Zeux – Manage, Invest and spend your CRYPTO in one place !!

hello happy people today we are going to discuss about Xerox a new app that replace traditional banks and let you make crypto payments using only your smart phone this your horse crypto puffy and welcome to my crypto show before I proceed if you are not yet a subscriber of my channel please subscribe now and activate the reminder Bell so you will get notified when I upload fresh new videos just for you guys similar to a digital Bank zoosk is an app that provides payments and banking services in both traditional and digital currencies combining the best of both worlds basically this is the first crypto mobile payments app using Apple pay and sanction pay services to facilitate payments directly with your smartphone on top of other financial services offered by this plus the app is called zooks and it can be downloaded downloaded from both iOS and Android app stores and that this moment is available only for UK residents with plans to be delivered worldwide by the end of 2020 what are the main features of this platform one of them are the digital banking services you can see your cash and bank balances in one place you can track your spending from zukes app and your connected back and you'll have those spending categorized in order to understand where your money goes also you will see all your crypto together with your cash and bank balances another feature is the secure KAC service you will retain control of your private key for your personal data vault and you are going to have this key I see no your customer process stored in the personal data vault you can open multiple financial accounts with cacey information verified on the blockchain and you can choose your investment type ok the Casey verification history is stored in the blockchain using hash and all the private keys are stored in customers mobile and controlled by the customer zooks ltd is authorizing by the financial conduct authority Authority also called FCA in UK the financial service register number is eight one three zero to nine and is the first investment platform offering crypto funs product can compare the best savings and investment products on the market you will have access to multiple investment products all of them aggregate aggregate it and put together in the platform and you will be free to put your money where you want when you want and to get the best returns available the main feature also is the mobile payments okay it's a mobile payment with your smartphone using your smartphone you can use Dux immediately without having to wait for a physical payment card as you will get a virtual card on the spot when you register for this app you will have an easy and safe process using blockchain technology and you can pay on the go with Apple pay and Samsung pay to spend your fiat and cryptocurrency anywhere where you see the this logo displayed the Google pay it's not available at this moment but it will be available in the near future the last but not the least feature is the decentralized money transfer okay you can transfer money to anyone anywhere instantly with a few simple clicks and/or using a mobile number you will have an easy and safe versus using blockchain technology and you can transfer money to your friends and family in an instant they have their own coin it's called zoogs coin and by holding zukes coin you can enjoy cash back on all crypto payments you will get discount on your crypto investment fees and instant access to your secure KCC services seok's also provide the customers with rewards that encourage active management and tracking of their assets and investments now regarding a token sell even though this one is already finished we have some news regarding the future listings of the zoo coin and we have this medium article that you can find by clicking on the news and updates here and this medium article is saying that get ready for the listing of Zuke's coin on coin all exchange on 9th of July at 11 UTC +2 okay so following a hugely successful pre-sale and public sale where our second round of token sells sold out in only 20 second now that coin will be listed in coin all exchange the deposit will be starting in July 5th so already started spore trading on July 9th and withdrawals will be available on July 10th after the listing on coin all zooks coin shall be listed on okx main exchange if a target number of new users registration are achieved by the uke's community cool so in case you are you know already having these coins in your possession don't forget to register with coin all and prepare to start training what are the critters that are accepted to be deposited into the zooks app we have BTC we have ETH we have B CH SV we have quantum for the moment and they already have the chain otology and me or coming over okay so be sure make sure that you are following their social media for that let's take a look at the road map very very fast so they start in 2018 in April when they completed their first alpha version and in November they launched the soft launch the better product in UK in 2019 they started in January with the FCA of Tours Asia they launched officially in UK with crypto payments and banking functions they tokenized all their platform financial transactions now in September they are going to start with investment providers via blockchain base Casey their integrator they'll have their official launch in UK with investment products and soft launch in the rest of Europe in October and they are going to launch officially in Europe in November with crypto payment and banking faction and in 2020 March official launch in Europe with investment products soft launch in u.s. in May 2020 and connect more than 50 financial service partners on the platform official launch in us in July 2024 key to payment and banking and official launch in the rest of Europe with investment product and in October we have the last announcement it's they want to make the soft launch in Asia okay they to launch the app in Asia very very nice so before we finish don't forget to get your invite code go now to zoogs comm and click on get your invite code button up here then you are going to be register to receive your invitation code for the Zuke's app that means advanced access to the app wherever you are living when the app will come to your area it's enough that you enter your email address you click all the boxes and your register like this you are going to receive also informations about the app development in the future and you can also you know check out their Facebook and Instagram account no it's never too late to have to connect with a platform that you like okay so thank you very much for staying with me up to this point I hope really that this video brought you some utility if it's the case don't forget to smash that like button guys and if you are not subscribed yet to my channel please do so right now and make sure that you press that's also that small Bell the notification button it's very very important also I'm waiting for all your comments regarding this video or my channel in general and also leave me a comment if you would like to use this app connected to your smartphone thank you bye bye

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