Z is for Zebra – Katherine Ledger

Hi everyone. I’m Katherine Ledger. I’m a Content Marketer
and Business Storyteller and I’ve been running through the alphabet with Content Marketing tips. Today’s letter is the letter Z for Zebra. Well, I make no apology
for picking the word zebra because as you can see, I
absolutely love stripes, and I also adore going on safari and seeing zebras out in the wild. And they have something
interesting to tell us in that although there are
only three species of zebra in the World, each one has
their unique set of markings, which are very like our human fingerprint. Just as our own human
fingerprint is original, in the same way, our brand
story is perfectly original and like no one else’s. No one else has the skills, knowledge, experience, expertise, values and approach to the way
that we bring our business to the clients we love to serve. So we should make our brand story visible in our organisation’s brand DNA, and we should also include it in everything that we do, write, and say and impress it upon all our
marketing communications so it’s instantly recognisable by the people who we want to attract, and they’ll want to engage with us and hopefully become clients. The brand story is very, very powerful. So let’s not hide it away but
point it at the right people and put it out there everywhere. So that’s the end of my series. I’m actually quite sorry about that. I’ve enjoyed the journey, and it’s been brilliant
sharing it with you. If you have any comments or
questions about today’s message or any of the other videos, then please comment below
or contact me directly. I’m very happy to keep talking about the power of content
marketing with storytelling. It’s a great passion of mine. There’s a lot more to be talking about on that important topic! So I have put all of my A-Z
videos on my YouTube channel, and I’m also busy creating a factsheet which summarises the main
points from the series. So if you’d like a copy
of that, then message me, and I can send that to you. So all that remains for me to say is thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for being on this journey with me. It’s been so exciting. And I’m looking forward to sharing some more
content with you and videos. If there’s anything specific
you want me to cover, then let me know. I’m Katherine Ledger from Copy That Sells, signing off for today, and looking forward to
talking to you again soon.

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