XRP vs BTC The US-China Battle of Global Supremacy Enters Cryptocurrency Industry

welcome everybody to start your day with ckj where we cover XRP and crypto news around the world i'd like to thank everybody for tuning in this morning guys there's never a shortage of news in the cryptocurrency world that's for sure I'm telling you guys my excitement level reaches higher and higher levels every day when I research news rupal CEO attends Mars blockchain event this is going to be a lot of big names of this event and of course Big B G is representing ripple at this event ripple reveals new financial institution using X rapid which is huge last night guys there was a huge run up on ZRX it's a new listing on coinbase we kind of get into that a little bit you don't heroine seek a generic crypto news obviously the proof is in the partnerships and follow the money and I did both for those so guys I guess I found some pretty interesting partnerships behind the ZRX we'll talk about that also Roger veer back in the news if you guys aren't familiar with Roger veer he's pretty much just known as Bitcoin Jesus he's been around in crypto space basically since the beginning he's featured also in banking on Bitcoin you know it's kind of interesting to see what this guy is up to time and time also Blackrock six point three trillion asset manager is getting in crypto more and more bullish news on financial institutions that's getting involved in crypto currencies I love it I love it I love seeing more and more you know mass adoption mass adoption that's for sure TC Dixon what's going on how you doing good morning let me sing the great pay Jonathan Vince Lee retarded crypto crackhead and rents Lee retarded DJ defiant Pat young TC Dixon what's going on PAC good morning Krypton opulence glass perfect power perfect power some of these need kick boys David Frost Kris Kross make you wanna jump didn't claim a claim welcome back McClane how you been high seed KJ great being alive and being part of this journey is a bonus you ain't lying that's the truth that's for sure Michael Lopez I think I'm trying to get up with you Mike good morning I've been trying to email you and Twitter won't let me for the winnings email me right now Mike and I'll check it make sure I got it Lance Johnson 2 2 1 Busch 905 kick boys crypto house house and crypto Julian George Daniel Martinez one-man-army Abdul Dean Casey Franz Jason went rough Rican stuff good God left Casey Taylor Josh what's going on Josh good morning je Vaughn zip and Kevin Rockwell Rockwell are you related to okay now it's Blackrock sorry guys I apologize about being late this morning it's been kind of a little bit hectic morning I wasn't even going to stream then I said what the hell let's do this guy's let's do this I need my XRP community fixed the same way people say they need their crypto a tour ckj fix it it goes hand in hand guys so how's everybody doing today good morning Bruce Wayne good morning Ashley hello hello I hope everybody's doing well today DT what's up DT DT V to email me also email me or DM me or check my message XRP Satoshi good morning mate summer or what's going on Busch 905 watching the live stream from work don't work too hard keV all right guys so pretty much guys I hope I was doing well this morning huge shout out to Pat he's actually been donating a ton of XRP for the late night live streams we gave away some more extra Pete last night we've been on a roll guys I think we're coming up on 4000 XRP giving out within a week that's huge something I've been keeping it in between live streams only not been tweeting it at all something special just for everybody that's been you know here all the time supporting ckj I really appreciate it fast restore that's for sure xrp baby hey guys Edward Kyle okay guys so one thing I'm going to really start trying to do is in the morning times guys we're gonna I'm gonna try to get straight into the news keep the morning show more news censored and you know trying to satisfy everybody and night time we do start XRP after dark at 9:00 p.m. every night and that's gonna be like a little bit more fun we get to the news when we get to the news you know I don't XRP giveaways like crazy I have a lot of fun that's for sure Mike Smith yeah you're right kambojas and I just emailed you – hey how many people I know in this room I almost know everybody now Pat young might have to switch it up BTC give away instead of XRP I understand completely what you're saying about that Pat huge trial did Pat I mean I guys he's giving out at least I don't know a couple thousand XRP to the stream in the last few nights so we got a lot of winters in here guys Pat probably responsible for changing a lot of people's lives because guess what XRP will be life changing Jake Vaughn thank you big time for supporting the stream this morning I really really appreciate that need my crypto news better late than never Thank You Jay Vaughn you just made my day with that that's why I'm so happy I decided still coming here no matter what so let's just say my brain is not operating 1% but we'll try to get this news out the way what's going on our crew MERS I I what what what in the world is this is it snowing huh I'm so glad you could join us this morning yeah so glad you could join us that's for sure I see you on Twitter all the time but I never see you in the livestream XRP baby all right guys let's get this started bill gold what's going on all right guys so last night it was crazy – on YouTube right when was about the stream you two went down completely like there was no life from YouTube at all and that really concern me guys cuz it's like when you get so used to something and used to doing it every day and night and then all of a sudden just not there it was like whoa so uh so really concerned me too about you know Internet money and banks but that's a whole nother show right there that's for sure so anyway guys first things first is this right here it's kind of huge Blackrock we created a crypto team to evaluate opportunities in crypto futures and other crypto assets no guys basically the article starts author says if you haven't been around crypto for the last 2 months where the hell have you been because actually guys big big names are getting involved in crypto you know this Blackrock it's a new article that just came out today but there has been rumor and other articles in the last couple months about Blackrock now guys if you're not familiar with Blackrock Blackrock got six point three trillion it's a six point three trillion asset manager and it basically says they're getting involved in crypto but my belief is ripple has already tied to Blackrock now not directly but indirectly for example ripple just partnered with PNC Bank now you at the time zone ripple just partnered with PNC Bank now PNC Bank owns twenty two percent of Blackrock so guess what guys if Blackrock is going to get involved in kryptos guess what they already have a tie into Ripple so that's huge guys but also on this article right here Blackrock says we create a crypto team to evaluate the opportunities opportunities is the key word for 2019 that's gonna be my best word the word I love because I'm trying to tell you guys I believe there's gonna be enormous massive opportunities Hector Lopez there's gonna be major opportunities in the future and guys I'm telling you I've been doing a lot of research on these security tokens and the world is gonna be tokenized I'm telling you guys it's gonna be about I'm saying three four good more opportunities that's gonna be massive in the beginning of 2019 that's for sure fidelity investment damn okay good info Trek stuff fidelity investment owns 30 percent of Blackrock guys believe it or not and when I say the proof is in the partnerships and I've Todd ripple to almost every bank every institution every country there's a small group of players that's that's running in a circle whether it be Blackrock fidelity CME Group there's a bunch of big CME Group JPMorgan fidelity matter-of-fact yeah you're right fidelity JPMorgan CME Group outside of Blackrock and they're all big names getting involved in kryptos and basically on this article right here is said the Switzerland security exchange is creating a platform for digital currencies billionaire Steve Cohen has just joined the party investing in crypto companies and blockchain companies now Gary Cohen and Steve Cohen was basically on Trump's advisory board and now he's investing in crypto and guess what guys all these institutions right here all spread a thought about cryptos in the beginning of the year and now that the price is at an all-time low and the bear market is hit hard guess what now we got Blackrock coming out and now we got fidelity coming out and now we got JPMorgan now we got a semigroup guys their work they're playing us like a harp anybody that's sold and folded you got played I hate the sound so like you got plenty but yeah that's the truth guys these guys are moving in the prices at all-time low Gregg Williams thank you big time for support in the stream I really really appreciate it it's the rise of the exchanges now Josh you're right on the money with that thank you big time for the support in the stream I really appreciate that very true okay XR pieces Toshi I'm on the right track XRP baby you see one thing real quick guys can you please smash some thumbs up for me I really really appreciate it let me pull up my umm I like looking at the chat on the phone just to see where we're at all Ripple Riddler has something though okay hundred sixty-nine people guys how many times up we asked so far this morning oh and 25 thumbs up come on guys you can do it you you can do it I know you can put in a fresh water so guys this Black Rock interesting this Black Rock article getting in the Kryptos is massive news for crypto basically what's going on George this crypto this Black Rock entity getting involved in crypto is enormous like I said it's tied to PNC Bank we found out at odds of fatality JPMorgan CME Group all getting involved in Kryptos guess what guys were the first ones to the party so guess what we can take advantage of this a massive opportunity that's what I'm saying about that that's for sure so like I said god that's tweeted all these articles too so if you want to read the article a little bit more depth you can go much further page and find it you can follow me on twitter at ckj as ckj crypto news DME links guys I really appreciate it I appreciate all the support all the messages you guys been sending me all the love you've been giving me I'm honored I'm honored that's for sure eight-time so another article guys is I don't the thing is is Roger Vere really rubs people the wrong way Roger veer is like Konica I hate to use foul language but let's just say Roger veer rubs people the wrong way Josh thank you big time for supporting the strange smash them thumbs up support ckj much love to all it is here today Josh you always support the stream dude like much love to you brother thank you so much I really appreciate that much much love yeah basically okay Roger career like I said he rubs people the wrong way but the thing is you gotta respect his position that he's created in the world of kripp so for example you know he's the creator of Bitcoin cash but you know what I wanted really familiar people with is there's a big debate on his if Bitcoin cash is the real Bitcoin I know we're not really interested in you know this but it's kind of good to know what's going on around the world in crypto so basically Roger Vera's the creator of Bitcoin cash which he's saying is the real Bitcoin and he's like taking this to its grave but what I thought was interesting about this read right here is he says that he's backing the best digital currency that he feels the best at this time he said there's many more projects over a thousand more projects in the rear and he said if he finds another better project he'll go to that project so that makes sense that sounds like a businessman to me like basically he's representing it something that he believes in but he's also invested in ripple he's also invested in XRP guys so so I seen Roger beard do a debate with Charlie the other day I mean he was really disrespectful Charlie he's a really disrespectful guy but I can see why he's made as far as he had because he's really passionate about digital currencies so like I said yeah like I said he's not nobody's really a big fan of Roger beer I can tell from the comments and and that's why we kind of shy away from talking about him all the time but like I said he's made Bitcoin cash hugeinjapan it's huge plus like I said he's in banking on Bitcoin and for some unknown reason guys they refer to him as Bitcoin Jesus and guys basically I really highly recommend going back if you've been in crypto for a year a few months or whatever I really highly recommend go back and watch banking on Bitcoin if you watch banking on Bitcoin we're more familiar with the space you'll be surprised to see how many big names were in there that you probably didn't recognize prior like the Winklevoss twins ben loskis actually the regulator in banking on Bitcoin bringing it down on a Barry Silbert the Winklevoss twins Jerry allure and now basically been lost he created two bitlicense now he retired from that government job and now Ben loss he is on the board of ripple so that's huge guys you can really see what's even more interesting about banking on Bitcoin is you can see kind of like where we started where there was so much regulation killing crypto and just you know the frustration people were going through to get to where we are right now we're so much farther than where we are when banking on Bitcoin came out that's for sure guys so basically with Roger Vere and Ben Loski and all these players that were banking Bitcoin like this going so much more farther now like I'm saying like been lost keys on Team ripple Roger air blew up in Japan it's just so much more going on now xrp baby no but someone saying something about the Swift thing guys now basically guys I did a hell of a video on that the other day but basically what I'm here to say is ripple and Swift is on the same team it's all about integration now basically if a bank if a bank has an option to send with Swift they have a option to send with ripple they have a sense they have a whatever is at hand whatever is in hand guys it's all about plug-and-play integration now basically it's going to be up to the bank to utilize whatever technology at hand they have that saves the most money so basically guys guess what when we know how banks are with money if they have an option to say 40% by using X current and then they got what option of using X rapid what do you think they're going to use of course they're gonna use X rapid they're gonna save 70% easily like I said guys you definitely want to check out my video on I wish I linked it to the description you definitely want to check out my video with Malpass in here you definitely wanna check out my video on Swift and ripple on the same team I'll break it all down really really simple oh yeah side boss is coming up – isn't the Swift conference Monday I'm actually really looking forward to that soon guys and the one thing that really sent me down that rabbit hole Swift the thing that really sent me down the rabbit hole going the Ravenel and Swift and ripple it's basically guys ripple has a table at SCI Bo's at the Swift event so do you think if ripple and Swift for enemies do you think they would host do you think they would have ripple at at the Szabo's event hell no huh now I'm pretty sure Cobb will do that I'm pretty sure that's Cobbs job right there he'll live stream during the Cobb will laughs you know it's ongoing Sipos eid what's going on so anyway guys moving on down moving on down shot out the Campbell vision he got his shirt yesterday thank you big time for support Campbell I really appreciate that shout out to Roche she got her mug yesterday huge shout out to Roche so that means pawn mom should have their mug by now and there's one more name of missing Roche um Palmer all you guys should have your mug by now Oh Josh you're the man dude alright guys so if you guys been pretty much paying attention last night 0x got added to coinbase last night guys ZRX got added to coinbase now I'm not really all that interested in ZRX and that's not what I'm gonna talk about really quick guys but I'm gonna talk about is what basically I decided to do a little bit of research on ZRX to figure out why they got listed on coinbase who's backing it the proof is in the partnerships follow the money so actually you know I talked about this a little bit last night but uh the thing is on the 0x is now available for trading on coinbase comm guys this coin pumped like crazy last night who seen this coin pump last night this thing was up everyone from like 70 cents to a dollar and it was up almost 50% yeah it was crazy and we were not guys just in September it was only a 48 cents so this thing doubled in value in less than a month last night guys I'm telling you people party like you would not believe who knew this ahead of time so what was yeah it pumps hard last night it was crazy like I'm like wow and believe or not guys this is what the future is gonna be pretty soon coin base is really preparing to list a lot of security tokens and I'm telling you guys don't get me wrong XRP is gonna be huge but I'm telling you guys there's a new wave about to come in it's gonna be security tokens I believe is gonna be op there's gonna be opportunities to get in so many security tokens it's gonna be equivalent to what bitcoin was basically when Bitcoin went up to 20,000 if we keep our ear posters to this movement right here and pay close attention to what's going on behind the scenes I'm trying to tell you guys will be able to take advantage of huge opportunities what's going on my pass good morning yeah you're right on the money with that coinbase basically owns the coin so and that's exactly what I was saying guys if I would have knew this information back towards May oh good god dad have been some good news not about some sweet information so anyway 0x is now available on coinbase let's look a little bit of notes on this coin guys know basically it covers it goes into this article right here where's it at okay right here X PayPal executive jumps on cryptocurrency bandwagon X PayPal zone some cryptocurrency bandwagon it pretty much goes to say he started this institution called harbor blockchain know when he started that Harvard Street blockchain partnered with ZRX nozr X is also backed by the coinbase founder who knows his name Fred Fred Aaron so Fred are soms on the Z or X advisory board and it's David Sachs who's the executive from PayPal also on the advisory board so pretty much god there's some big names on the advisory board of ZRX and I'm do believe this is why ZRX was listed on coinbase first the same reason et Cie was listed on coinbase first because it's backed by barry silver and Glenn Hutchins guys a lot of times these tokens are making big moves depending on who is it back by yes the utility is very important also but the thing is once you locate the big name you're pretty much almost certain to find some utility behind it because I'm pretty sure the big names aren't gonna just back anything oh yeah that's what I'm saying guys oh yeah guys if I got to what everybody last night do not buy any ZRX last night I'm not a financial advisor and I probably went buying it today let me check the price on it really quick because the thing is guys what happened was it pumps hard it goes from 70 to $1.00 dollars in the Wells who got it early I'm gonna sell like crazy and guess what guys did you buy now you're only filling their pockets you basically have to get in on the dip buy the dip buy the dip remember that guys buy the dip only yeah I'm going to get to the XRP news right now that's for sure – first Shore in the more time guys I'm actually you know trying to make it uh you know kind of what's going on around the world a little bit also kind of make what's going on around the world also let me pull them a binding SAP really quick guys and I only recommend download the binding SAP I've been tied Amazon you can tell Amazon DCG group easily Amazon the DCG group Amazon Coca Cola Pepsi Pepsi Amazon coca-cola Gap AT&T you can tie them all to digital currency group I did the video on that okay guys so basically ripple reveals new global financial institution using X rapid Mike Smith here we go the XRP news Mike ripple reveals new global financial institution using X rapid ripple was added a fourth me for ominous to the list of financials instil two institutions using X R P to power global money transfers the company is a licensed dealer so that's huge guys what's going on free Malik but basically uh so this is the for basically institution financial institutions come out and say they're using X rapid come on guys the proof is in the partnerships the world will be powered by ripple and I've been saying that for a while let me see okay so ZRX are still pumping this at 26 percent up but now it's down to 96 percent and believenot guys there's a lot of green in the market right now XRP is up three percent it's at 48 Senate and ei is up 1% and said $0.08 iota is that 53 cents up 2% xlm let me stop ok Oh Mike's happy that's for sure bitshares $0.11 oast 5 cent polymath has been pumping lately guys it's a 21 cent and up 2% and that's all about that I don't want to say too much almost 100 likes oh thank you big time guys let me see what's going on here all right guys another big event coming up is the ex repeal CEO set to be part of Mars block change summit alongside a lot of big names in the blockchain event I got for this one for Ripple CEO set to be part of Mars block change summit alongside reps from Nasdaq Barclays it's going to be October 18th in New York also going to be in attendance is Wall Street China and the investment industry Mars finance will be showed in China and USA so this box change summit right here in New York on 2018 is actually going to be streamed in China and in the USA so here's something for Cobb to stream you might stream this also I'm pretty sure it will that's why I saw her to make everybody happy we got one person saying oh what's your top five coins oh one is the excellent P news when's this one's densed I'm telling it's dealing with the diverse crowd of so many people oh but anyway Ripple's CEO he's set to be part of this blockchain Mars Ave and it's gonna actually be streamed in America and USA and like I said gonna be in attendance is going to be Nasdaq Wall Street a huge investment industry tycoons and it's gonna be on the 18th that's in like two days that's huge that's huge that's huge all right guys nope here's one other good thing that's going on please smash some thumbs up and well yeah actually for people that's watching this at a later time the subscribe button is right here right here on the plane line you can actually can hit the subscribe that's tomorrow you actually can hit the subscribe button it'll come up really big it's like right by the played part right there you can see it guys here it is right here I always wanted to do that okay guys so anyway a pole is holding some kind of contest that basically upholds having a referral contest and I was being very transparent about this because I just don't want to link it and people click it and they say ok you benefit from it but what I'm saying is uphold is having a referral contest and a giveaway please join through this link helps ekj crypto news so basically guys what I thought was interesting about this is I shared a tweet I'm actually I actually did a 50 X star appeal in the retweet what's going on some real guy I actually did 50 x RP huh ok so anyway this guy right here it's been real buddy this guy right here this guy right here bass okay hold on hold on xrb baby so basically okay so uphold basically is having this contest where they're trying to put somebody on – yeah this guy man some people say the craziest thing sometimes it's weird it's weird it's weird even having people say erratic things like that I feel kind of sorry for them because the thing is that they bring negativity to like this space or I can only imagine how they live in their life like for example if somebody brings negativity to other people then that means they live a life of negativity and that's and that's why I feel bad for them actually because guess what guys life is amazing there's amazing opportunities we're healthy we're young we can work out we got a lot of good friends in the world I'm telling you guys I wake up extremely happy every day and I'm telling you I'm extremely blessed and I'll say that for sure I know I stay away from politics and religion on this channel but I'm telling you guys you know people should really take a look at some of the positive things in life oh it's beautiful the Sun came up you know I got all my fingers and toes I can talk I can hear I can see you know a lot of people don't have stuff like that so you know let's start like really focusing on you know the positivity in life life is too short to be negative Scrooge McDuck that's for sure okay guys so anyway what I thought was interesting about this article right here is that uphold responded basically uphold I said thanks uphold for having a contest and basically uphold somebody said uphold sucks in comment and then uphold respondent rate underneath for them and said you know what's you know what can we do to make uphold better so the thing is guys if anybody has an issue with uphold they will respond really quick which is really really good because a lot of these like I mean come on guys we've heard if you try to get up with coinbase they'll never get back to you other institutions won't get back to you so basically uphold getting back to you so quick is like kind of amazing and actually uphold followed me I was surprised but I'm seeing upholds very active in the space so and guys guess what with their help ckj might win this one that's for sure no if I go back up here to the top I'll show you the 50 XRP retweet here it is right here I said I will do 50 XRP on the retweet helps support ckj please retweet and click uphold as having in contest helps ekj when I will pick a winner tomorrow night on XRP after dark so guys you already know we're doing a massive XRP giveaway tonight plus we're gonna get way X Y P for the retweet of this right here yeah so anybody that can help support this I really appreciate it you guys are amazing much love look on Twitter for another surprise what you mean I've spent a lot of money on uphold so believe it or not guys like I said I'm giving out almost 4,000 x-type in the last week or so and yeah pretty much if you have an issue with the tip box you can easily message we'd say win he's very active in the community also to whoever said the tip bought you right here Brian Greene if you have an issue with the tip bot you can easily message we'd say win I had him on the show he's actually a really really down-to-earth cool dude another thing is of course you know technology is new maybe there's some errors nothing is perfect in life but if you have an issue with the tip bot you know please message them direct message we'd say win so he can fix that issue he'll message you back right away I promise you I just lived to tip off my fries herbs from OC's from OC's da me about that Mao past and here's what you're talking about so pretty much right here guys i uphold sam in this contest 50x RP for the retweet on this it's at the top of my page like I said guys I pulled follow me back I'm surprised you know maybe I post final a lot of people I don't know it's just weird when you look to followed you back and it's upholding like wooo free malik know basic goodness giveaway right here well tonight on the giveaway we're doing at 9 p.m. tonight guys are doing a massive giveaway tonight we're getting with like a few hundred x RP i'm not gonna say a massive any like oh now we're gonna give away some x RP tonight and to win you just got to be there you got to be there and basically guys i highly recommend you guys if you don't have a wallet like buying answer uphold or you know a ledger sign up to twitter get yourself a twitter account because what's going on chef chief because guys your twitter account comes with a XRP while i'll just say that that's for sure I'm ready for moon bar jeans that's for sure ok screenshot an extra appealing coinbase okay I know what you guys are talking about now pretty much if you go to your coinbase app then you can pull up the coinbase app and basically it'll say you know the top 50 tokens that are out right now and XRP is number one on that list and that's kind of like teasing it's because XRP is not available on coinbase yet oh you know i'm glad you brought that up GJ now basically guys there's something huge going on behind the scenes right now let me see if I can find it right here the us-china battle of global supremacy guys I think this is gonna this is my personal opinion I believe that this is going to be a big deal because you see how Trump is I mean I hate to talk about Trump so much lately the first thing I say guys we're not talking about religion or politics here but basically we're tying ripple into the Trump administration I mean I think we all can agree on that Scrooge said if you don't have a wallet you can store it on Scrooge's safe but basically guys like I said no reason talking about Trump so much is because the Trump administration has tied to ripple but basically Cory Johnson has come out and said that he has been in talked with the Trump's administration about China controlling 80% of Bitcoin mining yes what I'm saying guys like I'm not here to debate on who likes Trump who doesn't like Trump what I'm talking about is the Trump administration is tied to ripple that's huge so uh so basically what Cory Johnson came out he made a very bullish statement please smash some thumbs up guys Cory Johnson came out to me at a very bullish statement and basically said wow we got 100 likes if we gets 150 I might get away 50 XRP uh-huh you guys might convince me if we gets 150 likes you might get away some next RP this morning huh who wants to mix our pic XRP baby so anyway guys I know that's why it's always touchy touching on Trump who you got oh I love Trump I hate Trump we're not here guess what guys if Trump clears the way for XRP I guess but then what would we think about Trump then hey I'm just joking yeah cuz I don't want to start to debate on that but anyway basically this is what I'm saying Trump is always very vocal on Twitter he's very vocal like to other countries no I'm pretty sure if he got wind that China's controlling 80% of Bitcoin I'm telling you guys this could be and this is just my speculation there's a lot of smarter people than me and it pretty will probably have better you know alch but this is what I'm saying if if Trump thinks is true or if it's true that China's controlling 80% David Schwartz even said it I'm telling you guys it could be the death of Bitcoin that's for sure I've seen Trump band USA from purchasing the peso the peso was the Venezuela crypto that they came out with no now Venezuela has sanctions against the USA has sanctions you guys are wild yeah believe or not James Bond you're right on the money with that like the thing is no matter what my standing is on the Trump thing is I mean he's been like all in business like this ain't right sanction this ain't right sanction sanctions sanctioned like I'm like whoa this guy is like really in the mix he like doesn't play so he actually banned USA from buying the Pedro nonsti Petra okay the petrol know basically Venezuelan came out with a cryptocurrency called the petrol now basically he came out and made a statement that says in the all USA is banned from purchasing the petrol but for even a president to come out and make a bullish statement like that on crypto currencies like prior presidents wouldn't do that because they would leave it up to it would be a it would be a what's the cold when you damn it like running it up the chain basically presidents don't normally tweet on every little thing that goes on so basically for him to come out and say hey USA can't bother pet Petro now that's huge now basically guys he can come out and say the same thing about Bitcoin also now basically especially if he's just tweeted that basically he wants the whole world to be on a level playing field so anyway what the story is Cory Johnson came out and said that that China controls 80% of Bitcoin mining in the Trump administration is very it's very concerned with that and I bet they are and believing on guys I make this statement so is we could not have a bet right now for digital currency to get approved and this movement to go forward I'm telling you guys the carts have been laid just right for this movement like anybody else would have been in office right now I don't know but right now we know this guy's all about the money his team is all about the money his whole team is Goldman Sachs bankers you know Jake Layton is the SEC chairman the Securities Exchange I figured I start breaking stuff down a little bit more too because a lot of people might be new J Clayton is a trump appointee he's the head of the Securities Exchange Commission XRP extremely rich people you run around money with that job J Clayton is appointee he's the head of the SEC the Securities Exchange Commission Jake Lincoln is also responsible for having major IPOs that's an initial public offering for traditional companies that are raising money now basically what they're saying is these i ciose our initial coin offerings but they're gonna basically be geared around security tokens now in the world will be tokenized guys what all I'm saying is was a lot of players in position right now that's going to be backing this movement because it creates a hell of a lot of money for this economy it's a new asset class a new asset class carbon knocks new asset class all right guys so it's always borderlines talking about politics I get a little bit nervous because I already see people feel strongly that I can see people feel strongly about their politics that's why we try to stay away from it XRP baby this is all I'm saying guys is if you know Davis Ward sweeted at China's controlling 80% of Bitcoin mining I mean that doesn't sound fair to me and it's even more weird because guess what guys if you've been following crypto for a year or two and you begin in China we're banding Kryptos we don't want nothing to do with kryptos down with kryptos and then come to find out you own crypto you on't you're running the show it's like hold on now like something's not right with that XRP baby so that's that right there let me see if we got a hundred let's see what we're at now guys oh we got 200 people here 120 likes starting more likes we get to 150 I'll get away 50 xrp somebody wouldn't fit the x-star Pig we've been on a roll lately giving away XR PE so I could I'll do a quick recap and then we'll check to see how many likes we got and then we're gonna call it a morning from here alright guys so the first thing first we talked about you please smash some thumbs up and like I said the subscribe button is right here below me if you guys can hit that that would be amazing yeah we gave away like I said guys we give it on with almost 4000 X RP within like a little over a week on the show and I got a feeling we're gonna be giving away close to 5,000 that's for sure x RP baby well what's up well alright guys so Roger beer okay guys one thing he did touch about this is I really didn't want to cover this because I really don't wanna repeat this on my channel cuz I'm not trying to get blocked but basically Roger beer says the US government should I even repeat this guys read this article and Roger beer that's what i'ma say about that I'm not gonna stand here and spread foot so let's just say he says very interesting comments good morning mama lacy he says very interesting comments in this article right here so you might want to read this but basically what Roger Vivier is saying the Bitcoin cache is the real Bitcoin and he's pissed about that but he also talks about regulation and guys aren't familiar actually bitcoin uh pretty much raja vira moved to tokyo he lives in japan now and and I've talked to crypto uh crypto Eddie hi crypto Eddie on the show and she said that raja vira is huge in Japan I'm telling you guys Roger people now bitcoin casters accepted it like five hundred thousand locations or something like that so that's in Japan there the other article we talked about guys is this Blackrock right here Blackrock we created crypto team to evaluate opportunities and crypto futures and other crypto assets like the room said you can talk Blackrock to and in fact somebody said fidelity owns 30% of Blackrock its PNC Bank which is a ripple partner is that see-through knickers out of fake 2c3 Mick is that c3i Nick some people create like names kind of same to the names it's kind of weird cuz that's III neck right there or is that not see-through Nick I'm not really sure I would Sam is it anybody verified se3 Nick or not XRP baby it's so close it's so close to the name it's hard to tell I'm not sure okay okay okay it's not – you three Nick people we have like the same names but just one letter different anyway you guys are wild oh man that's right basically guys PNC Bank partnered with Ripple now guys I said this basically I said PNC Bank penis irritation ship to me was one of the biggest relationships to ripple to date it's basically uh he said see through Nick guys are wild like I said guys just see three ah what up basically guys this Blackrock relationship with ripples you naab PNC sign with Ripple now basically PNC owns 20 something percent of Blackrock and fidelity owns 30% of Blackrock and now Blackrock skin and the kryptos it's a six point three trillion asset company we covered that and coin based explores cryptid up ETF one what the hell is this this is something they let us see this coin based explorers crypto ETF with Blackrock no handle no well this could be massive right here I didn't even see this article right here somebody shared it under my article it says coin basis reportedly talks to Blackrock about the creation of it cryptocurrency ETF I don't know I may have to do a little bit more research on that I'm not sort of if that uh I got do research on that fine I was true or not but that's true that's gonna be massive I just ran across that accident PayPal executive dumps in the cryptocurrency also backed CRX a coin base launcher trading for ERC 20 tokens DRX basically CRX is backed by the founder of coinbase and backed by paypal exact poops into partnerships ripple reveals new global financial institution part of using ex rapid yes sir XR p number one brad Garlin house will be ripple CEO set to take part in Mars blockchain summit Nasdaq will be in attendance well semana send us there our Nasdaq Wall Street and China investment industry and basically they will string this event from USA and China so guys give cop a heads up today they won't be lost him in this event anything on live stream Szabo I'm pretty sure we're all consuming the cop he'll be he does it like he does the live stream the whole event so you could check that on Cobbs channel and the last thing I want to say and I'm gonna check to see if we got 150 thumbs up and we'll give away 50 X 2 RP is max you running the contest right now please help see KJ somewhere up in here right here please help support see KJ click the up hold link is having a contest help see KJ when there's some kind of referral contest and that's why I want to be very transparent about the referral part I'm actually giving away 50 x RP tonight on the retweet of this that's for sure so we'll get wipeout tonight and that is this morning's news let's check and see we're at guys but see where we're at oh we got two to two in the room oh my gosh you guys you guys are something else you got a raid on 150 exactly yeah you guys hit 150 right on the money I wonder what the person was that was 140 huh yeah they after 150 they was like not no more likes we got we made her goal it's 150 that's it I wonder who was the last person that I wonder someone it was at 149 and one person decided to make it 150 I wonder who that was I wish you could tell who gives the thumbs-up dubby that'd be neat okay guys who makes that 150 congratulations guys thanks for tuning in alright so we're gonna get wet 50 XRP but before we get that away just one quick announcement November 10th ckj will be in oklahoma city ckj will be in oklahoma city we're having etc' XRP verse LTC crypto friendly debate Bitcoin will be there ckj will be there November 10th in Oklahoma City guys and we need some people from the XRP community to come out and help support ckj that would be amazing I would love to meet all you guys handshakes pitchers we're gonna stream from there we're gonna make videos from there it's gonna be a lot of fun guy the venue holds up to 300 people that's what bitcoin Ben told me now basically guys I felt kind of awkward about girl to a LTC event but the thing is Bitcoin Ben invited me to this LTC event but basically guys I took the position to spread the word about XRP in the world see now that my woke up my coffee kicking and now I'm like spitting it anyway I took a position guys to bring the good news about XRP all around the world so I got invited to go to this debate to bring good news about XRP I feel it's my duty to do that kung fu kung fu and now is what's going on I'm glad you asked that kung fu that's the question I'm answering right now kung fu says why go to a LTC Meetup the main reason I feel it's my responsibility to go to a LTC meetup is because people are still in the dark about X RP they're still in the dark huh it's like the same thing guys we were all excited recently about Bitcoin right we heard about Bitcoin we heard about the gains we heard about the 20,000 you know price that went to we heard about the two bitcoin pizzas that worth now millions of dollars so we thought Oh huge investment opportunity let's get into this so and I'm telling you the story is probably the same for 90% of the people we found out about Bitcoin first and then from there we said okay what else is what other digital currencies are there and then you go down the list oh there's like coin Oh like coins silver bitcoins Gold okay that's interesting and then guess what guys you stumble across the one the man to myth the legend XRP is that new new gold tell him confluence that new new gold so basically guys when I found X RPG I'm like whoa like thinking crypto the light went off boom and that's when I knew like jungle ain't the revolution will be televised huh yeah I did that I created all that together I lined it up a lot I know I know Sony so anyway oh man I'll be having fun ah so anyway guys I feel like it's my duty to go in there and pretty much people that don't have all the information to make the best decision to move forward in their future was XRP as a woman because I said the man the myth Moonwalker yeah okay coming food thank you thank you I appreciate that but the guys I'm going by myself can I get some more XRP support but actually like I said guys in all actuality I really feel like you know once people here at the X rappers live you know a few key selling points I really feel like it's my duty to go in there and basically explain to them you know what X rap it is what x RP is yeah we're going to do that right now yep we got your way 50x RP a that's for sure so basically guys that I you know iPhones might do to go into this LTC event and spread the good word about x RP it's alive you're right it's alive that's for sure and we do start your day with ckj every more in the 10 30 and with tonight guys we're gonna give away some X RP you don't once thank you Morris tonight guys you don't want to miss the show you never know who's gonna show we're doing 250 XRP giveaway on the reach week and we'll be giving away some additional extra xrp somebody said to Joel Olsteen effects are big because once I get going guys I get going I'm about to get out of here – I think it's about time for kung fu so anyway guys let's uh let's get away 50x so I'd be really quick so we can get out of here and for the retweet guys you have to be in the room that win that 50 tonight I know I'll be giving away XRP every day and night I've been on a roll lately we gotta get kung fu to donate some X star pick up you know you guys know that you know I by type XRP let's do this XRP let me find my original list so I can keep these guys all together okay here we go yep everybody type XRP let's do this time to give away some like changing x RP you know me love give it away x RP I'm not me I'm too much fun okay alright so there we go right there on 44 45 where's it go right here on Crawford 45 it's gonna be 10 down from him XRP picked me then I'll donate my 50 to King blue so we're gonna go ten down from that and that's gonna be the winner of this morning's 50 x RP and going to set guys I'm gonna have a massive yo way tonight tune in you have to be there to win so Crow is one vibes is to Morris's three weight ham four x RP 5 Garth six man 710 tintin tintin Casey Taylor 8 John 9 and the next one under John the Mon is the winner are you guys ready the suspense the suspense Paul Pinto ball Pinto ball pit fall Pinto congratulations Paul Pinto that's why Paul you still uh huge shout out to Paul Paul used to come here and make it rain XR pilaf I'm just joking congratulations Paul pencil on the 50x RP s– against your ex RP guys you have to DM me through direct messenger or my email is in the description of JC three zero six nine five four also if I still owe you XRP email me again email me again I don't mind being spammed if you I fight oh you XR Pig like if you haven't heard from me email me again look at the room congratulations I'm telling you we got the best community in the world congratulations thanks big-time mr. Pinto you're the man okay guys email you every day that's for sure I appreciate that you owe me five k XR p m– i'll pass from the office have a good day misty since thanks for stopping in Connie Stewart fill-up day Casey Taylor Moonwalker Kumar DJ defiant thanks for tuning in I really appreciate the guys I'll see you guys tonight at 9 p.m. if have a good day Rob Bruce Oh Stewart XRP and like I said guys in the morning time I'm basically going to try to knock out the news so it's not that I try to avoid anybody or anything I'm just trying to make the morning show straight to the news all news night Thomas let's party okay my paths have a good day Kumi Zeng I'm glad you could join us triple brother have a good day all like Cornelio in the house we'll stop like when Leo Kevin Rockwell edy James D Chung Josh you're the man now post some real guy Shari Thomas Mike Smith mama lacy ace shade Jack band Scrooge McDuck coming through with the last-minute donation thank you big time Scrooge where can a brother get that XRP caught screws me duck you're the man dude thank you big time for that always forget that guys link in the description for the merch store I got some really really good price shirts some for $13 some for 15 some for 20 not to mention you can get all your XRP mugs on there that's for sure I got my Paul XRP mug on my second Jake crypto news mug then I got my regular XRP mug not only a mother you know the president that I'm also a client XRP baby alright guys have a good day I'm

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