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description now let’s get started with some news first of all this is something
we have not seen in a while well Bitcoin interest on Google Trends is starting to
go up now take this with a grain of salt cuz you know it’s just bitcoins interest
on Google Trends but at the same time it is a cool thing to note that back when
we were having that bull run that everyone remembers we were at a 100
interest over time so max you can get to we were at 100 ever since then with the
price dropping we have also had a decrease in Bitcoin search Bitcoin as a
search term on Google Trends I know if you guys notice what happened recently
just the last few weeks we are starting to gain a little bit more momentum so
it’s possible that at these prices people are starting to look back and say
well I said I would take a second mortgage when I when I hit 5,000 I
didn’t do that I said it at 4,000 didn’t do that set at 3 thought wow I’m not
saying you should do that by no means that doesn’t sound like a good idea
whatsoever but I’m not a financial vizor this non-financial advice the cool
thing is that you know the bitcoin is gaining interest so it went from seven
up to eight to ten to fourteen now to sixteen and again for very very far away
from that one hundred but people have connected this to the price so overall
could this be showing us that we have some aboard movements ahead it’s
definitely a possibility next up with everyone thinking about the
Bitcoin ETF well apparently Bitcoin ETF seekers met
with SEC on Monday in latest pitch for approval now this is something that has
been actually picking up in the news recently with some people saying that’s
very likely and other people saying that it’s very unlikely and so I’ve found a
lot of questions asking me what I think about the situation personally guys I’m
gonna stand with what I said q1 2019 is when I believe it could
happen now obviously is there possibility of it not happening yes
thankfully we also have banks and other good news and other things coming out in
q1 20:19 that could help us enter that bull run but the ETF would definitely
help as well so hopefully we do see that happen as you guys can see they’re still
steps being taken towards that no one’s given up yet they’re still meeting with
the SEC we’ve had you know two very influential people one say that seems
very likely and one say that it you know it doesn’t seem very likely so we’re
gonna have to wait and see everything that happens with that now talking about
institutional investors guys coinbase launches OTC trading for institutional
investor now this is not anything new that’s actually been in the news for a
little bit now but I did want to emphasize again that coinbase is
starting to live up to what they promised number one they promised they
were gonna target institutional investors it looks like they’re doing
that number two they said they were gonna add multiple altcoins
onto coinbase now they said hundreds if not thousands they haven’t quite done
that just yet but they are slowly and surely adding more and more and every
time they add one there’s a little bit of a pump is there inside trick I don’t
know what’s going on with that I’m not gonna comment on that they do have a
history of allegations that’s the only reason I bring it up and joke about it
but one thing I did want to mention about institutional investors and I
thought this fit in perfectly with yesterday’s video is I heard a fantastic
quote and it was that if you are a regular investor like
me if you’re a regular investor if you missed the Train you missed the trick
right if you missed the Train you missed the Train if you’re an institutional
investor if you are an institution if you are some of these big big players if
you miss the train you’ll asshole that train and you pull
it right back to where it was it looks like that’s what we’re seeing right now
they’re literally just pulling the train back like oh I wanted to get in on
Bitcoin at 3,000 well I missed it bring him back to 3,000 whatever I was gonna
bring him back to 3,000 it looks like that’s exactly what’s been going on and
that’s why we’ve seen another price job people are blaming you know see Emmy
futures whatever it could be also we’re talking about the hash wars in terms of
the more recent drop personally I think all of this plays a role in it but I
think the bigger rule is that some big money wants to come in but they want to
secure their profits they want to get at the lowest that they can and that’s
exactly what they are trying to do so I want to add in that quote on top of
yesterday’s video if you guys haven’t checked out yesterday
one of my favorite videos that I’ve made so make sure you do go ahead and check
that out but yeah I thought that’d fit in very
very well with that now by Nantz is doing a 150 thousand dollar giveaway
technically it’s 150 thousand packs but packs is a stable coin picked to $1.00
so it is 150 thousand dollars they actually look at the price today it’s
one set is one cent over so it’s a little bit more than 150 thousand
dollars be the way they are doing this to celebrate the addition um as of 4
packs as a base currency for 6 crypto currencies you guys could wanted to see
which ones it is so they had BnB in packs BTC packs etherion packs XRP past
yo Westpac’s and xlm packs some very big and very good crypto currencies here by
Ness coin obviously going to be their big coin the King aetherium the one that
was in second place for longest time and got taken over by the next one XR p EO s
one that is a little easier because of you know they just haven’t lived up to
what people thought we were going to live up to and then xlm is another one
that I think is very very good now the way this going to be distributed is
based off a trading volume obviously and number one prize is going to receive
fifty thousand packets second was gonna receive thirty thousand packs the thirds
gonna receive ten thousand so I figured in the bear market with everyone’s
everyone’s portfolio theoretically dropping
unless obviously depending on if you’re trading what it is that you’re doing but
you could be recovering those um you know the valuation losses but don’t
forget you one Bitcoin is still one Bitcoin so in terms of Bitcoin you
haven’t lost any Bitcoin you’ve just lost on the dollar valuation to it if
you were to sell so if you don’t sell you technically haven’t secured any type
of losses but this I thought thought this was cool obviously Finance again my
favorite exchange always in front of doing the most for adoption everything I
think in the bear market having these type of giveaways is always fun and to
make it fair to make it to show it’s legit they’re gonna do live on social
media they’re going to be showing the winners I think it’s cool am I gonna try
and participate with this I don’t know if I have time to try and uh be number
one in terms of packs trading volume but who knows maybe one of you guys wins and
I’d love to see that happen but yeah I feel for guys who don’t know packs is
the stable coin that bonus has added as a base currency for six different
trading pairs now back this is really really interesting because backed
apparently was looking at adding aetherium initially with bitcoins so if
you guys want to see the quote from the well-connected source now this is from a
source so keep that in mind I thought this was pretty cool
they said their original offering dogs had aetherium included but they backed
away made us because XRP took over maybe who knows what it was maybe they
realized that maybe it’s just time for Bitcoin first the next time we looked at
it from an investment standpoint if theory had been removed and only Bitcoin
remained regulatory approvals are paramount in a launch of this scale so
they thought better than to go on better than to go the route of ask for
forgiveness after the fact I would expect the next contract they offer to
be aetherium so I’m pretty cool here looks like Beck’s was looking into
aetherium and they took it out for you know they took it out from the initial
plans and sold this person saying that the next product that they come out and
offer the next contract that they offer would therefore likely be a theory now
there are several all coins out there that could be the ones that they offer
aetherium was number two for the longest time
recently taking the number three position behind yours truly XRP yeah we
have to wait and see back obviously for now is going to be
Bitcoin that’s the product they’re going to be off
later on they said already that they were looking to add more and more
contracts so maybe if theory was going to be the next one down the line now a
stellar xlm is the best performing crypto on crypto convoy market cast
while I can’t speak top-ten it overtakes Bitcoin Cash’s place we’ve been talking
about how this should happen for some time and well now we have had it happen
Stellar’s number for Bitcoin cash is number 5 with a difference of less than
20 million dollars if i refresh this please don’t make Bitcoin cat okay we’re
good we’re good they’ve increased their lead by 30 million dollars up in market
cap from Bitcoin cash stellar is now number for Bitcoin cash is now number 5
I like this look a lot better I think we should stay this way but again it’s a
very very small separation so definitely something that we could see switch back
at any given moment now Z cash Z cash guys was added to coinbase pro a lot of
people were speculating that would be another awkward that would be added now
that leaves a lot of a lot of all coins left that are still to be added
obviously to coinbase Pro and to coin base itself
well for now coin base has added Z cash it we did have a little bit of a pump on
Z cash we look at the last 7 days you guys see there was a little bit of a
pump on Z cash in terms of being added to coin base of course we also had a
little bit of the last few days have been relatively green so that is
definitely helped out with the overall positive trend and then obviously the
news came out had a little bit of a spike and then is come back down like
everything else in the market it’s come back down because it is an overall read
day in the markets actually go back and take a look at the market look at the
read day that we have we had a lot of days in the green so I don’t think
anyone surprised that given we still believe that there are going to be lower
lows for now that’s gonna depend on if you believe that if you don’t I still
think we do have lower prices to see currently at the four thousand dollar
support 24 hour game theta token is up 46% mo AC is up factum is a Bitcoin as V
is up a little bit but again just ten or fifteen Kryptos in the green while
everything else is in the red so no overall red day in the market like I
said just over one hundred thirty billion dollars in
cap and zelicah one that I haven’t talked about in a minute just because
there hasn’t been a lot of stuff going on about it
well they’ve released their test net v3 in pepper in preparation for the main
net launch so initially they did have some a net issues now they have set the
date hopefully this is the date that’s going to you know happen it’s not gonna
be postponed again I’m not gonna have any issues because that did throw a lot
of investors off when that happen initially it’d be very very bad for them
if they went and did that again hopefully everything goes well for them
hopefully they get back on track and hopefully everything continues to move
forward guys that’s gonna be it for this video hopefully you guys did enjoy if
you did don’t forget to leave a thumbs up and leave a comment down below in
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see you guys tomorrow for another video


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