Your first Binance walkthrough to start buying some cryptocurrency

hello Jez Feldmesser here from Feldmesser dot co giving you guys a first time Binance walkthrough and you might say “well what
is Binance?”and “why would I want to be walked through?” well Binance is a digital
currency exchange in which you can purchase and sell digital currencies
make sense right okay well let’s see how we can get some into Binance well first
of all you would go to and this is then you would
simply set up an account which I won’t go through because it’s very simple like
setting up any other account and you put in your details you get a confirmation
email you click on the email and you have your account and there you log in
and you should use two-factor authentication which you can set up and
let me see if it I can show you the two-factor authentication
setup you should use SMS or Google here we are use the Google authentication you
can access that and just go through the steps and download Google Authenticator
to your account and you should get an icon that looks like this one and then
when you log in to your Google Authenticator and you log into Finance
it’ll ask you for all the digits and then Google Authenticator will show you
some digits you type those into the box and that verifies with a double factor
authentication who you are that way nobody can use your account if they get
your password they don’t have your phone as well then they can’t access your
stuff so it’s much more secure. Alright then so once you’re in you can purchase
some digital currency some cryptocurrency
and for the purposes of this video I’m just going to get some Bitcoin
transferred to finance so that we can start purchasing some other currencies
and violence only allows you to purchase crypto currencies so if you don’t have
any cryptocurrency you can’t buy anything on by Nance so you’d have to
have another exchange where you can use your credit card or other means of
financial funding to get yourself some cryptocurrency first and the one I’m
currently using is coinbase it’s very easy to set up you can get it as an app
on your phone very easy to set up just get it on your phone and you can have it
evidently on a laptop or a computer so here we go so um I’m in coinbase right
now and we’re going to send this quantity of Bitcoin point zero zero two
to Bitcoin which I have to finance so then in order to make a deposit into
Finance you’d want to type in BTC in order to find the Bitcoin deposit then
you can have simply make a deposit by making a deposit address BAM there we
are we have a deposit address so we just connect copy this starting 1ch ending
63n we want to make sure we have all of that in here so simply you’re going to
accounts in coinbase have some funds which you purchased earlier and then you
enter your address once ehb 63n very good that’s got the complete address and
we want to send the maximum amount of Bitcoin cuz I’m just gonna empty this
wallet currently just for the purposes of this
a video and I can transfer myself an optional message so I remember what I
was doing so let’s say for example Finance it was it that way I can see
what I’m doing and as you can see the fees are just they’re just crazy on
coinbase which is why it’s very useful to have another means of accessing and
the fees on Bitcoin specifically are very very onerous they’re like crazy
high fees and slow transfers so once this transfer is done I’ll be pausing
the video until such time as the Bitcoin arrives in finance and then I can
continue to show you the rest so we’ll be doing that to make it faster for you
alright so basically we’re losing half of this transaction kind of silly really
but there you go for the purposes of this video for all
you wonderful people I’ll do this for you so remember to subscribe to channel
hit the notifications and get your coin base and Finance account through the
links and that’ll help keep this channel going so appreciate that very much so
right let’s just do this then so bump a bomb we verify the one CHP transaction
63 and BTC wallet and then we have to do another code because evidently all
transactions are two-factor authentication so then we go back to the
Google Authenticator we’re on coin base and we have to type in the digits that
are shown in order to access the functionality there we go
function the on the way and I’m going to pause the video and we’ll restart just
as soon as the finances arrived in finance so once you’ve finished your
registration on Finance comm website you will receive an email confirmation which
you need to click on the email so evidently you have to use the correct
email so you can receive the confirmation and activate your account
once that’s done your account is activated in this screen and you can
simply click on log in to log in and then you have to put in your email and
your password I use an auto form-filling encrypted tool and we can log in and
then we have to fit the puzzle piece carefully drag the left slider to verify
yes I like this you have to put the puzzle in you’ve got to be like within
pixels of getting it right which is good gotta be human testing of humans so we
are going to enable two-factor authentication which I have on my smart
phone here I’m just going to log in my smart phone and so we go of getting it
right which is good gotta be human testing of humans so we are going to
enable two-factor authentication which I have on my smart phone here I’m just
going to log in my smart phone and so we’re going to go to Google all right
awesome we’re back again I just restarted the video after the pause
waiting for the Bitcoin transaction to actually be verified and just as
information you can verify any Bitcoin transaction or in fact any crypto
transaction on block cipher comm simply type in the crypto currency that you
want to check and the address to which you want to check it and it will verify
how many of the actions have been confirmed and here we
are we’ve got enough confirmations to verify that this has actually occurred
now we’re returning back to by Nance and we can see if you want to check your
funds you just go to funds and history to see your deposits and withdrawals so
it keeps a complete running record of all of that so there we are now once we
have the funds we can go into deposits and withdrawals and we shall see we’ll
go and see here we are a Bitcoin and this shows that the Bitcoin balance this
is what I have transferred in point zero zero 1 of a Bitcoin about $15 value so
yeah it cost me about 15 dollars to show you that transaction but you guys are
worth it so there we are alright so from here evidently we can do the beginning
trading which is the next step so let’s have a look at that and we go to the
exchange and we’re going to go to the basic
exchange being as this is a finance first time walkthrough and we’re just
going to do a simple purchase to show you how it all works so let’s say for
example we wanted to do because we have Bitcoin we want to find a Bitcoin pair
and we can find all the pairs with Bitcoin what can we exchange so let’s
see we can get some Bitcoin for some we can exchange some aetherium and we could
possibly exchange some light coin for example oh yes there is an interesting
point I just knew need to mention this evidently all of this is just my
personal information showing you the actions and I’m not giving you any
financial advice or suggesting that you should do anything you should always get
professional financial advice to do trading or any such thing so with that
out way let’s have a look at the next activity alright so for example we could
exchange some Bitcoin for some BnB which is by Nancy’s own coin and the reason
for having some BnB is that you can have much cheaper fees on by Nance
if you pay with finance so if you go into your account and you see where it
says here using B and B to pay for fees you get a 50% discount so you just click
this on and there you go that’s a way of making them much cheaper transactions in
doing your trading all right so we’re gonna do the first transaction is to get
ourselves some B and B to pay the fees in that way we can have our future
transactions to be much cheaper on this exchange so we go to the exchange we go
to basic and because we’ve got some Bitcoin we’re gonna exchange some
Bitcoin for some B and B so let’s have a look at that b and b b n.b Bitcoin here
we are this is the BnB Bitcoin pair and we want to purchase some B & B okay so we’ve bought some BnB and we can
see that in our orders history pump a bomb there we are B&B Bitcoin market we
bought the average market price of 600 6496 and there we ha details and then we
are fee 4.000 5b and B’s for a total of one zero zero
zero six Bitcoin so when you exchange these back into dollars you can see that
trading on Finance is much much more efficient than exchanging on other
exchanges so now we have some B and D we can do other trades alright so here we
are back in the deposits and withdrawals section and just for the purposes of
this finance walkthrough I’m going to buy some ad a card ah no it’s relatively
small cryptocurrency currently and has it’s easy to get hold of so for this
demonstration we’re going to be using this particular currency so let’s go
back to the exchange the basic exchange you do the same thing remember we’ve got
our fees being paid for in BnB finance coin and we’re going to go ad ABT see
this is what we want we want to purchase some card ah no with the Bitcoin that’s
left in the account and we’ll do the same thing we’ll go have a look at the
price is three seven four five let’s see if we can find a 3 7 4 Bom Bom Bom so
we’re going to do the market well there we are successfully walked 12
card ah no trades history is under here and there we are so we’ve first
purchased some B&B with the Bitcoin give us some trading funds to pay the fees
and we bought some ad a with Bitcoin 1288 with the Bitcoin that was left to
leave us the current totals so that’s it that’s the simple walkthrough of using
buy notes on the simple part of the exchange and getting yourself other
cryptocurrencies in your crypto wallets don’t forget to subscribe to the channel
at the notification bell and leave your comments and questions in the section
below and I’ll get back to you in the next video bye for now

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