42 thoughts on “YOU STUPID! Says David Stockman on Crypto Investors…”

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  2. I agree. You're stupid. Bitcoin is dogshit. This guy is gonna pay the price when it crashes and burns.

  3. I agree with you! This dude should stick to his namesake … "Stock Man" … as if he knows anything about stocks … C'Mon stockMAN … you nailed it Peter!

  4. Haha your asian "accent" inputs are freaking gold, way more fitting than overused internet memes. PS Stockman is just another perma bear not worthy to listen to. This guys are willing to go trough bull markets until their end just to wake up from the grave on market correction to tell you "i told you so". Not flexible? Dont be in markets. Throw some Schiff, Stockman and Dimon and lets bake some honey cake for bear in the cold winter.

  5. Most US stocks have no intrinsic value because the companies themselves have no intrinsic value. They would have gone bankrupt many years ago but they are allowed to borrow free money from the fed and then purchase their own stock with it and thereby keep their zombie companies alive. You know, places like Best Buy?

  6. Stockman took a break from his lifelong service to the Rothschild bankers to lash out at tech geniuses.

  7. So stockmans saying anyone who’s lost money in the stock market, real estate are stupid too? How about metals that have been dead for almost 10 years? Whatever.

  8. Hey Peter, would love to hear your opinion on this:
    The Banks Bought Bitcoin | Lightning Network

  9. Cryptos do have an intrinsic value, unless you think that computational power grows on trees…

  10. I don't know if bitcoin will fail in the next few years or not, but the crypto market will continue. The advent of quantum computing will make mining coins superfluous. But pre- mined currencies like ripple or un-mined like Iota (used as examples only) will still be as useful as the services they provide.

  11. the stock market is long overdue for a correction or even crash for a lot of reasons that would be hard to list here but if the market crashes, then guess what?? people will flock to Bitcoin and other decentralized currencies because they will mistrust the government/banks (same people lol ) even more.

  12. I'm nuts .. Squirrels join the club and keep collecting nutters .After being so stupid as I am after 66 years of studying economics and more , bring it on bro's …lol …have a good one … cheers .. gus  Miho Takagi 1500m – 1:54.82 (TR) Japan Olympic Trials, Nagano

  13. What up Pete ! Great Channel ! I remember a few years back when Cuban said on Shark Tank that Facebook ( around $25 at the time) was a DO NOT buy stock! What a Clown! ( a rich one though !!! lol )

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