Your Cryptocurrency for Beginners guide.

Hello! Jez Feldmesser here from Feldmesser dot co bringing you your simple guide to cryptocurrency all beginners by me Jez Feldmesser an ex beginner because we’ve all got to start somewhere so I made
this simple guide basically because I’ve seen a lot of information going around
about Bitcoin in the media and a lot of my friends have no idea what
cryptocurrency is etc so let me just introduce you to this for your
educational benefit. I’ve just taken this entry from Bitcoin in the Wikipedia and
bitcoins cryptocurrency and worldwide payment system well yes it is and it’s
getting even better it’s the first decentralized digital currency as the
system works without a central bank “Yoo hoo!” that’s a good point….” or a single
administrator” nobody could shut it down it’s worldwide it’s… it’s on- line
it’s there. “The network is peer-to-peer” person-to-person individual to
individual from me to you – that’s great and transactions take place with users
directly through the use of cryptography you don’t have to know anything about
cryptography to use Bitcoin…” without an intermediary ” that means nobody in the
middle that’s a good point remember that these transactions are verified by
network nodes like your computer and my computer and somebody else’s computer on the network and recorded in a public distributed ledger meaning everybody can
see whatever else is doing except it’s all anonymous because it’s just numbers
and this is the blockchain. So “bitcoin was invented by an unknown person or
group of people under the name of Satoshi Nakamoto and released as open
source software “meaning everybody can contribute to it and improve upon it and
as you’ll learn next it has been improved upon and
multiple versions of cryptocurrency are now actually in existence so it was
released in 2009 which means we are now nearly in its 9th birthday I suppose
bitcoins are created as the reward for a process called mining but you don’t have
to mine it yourself that’s good news because if you had to mine all the gold
that used to cover the dollars then that would be difficult but we don’t do that
anymore we just base our currency exchanges by the very important idea
that somebody else will be willing to accept our pieces of paper or our
numbers in exchange for goods and services so in fact you’ve been using
digital currency ever since you had your credit card so it’s actually not that
new as a concept because you don’t have to have pieces of paper that represent
the money or blocks of gold or silver that represent money the money is the
idea that what you transmit to somebody in exchange for goods or services he can
then or she can then transmit to somebody else in exchange for what they
need and these are very important concepts to keep in mind as we go
through this basic introduction so the University of Cambridge estimates in
2017 this is an April estimate and we’re in December so figures have changed but
they’re between two point nine to five point eight million unique users using a
cryptocurrency wallet most of them using Bitcoin because bitcoin was the big baby
that started it all off and now there are a bunch of others December 17 there
are one thousand three hundred and seventy three different crypto
currencies coins this is just the coins not the tokens coins listed on coin
market Capcom which I suggest you don’t have a look and find out what all that’s
about so obviously there’s a lot of interest in the idea of cryptocurrency
the current US dollar of the combined crypto currencies is
around the six hundred billion dollar mark and has tripled in the last three
months hence the reason for all the media bars about cryptocurrency and
Bitcoin and all that good stuff so let’s continue your education is that good or
bad get educated is my answer as you’ve seen perhaps in my logo
it says applied knowledge equals results so cryptocurrency is in my opinion the
future exchange of value while we strive to make a exchange system that works for
the people and not just banks there are many changes that will occur so my
thoughts however that the will of the people will win over the will of the
bankers and we will see cryptocurrency become our currency person-to-person
each individual capable of exercising their ability to exchange their value
with a planet of other people hence the reason why I’m really excited about our
future he said reaching for his smartphone because the reason I’m
reaching for my smartphone is because we have coin based applications on
smartphone which allows you to have a digital currency in your phone and and you can see we are 15 thousand something
dollars on the Bitcoin price it’s been going up and down rather excitedly
because it’s currently still evidently a volatile market hence the reason to get
educated but how do I get started is obviously for the next question well
there are very simple steps one of them of course is get a wallet a link below
you could just get your coin based wallet on your phone or on your computer
it’s as easy as that and follow the link to get you your wallet so that’s a start
you have have a lot then you want to put some cryptocurrency in it so
then put some cryptocurrency in it and it’s quite easy to do you simply buy
some cryptocurrency of your choice and on the coinbase comm you can buy Bitcoin
Bitcoin cash if there are a.m. and litecoin
and you can see my other videos which will give you other explanations of what
all these are so then learn how to send and receive
this is an important next step because obviously as a user of cryptocurrency
you will want to be able to send people money and you will won’t be able to
receive cryptocurrency money so those are the two actions I suggest you get
used to doing it and of course you can start with a cryptocurrency that is not
costly to use and start exchanging some cryptocurrency with your friends and
family so that you can see how all this works Bitcoin is currently slow let’s
make a little note here because it’s getting kind of saturated in that area
therefore I suggest you can use litecoin to start off with and have fun with it
the whole point is to get you trained and happy to use cryptocurrency which is
your future currency let’s get the next steps yes subscribe to my channel here
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there are effectively referral commissions on the higher levels within
the wealth club which you can earn even if you only have a free account so
that’s only for people that are interested in money and more information
links I’ve put in the description below so you have to click on the show more
link down below so you can find those link
and continue our education share this video with people if you’d like to
assist them to learn about cryptocurrency
and of course leave me your questions and comments in the section below bye
for now see you guys in the next video

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