open a SS a IN, everybody and
her and her and four big and
rich I has to restrict it to you
right away is that you are and
how l and a right going live from one
I think ID an eye for an amazing
show was always, really
appreciate to everything that T
brings , everything that he talks about , it’s really a takes you think
you know as we get into the
space and a more and more of thinking and so I think
that’s really important you know
to make sure that were and all,
Italy a continuously learning so all, on the rate it’s like my
comment and to watts of a sometimes forget that dumped on
live here on on the a LAN the
video so any owl one excerpt the
minute you know what’s up you
kno a job ship a teacher of jump in
there rabbit hole all research
in await what’s happening
Carolina , Nellie a good to see guys on
your Mama Lacey bobby wheeler
day and then it’s going on
everybody that abacha stuff to walk over
to night on some does he give
everybody a minute to one jump
in and and reflect on the cooks
of t an excerpt he is currently
sitting at an all of today’s been a
phenomenal day of I haven’t
looked I never really paid
attention on to any of my of
digital asset holdi on an ally started pulling up
again and then there’s some things I got into a
little bit higher often than I
would like to, but overall you
know it’s really amazing Jan and anno it’s really really
impressive, considering here we
have excerpt he is now , what is that about the AIDS and 8.2 law and is at
the 0.2 billion away from, and a theory I’m a
flip inning to oh I think that’s
a know that that’s coming events
come and quick I think we’ll see so as things came down I started
buying up in a little Italy are
little there on minutes of I
like diversifying into some
other anyhow so ID and I sent you guys over tea and I if you’re on thank you
very much a , we have awesome awesome stream
of areas digital nomad investor
it the thumbs up on the way and
if that comes upon the way out and you get notified every time
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thumbs up if you guys like the
photo in the background and excerpted a great good to
see a red darwin’s up the Meiji guys come 10 deny a bright people to come
over my show a rate so Tutsi here on today by a hybrid of Allen I
think this is a know if it’s
interesting on and then he sent
me of link to a neon light
timing o , Pull me pull the supple my
idea on my phone my phone is
always perfect and I’d been able
to monitor the stream to make
sure th and I looks OK so where was I and a second homer ago type of the builder and mark Kaufman is a Marnier to figure out a sum out we’ll
figure out how to law and make
sure that we see a home are
Indian eye strain on the brought
that u and you’re gone through the web
a portal of you to some more in
the back and there’s a way ought
to look and see who I believe h so I Gotta believe between all
the brains in this chat you know
will be able to figure it out on light so so check this out I
thought this was really cool
because on hybrid Allen sent
this over on and and as you go
through all I wanna read through it
because I thought was
interesting on and any hands, by
recommending a video from a July of 2018 and Joe went back and watched
like a 20 minute video on and it was it was also
interesting on talking about sit
on the shot – two SH a dash to
which apparently is of a
protocol I be comets and an algorithm that’s
it’s sick you would secure hash
algorithm to on which based on
definition is a set of
cryptograph to me let me go back as ISO
study with this cease as a PDC
be crashed up by excerpt Ian
Exel and plus will corruption
with their on many comes down here people
do not have all that much money
so the one a quick a payback
from their investment and
exchanges on any all.war PTS, itself and
its BT see on as PDC stalls of
all the cheaper banker from the
coins like excerpt in XL and
corpo which I brought up before coke
and Pepsi comparison are rocketing a 12% plus a day
Exel and this is a soaring right
now of people who may have died
in the BT Sea of 3000 plus I goi of the DC will crash of excerpt
in XL and rocket seriously of
think about it known as running
be a bit cloying no limits are
run , it’s the house of cards that
will not only crash will burn on
and so I think it’s it’s good
food for thought you know
wherever upon in the financial a space
that are looking at BT see on as
you know with the potential of
200250 on 1,000,000 on aid gets there
the rest of the markets can be
pulled up on but it’s and what
what hybrid Allen brought up is
rea and then as we of as we drill in on and we go to this video night
that the the videos called I
smell a rat again this is July
18 of interesting theory of
deftly develop by the NSA so II never really all went
through and and got into that
side of things but based on his
theory , is that if bit cloying is
built on that you know what are
the chances that the point is
actually then I’ve developed by
either in consultation with war someone
that had been with up the NSA at
some point so on that’s
interesting on David Schwartz
right I terry very interesting to to lighting was rough on the team was rough when it
came to crypto currencies and Ethel you guys a few good of
you taken of tweed out the
strain of the awesome, and then
we’ll get more more people of
inform to I think that be a super
helpful ID and I yes OK, and
working into a tip oh marks the
opening of working at the
pentagon and t , excerpt the young think that’s
pretty cool , that would as they could be a
knight said before but footing
as they get his image of behind
me the overlay and times all a mess around
overlays to write so it is so I think
that it’s amazing you know the
fact that the CK jays over
consensus I think is fantastic
pay a hat the nice edge over glad to see
over here , and during the Monica Lewinsky
scandal OK interesting times and a terry
interesting times of the builder also in so many see Cajun dissension
over here to chat to Gilligan drinking alone we’re
at a diving for little scotch on so it so as OS, going through
all of this you know done the
crypto bird dog actually posted
another article and this is
reall that is focused on a crypto hard forks so obviously
on time AMR, is done and
cosponsored numerous bills with
warned Davidson there and so
though th and seen any movement on them
yet on but this is really
important especially considering
the fact all when chip and I
were talki on all items of tea Ta removed off from aid in order to
pass it up through committee now
so why this conversation is
going on and this goes back to April say you have to believe there’s
a lot of these conversations of
their ongoing of the those that
are seen support of digital asse on and again we saw you know
there did you know this the
stages of all the bills you know
so I am so some of them are to
go thro you know a offering some really
major changes in the space are
going to be chopped up a little
bit in order to get them through and congressman amr’s a bill
that he’s planning to
reintroduce is going to focus a
specifically on on this peso of
what’s what’s were to go through each of the
individual all representatives
that actually signed off on this
letter of 21 to a commissioner
on a and this is really a point
that you know has to be
addressed and the reason why you
would have really it comes so
passionate a or you know misconceived notions
of reality so it’s based on
misinformation that has been
handed down over the years on that digital assets are still
on tide up and issues like mount
docs and silk road on IC Center
of all looking to circumvent o a 12 day that are I brought this
up as you can utilize it is an
example of why a nation of like you run
that they wanted that had
anticipated or or thought about
utilizing digital assets to
circumvent all but that’s the that’s the
bad publicity that’s the
negative side that comes out and
as we see it typically Tauzin
succeed an so when when bad things are done we realize very quickly of that that it doesn’t succeed
and in especially in the space
it becomes very very visible on
the obit that everything is very on that were hoping a really
gather more and more people
together we started all with
that initial video of the lows at about a month ago
I believe on and we got that out
to David will of war davidson’s
office on in that one right to their
con director and the goal there
was for them to use that ought
to pass through committee so I
know on our education because it how
can these bills I’d get past if
we still have congressional
representatives that have again
have of time hammer on and many
others that are doing everything
they can ought to push through
all regulatory clarity all when
it co us some time AMR, was on a panel
discussion on at consensus us so
worried beginning to see that that the congressional
representatives are taking this
extremely seriously on and so
and these are the individuals
that we to now let’s look, let’s look
here so this’ll me of a thing
only slimy share this because I
think this would be import before I do the only does
scroll up see us some comments
here I wanted the the the piers
and talking at two you know it’s chip your tree discussed you
awesome site and miss that made the
scroll back up and then see that
so to Moon is deftly in order and
Mabel wake of Tamar mourning
excerpt he will be a 50¢ on
momma Lacey 48¢ it’s already on
its wa a rate that’s go down here ice
tea and cranberry with a little
logon for a auburn rain a rate so Spanish fly all you do
in excerpt the Exar pilot and a scion here glad you made
in a Venice of Exar pile it as a
pilot is is your first time in
ours as of now there’s two
excerpt pilots acts are and so
on it was tight let’s see here, Omar
Kaufman I’m hearing more about
global debt in the media continuously on that date date
rip it out as lady and I did
allude to as well on its it’s
interesting how the media on attends two on manipulate com
our financial markets of through
all of this this drip of of
information end of the way they
wa you will see this ramping up and
and we talked about this before
is well that it then becomes a
self fulfilling prophecy and als of the people ought to be
concerned about people get
concerned they worry about the
rack and their finances they
stop buying all then the economy goes into a
tailspin, and so that’s what you
know we have to be very very
cognizant of on as to whether not it’s a
reality are not a reality on odyssey you up to a save in
and be prepared offer just in
case but when people rein in
spending the cat of fear of what
might on then did as you know
ramification so on Alex he wants
up the glad to see here so light so what I was planning
on doing here, we see here and
on , Gover doby as I just want a
share my screen are real quick,
an eighth of a live stream of
the chat, something when a share
on and is one I want a share rain a
year ago a light so check this out so
this was on Charles Reddick this is Soo a
commissioner trials Reddick of
the IRS this was sent a parole
eleven’s of 2019 of deer
Commissi they use virtual currencies
taxpayers deserve clarity on
several basic unanswered
questions regarding Federal
taxation of these it’s a I find it difficult that
were going to now anticipate
that the IRS is going to alright
law you odyssey they can not
inter to said to you know protocols or
whatever but there’s really
ought not much that you know now
see there that some forms of
come on but it’s it’s interesting to
we get into the IRS are they now going you know they can provide
some ideas they can provide some
Mana answer and they can get
some recommendation on but he and this really has to
go back to Congress and that’s
why I was so critical of that we
had of some the changes of the been addressed within a token
taxonomy act because it sets the
record straight on in then tells the IRS that
this is how you’re going to act
as latter is based on the IRS of
this point you guys need to step in this new growing space so
that’s that’s kind of the intent
of the letter on at the same
time on as we see them on introducing
this letter on up there also
then proposing a bill that
Congress to make the changes
that they’ , when we when we go through
this so all Walid knowledge and
appreciate the guidance are a
agency released and 14 other
still su ambiguity on a number of import
questions about the Federal
taxation a virtual currencies in
particular we feel there is
urgent so you know here’s their three
issues acceptable method for
calculating the cost basis of
virtual currencies all which
specific methods which specific
mappings to the on and so we have to go back and
then look at that this is a very
applicable on an important
question on because it’s it’s
not c and Lott and are really for
virtual currencies the taxpayers
need to use specific identification whenever
they spender exchange virtual
currency or are other methods such as first
in first out or average cost
basis acceptable as one of this
is really important for all of
us a your your you have a you’re not
going to see an actual realized
gain are lost because you’re
holding a moment you decide to
sell blessing and acuity and in the
rest of the clarity on how were
who were supposed to then report
of that as a taxable event and so hear what they’re saying
is you know what methods can we
use all what what a form of
identification how are we going
to now the term and of that we need
to pay tax up on that specific
assets so we can say that I
bought an acid $10.00 and sun
and fi a Taiwan to claim the one I
bought for 10 and show a a a
loss of five and ozone here
there there’s you know is there
some ambigu I believe other utilizing first
in first out meaning of the
first digital asset we bought
whenever that value was , will be the value you use all
when you go to sell so soon as
you sell a few bought your first
digital acid excerpt in a dollar and the first when you sell now and I ever realized gain of
$4.00 off for that individual a
sale that digital assets so
there’s a lie there still you
know is a all realize game and I think
that’s important now from a
political perspective obviously
all when we viewed you get into
the tok and Wanamaker more difficult by the other side wants to
create a delimited a form of
taxation on and so there’s there’s going
to be this balance, when it goes
through winsome argument on as a
result so on it you know it’s of now now here let’s go two of
the tax treatment of forks in
this really stood out because
now imagine all you have big
point i are those taxable events because
now you basically developed or
you’ve not taken of possession
of the digital asset and you are
now getting value of that
digital ass they throw that out there
Zedillo love you guys are doing
a good enough job you know the
IRS is obviously you know too
big as it you know is the IRS doing their
job of the way they need to at the
speed at which the two of a
providing us some clarity of
direction all when it comes to how the
people now a paid taxes and
identify a taxable event when it
comes to digital currency of the
obvio on and at the same time on it’s
important that Congress does their job and passes a
specific requirement on two of
the change of the IRS so that
it’s very clear its black and
white the all of bin of of make
requirements for individuals and
air taxes but has to come from
Congress so but either way , this is important so what I
want a look at here is really
identify and of who signed off
on it on out today is the 15th
right when using virtual currencies in
addition we respectfully request a reader
response to this letter now do
we thought they can actually get
a response that that’s what I want and all
I wanna know if the IRS because
we seen in the in the recent
past of that the IRS decides
that t of this isn’t you know a group
of all republicans coming to the
IRS and stating a fact in the
IRS you know using their bully
of coming up and saying you guys
need to make some changes now
what the requesting is they won
a written response to the letter
des what the timeline for release is
anticipated please submit your
reader response was by May 15
which is today now the question
it now is the IRS in one month of
going to automate and come up
with something like this the
odyssey they move in a snail’s
pace as that is a real big open question
and we’ll see if they responded
so overly over the next few days
will see a oven issuance of the response now what I think is
really tight telling are those
individuals that signed off on
this so as we go down this list you’re going to see on many of
the same names over and over and
over again on so up 1240 that I
saw some questions here on Money and indeed the work for the IRS
by any chance it did attack the tea party
movement attack conservative
movements of rain and then they
went after nonprofit
organizations on t of that they did single them out
nine oak of organizations on
individual is personally up
personally that I had been not
actuall , glitzier , Miyagi it’s a perspective in
the inside this so that makes me
confident in my investment as
well as my own research on the if it’s in that sets and
pour their yet do your own
research you see the changes and
you know the odyssey there’s a
lot o Terrill I appreciate that always
I’m always trying to bring us something interesting and
important us some good inside of
me I tried a new law end of a
pile onto of the topic that Dion
I s so on and I try to want to dig
into stuff like that so on let’s
see here to new some good stuff, to pro
that’s for sure I appreciate
that rain prescient up all year,
and so a Omar one glad you take
the and I really appreciate your
comments ’cause it’s really cool , light so let’s go down here , and see, did ID and I tell you
that ago while cooling on
blocked them and that’s awesome am glad he faded out gun glad
you got that glad you got that
going so , to a toughly series now listened
anything inside an OC Reno lawn
and if any that stuff, IRS was
weapon eyes designed as we
talked abo , they can happen here all rainy
says here of, you are at the
very first tea party rally back
in 10 that was the start of
change what we only saw the tea party
of movement rise up and was a
lot of a politician’s either
really a spawned off of the of
the tea it on a a cell I’d let me let me go back
to this list and then they’ll go
on onto the next topic but I
think this list is is really
import of what we do see on azalea DN I
had no problem and any any help
Uni with Obie us as well in IE
know where I am a known bug deft on so many saw as we go through
all of these the signatories of
this letter again we’re gonna
see very similar names all the
bil to those who sign onto the token
taxonomy act on and who have
signed onto bills so far in 19
as well as in 2018 of time hammer again, ease the
initiator of this bill of a way
of time AMR bill Foster
Devereaux, David of Schweiker
Darin so th French ill offer and she’ll eye
is working with Stephen lynch on
as part of the fin tech a task
force is part of the Financial S the parent doswell well, Ted but
Ted blood showed up in in 2018 a
multiple bills on trade
Hollingsworth on a palm mother
of the has done a phenomenal job but
Daren so most daring Soto
doesn’t sit on the Financial
Services committee whereas got
timer does a ought to move it through a it
through the FAC as per on Maxine
waters all requirements so then
we have great Jan forte on mark
M , and then we’ve got mad gitzen
Brian Steele so on this is this
is really impressive as is deftly bipartisan in
nature on you can see of republicans and democrats
they understand the dynamics of digital assets on so what I
would do is put a link to this
on in the description all you
guys can grab this on as we do
our o will then be able to take and
and and tweak out to all the
individual congressional
representatives the they’re
thinking them on all but you know I wanted to
share this video with you I
think if they can help you on a
help educate of other
congressional rep of that he’s putting out because
again if his focus off for his
initiative for his bill is going
to emphasize of the IRS deck an on an odyssey they can I they
can build on this so they can
submit additional bills once
they can get one bill through
than a py you I think that’s that’s all
really a really telling really
important of the we see that we see some
movement here so on let’s see here , let’s go up that school of its ear rain most of the tea
party was absorbed by politics and then trump came its right of it and odyssey we we did see a
we did see that happen all we
saw a lot of that in the state
of Florida so , tse Del yeah I and I
appreciate that tea and I am you
know any thumbs up you guys can
give any can’t weeding out the
guys can , you would be I’d be a deftly
appreciated on its two we got here and give to Kay of bread path of the Sherman
eder and the Sherman it is
afraid of these afraid to put a
signature on anything positive , that guy doesn’t know one
thing about economic sense for
shot another guy keeps getting
reelected , it’s time for him to go the
guy’s been in since 1997 and he’s been in different
districts and IE spend any spend
that many of them much time in
Congress not knowing anything
and alw and that’s all they do you know
they they spent all their time
in a building up to get into
Congress they do nothing and
they ge in and I think that’s maybe
after the second term so maybe
there and for four years the
ghetto 100% of love for the friend for life
basically you know when it’s
it’s just crazy and just really
really absurd so it deftly like Omar say there
the deftly some regulation of
Anne and hopefully we’ll get
some of some changes of coming
here of Congress hasn’t been unable
to do enough on but it’s the
grassroots it everything we can
do we see the congressional
representatives doing it on and
we need to take up you know some
some lesson from that and say OK
on we it we help you make to make the
changes that are require that
are in our interest in our two
are benefit so here’s something else that I
thought was really interesting
we talk about of banking
adoption so there’s a lot of large top
Financial Services to large
banks out there that has of
recently other hitting the airwaves up as
adding of digital asset to Ojai
Jeff Roehm what’s up a legacy
when I yet seen a term limits
ter anno I think that would be that
be great , if they go to jail, I don’t
know if they still get paid I’m
not sure they lose about I think
it’s very difficult for them to
l it they lose their pension if
they go to jail , it’s it’s a really good
question , term limits would be nice , then hit his odyssey a lot of
amazing changes and it’s the
only job in the world where you
can vote on your own pay raise and then your employers, don’t
have a say in the matter and on they get to what make
decisions on whether not love they have to be
held on accountable on two of the same standards as
the people are based on the
rules that they they vote on all
one of the biggest telling on
one o on what has to do with com has to do with up on insider
trading so the city in congressional
representative cannot be held
liable are insider trading so this is
where you we have, and then this is
just one little snippet of the
benefit of that these guys get
when they get into Congress so
imagi tap to have to manage two
households to the need to have a
house in their in their state of residence and they have to
have an apartment or house in DC
of these individuals again
making 175 $180,000 a year
managing tw these guys leave Congress Tia
when they leave Congress if they
ever leave Congress maybe they
don’t leave Congress of they’ll
be all where we have our
representatives that are too
worried about their own
reelection du to their own
financial enrichment of go you look in a oh see something
came out with her that she’s are
you planning a ton of eye of
movie deal world book deal lower
wh how much you cannot contribute a
two way onto a campaign of the
yet they can circumvent those
rules if that individual a
politic that nobody knew we was also on
the guy has a up on $1,000,000
plus book deal on the we saw
this in over and over Hillary
Clinto no big of media campaign new
book deal war movie deal or some
aspiration of its gonna come out of the
woodworks other all hypocrites
oh and oh so here they are you
know preaching us in yet another
over you know it’s our responsibility
on to hold them accountable the
only way we can hold them
accountable on his aid call them
a sh on it some level on and then
obviously in the voting booth on
and then that’s important you if
we don’t like what they’re doing we can have an impact on the
outcome of anything they have to
do with politics all were seeing
right now on from as a view from and you know on the block
chaining his ramp up whether it’s with this of letter
we just read with Todd hammer in
his bills where the token
taxonomy actor also are or
otherwise of in the same goes for these
individuals and that are sitting
in a Congress all right now so
and on and I made a mistake in turn on
the ID humidifier right before
starting to all light on the debts said
to that kind of of a going off
in a little bit of a tangent, on this once only see only go up
thumb trump is draining the swamp and USC of that gift that keeps on
giving all Ryan was a dour back to like
watching these backwards to and see here, she was put there
she auditioned agree with that
you and to not to get two
political but I like Jeff from
Steven y we Gotta get them out you can
have them there forever you
Gotta hold them accountable you
Gotta call them the guy e-mail
them yo of the key they can’t keep us on
out of love their of their
agenda so it just doesn’t work
that way to know I’ve done many go back
here so you as we talk about
these large entities right so we
talked about the trade all we’ve
ta and on the list goes on and on
and on all of those entities
that are getting into the
digital asset block chain space
it’s a giv a black chain will move into of
digital asset on an adjusted
just a matter of time on with
this came out yesterday and this
is F I’m new head of a black chain so what’s what’s significant
about this on is that it is that obviously if they if
they had you know that these
based financial institutions
these banks they’re not going to
a hig if the banks don’t have any
intent upon developing into that
space however might look so that
is really in it, you know better
t all of the the acceptance by
these banks of the acceptance of
buy of by the government’s even
on to provide some sort of a
clari one of one of the other guy I’d
telling signs is the fact that
point base of the excerpt he is
now available in listed on.base
f so that is a the bears a is a
huge amount is significance a
New York is probably one of the
strictest a stateside in terms
of re to where the bill actually of
you push or postpone delay or
not allow all together of the
development of within the
financial sp of Annan to meet you know that
that their regulation their
licensing requirements their bid
license all it has to do with is
con to me if it’s a good thing in
[email protected]’s a sign of all the mazen
things ought to come on in
relation to you know what we’re
seeing , let’s see here , to a staunch any get out of
the of the politics of it but on bond is going back and look
at some of the common so all
once the financial institutions
are in place on glitzier a wild star, saw me
my that says we change
politicians and the piper is
often and for that same reason
to a Tad more and what’s up legal and
good to see one man and one
starts to lead and of latency
when you came in a legacy guys on tie to see everybody on actually
you know we bought got a pretty
decent duck turnout tonight on IE and see here going back up here and tear light and is a lot of great stuff
you’re so anyhow and I let sell
me I go back and check take the last of let’s check
over here , right where we tell no changes of a and a way to have some of some
positive change here on excerpt
eager in the a conversation are
still at the 46¢ take a link ash , like cloying that you noted so
impressive win when you look at
this pace and of avoided looking
at the coin market And that al to a the you know an hourly is
is is probably a you know being
of the law, conservative I swear
I would check it constantly yell if your strategy is is out there
somewhere you know you can you
can check the once a week you
know it’s knocking it is not to
ma savvy 0305 what’s up so light now over all of women
to look at here and out there but a light and I
think that you know what I kind
of up went through what I want
to talk about on my of my
primary this one article on then that
and not article by that one
letter all right into the IRS
and thought that was so critical
to get so that portfolio in the gray
moneybags that’s good to say and
if you know it’s good to see
portfolio and the grain and it’s
goo every one of these of digital
assets you know in the green as
well as free float down the list so and Florida 305 Miami allow some aside Miami chip it sees Eddie are you gonna
Miami were you at we are going to host an a on an
excerpt he made up at the crypto
cafe in West Palm Beach should should
we caught the eye of good bit
cloying Mac smallest of tiptoe
currency cafe in palm beach , I’m not sure exactly where it
is chip was over there though a
chip where was they where was
the cafe and we got a lot if if we have a
a if we have a mead up then
excerpt he can deftly known at
that point and all we need to do
tho a video its giant and us if you check out as
video, you’ll see a I know you
might have already seen it, but
he was a in this cafe and money
is ask but even say excerpt he won’t
sit on the wall and saying it’s
a rebel wallets to odyssey they’re all of you
know behind the times a little
bit it: nine transactions a second
it’s up to a 53,500 confirm
transaction what a great technology of Santa Monica going to do all were on upset of Seiko’s so
what Devon Meade up and left
invite the of California guys to
Florida and then the floor to
Gaza to be pretty cool and did you have one major me of
some were the that the planned Thailand might
be a little bit too far away and well what to do if we have a
meet up with the figure out a
way to where we constrain the
mead up’s, and then you get crew
pa and of the get multiple me upset
the same time on the same day of
the IE odyssey there’s a time
difference but we figure it out self audit so many have guys
I’ve kind of a covered
everything that I wanted to talk
about on and you guys are odyssey you
know really appreciate everybody
and that appreciate everybody
for all for coming on on taking
a ti on here are coming up to a Levin
o’clock eastern standard time so on really appreciate all you
guys appreciate your comments on
really amazing and on the ID
here I wonder how many clients
out of regulatory clarity of we’ll
start seeing in the embracing of
ex rapid a given the fact that
New York gave point base the
green l added that that kind of of its
assigned so you know who knows,
but many have guys this is this
awesome I look for to the Ide
cha traveling so hopefully I’ll be
able to stream of Saturday
morning all do it on location
from where I’m going to be on
Friday nig to buy of a pond on Friday night
a meeting up with Mr. Be and a
Sergeant Obie one so we’re going
out to dinner on Friday night t of looking forward to that on
and then a Saturday morning
looking for to all fluid and of
being able to stream without any
issue on if there is then I will be
hot on Saturday on but I will
then be back on if I can’t do Saturday morning
for whatever reason of the
Internet’s batterer united
stream from my phone whenever
the issue mig of all throat of try to throw a
a stream upon Sunday all
throughout anno to fire all of
us to be upon Monday on tomorrow
night T on say an awesome group odyssey
we’ve got some amazing
discussion looking for to deny and of ships
of streams tomorrow night on
let’s see here are all be
driving love of a job in the
afternoon b a Stephen.eight in trading is
streaming live in a few minutes
8:00 PM and 11:00 PM is going to
be talking about the bearable
guy and checking out the chip was
here that the chip by duty of
the Altair love that, but any
help from my side again
appreciate eve it by not a lane your crypto


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