Yahoo Japan to Open Up Crypto Exchange! – #ADOPTION

you know Yahoo didn't win in the search engine game however they can win in a different area they can't they might not be able to beat Google when it comes to search engine stuff but you know what they might be able to beat Google when it comes to creating cryptocurrency applications and maybe even exchanges guys can Yahoo have a comeback especially in Japan I could dig it guess what's up crypto nation its freedom with decentralized TV your best place for news on Bitcoin blockchain and cryptocurrency tech today's a crypto news but Yahoo Japan to launch cryptocurrency exchange in 2018 yo hey Yahoo's coming back guys Yahoo Japan is planning to launch its own a cryptocurrency exchange a report indicates according to Nick I Asian review the Japanese internet firm will take a 40% stake in bit argh exchange Tokyo next month with a plan to build a new exchange using bit argh technology in approximately a year's time bit Arg is already licensed by Japanese financial regulator that financial services agency FSA the report says and is expected to receive further investments from Yahoo Japan early in 2019 well it's a year away but guess what it's not going to be too late because bitcoin is still gonna be on a tear by then and so hopefully Yahoo can pick up some slack here bidarkas already licensed by Japan I already said that Yahoo Japan will purchase the shares in a bit argh through its subsidiary YJ FX a Forex transaction platform the 40% stake will cost the firm about 2 billion yen or 19 million downloads says nakai after the purchase a team from YJ FX is expected to kick off development of the new exchange as well as designing systems for corporate governance customer management and security the news comes as as the importance of registration with the FSA to conduct exchange operations in Japan is highlighted by issues facing the major finance exchange from recent reports we know that about 60 Japanese exchanges or no is it 60 yeah the thing is close to 60 Japanese exchanges or Japanese cryptocurrency related investment vehicles come to register with the FSA they could be getting shut down oh wait we've talked about that news exchanges are being shut down guys stay frosty she probably just stick with by Nance as reported this morning Hong kong-based exchange has just received a warning from financial watchdog over its lack of registration in the company that's finance Zhou Chang ping finances CEO has confirmed receipt of the warning letter and said the firm is in dialogue with the agency or they'll just move to Malta which we've talked about before in a previous DC TV news clip since this five hundred and thirty three million dollar hack of Japanese exchange join desk in January the FSA has been mandating security overhauls and cracking down on domestic crypto trading platforms that are yet to be registered earlier this month the agency issued month-long suspensions for two exchanges in the country Wow there we go guys well what can you say what can you say could be that jet Yahoo Japan could make a comeback but not in the search engine game maybe the crypto game you know there's been a lot of companies that have been ousted with the internets and they failed to develop great products and the large conglomerates are taking over maybe just maybe changing your name with blockchain in it or Yahoo maybe going to cryptocurrency it could be a big win you know if your business is failing in the traditional world just go to crypto it's be like an ICO if you can making lots of money guys hey Yahoo could do it Yahoo could do it they certainly have the infrastructure so let me know your thoughts about Yahoo Japan adding to the already not one say majorly saturated area of Japanese exchanges maybe they could make it better all overall user experience for all of us thank you big it so let me know your thoughts about Yahoo making an exchange in Japan in the Bitcoin app um another comments section below and thanks for joining us in today's crypto news but brought to you by decentralize TV if you're new here make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel like behind the scenes access to what we're building a social exchange check out a pen and buy Nance

20 thoughts on “Yahoo Japan to Open Up Crypto Exchange! – #ADOPTION”

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  2. Yahoo can do it better experience and long life .It has the change to be the leader after this long years for serving .Stop junking people emails

  3. Yahoo did one thing really well.. Yahoo Finance… I think they should be able to adopt cryptocurrencies quiet well. Time will tell.

  4. don't trust em! they sold out to advertising and other spammy type tactics….atleast Google TRIED to spam the hell out of you BEHIND the scenes. That's why they failed! I'm sure thud find another way to sell us out. if sooner drop 10k in beeeeetconnect than Yahoo

  5. It seems Japan wants crypto and is looking forward but with attempt to do it wisely having experienced enough problems.

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