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  1. This is really great way of quickly giving the nuggets from books! Ironically you are creating your own monopoly with this style of book summaries while explaining about creating monopolies
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  2. Great job! I read the book few weeks ago but you gave me a better overview on this one. You channel is awesome and it's sad that you don't have more views. I will try to share it as much as I can and I hope others will do the same. You deserve it, Keep going!

  3. Brilliant Summary , this was like the best 4 minutes 27 seconds of my day. Keep up the good work and keep sharing.

  4. why monopolies:
    they are the best platform to invest in the future; everyone else is fighting in the trenches and has no excess capital to spend.

  5. I just finished this book and this is actually a good overview of the main concepts.

    One concept that was excluded from this summary – which I found very important – is the importance of establishing monopoly/dominant market share in a single, niche market before scaling 10x. That is how brand recognition and user loyalty are established, which are two essential keys to growing and establishing the wider monopoly that is mentioned in this overview.

  6. Hey, I loved this video! I just read this book and LOVED it! Your illustrations are amazing and really helped visually represent Thiel's ideas! Thanks for making this video!

  7. Monopoly is a political term which means you use the government to bar competition using physical force/violence. All anti-capitalist systems allow this in one form or another. Capitalism is the only system which does not due to total separation of economics and state. One really shouldn't use this term for other things like specialization or market dominance through excellence. This is actually the anti-thesis of the monopoly approach which seeks market dominance through force/violence instead.

  8. Such a good read! Thank you.

    Initially having read "Management and Machiavelli" came to mind with creating and copying something, "Imitative" and "Creative" in MaM, but that was the only MINOR similarity. "Zero to One" goes beyond that thinking.

  9. Absolutely brilliant. Not about book. The way of presentation. I think you deserve more than this. This not your platform.

  10. #VidSummary **ZerotoOne by Peter Thiel – Summary**
    – For a company to build profits well into the future, Business should focus on creates something new from going 0 to 1 instead of 1 to n
    – Avoid competition at all cost. Competition eliminates profit.

    1) Start with Yourself
    – Future and success are not ruled by luck. Take matters into your own hands.
    – Diversification in education and skills means you are average at everything but really good at nothing.
    – Be laser-focused early on to develop stand out skills.

    2) How to build a monopoly
    – Develop a zero to one offering for a niche market and then scale up
    – A product or service that offers 10x speed, performance, value so that people recognize you
    – Key to success is avoiding competition at all costs

    3) How to protect a monopoly
    – Network effects: Address the value of your offering
    – Economies of Scale: Larger volume, lower average cost
    – Branding: Lowers distribution costs

    The future is uncertain. But even a bad plan is better than a good plan.

  11. This is a great presentation! Thank you for sharing this! (Zero to One always reminds me of the extra mile principle in Matthew 5:41).

  12. πŸ€”πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ––Fantastic straight after the book, or before take your pick.
    Excellent drawing.

  13. Find what you love and attach it to something worth having a career on. Keep reading books like this. Best to luck on everyone !

  14. this is amazing! I am guessing this was a by-product of you trying to absorb information better, and you made it into something so educational for everyone. Thank you for this.

  15. Hi guys, I just finished writing my cyberpunk novel. I’d appreciate it if you guys gave it a read

  16. Thanks for this. Love Thiel, love this book. 0 and 1 are binary code, for those that didn't catch that in the clever title. Total nerd-speak, especially for those of us non-engineers or programmers.

  17. We are looking to create a training similar to this for our New Hire Orientation. Is this something you can help us with or give us some referrals of who to work with?

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