significant so I hope you guys did enjoy the video hopefully you know you guys did get something out of this if you guys did hit the like and subscribe button it does help out the channel a lot and I will see you guys in the next video

44 thoughts on “ZRX 0x Token Added To Coinbase! What's Next?”

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  2. coinbase keeps adding new unknown tokens to it platform and i think it is nothing but insider trading by manipulating prices of that newly listed coins…

  3. Coinbase leaders are connected to 0x so I’m not surprised it’s on coinbase. I’m sticking with ADA, it got its value authentically by being a good coin.

  4. Made $750 on this one already. Still laughing at my friends who think I'm crazy for trading crypto. Haven't had a real job for 7 months now. I started last year around March, so it took me almost exactly 1 year to be able to quit my job.

  5. As long as coinbase doesn't add xrp, they are irrelevant. They have lost millions already but they have tons of insider trading going on, talk about the ultimate scam

  6. Dont think it will pump too much.
    Coinbase are manipulative pricks and have lost 66% of thier business to other exchanges.
    It will make ox go up a bit but not like bitcoin cash when it was added to coinbase.
    Coinbase are dogs!

  7. Hi, please don't delete videos when the market acts different then what you expected. It can happen, we don't mind. Nice that 0x was added to Coinbase, I was buying the news a few months ago.

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