27 thoughts on “XRP to be listed on Coinbase soon? And Crypto VISA card launched”

  1. Following XRP now being a supported asset on Coinbase Custody, institutions are putting a little bit more faith into Ripple's cryptocurrency. XRP has been listed as one of the nine supported assets for its service.

  2. Hey you did a video on Linda/LindaX back in August. Would you do an update to give us your opinion on how you see it now?

  3. Thanks Bob. That is really great to hear. I will definitely spend my XRP when i see a debit card out here in australia. this is the way to go. this also helps in eliminating debt. dont spend what you dont have.thanks for the update. please keep pimping them out.

  4. The coinbase listing would just help at this point. It would add more liquidity and volume. What do you think would happen to the volume of XRP if it did in fact take over swift?

  5. Yes this is needed ! We request a eur/ xrp pair for european investors so we dln't need to buy eth or btc eventually after selling xrp

  6. One of the board members on Ripple's board fined CB a few years back. Mr Ben Lawsky, the creator of BitLicense and worked under Gov Cuomo for the Cyber Security department in NY. Ben Lawsky was the reason CB follows regulation so precisely. Im sure there is some bad blood there.

  7. It would be beneficial for CB to list XRP from a liquidity perspective for xRapid in the US, not just from a retail perspective. For the retail investors , it would be so much easier for us to buy and sell from CB here in the US.

  8. USDC/BTC is on Binance, just launched. Also you can put XRP price tracker right on the front page of coinbase,just click see other currency's and add it. They are all set up to go with XRP.

  9. Wirex have XRP/fiat base pair and 3 Debit visa cards either usd/gbp/euro. Have the euro card, works like a charm…

  10. It’d be easy to spend my XRP if the stores only took Crypto and I got paid in crypto from my job. But since it’s a speculative investment, what’s a guy to do??!!

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