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Welcome everyone. Let’s get started. I have no financial advice. I have no financialinterestsI I don’t have sponsored links on my videos however, most my videos do have further material in the description, so please always check the description of my videos in this video I will go go through a not conclusive list of tools available in the XRP ecosystem For those who do not speak very well English. I will first show a tool which you can have added on Google Chrome it’s Google translating service on Google Chrome you can install the translation plugin. You can then open any web page click the plug-in click translate this page and Then you can select any language which is available and it’ll translate automatically the whole page On Twitter there are several accounts, which track Whale transactions XRPL monitor tracks XRP transactions and whale alert tracks various whale transactions eth SNT LINK and Bitcoin etc. XRP arcade is a website which shows various stuff It shows as example fiat pairings so you can go through the pairings You can click on the plus sign and it lists all Exchanges which list pound sterling XRP pair It has also a list for xRapid exchanges It has information about all companies connected to XRP and various other things It also has a list of youtubers as example XRP charts lists basic information around the XRP Ecosystem you can see various markets You can see a live chart you can see Live charts basically lists for various available Exchanges the order books last price you can change the exchanges you can exchange the pairing and so on and so forth It also shows metrics such as Transactions ledgers ledgers closed interval payments because not all Transactions are payments exchanges network fees transaction types and by result It also lists the topology of the XRP validator nodes Validator so to speak you can see it in a nice animation or as a map Let’s switch to the map Then you can see the whole world where all those XRP validators are there is also a list with all validators or you can check on what they are doing if they are a proposed UNL validator You can explore accounts I will show later on that you can do the same thing with Bithomp Explorer and there is a tab which shows the open Transactions or the current transactions I mostly use this pace page the XRP market performance indicator where I want to usually check the transactions per second on the xrp charts You can click any transaction on the transaction type cockpit address open bit hump Explorer Paste the address in click search and it will find the relevant information for that account transactions and balances the site from Stedas as I think is from Hungary is rather similar to the XRP arcade lists information about the ecosystem around XRP Now, let’s take a look at the XRPTipBot application you can see a screenshot how XRPTipBot is being used You can send tips from various applications mostly users use it via Twitter there is a page web page available for XRPTipbot where you can withdraw and in this withdrawal you can actually also put your XRP into escrow in addition Wietse Wind the guy who developed the whole thing He’s from the Netherlands has developed an app which is available on Android and iOS For the ones who are more technically Interested there is the XRPL.org website which lists documentation and Development tools let’s look at the websocket api click on account info. I copy an address. paste it into the API call I scroll down Send request and I will receive within very short time the Information about that account now, let’s check that. The count has roughly 6000 XRP Which is the amount of XRP we see as a result of the API info WebSocket call the site you’re seeing now is called XRP Fiatleak some people like to See the XRP flying around but there is other tools as we will see in short Let’s take a look at letter exposed. Here you can enter your amount of XRP in the rich list index Click check and then you see where you are like how many accounts have the same amount as you how many have less or How many have more than you there is also the rich list stats where you can See how many accounts have how many XRP and the top ones in blue You can actually click and see For which company those accounts are XRP parrot is another simple tool to change your Fiat into XRP It’s also a tool developed by Wietse Wind When you want to send XRP to your account on an exchange, you usually need a destination tag the X address format for XRP addresses gets rid of that you enter the Community wallet for Binance as example your destination tag click the encode and you will receive an X address which basically include the destination tag XRP scan is another tool developed by Wietse Wind Unfortunately, I have no clue what it does Let’s now look at something more nice There used to be a website which was called a living ledger Which is now called letter observer it kind of animates the transaction going on on XRP ledger, you can zoom in Turn around It’s really nice. If you leave it open for a while. You can see really like how the Transactions are happening all around the world

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  1. What a wealth of xrp sources that you have place at the fingertips of the xrp community. Asks for nothing but does so much. Thank you Michael! Know that you are appreciated.

  2. Swiss precision, Michael. and only 5 weeks of accumulation! get this party started and tell the rest of the crew . XRP is all we need till @ForbesList lol

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