31 thoughts on “XRP WHALE Seth Lim points to a GREENLIGHT for Bakkt, Ripple XRP is NOT a security in Japan”

  1. Hi CKJ, I’m a newbie. I have a question- please help! If f Institutional investors can buy OTC and in turn not affect prices then how is the price gonna go up for retail investors??

  2. Ok I’ll say since everyone wants to be politically correct
    That is a bent over woman with fish net stockings and the guy is about to get an nice face sitting

  3. Straight forward interesting and factual reporting. Love your 'human interest' and background snippets. Thank you so much. Love your channel.

  4. Everything has hit rejection levels. Ripple is gonna drop to .30 cents or .35 cents and seesaw around that level for a little while. Litecoin is gonna drop then seesaw around $80 for a little while. BITCOIN is gonna drop to 6,500 to 6,800 or possibly 6K and seesaw around that price for a little while. The small ALT coins that go for cents will go back to around last prices and seesaw up and down. Bitcoin's level to test was $6,400 but we jumped up to an unexpected $8,400. Anybody who bought cryptos within the last 3 days are taking a loss right now and will be taking an even greater loss next week. If you invested big this week and are only at a small loss, i suggest you hurry up and cash out then buy back at the 6k-6.5k BTC range. Remember this comment that i posted today May16, 2019.

  5. One coin to rule them all. One coin to find them. One coin to bridge them all, and on the ledgers bind them. XRP

  6. Ohhhhh…. “ASCII” art. I thought Eri was saying “ass key” art since the image in that 1st tweet was a big booty and those 2nd images looked like walking buttholes. Thought “ass key” was some Japanese erotic computer art tradition or something ??

  7. Hello Eri San.. Been a while as I had to take a break from crypto so to have a life again. You are stll no koi oi. Love you and aloha.. XRP @ 0.42 is an increadible deal, folks please build your future with the best digital asset ever developed. Mahalo

  8. This is great news and I'm so happy to be in this space to take part in this history. Eri checkout Ayden Tradings twitter he is selling BG123 Bears they are so adorable and a great keepsake for memories.

  9. I remember ASCII art in the 70s. Still, those frums sure looked like a woman's but… was that just me? Shameface.

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