6 thoughts on “XRP, USDC touted for cross-border money transfers on Coinbase? Prelude to further partnership?”

  1. Coinbase see in xrp opportunity for comeback. But as soon when another disaster happens (hi hacking team) it will destroy any trust

  2. This sounds like you have the ability to send fiat point to point as well as crypto…It says "send money internationally country to country for free" Bob. XRP and USD Coin are not "money." There is a photo of numerous fiat currencies and then XRP and USD Coin in the center as a bridge. It even addresses that in point two…remember, Coinbase has a money changer's license. You can already send crypto from account to account in different countries with Coinbase. I have been doing that for over a year. I think this is trying to inject XRP and USD Coin into the money changing business (otherwise the currencies would be irrelevant). Coinbase already has fiat gateways in every country it is in…this is different. They are using XRP as a bridge for sending money. I am just not sure Coinbase users are the biggest target market for this. But 98 percent of the world send money, not crypto, overseas.

  3. are u going cover dogecoin pump today. Dogecoin have partnership blockchain education unless it is april fools jokes

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