XRP the Future is NOW

, an online to solid stream and minute we got here be a slight its training pretty solid and no sin and a volume down and got here it the ad to live chat mode and a minute here and looks tepee you everything streaming
nicely and a day what’s going on tap in a bit Hussein I you go on to get a medal at the people
jump in here and a long day of its of Manhattan Beach a behind me on to the red eye back as of
Manhattan Beach in L.a. author
for dinner last night and tapping money beds and aims
what’s going on and a minute here launch me
getting things set up the exits
of Manhattan Beach and as last night a lot and clear all some tiptoe
much what’s happening me a link to transition year a lead that offer little while
there’s actually a ravine CIA
would see where’s if there is a
neck and the way background as a
a and wanted to get this and it’s
been kind of a tactical week of
wanted to get some thoughts out
there on the net a continuation on as I have had the energy did
to get on an up and put some
thoughts together and dual clout are you doing so on that, jump into it because
there’s a bunch of things I
wanna talk about and body ID do in the future is
deftly now to so on was with a number of
associates over the past few
days and it’s interesting because IE
we started talking about of the
dual assets it cloying of talk a bit about rebel talk
about excerpt he on it and
amazes me that anno not and of
people in the mainstream of our
yet fam of the digital assets and bit
cloying are actually having overall on
the economy and the impact that
it will have on the economy our
future economy on the future is now because
we’re deftly seen of the impact
directly right now and so one of Colburn James
burned a guy’s stump all of so this is what’s interesting
to me so here I am an a in a a
business meeting a for the past few days and start talk to a number
people about the black chain of
nine number people about it
cloying ago saying excerpt he
and some of on and knowledge relatively
limited on and so it was really
nice we start song about swift
as able to really give people of
good and background and typically on my stay away from those tapes
of conversations and in a work
environments as kind of
appropriate as we’re out to be
out at th of give people some exposure on
to what’s happening the digital
asset space and these are people
that I find that are extremely the dynamics of the background
of the swift organization on so as were walking the Pierre
of a Manhattan Beach last night
as educating a small group of
about the swift and about that
di on it’s really it’s really
unbelievable on but, tell you a
quick story here decide only
look to it a plot it’s crazy of
people h and savings is pain walked up
and had been paying about ½% I
think savings now leak and Max
out around 2% on Nepal the way from Dublin and
say what Dublin is by par one of
my favor places of my logo in
Ireland and it’s just unbelievab on whenever I go there I was a
check out the blessing 10 on and
there’s a day of golf resort
called a tool far is not sure if
yo we always spend a couple nights
in up to a farce and do what’s happening over and
not Tampa a Los Angeles Knick coach a
senior territory of this past
week and just got back this
morning image over that’s Manhattan
Beach to be familiar with the so the site as a check this out
so on Celeste knight, were and
in the cap and the Ahl were in a
lift on and aurum speaking to or Tom really really interesting
people that are now driving who
were driving a list of Saipan
one AA travel and you stay like
an a so last night and on a mini of 14 is a store them in
care and I thought this is
interesting look at my phone it’s hard for me to see the a
stream over hill and don’t try
to pump held a stream here for 77 get the
streamer a quick and second and pistols and to a shmuel papa
sound over here and real pop of Chad and real
estate make life a little easier
hopefully I’m always afraid to
one touch anything here as on-stream it always seems
like there’s a little bit of
good and packed their ago and
this might work and we see what
I can do and I’m not a such a worker and
this work well so on them see
the stream is this a year ago
I’ve I’ve got to a call right
for me and and the driver a Thomas a
little bit about his background,
Sellers in the music of the gets
in this ee starts talking about on and then we we started talk
about the digital assets of the
brought something up in ram and
he brought up and is the first
ti of Heidi get some sun feedback
on this loneliness abidance
which might few real quick , and I think this was what the
guy was so of talking about on a second use if I have a view
on their ago , transition this over and we go
are a meal of my screen here ago
so let me know if you guys have
heard about this so this is ca of that he was talking about on
a wall was interesting about it
is that he and I can get out of business
card teams turned of this into
some sort of a a a marketing on a Home Network
market at all what was all what
I ate just a kind of caught me
and call my attention a because
her and really transitioning I
digital assets into an area that
he and I don’t know if they
really belong there and I know
fits in a on but this league as it is the
first, opening this I think this
was the one that he was up
referring to on it was it was called Kara
point to think this is it that
this one looks like it’s a way
to buy and sell gold and on and a sound alike and
this witty was talking about on and then some of the
connected use talk about some of
the guys talk about all sorts of
stuff of what I wanted to pull
this up on a switchback Yamada mother
view back a little bit better than real me
go back your so so any help so
we get into this conversation on
the gives us is cardio and a ye is we’re seen digital assets are
reaching unexpected areas or
maybe expected I know on but, as
we began to really unravel of
the ought to get into a digital
asset space is not true some
form of up in a marketing ploy
are marketing scheme that
there’s full r on and then really then getting
into the full conversation of what swift on as an
organization has been in that
city, how I started on was
really getting into all what
swift and what swif and onto them allende’s gold
stable point neck OK so yeah and
and to me I just don’t think
that that’s really the
appropriate yo the digital asset space site
that you know I see those types
of companies are going to
gravitate on to looking for all sorts of
opportunities on but it in the
end it can also a picket tarnish
the reputation or a, say
legislat on and as a as a whole when you
have a organizations that really
are you know lot and it off for
the betterment of the of the ov and where we’re talking about on investing onto really benefit
done in you know you’re an
individual portfolio as you’re investing and up in
the different digital assets but
any help so it really so dating
back to the story so as were
walk again individuals that on have
been involved on in and a business level
transacting internationally
utilizing the swift code and not knowing the meaning
behind the swift code on an
eight people that they don’t you
know wind in business for years
and thi what’s great about on our community right now is
that it’s an inning so much
delight there’s so much research
us so much discussion that’s
been don of an it so meaningful on soda
and again walking down the a and the pier and educating the
group on no strong blow struck
an ounce of talking about rebel
I giving them a little bit of
expo that there’s a major shift in
the economy right now and digital assets are coming to
the mainstream on and so and today the feedback and and this
is where I think the community
as a whole in all of us are
really participating ought to bring of the full of
the full impact of the
technology to the mainstream
because they’re still that
understanding somew that to that digital acids are
being used for black market
purposes of the nets and then
you say you look at the Forbes
articles today I was reading an article
and this is from an article from
about a year ago and and it was amazing because
as does writer was talk about
the owned by a bit cloying in
this up came out the homeless
aid Jan it cloying as a cancer: you
refer to other all points and is as
cancer points and a Jewish ago
is but you know he’s referring
to them as cancer point in his
anointed that was on a of a well known
site of the entire point was really gearing up and providing
misinformation based on to his own economic theories not
necessarily looking into what of the
technology truly means and the
impact and in it’s amazing that
the tools they don’t understand
the tech all rebel rebel net in many of
the others out there so I only
look at some of the of comments here design the Guzman
to run some of some stuff up. A
BB what’s going on Chinese bamboo and so glad the
few kept posting that I love
Chinese bamboo a love watching
videos on and on light on the
line an a ball you miss I was just
telling a story about the
images, finished offset the guy
you joined in on it the right
moment so a p on a stressing over price will
deftly that he stay away from a stay
away from stress is much is
again a price instability, so
john doe how you doin’ on so and so at all of this
thought process as well as Ozal
last night on an and flying back
in us thinking about the toil the big about excerpt heat
and bought I’m thinking about
braves on thinking about the
future of all of our our
monetary on of growth are development or are
redirection to up online
payments are remained payments
whenever and and we’re starting
to see of what excerpt the tube of the
means a standards and
possibilities of luck while on and then even
brave are going to do to really
transform how were on
interacting of online so Tomlin see here on knit of most
of those can the contrarians
don’t understand the mix of tax software in
central banking that he called
digital assets of their handicap by their
mediocre understanding of basic
economics and that is eyed
deftly the case in the in on
many of those from the old school on his hard
for them to to truly understand and I believe it’s also very
difficult for them on to absorb of the fact of its art car
economy is transitioning onto a
digital a framework in really
moving away and I think so too damned today
and in one’s excerpt is truly
implemented on its implemented
on on a larger scale I don’t
think at what’s going on your there
ago are a tapestry Mac on
mimicking be a picked the
gnawing on so and real world you take the real
other goes against timing out
again say and we go back on the two would
happen over here to know it was so this so the
real world I utility and getting
back to that statement and know that tanks and excites individuals whenever
it might be once they really
start implementing of excerpt he and a four were
looking at on the full scale after looking at done in a Exe
rapid on but what what is amazing to
me right now is the fact that you’re starting
to see this growth from the
excerpt the tip box to me that it’s so would so uptight telling
of the community and we see the
community coming together on but
when the CIA would see out win of money and be a IG mail on and
now they’re there to
orchestrating a some lobbying
that data to sky on to simplify
the nature o you know at the at the at the
retail level on stake in place of the
community level and you’re seen community
participation off to bring on technology and
not everybody is going to have a
direct benefit from the
companies that I never once
helping ough and and again IE I think that’s it’s very a selfless you know
and it’s it’s amazing of you
know deceit to see this kind of
activity at this level on and you’ve never seen
anything like this set at the
banking level war or any of
these said you know any any of
that typical y Tutsi eyed and john of and mike
the machine to machine payment
micro payments to eventually be
even bigger than the baby and
it’ were star to see that up and in
that type of communication is in
his outstanding imagine a
magical world where cars are
communic on and so I imagine you know
everything that can happen
within within the sphere of full
of managing of managing traffic on a EO so
if we have micro payments wave
machine to machine payments of
going on on to allow of
different e and I just think images, crazy
you know but things like that
here that’s like you know and at
a level that you know that really we have to
think about these like that’s II
love the idea the machine to
machine payments and micro
payment all with with: all on quayle’s
the beginning of that on so at a match in just on that
level being able to get rid of those
obtrusive ads on giving what
what I really like overall about
the concept also when he had the machine to
machine payments are these micro
payments are taking place off
for an online a content creator
whethe two have monetary gain up
without the full interaction
people you know so cutting out
the ads or people allowing
that’s on in or up as an as individual consumers of video contents of war or the
block content whenever might be
all were you basically a name you know for the content
of were an environment right now
that we pay so much money it’s
insane if we think about all of the
money that we pay for cable TV or in Stanton were just
inundated with ads that none of
us will ever benefit from all we are you aware just did
you know they’re there fleecing
us of our money as they as they
bombard us with all sorts of
insan on you know using the brave
browser I think we’re just
starting to see everyone,
scratched the surface of that
and it’s absolute town of digital clouds like to
Christine ala carte says banks
will adopt or be cannibalized
and it’s II yeah that’s a great
poin what were seeing eye on the
banking side of his very very important you
know so yes either they’re going
to adopt they’re going to adapt on or they’re going to become
the relevant on and so if were
going to be focused on living in
a digital world of all and so
here and restart and I can remember
of all mighty ducks and of us
saw the article on things on fox
news are somewhere else all one
an of deftly hit the thumbs up the
guys and join the a video
tonight and Gavin subscribes
your first time on remembering
to subscri when when you’re borrowing of
digital asset all were your
borrowing against your digital
asset holdings with NEC so they take a they
want they want you to put up to
for every one they land out so he put up a three million
dollars and bit cloying on and then he
took a loan out for a million
African 1,000,002 million have
to buy a house of hand that that to me is is
pretty impressive on so we’re starting to see of these exchanges or starting
to see these a custodian type of
Oran of companies on that are
replacing a or potentially replacing a
bank’s so if you can then lot if
you can borrow against your own
holdings of your holdings are
alre a put your money like that Yunus
of you have a view of $1,000,000
and 8.1 by ALS is added to
spending that $1,000,000 and
never and your pain of neck so
percentage on in order to
facilitate that transaction but helm easy as that is that
that the capital goes back in
your own pocket of high I think
it’s that such and such a great
a co of that we can do that but banks and as legendary all banks are
deftly scrambling right now annoying based on other prime
example of love walking happened
Gemini on and then the list goes on and
on and on where their border
lining on banks and banks you
tanks are deftly losing out in a
ban Leonard excerpt he has so much
use case but the price is
useless of the price has a dozen
really move that this point on
you kno we’ll see you know I obviously
the more the more the utility of
the more opportunity there is a
four for price pointed to go up a for the excerpt he the excerpt
in a move on and so that everything is gonna come
back to utility in the case of
NAZI net banks won’t disappear
but the value proposition will
taft that said you know what and and
that’s why they been put on
notice I agree with that that
banks as a whole won’t disappear
on ho big box spaces been struggling
for years on and they got away with with
higher pricing they got away
with not providing real customer
service for years and years and
yea and Janet fantasy years on the
Kmart’s of you know that the
list can go on and on at all
levels of where you see those retail
outlets closing a because they
couldn’t compete all with what’s
happening on line and were seen
th where bank certain end up buying
up other banks on the digital
asset to an exchange is like a
point base will then potentially
u I were to see a lot of a lot of
the of the to the Lions will star blurring
of a it then I believe it’s
gonna happen in a relatively a
short timeframe at this Point I
think and tear point against all be
doomed actual offer customer
service there’s nothing like a
competitive of market there’s
nothing like a competitive
landscape so it puts everybody
on notice makes e that’s why when we even when we
look at up to a rebel matter we
look what rebels offering it to
having competition onto that sol on is deftly beneficial on it so
important have competition with
output without competition you begin to stagnate on and
that’s where the customer loses
all because we lose out on on
technology that can be developed on and then we also lose on the
fact that date and the a big
organization a longer cares
about their customer and which
is which yet I agree with that it’s a year of all this is a
this is a really good point to
neck on last year banks charge
American six billion overdraft
fees s of the people least able to pay
and richness tuitions are most
likely up a bit are most likely to
purchase main driver extortion
accelerate and think banks is a whole it’s
it’s a lopsided proposition of what we are paying we do pay
banks up for that right let’s
call the right tour of maybe
it’s not right southward all
right wo and like I can think of this of
this word it’s simple word of
but all were paying them ought
to manage our loans you know so
on on in these big organizations
big financial institutions are
allowing us to live on credit
all but there are many of them
are do credit cards and even a even on
one thing about the mortgage
from a mortgage perspective you do a 30 year mortgage on and your pain he read a
keyless amount in interest
payment over the term of that
mortgage on now the bank is fronting that
money on but those mortgages are
then you divide up and sold on we saw a lot of these who saw
that happening all but to rate cards are are insane to
me because if you think about the idea that
you’re buying on credit but then a credit card can shore
issue of an 18% interest and 19%
interest 25% interest even for a good
credit, you see some ease credit
cards and archer of its like
extortion up so the best thing
to do of interest that they’re
charging on in these banks are
making huge amounts of money on as as a direct result of and
so does the overall in amazes me especially when are you interest
rates or are in the low on
however you even though interest
rates are low when we put our
money and aiding loans and higher
interest rate so they might in
at the low interest rates are
paying us out if we’re lucky on
their p a 3% were you a 4% on in order
to borrow money on and then you
look at business loans 8% you know some
of your be great if you get a 5%
of Mia which are pain on on a
lease on a vehicle you’re paying I really liked that idea because things are in store flipping on
their heads and we see
organizations like neck so
although so of Tutsi of a john that’s a
exchange walk for crypto loans
custody currency exchange know if it’s
right on legendary the likely
the Nationwide bank in Germany yeah I think that was up I
believe I believe the right side
note there was a deftly a bank a
purchase and then there’s others
on on and that was from Ai digital
asset exchange of a seat on nicked of those banks don’t
actually from any money at the
moment alone origination they
hit their customer counts and
set up on and so the banks making money
really you know it’s not not
their own money to oh that’s
that’s really it’s an impressive
busi on and you have to pay that much
out on how to see there’s a lot
because until we can just our
own Baghdad tomorrow and this is on in history at least in modern
history of the two banks are deftly put
on notice with with a direct
competitor and you know we see
the amount of fun and everything
els of drought this industry and
just know what happened two of
the the big box retail industry on is going to start happen like
we just said onto the banking
side so of insight into sell the of the other thing that
I wanted to whop point out the
men to help you guys sought yet a Stephen Shipp excerpt the
minute a put out put out the
video on we have where have all
of the video really pushed wards
of hel and are involved on in the in
the AMA Financial Services
committee on as well as just getting the
word out on the street about the
token taxonomy actor we need
more and more support upon the
toke and on a number of as got
together on input this video
together and it’s deftly a good
watch on I think guy you guys
alike and a is how the community on is
really coming together on to
further understand this space
every single one of us has
something inter and a a Spanish to overwrite
truly appreciate that, that’s
awesome a love that meant thanks
to the prescient that of but you every everybody here
yell and you you’re seeing all
the all the feedback and the
comments and the topic so we’ll
disc we all believe that this is
really the future on and and
this is what’s going to change
IE and release significantly all
revolut tying together like this and the
sharing of ideas on and I was really happy to see
the end of the digital asset
investor up promoted and and
pumped up by the video of it that the Steven Schiff put
out there on if they’re a bunch
of a sonnet on and so that was
great to see that and all levels on this a Stephen ship in a
jungle I did a I did a share
video of the other day I just
outstanding in Oso that scenic god Cambodia central
bank to convert to a digital
asset strategy this year and a close either being watched
by larger central banks and
bankers may be an elaborate
experiments to a top issue did
of a time of the so yeah II think
that’s awesome as ceci what’s
going on and on TS so high I truly believe the
overall when we look at what you
know what you’re looking at from
a political perspective and look at from an economic
perspective on you look at it from a legal
perspective when you have different core
cases on a deftly sets
precedents on and in asp when a
special and it has to do with
economics and of eight what’s good for that
country on is also a adaptable
on to other countries and so you
begin to see a and a vigil
countri of the fact that the Cambodia and Cambodia center bank all
wants to convert to digital
asset strategy this year is
outstanding to think in Asia and
as a whole a pullback in Asia China on with with at the banning of a
bit cloying mining on and and
really a lot of the turmoil that
one on and in China up over this of we sell India are doing the
exact same thing toe Kevin thank you very much an totally appreciated glad you’re
on the the chat tonight of what you India to me India is
a Z and very very important to a
case on and so the reason why India
so why not mention this before
on is one of you put out a a
point here on out what’s going
with g and rolling on a day at an
exponential rate other economy of India and is really focused
on as a whole you talk about all
one of the most a populated to
countries in the world with 1.2
b so what you know so so here you
have a country that it has so
much room to grow they they have
that, the cream of the top if a
s then you’ve got this this huge
impoverish class now when you have such a large
group of a people that are
living in abject poverty of the city you live in alike
700 to 800,000,000 people that
are living in poverty and if
it’s more than twice the size of
the U up and then you start to see
what the digital asset space can
do for a people be of all walks of life on and you start to see what
happens in light in Africa and
you start to see all of the
development of of companies and
technolo participate in the global
economy and Eddie sold me to
global economy and before you could barely you
know of in a scrape by two
pennies on heal from from life there so
now to India Ana winds India such an
important test case because the brainpower what the
education levels in India the
amount of technology of that is enveloped are coming
out of India on and so you see
you know from up at the at the
university level yet engineers
on that everybody the world can
benefit from but the goal here is tall much
room how much space is there to grow when you have
to 700,000,000 people living in
poverty and bringing these people out of
poverty given these people an
opportunity and the first times
in the lives on to somehow
partic on a global level of or just to
participate in general on in an
economy and we talked about this
and previous videos but that bu IP the government level it the
banking level and attempting to
create a standard all but the
central bank and in India and is
re on and that’s just like in China
today it’s more of a direct
competition to what a government wants to do
in terms of controlling their
overall economy of type in this goes back to a
video I made a while back of
where India had been
transitioning its economy not to
a digital asset b but their removing fee a
currency from their economy
moving to any rate of about 75%
of their fee a currency moving them over to a digital
economy of mainly you know the
way we all transact now you buy
your goods with a red card or
you c into an economy that’s traceable
intractable and imagined at that
level in the banks and
government are taking their
percentage of one can really happen and think about an excerpt he
eyed on and a scion pledging
made it and see what time is it 1 to 1
0930 almost an anon on that team a star wrapping up only to
keep it done to writer on an
hour on I think I’m getting all
right to that point on but it’s
it and a Spanish by pledging made
on good to see one as usual any any specific topics, and see
guys wanted to want to get into a grain is starting to shutdown
of a and about an event of a
total of up to 23 hours of sleep
since yesterday so and wanted to
g but on light so II guess you
just just do want to wrap up and
I met throughout ton another of another plug
politically speaking when it
comes to a supporting of the
token taxonomy act and a a a an deftly of doubly gonna do
that I only a before we get into
the its ear of a Z EO excerpt he
beat EC could change in the next on its eicon are also the Japanese
numbers are still not listed on
the excerpt the ledger on to its
that’s interesting and water owner why that is of western union of that is a
that’s something that you know
we could die deftly I’d get into on and a second pull up to something interesting to oh and finds you know when and if
it were something else that just
happened and on and I can think of it was, of something else and I like many pulling no
dominant some notes on this and I’m gonna go back to where I
wrote this down and another in
other point and wanted to bring
up alone would see wares and one
2nd and go to the note here time streaming a live stream notes that’s not it alone all you like, so it’s was exchanges on know the wears a tented had to
do with up and are three had to
do with the texture Pete Leger I can’t find on where I
put the know it was an important
note to Tom about the same day and has
been of the top of that it was
an adult and chewed on an EC here and what happened to that node a
really good one there to so
here’s here’s one and I know of
that this is really been talked
abo on and this was a non towers in a vase why the Swiss
alpine national and case of this was on this was
on the finance magnates Da, and on let’s say a lot of a toll talk about that
and on the next video as a
nanosecond died so this was as
if this is critical because it is is a worse than it was the
article not an eight and I had an alliance
now popping up I open up an
article in sauk and about the
ceo’s salary on and sprayed 17
year on of it was launched on the
excerpt he and the EL DC backed
on the exchange traded products
on and so that that’s something
that w different exchanges that are
popping up and I think this will
be good to talk about and the
next video and we get into law and western union on getting tse
into some of these other up a
sights is well on but with with
of these different exchanges say that’s now light trading bit
cloying and a stereo on the
Jamaican non exchange of yes of
the excerpt Et PI think that’s its own amazing because again
you’re looking for we’re looking
for real world utility were
we’re looking for the mainstream
adop and so when we start seeing
stock, a stock exchanges of
around the world and are
beginning to have of the digital
assets there t being transacted and now all but
then I can create and build out
a framework in order to transact
digital assets or the volume t and are creating this for the
volume that they’re anticipating
that they’re expecting on and so
as you know as we just talked ab and we look at and a setting a precedence on so
when we start seeing a countries
are giving nine and the SEC’s of
countries like in Thailand th only start seeing stock
exchanges around the world and
are rolling out like that I can
exchange trader product or we
start scene of that our are adapting ought
to give to the digital asset
space and so we know that
mainstream adoption is right
around the co and its Erp you will be at the
everywhere that see that set
meal hedge fund see TB pension
funds index funds or acts Tonya
your an every where and when we’re
seen that the top three a and we’re starting to see a
bright with a bit cloying and
the of the REM in the excerpt he
a button excerpt he I think really has up a lot more on to
offer of then banned some of the
others and I believe that you went when you get into of
the that hedge funds and the
pension funds they wanna make
sure that whenever they do add
and I th they bring into adding two and a
pension fund on especially after the mortgage
crisis of you would hope that
the board would be a little bit
more hyper focused on that all but it’s just a matter of
time and in its happening on its
gonna happen in and a faster and
faster clip on as we move into i that great input on send a note
of two when a senator eat
whether it’s now the hull report
at the the report on beacon check
me out on twitter on that would
be the be great any subject
topic once even a video format won something we can bring up on
live stream of not sure if I’m
going to law and no of Wednesday I deftly
can’t do a live stream as I
normally do on but were to be
working all but the Saturday
morning depe on 8:00 AM eastern standard time on so look out for the happen
again check out the Aunt Witter
at the hall report on beacon
send any feedback comments of
topics a covered of them be the be all
so on and then just to finalize
a Wilson ascend outlook take a
look out for on take a look out
f of a dove that that we made of
that was really cured up towards
all of the token taxonomy Acton
and helping understand the impor right now over the next week two
weeks as to educate toes within
the Financial Services committee
and began up accepting and giv Tass in the token taxonomy act
which will then held up of more
Davidson reintroduce of
attacking the token taxonomy act
on to Co town that’s a guy’s on and on a
rapid updating crypto that
deftly I wanna see excerpt he on non on
fortnight and in all of those
others I think it’s that’s the
place and instead it needs to be
o on until that time and Baan
hotaling your crypto see here and debt down died as a chicken
a layer of good night

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