1. Dude I'm all in bitcoin and cryptocurrency but these predictions are just too good to be true. Can btc hit 150k ? It's possible but I dont see how it will go to 150k in short amount of time. It may take 3-4 years to get there. Let's hit 20k first before we talk about 50k or 100k man

  2. When I first got into cryptocurrency, I made some grave errors but I would say putting the cart before the horse. The first step should be educating yourself and being in the right community so that you don't just learn by your effort but by the efforts of others who are ahead of you already with respect to the tips, tricks and strategy of profitable trading. I used to be a confused Hodler who didn't know what to make of his Cryto Investments, I had $17k worth of Bitcoin, The price was dropping so fast before my eyes, I saw bitcoin go from $13k to $4k. I sold half of my hodling out of fear of losing everything. I had only 2.5btc left in my wallet. I had little knowledge on Forex so it really Enhanced my learning. Early this year on CNBC Channel I heard them mentioned a Crypto Veteran Named "ROBERT JOHNSON" They said he runs a training program for Amateur investors who lack understanding on how trading Bitcoin works, I contacted him, He gave me Guidance, It was a bit complicated but i understood after 3days and after weeks of trading i made $30k. Trading has become easy and profitable and I just want to spread the word and thus help as many that are in my previous unfortunate situation. He's Down to earth and always ready to help, you can reach out for his help on ***Email/hangout robertjohnson6580 @GMAIL. COM or via telegram @robert101 or via Whatsapp +1-510-972-3951. and thank me later.

  3. Хоpоший канал у Вac!! Очень полезнo!

  4. How can bitcoin help the lower class? there is zero appeal to people who live pay check to pay check. Without a solid explanation in your next video, I'm not sure how I can convince my bleeding heart liberal buddies that bitcoin is going to replace dolla bills yo… and yes you certainly outline all the high-level benefits of crypto in an elegant way… but the poor simply will not embrace crypto unless you can think of a reasonable explanation as to why they should. And I'm not talking about old folks, I'm asking YOU why you think people living in POVERTY between the ages 12-45 would invest in bitcoin… As a centrist/conservative/libertarian I just dont see incentives for the poor. please explain?

  5. John McAfee's said the chart for Bitcoin will surely reach 1million USD before 2020. If said thing is to happen, like his past predictions happened, IT will be very unwise for you not to know how to Increase your Btc instead of Just Hodling. I lost 8Btc to Bitconnect in January and i was left with 2Btc , I started looking for ways to increase my Bitcoin and make more money. One day on this channel, someone Recommended us to reach out to a man named Walter Aarav, who has made a great impact in teaching young crypto investors a reliable method to Increase their Bitcoins, Its just 5 weeks since I reached out to Him, I can Proudly boast of increasing my Portfolio from 2Btc to 10Btc . Y'all can reach out to him through His mail = [email protected] com

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