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November 10 2018 – ZEC Price Analysis | BTC USD $6389 Today system one what’s going on everybody
Wendy came with a crypto chart this one was requested from one of our community
members for Z cash so without further ado let’s jump right into it this is the
ec2 the BTC ona 343 this is what it looks like
you can see first things first boom back all the way to 2017 this thing
has a very big cycle right here this thing was almost you know that’s four
hundred percent in six months that’s the real deal right and this was at a time
when a crypto market was much smaller I didn’t have all these ICO points imma
know you know every other week to kind of dilute the market down it was really
just the bare essentials of blockchain technology and Z cash was at the top of
that wave that was a very very big weight for crypto altogether I think
their crypto market cap during that time so here we are we’ve basically you know
rough pilled out pretty good but a couple things I want to do whenever
you’re looking at a long term chart best thing to do
start at the breakout go to the macro break down that 7700 to 31
you see we get a nice little pop here you know quick confirmation of the trend
at the 1/6 and then you can also see Wow this little area right here
basically our completion you know confirmation flatline complete and that means a Z cache is indeed about
Twinner a brand-new macrocycle it’s almost like if you put horizontal
lines here you can put one there for support change white you early out there somewhere
that’s right where we’re at and all that it is is just the low-hanging fruit of the seventh right
and that’s literally what we’re doing so what I expect to happen is you guys is
gonna make some money again and because this is a long-term chart it’s not gonna
be but this will be one of the coins you want to own for 2018
mark my words on that right right now z ash is about a book what is this
right up under you we owe to write and that’s a that’s a
strong strong strong area to buy one of the things I wanted to highlight was
this date right ear January 5th 2019 and the reason I want
to highlight that day is because if you take a given ID from these two cycles
right down to breakdown that normally gives you the top of energy way right
the first little ego this there anyway let’s see if we in it there goes right
there right breakdown breakdown that gives you
breakout right negative two negative times negative equals a positive so this
means by January bit that 3/2 is gonna be hitting
so that will be a pretty good day for Zika right another thing you could do so
let’s you know we got it we got this little indicator here marked we can turn
this thing green right so January 5th is gonna be a big day
but check this out I told you this thing right here was a confirmation right that
1/6 was a confirmation over there what happens when we move our big pivot 92
this that little hop right there
right before all that energy started different permanent birthplace at one six comes right back and so essentially we have a macro right
and this is like a slow way macro we’re gonna draw a line you know that would be
like our slow roll oscillator you know on a macro scale right where it’s just
slowly going up when it’s above that line you know it’s making some real-deal
money when it’s below that line it’s gonna be stroke right and a lot of times
you can literally just walk dog you know and take this thing on down for each section of the chart look right here it
conformation the floor
the ceiling right and so once we start this pattern that’s gonna be our Row
three and we may have just started it right
there I’m not I’m not sure yet if it started but even if it does let’s say we
hold off till right there right that’s gonna be your growth rate and so again
Zeke at CEC to be PC is a very very very strong point that you do want to have
exposure to um over the next six months right cuz from the last chart first
first time it went on this on this uh uh turn here oh that was good for almost
one hundred four hundred percent and six months right so that’s what that’s what
we trade for it we look pretty these opportunities we look for these windows
to get in and then we use the macro and the micro momentum of the market to
confirm our juxtaposition accordingly right there you go summer calendar is
January 5th just so you know Z cash Dec to the BTC is also one of the coins on
the profit package this week don’t as I just get you some free money
make sure you pave or bring somebody else you know to cool kids club over
here on this block team making this money don’t buy USD is USD ain’t nothing
me with that being said everybody is that time today signing out
Louis point be a no matter where you stay zero debate telephone I ate all the
way back to dirt money good night morning
that we meet again stay cryptic y’all like a boss you

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  1. Zcash is one of my favorited privacy coins, this coin along with DeepOnion were the coins the profit of which made it possible for me to have a diverse portfolio this year. I think both will do better in 2019.

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