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sex money wax what are these three things have in common now ad in Chicago and social media what are these five things have in common if your answer is that these are all part of today's articles from our daily video from altcoin daily hey you got a right welcome back everybody welcome back to the channel my name is Erin and the reason you subscribed to altcoin daily is for our daily videos keeping you informed on the latest pieces of news in the latest market analysis on Bitcoin and cryptocurrency I like to show you the stories that the general public sees on Bitcoin and cryptocurrency like the rolling stone like the Wall Street story I showed you yesterday and I like to share with you the stories that the general public probably doesn't have a chance to see from these fringe cryptocurrency news sites like coin desk or where the toshi times right all right let's get into it but before we get to the recent news and we're gonna start with this story right here before we get to this I do want to talk a little bit about where we are in the market not so much short term but I want to talk about listen we only have a few more years I'd say maybe maybe three maybe five maybe ten I'd say sometime within the next 10 years I'm talking when bitcoins Network rose as Bitcoin security strengthens as the user interface gets friendlier and friendlier as more and more people realize the true value of Bitcoin ie it's hard money it's unconscious keita Balma knee it is unprintable money see this is what I think this is my opinion I think the reason that the price is in skyrocketing right now I mean cuz you and me we see this huge potential at Bitcoin and cryptocurrency yet we're in this bear market and it's my opinion that the reason that people aren't following in right now the reason the price isn't skyrocketing right now is because it's not because people have chosen not to invest the reason is at least right now is the reason is that people don't understand at this point the true value that Bitcoin has and just like the price right understanding Bitcoin comes in waves understanding Bitcoin comes in cycles think back to the first time you heard about Bitcoin and then the first time you show to invest in Bitcoin and the first time you truly understand what bitcoins true value was hey we're in the early days whether you like it or not guys we are in the wild wild west here and listen I'm not saying that you know we're gonna have to wait 10 years for Bitcoin to get back up to all-time highs I'm not saying that at all saying that right now Bitcoin is still somewhere between digital collectible and reliable store of value we are right here at this point it took us ten years to get us right here now as as bitcoins Network rose I mean it increases exponentially right as is more and more people realize that Bitcoin isn't going away as more and more education occurs around what Satoshi actually invented the big bull run the massive bull run the s-curve the Black Swan this isn't going to be caused by everyday average people getting into this like you and me no I think the huge bull run is going to be caused when the rich realized that the best way to store their value is Bitcoin so what I'm saying is this sometime within the next 10 years it took us 10 years to get here things are only gonna speed up sometime within the next 10 years as the price climbs as the network grows as the network strengthens Bitcoin will get here and it will truly be seen as a store of value and you know what at this point there won't be anything anyone can do to stop this and unfortunately that means that there's going to come a point where Bitcoin will be used to make the rich richer but you know what just like silk road just like WikiLeaks just like this story that I'm about to share with you today this is not a flaw this is a proof of concept and there is nothing anyone can do to stop Bitcoin from happening bitcoin cannot be stopped and as time passes it's only gonna strengthen and people knowing about it will only increase faster and faster so get ready my friends because I don't think that day is far to come I'd say three five definitely within the next 10 years you and me will see what do you think let me know in the comments now let's get to our first story all right for our top story of today we're going straight to America's favorite rock and roll magazine The Rolling Stone and they did a piece about one of one of the Earth's oldest professions cam models and how they're using one of the Earth's newest means of exchange cryptocurrencies the title is how cam models are finding freedom in cryptocurrency yes traditional payment platforms can get spooked ooh by sex workers so online performers are moving into the hi-tech realm of digital currency so this is a pretty good article I thought it's basically not gonna read the whole thing but it basically takes you on the journey of Gabbi the sex worker we're all rooting for she says two years ago Gabby was struggling to maintain a career in the adult film industry she worked long hard hours streaming live as a cam model producing video content for online audience I feel yeah Gabby I do the same thing but the job didn't seem to be paying off traditional means of exchange credit card companies stuff like that they were afraid to process money for Gabby they advertised me as a local sexy single in your area ready to act for free but nothing about my services is free honey uh-uh so Gabby turned to cryptocurrency but I liked about this article is that they seemed to take the approach that can be summed up in this quote if you look at the rise of the Internet the adult industry was definitely at the forefront of that so why not crypto currencies like I said in my rant a little bit earlier this is not a problem the Silk Road buying drugs with crypto this is not a problem no this is a proof of concept next up bit main is set to deploy 80 million dollars worth of Bitcoin miners according to a source so this is very bullish news people are starting to mine again and this is the takeaway from this article three things bit main is planning to deploy 200,000 units of its own mining equipment in China to take advantage of the cheap electricity this summer the equipment is conservatively estimated to cost eighty million but it is more profitable right now for bit Maine to mine crypto itself than to try and sell its inventory this move signals a broader shift in the market with miners preparing to invest again following the correction and the bare market that we've been seeing so things are starting to stabilize huge companies like bit Maine they're they're seeing this as an opportunity it's more it's not profitable it's not as profitable to sell right now what's going to be profitable for them as a company is to get these mining rigs ready so they can mine like crazy I mean this article indicates the summer is what they're shooting for but you know this is just an indication in general that this is good for the market the price will increase the hashing power will increases well as all this stuff increases this only strengthens the network next up wacks who here likes the altcoin wax wax is all about the safest and most convenient way to create buy and sell and trade virtual items within games so whether we're talking about skins or swords and a wax got on a lot of people's radar when former Wall Street guy Mike Novogratz said that his firm was investing in wax let's take a look at the price I remember when wax was pretty high I mean at one point when everything was pumping way above its fair value waxes over two dollars and 70 cents and now wax is at six cents we are flat lining here was six cents it was six cents it's been five six cents for a very long time so if you're if you're if you think wax has potential this might be a great time to get in but they're set to launch guess their main net at the end of q2 2019 making it fully decentralized and compatible with yo steps so it seems to me wax is still working hard in this bear market wax is trying to position themselves to be successful in the future only time will tell next up okay so it is next door is about Facebook and it is very obvious at this point that Facebook in some way is getting into the blockchain slash cryptocurrency game in that they cannot hide the fact they have been hiring like crazy for the past year specific jobs for for cryptocurrency so this is another one this is the this is the story Facebook's blockchain recruitment drive continues as the social network looks to hire a lead commercial council for its initiatives with the technology a new job posting of the company's career page says the position will be responsible for drafting and negotiating a wide variety of related to our blockchain initiatives including partnerships needed to launch new products and expand such products internationally continues with the description the candidates should be able to manage numerous deals and have approving lawyers qualifications the JD degree in a membership in the bar for at least one US state but the job also requires serious tech expertise five plus years of legal experience including four plus years of technology transactions experience particularly with blockchain or payment technology and related legal issues strong interest in mobile and alternative payments is preferred does this describe anybody I mean Bitcoin has only been around for for ten years altcoins many of them a lot less and this person needs four plus years of experience in a similar technology particularly blockchain so if anybody can find this person Facebook well and what are their plans well according to according to some of the most reliable sources according to the New York Times the cryptocurrency expected to be released the first half of 2019 I've heard q2 will be a stable coin pegged to a basket of several fiat currencies oh all right I thought I thought we were gonna get Facebook coin but guess not further signaling Facebook's interest in this technology it has posted more than 20 blockchain related jobs this year so regardless of regardless of this stable coin craze the fact that this one's pegged to several fiat currencies I guess is a little bit more interesting but regardless of whether you or I or people will use this coin to transfer money and people probably will this is good for Bitcoin in general because as time goes on people are going to become aware of exactly what bitcoins real value is in the real value of cryptocurrency and eventually blockchain will be incorporated into many areas but I think this means in general for Bitcoin Bitcoin will be seen as a reliable store of value in the future okay final story today Chicago mayor suggests cryptocurrency will save countries from financial crisis says trend lines are affirmative so the story here is basically this guy politician and the public eye is bullish on cryptocurrency a fresh report from Forbes has covered the recent speech by Chicago Mayor and former chief of staff for US President Barack Obama Rahm Emanuel the subject of the speech with Chicago's FinTech movement and as such emmanuel spent a fair share of time discussing cryptocurrency and blockchain technology yes specifically Emanuel noted that all signs point towards that cryptocurrency will inevitably emerge as a major factor to be reckoned with moreover Emanuel also went on to argue that cryptocurrency can play a crucial role in everything from third world countries and undependable fiat currencies to facilitating trade within debt markets this becomes especially obvious Emanuel argued as established structures change and nation-states recede instead it will become increasingly important to maintain global transactions this is a quote from him nation-states are falling apart or receding city-states are merging so the political structures we all grew up under are changing one day somebody is going to figure out whether that's Argentina ten years from now five years from now how to use crypto currencies to stay alive when they're facing a financial crisis then you're going to find out that this movement has arrived' he also said the trend lines are affirmative for its future I don't know if that's ten years I don't know if that's 20 years but it's affirmative I don't know what it is I know it's an alternative way to trade and therefore I gotta learn about it this guy is pretty smart he also suggested that crypto currency markets could easily become a trillion dollar market and that's just one FinTech sector I think this guy's on the right track and hopefully he's doing a lot of good for Chicago you tell me Chicagoans alright that is it for me today my friends my name is Aaron this is altcoin daily is there anything else you want to talk about any suggestions for further videos future videos let us know alright I'll see you guys in the comments later

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