XRP vs BTC in google search trends, will the Flippening happen this year?

hello and welcome to the cryptocurrency news channel today we're going to talk about the Google Trends of XRP versus Bitcoin or Ripple versus Bitcoin xrp because we're talking about the digital asset so it would actually be XRP but a lot of people actually do mistake it for ripple and how the Google Trends actually look and is it actually close to flipping Bitcoin so a coup according to Google Trends last year the number of us users searching for the term how to buy ripple was greater than the number of using the popular search engine to quarry how to buy Bitcoin so there are more people interested in how to how to buy ripple it should be how to buy xrp but like I said people mistake ripple and XRP all the time so so how to buy Ripple outnumbered how to buy a Bitcoin however Google users interested in cryptocurrency from from outside the u.s. search more frequently for information regarding taking up a position in the current number one digital asset by market capitalization than they did for by XRP so u.s. users actually search for how to buy ripple more than how to buy a Bitcoin but non-us users search for Bitcoin more than ripple or XRP likewise the term Bitcoin all search related terms to Bitcoin I'll perform XRP or ripple both globally and in the US therefore the long-awaited flipping that xip fans are calling for might have to wait a little while now obviously it's going to depend a lot more than unsearched rands but you can see the popularity of the to Bitcoin still outperforms Ripple and overall popularity but I think most people know that want to get in a crypto know how to buy a Bitcoin now so more of them are googling how to buy ripple or how to buy XRP more than Bitcoin so it is definitely gaining in popularity which is good so for advocates and investors of ripples xrp it may only be about a matter of time before bank before the bank from the token replaces Bitcoin as a leading leading digital asset by market capitalization eventually I do think that will happen I honestly do you think aetherium will probably flip in BTC first for XRP dies at this point but both of them can easily flip it in XRP those who form the hardcore XRP fan base can be seen all over Reddit and Twitter denouncing Bitcoin as the now dated technology of course denouncing Bitcoin everywhere is kind of pointless because it still really hasn't helped helped XRP gain on Bitcoin in terms of market cap so for them XRP is a lumbering dinosaur of a crypto when compared to its competitors based on the potential utility increase many more transactions can be done with ripple or XRP than Bitcoin and the large number of folks are banking on XRP one day outperforming Bitcoin in terms of market capitalization it's still really nowhere the problem is it's still nowhere near in terms of in terms of volume and that's a really important thing by the way Bitcoin just reached 5,000 so if you look at the price if you look at the volume you got two point seven billion dollars volume for XRP and about 24 billion in Bitcoin aetherium is about at half of Bitcoin at eleven point five billion and out of the top five XRP by far how it has the least volume so it still got a little bit of a ways to go before it can really compete with Bitcoin in terms of market cap and price so I do believe the flippin ting is really going is going to happen but I still think like his article says it actually might be quite a while off so that this is the top 20 how to searches for Google and 2018 how to vote how to register to vote how to play Mega Millions what the hell you mean how to play Mega Millions you just buy a Mega Million ticket how to buy ripple how to turn off automatic updates how to how to get the old snapchat back how to play powerball how to buy Bitcoin how to screen record but Bitcoin overall search is still table ripples so there's still more people that there's still more people that actually want to learn more about Bitcoin than XRP which means the market hasn't fully matured yet do I think XRP will eventually flip in Bitcoin yes do I think it'll happen this year probably not a lot of that actually does determine I'm like banking adoption and if any of the large banks will actually adopt it Brad garlic's out house said like one large bank would adopted by the end of 2018 that didn't happen and it doesn't really look all that good for 2019 I think Santander was one of their may be like their main chance to get a large Bank to actually adopt it but without regulations actually coming in and there is a lot of internal Bank resistance it doesn't really look that great for 2019 in terms of big Bank adopting XRP for a mass amount of use it can't just be in for like a really small corridor it has to be one of the major corridors and just because the major corridors are already liquid and there's a lot of resistance both ways and all the major banks are still using Swift right now and I don't think at least US regulations are not really going to come through by the end of this year I can see it coming through by next year but we know that like us regulations always takes quite a few years to actually get everything hammered in so outside of that and the banking resistance is I think at least it's going to take until next year before some of the big guys think about jumping in and there's obviously other competition as well Bitcoin of course is the main index coin that everything trades into right now and I don't really see it losing that position and that by itself will give billions and billions of dollars worth of volume especially in a good bull market it can have tens of billions of dollars of volume per day maybe even hundreds if we really go on a boron and I think it's going to take a lot for XRP to catch up to that type of volume that type of liquidity and you know we still have stuff with lightning Network although that's like one of those I'll believe it when I see a type of things so there's a lot of developments in in particular I think in the next couple of years yes XRP can flip in Bitcoin but I don't think it's actually going to happen this year I mean these search terms overall for Bitcoin still outperform those of XRP or ripple so there's still more people interested in Bitcoin and there's still more new investors coming into the crypto market and most of them are still searching for Bitcoin right now in the United States people are maybe a little bit more familiar with digital assets they're searching for how to buy Ripple more for like first-time buyers so there's definitely more first-time buyers of XRP but those people might be buying Bitcoin as well and they just figured out how to buy Bitcoin in the first place so Google trends are looking up for XRP and ripple but they still haven't really overtaken Bitcoin yet in a general sense and I still think regulations and stuff are still a few years off so I don't think it will flip in Bitcoin this year but it will probably flip in Bitcoin in the future all right that is my report for today check out my Twitter it's my description and also check out the Czech and also tweet and reassure this on social media if you like my content thank you and have a nice day

3 thoughts on “XRP vs BTC in google search trends, will the Flippening happen this year?”

  1. Adoption is coming and the eu is leading the way..

    EU launches blockchain association to accelerate distributed ledger technology adoption

  2. Flippening has to happen this year or it will be very bad for crypto.

    Do we really want half the money coming into the market going to the miners?

    at $10K/btc the miners get $18 million/day.
    at $100K/btc the miners get $180 million/day
    linear and the miners sell most of their rewards currently to pay for expenses and stay in business.

    Does anybody really think bitcoin could get to that price with that kind of downward pressure?

    Folks, wake up. Crypto is here to stay, but POW just doesn't work out. Sorry.

    Just remember that the higher the price of POW cryptos the more the downward pressure because the more $ goes to the miners who are selling it. So if this does look like a massive bull run look out as btc goes up in value. THAT IS THE REASON BTC IS SO VOLATILE. Sure seems obvious.

    A bull run with POW still getting so much market share is bad for the market in the end because it just sucks up the new money.

    btw, you were right about XRP on Coinbase not really pumping it. Surprised the heck out of me.

  3. We dont only need to wait for a big bank. XRP has many different active use cases to push volume. Coil. XRPLabs. Mojaloop. Xpring…

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