Yoroi Cardano Ledger support has arrived

welcome everyone I wanted to do a quick
video to show you exactly how to put your ADA on a ledger nano device so it
has released for Yoroi it has not released for Daedalus yet we still have
to wait a little bit for that but Yoroi is working seamlessly and the
ledger integration is flawless earlier today I was actually trying to see
whether or not I could plug my ledger nano s device straight into my Galaxy S
9 plus using a Yandex browser so I got to plug everything in but the ledger
doesn’t really communicate with the browser on your phone so I think we
still have a little bit of way to do that but it’s I feel like it’s coming
closer and closer and closer to your phone until you can stick your ledger
nano device directly into your phone one day and access your funds that would be
great so anyway you can go ahead and go to yoroi-wallet.com you can go ahead and
if you already have a Yoroi wallet you can go ahead and remove the Chrome
extension or go to the Google Play Store remove the extension and once you
remove the extension you can go ahead and plug in your ledger nano s
device and get ready to reinstall the Yoroi wallet so you’re gonna create a
new wallet you can take the address from your previous wallet and send it to the
ledger nano s wallet so you click on connect to a ledger Hardware wallet
you’re gonna have some prompts on your ledger nano device I had to upgrade my
ledger nano device because I haven’t touched it for a while so I went to the
ledger live manager made sure it was up to date and then once I did that I went
to head and started the install process of the Cardano app on the ledger
nano s device once you download the app and you have the wallet up and running
what you do is you can communicate between both the legend Nano S device and
the Yoroi Chrome browser and once it pairs you have to actually double click
the buttons once you double click those buttons it will sync it will say it
will ask you to basically confirm the pairing and you can go ahead and click
that check button and you’re good to go you have a ledger nano device plugged and ready to go you should not be entering your seed into anywhere
it’s communicating directly with your device so if someone’s
asking you for a seed it’s a scam it’s a scam
so the wallet is looking great great job Emurgo and I’m looking forward to
more and more iterations and how Yoroi is going to improve over the
future it seems like things are really getting done and it is wonderful I
really enjoy it so thanks a lot and until the next video

47 thoughts on “Yoroi Cardano Ledger support has arrived”

  1. Hey Philpa, great video. I JUST finished setting this up, but I'm a bit worried. I just setup a fresh Yoroi chrome extension and configured the wallet. I have 0 funds. I have addresses to send funds too, but no idea where to get the recovery passphrase. I'm wondering if I skipped a step or if this is normal. Is the recovery key in my Ledger, and I would need THAT recovery passphrase to get recover my ADA?

  2. Right on… This is great… Thanks for this quick review I actually stopped afte getting the ADA app on the Ledger nano. I did not know what to do after–but you just filled me in..

  3. Hey! I've got a predator helios 300 too! 😀 so excited for the ledger integration, I pre ordered the new ledger nano x, can't wait for it to arrive 🙂

  4. So I'm a little confused. If I have ADA on Binance and want to send it to my Ledger Nano s how do I do that? I updated my ledger nano s and I don't see an option to add ADA or Cardano to my ledger. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  5. good video, but I can't find a logout button in this wallet, after unplugging ledger the wallet is still open with no option to exit the wallet :'(

  6. Since you have to create a new wallet on the Ledger, how does Yoroi syncs the funds from your old wallet to the new one since you removed it? Don´t know if i made myself clear..

  7. So… we are still using a third party app to store ADA, just with the ledger as the key… 🤔

    WHY not on ledger live?

    Ledger, that is disappointing really… I dont want to use a bunch of different apps for coins that ledger "supports"..but thru a 3rd party app.

  8. Hi Philpa Would you be able to enlighten me of What happen if I did not created a spending passwords on my daedalus wallet would I be able to still created by doing a wallet recovery. I just realised wathcing your video, and try to send ada to my Yoroie wallet and realised I dont remember creating it and got ask for a spending password. Many thanks in advance

  9. Thanks Philipa. I can't wait for the Ledger Nano Daedalus wallet support. Hopefully we will be surprised in April.

  10. "until you can stick your nano ledger device in your phone one day" hahaha ,,,You can do that,, just need the right cable,,ledger Live app for mobile phones.

  11. Do you know if the ledger nano supports all tokens? i need to move one of my crypto's as it is being delisted from the platform. Would appreciate a reply.

  12. I need to talk to you briefly, I made the mistake that is very convoluted and I prefer not to discuss it here, could you please contact me via email [email protected] leave me your number or i will give you mine? I know you will have the answer for this…..my TBI is causing me problems….just 5 min of your time…..please….

  13. My portfolio :
    88% ADA, 6% BTC, 3% XMR, 2% IOTA, 1% others.
    What about you guys?

    P.S.: I love your videos. Thank you Philippe

  14. I have the latest version of Firmware and Cardano does not appear in the Ledger Live …. I'm from Spain, has something to do with it?

  15. Alternatively, here's a quick article summarizing how to use AdaLite with a Ledger Nano S:

  16. I wanted a quick video on how to get my ADA onto my ledger. It was a no-brainer when I saw that my boi philpa had made a video about it that I clicked on his. Thanks!

  17. Hi Philpa, created a new Yoroi ledger wallet, transfered all my ADA there. So do i need any new private key? OR am i good now and just need to know the private key of my original Ledger Nano wallet? thx

  18. Is it already possible to do the same with Nano X? If you google Yoroi Cardano Ledger X, one just find that there are/were many problems etc.

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