37 thoughts on “XRP vs XLM, Stellar Lumens 'Breaking' News & VeChain (VET) Best Long Term Crypto?!”

  1. Guys, buy new privacy coin"DAPS " from bitmart exchange at just 4 sat. Mainnet is coming next month and it will go over 50sat. Buy now..

  2. the article you're talking about at 5:00 is 100% nonsense . stellar is not a fork of ripple and has its own code. plus the reason why it went down is totally different. I see Ripple fans trying to justify xrp's existence through Stellar's success. Because Stellar has adoption coming soon and will make Ripple totally useless. (See last Crypto Lark video about Stellar.)

  3. I might have to buy myself some more V chain. I have plenty XRP.

  4. i try to listen but when you are incapable of understanding the difference between having a 'for profit company with many heavy hitting players and leadership whom have a proven track record of success' such as ripple that is laying a global foundation for xrp versus a non profit organization that doesn't have anyone with a proven track record of business success such as stellar, and only has an ibm partnership as the claim to fame for xlm, while knowing that ibm said they will be using several coins including xrp not just xlm plus ibm has been a partner with ripple for a long time, its apparent that you don't know much about business or your trying to walk the fence and not upset either. be honest, truth hurts, nothing against xlm, but its absolutely impossible for xlm to hang with xrp in the long run.. ripple has an all star team,, you can't compete with an all star team unless you have an all star team.. this is business. ciao

  5. Watching u on brave browser, u need to sign up as a content creator with brave browser so tour viewers that watch u on brave browser can send u tips in basic attention token

  6. I am 100% all in with XLM . Once the giveaway is done, PRICE will jump….buy buy buy and wait! 5years from now I will be house shopping! My goal is 25k coins. Im not quite half way there.

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