Yahoo Owned Crypto Exchange Opening, SBIVC And Ripple XRP

ignition sequence start hey everybody this is the digital asset investor I wanted to start this video off with a this tweet that caught my attention I thought this was funny this is from XRP rainbow which is at Kinney Kennedy and then P ATT is oh one wonder if there is a solution they copied me on this this is a tweet from the Bank for International Settlements and I need to give them a follow um access to safe cost-effective cross-border payments is not improving new Swift data published by the CPM I shows the correspondent banking network has shrunk but you can see by 20 percent over the past seven years and is now more concentrated and so that's funny that they're they're showing Swift data to illustrate that access to safe cost-effective cross-border payments is not improving and so I think that the tweet by XRP rainbow could be couldn't be said any better wonder if there is a solution X R P okay um next I wanted to show you this because you know the markets are going up and and a lot of times what I've learned in these markets is that when when Bitcoin hits certain new levels in this case $9,000 when that happens a lot of times this is what Spurs the a lot of FOMO and it gets CNBC to pick up and start talking about it and so even though even if you're you're only an X R P holder we want bit to achieve these new levels so if when when Bitcoin crosses 9000 that gives these these news channels a good number that they can they can say look what's like Bitcoin has crossed 9000 so this is good hopefully we will cross 9000 today and then tomorrow you will see the news cycle really pick this up and get some FOMO going and maybe send these these markets even further to the moon okay next this this was interesting you know I was talking about and I in my last video I kept drawing a blank on what the bit true interest-bearing account program was it's called power piggie but this guy right here s k-o in urine um tweeted this out excerpt – he's tweeting this – about mr. B said mr. B tweeted about the exit exit yesterday so I've been wondering about it digital asset investor mentioned the bit true power piggy so I compared that to neck so Finance for those of you that don't know next up Finance is another one of the companies that pays interest on cryptic and I and made some Excel shizzle whatever that means um the only thing I know about shizzle is that snoop dogg speaks that language so if you get her if you get around 2.5 2.5 euro you can get a nice hundred k plus a year after tax but he put this out in a in a complete spreadsheet comparing Nexo two-bit tree so i thought a lot of you might want to go and check that out looks like he spent a lot of time putting that spreadsheet together um next um this is from Ferdie at XRP twin tweeted out that they had put a blog a blog out about the bit true Meetup and you need to all go and check this out first give fir do you follow that XRP twin and then go this is at XRP community dot blog bit true bit true did a complete blog about going to the bitchery meetup it was in Netherlands and then um there's pictures and it shows different things that were presented like this Zhaan from the beats a bend is working on and shows part of his is a presentation and then it goes on to show you other things that we haven't seen previously and that goes on to talk about bit treat and and this some I think the guy's name is Curtis Wang or curious I can't remember Lee got this the founders name it's curious that's what it is curious and I think his last name was way I'm not sure but anyway and talks about bit true and and what the guy's philosophy is and it shows you some of what his presentation was I'm so impressed with this bit Roux company now that I've read a little bit of this and actually actually opened an account on their site that's why I talked about the last two or three videos so anyway go and check this blog out it's definitely worth reading um next this is from Michael at ba l5 links I'm not going to get too far into this I think it speaks for itself um coinbase has launched a new visa debit card called coinbase card that let users spend their cryptocurrencies in millions of locations across the world I hope that they're gonna open this up I will be getting one of these cards as soon as it's open in the United States and I hope that's what they're working on now and next Michael also sent me this and it speaks for itself this is more or less a new X current number from what I've read ripple partners with Brazil's front exchange to launch simple ease cross-border remittance Brazil's for they've been living true to its motto promoting cross-border payments with low transaction fee and it basically the article basically said that they partnered with these guys and the reason they partnered with them is because someone else in Brazil I think that ripple was working with there was an announcement and then these guys saw it the dominoes falling folks dominoes falling and then XRP crypto wolf the most then you'll see in this video SB IBC is planning to service institutional investors in the not-too-distant future after AML CFT method and custody solution that we are planning to implement or finalize we would like to start providing services to institutional investors SBI is set up extremely well as a business to provide a variety of crypto exchange services to institutional investors prioritizing customer asset protection the SPI group will make use of its synergy between current businesses like securities and FX to acquire new customers SBI group believes innovative tech like crypto and blockchain has large potential for changing the financial industry for one lower commission fee and transaction period on international remittance SBI wants to create an ecosystem of interconnected services platforms SBI doesn't simply want to assemble an ecosystem of interconnected crypto services it wants to bring its non crypto service and infrastructure into play doing so in a way that makes SBI BC one of the most efficient and secure exchanges that secure exchanges in the night when we read that last part secure exchanges is in Japan as I've said many times on this channel before Holt's SBI is the XRP holders ace in the hole huge things are going to come from Japan you just watch and next from Daniel Fraser he um Daniel Fraser sent me this he wanted to make me aware of this I've talked about property before property is the company that is using blockchain to to make the closing process more efficient and there they've got there and then token the property token I think it's PR Oh which is I just looked and it is available on bit true by the way but he pointed out something that I didn't know first he pointed out to me that Michael Arrington of Arrington XRP capital who's a big fan of XRP Michael Arrington is one of their advisors this prop profits advisors he also pointed showed me this dialogue the e ad with the CEO of proppy and he says I see are your I see you're a supporter of ripple and have Michael Arrington on the board do you intend to use XRP within property to settle for property transactions instantly and provide on-demand liquidity also will they feature be available on the online store app for buying property tokens directly yes buying Pro on our website will be available this year the function will acquire tokens from the exchange on back in and feed them to the system to unlock every single transaction will use ripple alternatives swift once there's a b2c product we built property on aetherium thanks Natalia I think you have a great project here that has utility and look forward to eventually being used in the UK integrating ripple XRP is a very good move I'm going to pick up some proto khun's the digital asset investor is going to pick up some prototype khun's as well in my bit row account my bitch your accountant but but thanks to Daniel Fraser give them a follow that Daniel underscore Fraser one next from Michael this guy's on fire today Michael at da l5 links and they want to point the finger at crypto five of the largest investment banks in the world Citigroup Royal Bank of Scotland JPMorgan Chase UBS and Barclays have been accused of fixing foreign currency markets now folks we've known for we've gone through over a year of these guys calling crypto fraud the JP Morgan's of the world that they've been calling crypto fraud a fraud and Ponzi scheme and all the different ugly things they sent said about crypto meanwhile in this year alone I've seen this article about JP Morgan related to fraudulent type things and remember they were also accused of fixed trying to fix the silver market and there was someone who said that his that the people he reported to knew about it so but the inch this is a Xaro article right here I want to read a couple of things from this five major investment banks fixed forex markets and secret chat rooms threatened members five of the largest investment banks in the world now went through those let's go down here I want to read this part the fact that banks congregated in chat rooms self describing themselves as the Mafia and the cartel just shows how little thought they gave to the potential consequences well why would they not worry about consequences when's the last time you saw any of them go to jail they didn't go to none of them went to jail as a result of the 2008 financial crisis remember that instead they were gloating over it members who wish to join the cartel chat rooms needed to promise never to tell anyone outside the group quote mess this up and sleep with one eye open at night one chat message read that is creepy but that it shows you how err get these people are folks well crypto is about to put that arrogance in check and finally from x-men X RP @ XR P 33 sent me this news article Yahoo Japanese crypto currency exchange 2 towel confirms May 30th launch toot-a-loo launches trading on May 30th it's 40% owned by energy internet giant Yahoo that is huge folks it'll initially offer trading in Bitcoin and aetherium margin trading will also be available in litecoin XRP Bitcoin cash in addition to BTC and ETA start date date brings to a close a year-long process since Yahoo Japan closed 40% equity deal in the exchange folks don't be the timing of all of this is not a coincidence everything is about to get very very interesting folks I'm the digital asset investor I'm not an investment advisor this is for entertainment purposes only please subscribe and hit the like button and tell your friends and family that Yahoo is jumping in the game thank you for listening you

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  1. growing tired of these anonymous tweet-readers, those who show-up like crypto eri, alex cobb, love for crypto, oz crypto, have a 10x in credibility !

  2. Finally got my Bag of XRP over 20k and my Cardano bag over 50k LIFE IS GOOD! Have quite a few other bags too, my plan is to pay off my home. And also retire completely ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Yahoo crypto exchange should be an interesting project. It's worth trying but it couldn't compete with Bitfinex and other major platforms now.

  4. I just don't get how these crooks running banks can get away scot free with fraudulent activity. Why are they not in jail???? They make a mockery of justice & the rule of law.

  5. What happens to the price in 4.5 years once all XRP is released ? Should we then see higher multiples?

  6. Re cartel banks' secret chat rooms for fixing fx market – my theory on the development of JPM coin is that it will be used within a private, closed-loop system intended for similar purposes, to make it easier to continue to exchange laundered funds between themselves to avoid the transparency of blockchains / DLTs. If they can't control it, then they'll use the concepts to their own ends and engineer a way around it's purpose. IMHO…

  7. What's up DAI –
    You should check out thinking crypto's interview with the CEO (someone way up there might not be ceo) of bitrue. He basically hinted that xrp is going to blow up this year and that they will be a part of that. It was like 3 months ago now? It's a really good interview…

  8. You seem to have a confidence above and beyond normal like you know something big's coming?
    Secret info DAI??

  9. FINALLY GOT MY HOLO USD off the exchange! Gotta say it was a HUGE PAIN to do but listening to DAI's story of losing his crypto on an exchange was enough to scare me into taking action quickly rather than procrastinating. THANKS DAI!

  10. Yahoo's exchange will be based on "Clear Text" technology, I wouldn't trust them with my kids piggy bank.

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