Young people cashing in on virtual currencies

victim seeing the latest trend I'm investing in Bitcoin creep cryptocurrency because I have a feeling that in the near future it will grow as the technology and I would have positive return and be able to do lots of shopping online we saw big demand in youngsters and those who were who were mining cryptocurrencies and we saw began to be in touch with each other and we we decided to open Satoshi coffee shop in order to gather this new community and to get in touch with each other and to share information and also also have an opportunity to pay with bitcoins to pay with cryptocurrency as many of them were mining and they had maybe they had differences but they had no cash with them and in this coffee shop they can come here and pay with bitcoins it's a big it's a big boom that happened in costing in the last six months but I don't think it's just Kosovo it's every way in the world there are global shortage of graphic cards that are used for mining etherium and other coins so it's not just cause I think it's everywhere all over the world in Kosovo we it found us a little bit kind of unprepared but also very willing to invest because there are two main reasons which I believe one of them is price of electricity is a very low and because you need electricity to do mining a lot of it then it was a very well place to do investment and also the second thing is because there are not a lot of innovative investment ideas going on in Kosovo so people do have a lot of money sitting there all there is a lot of money in banks and since people don't know where to invest or what to start and there is there are many risks involved installing businesses then they saw this this has a great opportunity so that's how it all started taupe is a survivor car telegraphy a permanent yonder tacoma passes per permanent Verta city art affaire mania patina monetary measures voluma profitable speed Andres Madoka Lizardman Ximena cartel Artemis infrastructure ah dot invest a memorable event I am Chicago invent Elam

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