YungManny – Bitcoin (Big Spender Remix) (Official Music Video)

Slide in all black, now I’m feeling like Venom I told her kick it, uh, Beckham Squeezing the MAC, uh, lemons Walk down boy, got him booking a reverend Ole girl miss me, uh, she jealous 7.62’s flying out of the Lexus Purpin’ at dinner, he gone by breakfast That boy shooting for a Big Texas I put two holes in your man like some scissors I keep a dog with me, I’m with Clifford I’m in the field singing “Down by the River” He in the sky, oh my God, Big Dipper He say he shooting, huh, Fisher Put a stone in his head, Vision Hang him on top of the tree like it’s Christmas Your man on a shirt, I don’t care if you miss him Serve out the store, feel like Austin & Ally Shooting behind the counter, feel like Maddie Golf course, bro be hopping out the caddy Bro got a clip longer than Degrassi Private school, pulled the piece out the khakis *Ring*(Hey Xan, check the alley) Feel like Pharrell, I pop it when I’m happy Bro beat the pack up, Bobby Lashley I’m Saint Laurent stepping out of the Saks I’m making a big move, call me Max Dr. Sumes, there’s a MAC in my hat (Kelechi Bust Down) I’m watching Cartoon Network in the trap Every line he ever wrote is a cap Heard he want smoke, then I’m giving out jacks Shoot from New York and he only spit facts Lil bro only shooting when he playing craps Hey Manny! Uh, uh, uh, I got a, uh, and a, chop I got a, dog, when I, huh Huh, huh, huh? Hey Manny, yeah Ya dig?, yeah Ya dig? Wha? Ya dig?

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