XRP, SEC, and a One World Currency

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so, coupled things right off the
top, I think we should we should
go through, and actually , Darth Vader never say never a
and anything is deftly possible,
will always keep that out there
you just never know what could , and we’re seeing you know
bigger gains on in in this
market I believe you know we
will continue to see a bigger
gains in this a digital asset space has some
of the biggest gains sites and
it’s been really impressive but
you know with the gains you know
w of the implementation and we’re
going into utility phase of your
we had the investment phase on
and so now we’re going to see a on across the board all with the
various digital assets but more
specifically on the one digital asset of that
has a solid of that has a solid
use case all which is excerpt
he’s so,.based coins only total loss we of the Geo excerpt
being nice SBI it up so how
about this how about, on twitter
tide tones a about this space it’s about the
digital asset space it’s about
black chain technology and it’s
really about you know the growth ear on and tarts of the world
where all we are seen a more
acceptance of the digital asset
space and so it’s so important
right , that we really emphasize as a
community and this community we
have multiple committees say of
the excerpt the community as the big: Max Mullis community there’s this stellar communities
on and on and on and on other
thing is we all really we need to see a
coming together across the board
in order to make sure the
governments everywhere around
the worl of digital assets as soon as
there’s in fighting this like
anything else on and divided
into a divided we fall you know so we weave Mobley one
make sure that there’s of that
there’s some odd unity that
there really the day unifying
banner tied at a brand new a growing up
in all asset, asset class that is really enriching up
millions and has the potential
for reaching millions upon
millions upon millions of people globally on it also has the
potential of when we talk about leveling
the playing field only brought
this up all last night that has
the potential of leveling the
play .making everybody equal when I’m saying is giving
everybody equal access two
opportunity so what you do with the equal
access to the opportunity is really up to you on and so will a leveling the
playing field anywhere in the
world allow people to
participate in the global
economy allow our pe on economically whether they’re
in India in Africa on in Latin
America and the United States
Euro quest really a wherever it
doe to the sea wanting all of legend
glad you made on , jay hi it , and see if he gets more play
for talking about health of bad
about excerpt he then sank the
things about the TCI think
you’re teen people are gonna throw out
the is something negative on as
the Dubai for attention and they
realize that on it’s not about a fence so does stain relevant
in the space so, light said that
stone day you know I just
thought it would bring that up
and is on an Exe claim is a scam of
your design twitter that is just
that does kills me because it’s gone it’s gone live banks
are accepting and tanks and
undone the due diligence tone
data come out and say the Exe
rapid is to make up our reason for the
excerpt the existence of a no go
to prison for creating fake
money out of thin air, and
that’s tha of the equally apply that on
money is being created, and and
you can claim that it’s fake
money us into digital at him and
it’s are are fully in on big point
doesn’t mean that you excerpt he
done is is any less a valuable
just because you prefer the
initia you know it’s all a big annual
we just we just talked about of
the significance of this peso
edges, ridiculous , do that was a sitting next to
them in that video he’s the one
who did the live chat with
madden Watson, which of which
video a of the tse of deionized live to
let them know what to watch know
a guy watching both of of a and
I know that their only throw al a note I know he was of the wiz of streaming in and
that’s OK you know where to have
some overlap sometimes but, he
was streaming because of ragtime
son , a Vienna me up Soviet forget
about that guy a note owned a of light so let me let me get
into this and another thing
that, came up and this is the SEC NEA really
kills me because a known as much as were were
looking for a some former regulatory clarity
to occur in the United States in
order for this space they
continuously develop and we look
at upon set, and part in my opinion a part of the SEC I’m not taking
about it because once they do
pass it through that deftly sets
a precedent on however I also I us still sitting from center so
we don’t know exactly on with a
potentially of the getting their
of their of their marching orde on the as we go through on
actually there was a something
interesting here and I just jump
into this and then we’ll go down
and are to go backwards through
through my notes the day that I
put together of things that I
wanted to talk about on tonight, but this one has to
be on and see was published
about a month ago , we see here are up to real array, and a second Ira, she and I just it to a click that the right click
that link to use put up in the
checked , exit of adding a second year
ago and I reopen my of my chat
window and a second and open up
the lake and open up in the chat
w and the popup to chat again to
know about a month ago on
there’s an article that came out
by the SEC Arrigo again car and
this w it was a called the statement on
framework for investment
contracts analysis of digital
assets as bill inman director of
divisio and Ellery us kids of panic and
pronounce a lesson for anything
senior adviser for digital
assets in new innovation all
what’s w of that are they have an opinion
but they’re not providing all my
statement, in terms of providing
a clear-cut regulation and so we see people within the
SEC dabbling with the idea we
see deftly some pro digital
asset of leanings in tendency of all were not seen a full
adoption yet within the space
and so hear what I thought was
interesting is a they set out is
a Fina of thin obvious publishing a
framework for analyzing whether
a digital acid is offering and
sold as an investment contracts
and of the framework is not intended
to be an exhaustive overview of
the law of the rather an
analytical tool to help market
partici to know this is again to just
add the pinion they’re trying to
provide some form of guidance
they’re not providing a concrete
ru on and so as they then breaking
down of the save more
specifically the information
contained in the span framework
may apply to marketing and promoting bind
selling and trading facilitating
exchanges, holding are storing
offering Financial Services is
of m taught this framework represents
staff abuse and is not a rule
regulation are statement of the
commission the commission is
neit of the SEC of some will within
within the commission be able to
come out in favor of providing
some framework of of guidance but it’s not really
guidance because it’s not really
backed up by concrete law on an
odyssey then we turn to Congres and we see the token taxonomy
act which is a stock in the
Financial Services committee we see an amazing a token
taxonomy acted as on higher as
of a tax code changes that are
now being requested up by Maxine
waters out to get some clear up the
idea of how all we’re going to
see this regulation or orally
some clarity on in the space is
it com and we’re going to see the SEC
actually a moving forward and
and you abiding by the by the by
the law that point in coming up
wi , tse and legal peerless is popped in a lot be a lightness this hear
Jeff Walters prescient them and
five bucks really thank you very
much up and tie to give as much as I
can , try to bring uninteresting
content they said that I’d
gotten on passion about and and
put in my spin on it on trying
to what l I deftly be could you tear new
to the channel I go ahead and a
subscribe, if you haven’t hit
the thumbs up yet go ahead and
do t if you haven’t weeded out yet go
ahead and do that on and it will
get the word out on the street,
this is where we wanted one ta to simplify that so such as so
the bears also there’s that a
lot of discussion in this, came
up on the side of the Anaya
little all of the idea of the one the
world currency, I’m on against a
unit just to put blind I’m
against the idea to one world
governm , I think, both are detrimental,
I think of both are also on an
infringement upon each a
country’s national identity on and so if it causes up other
tension of that we’re given of
tension in the world all you put
in place some form of a one worl so it’s almost impossible ought to have a one world
government there’s different
expectation you know the idea of why there
really can not be a one world of
currency and wide digital asset
is a a currency still won’t the so I love that USC some feedback
from you guys on this as well as
we start going through it on but I had died really think
this is all really important to
an interesting topic take to go
through so , so our radar what’s up , so I had the of the Chad kind
of of the varied as on does am
going through some of these
notes are couple bunch of points
and a share in my notes, yes oh yes
for sure sovereignty on is
number one sovereignty is Emma
is everything and exactly why a,
one w of a digital asset on
sovereignty is is so a critical
on and now through history a
part of the country’s
independence from an ex now we saw and we continue to
see on whether you know we can
go into that the financial
aspect in and the economic gun
impact of up on European countries always
on opening of the borders of
throughout your of all we
recently song on the view no
vote a recen and was never a full participant
in the EU and as they never let
up they never really allowed of
the Las of their full us sovere , and so of the other nations on
and as you and made with people
you’re from your opinion you
might have a completely
different and you don’t have to worry
about shown your passport and
every stop as you drive through your up and
super important you know makes it very effective
however, you when it comes to
all of the economy’s from an
economic perspective we see many of the countries
within your up suffered an art
continuing a continuously
suffering I do to the fact that it was a
force to adoption of a Euro that
was much of which was higher in
value than many of the nation’s of countries were forced of
pretty much to raise the cost of
goods in those countries
regardless of the economic
status of that Italy, if the list can go on and
on, if you look to the EU
countries but II pick out the
grease in particular a because
the deft a huge a tremendous son impact
on with the introduction of of
the Euro all wear a into many of
the country’s again I you at a
lo which was impacted with the
introduction of the EU which
drove prices up on and so though
what’s up home value glass
legacy won again I can play again mixed up
between shady and hear what I’m
doing a live stream are seeing
someone denies or after it all
ki and saw some BU is deftly
finding out now all of you know
so wild star that sets 100% the
truth of the EU is on Tammy
Douglas I , Spanish fly what’s going on
glad you made in Cali one of
that is minutes Hollywood and
one of a that his own it’s not
for Laud its own money that’s ideal and of Anthony Jackson it’s going on
and is denied and need make it
in , so you know so we’re seeing
you know we’re seeing this
upheaval all right now within
within your of all we’re seeing
you know is that people on the street
business owners individuals they
felt that I in Germany they were
the ones holding up of the
entire when you have one country all were a handful of countries
that are supporting all the
others and again because it was
a forest of it was a really if
you k a one world currency anytime
soon it didn’t work in your of
now all why does it work in the
United States because odyssey
denied on the one thing that of a as to
why the United States is really
you different of in other
countries and again even though
it’s that heritage on and so the
United States is unique in that
people from all over the world
come here and can immediately
become off from these countries of
which is the currency aspect on
a really disrupts things, you
know significantly on now at the
same and we’ve really need to look up
and Tino and then another and
another perspective so we look
at OK here’s why you know of one
world currency probably won’t
exist on and here’s why it hasn’t
worked so far in the experiment
the of the European Union on an
even again if it’s a digital
asset n UC, and a commonality similar to
all of you look at what you know
if you look around the world you
say here to pick any one lang an English so and regardless
where you live in the world of
when you’re doing business if
you’re in China any doing
business wit of that the people, you
interacting with each other are
going to be speaking English, in
less somebody from China study
in Arabi on but typically of the common language of
businesses English a similar to
the a concept that the common
reserve currency, in the world
has becom around the world from other
countries all weather and the of this
animosity comes from jealousy or maybe a misunderstanding on
as to why the United States of
dollar is utilized as a reserve
currency on in and primarily because ad
United States is the one
hegemonic superpower of the
world on and even when the
United States all the U.S. dollar was still the
reserve currency and just like
you need a common language you
need a common currency they
don’t ju , so the U.S. dollar over the
years review no regardless of
the inflation and all of that an
odyssey we’ve seen that you know
al the U.S. dollar is relatively
risk remained are relatively
stable and so that’s so critical on as
a trade currency now if we talk
about the leveling off the
playing fields on now this is
really on and this is where you know we
begin to see a change of dynamics all within
within the marketplace on and so it odyssey that there’s a you
know a lot more that we can get
into we talk about excerpt he as
to why you excerpt he is is
poten , but you and out getting into Landon,
regurgitating all the details
that we already know of
transparent a cheap is the
fastest on and rea you know but there’s there’s so
much more than easygoing do this
all it’s not gonna happen
overnight on if we wanna see a
replac a replacement of I’m no strong
Bowsher accounts held by banks
of that’s really all step one of
my believer to see a you know
thi and then the turning on a VAX
rapid up as a more acceptable a
form of liquidity which allow
banks to free up capital which
allow , and we’ll be using a digital
asset off for global trade of it in the base the dynamic
shift and you we CD and I talked
a lot about you know what could happen on a
form a global perspective and
the IMF of you gets involved in
a sea of banks and the nation
appr you to full day yesterday and
you Gotta love it if the being
so excerpt he the great, glad
the view of Dion I sent you over
here it is erroneous so to all of us so it’s a year on now let’s let’s go down a little
bit further so we look at you
know needing a stable currency all we look at the fact that a
digital asset like an excerpt he
of could a provide that support
mechanism for a reserve currency all once a REIT reaches of level
of us stability of whenever a
dollar amount that’s going to be
to provide of the amount of liqu on that would also been a
potentially be adopted by a
organizations like the IMF and
yellow and and others on but I
think again , now what is important here is
to then look at the
counterbalances what I’ve said
before and we see a lot of talk
about a China and the U.S. the however I don’t
see any threat the only I’d
dynamic shifts the IE in my
opinion I would see you know
offsetting teran Renminbi or god and the
row below are you know what ever
might be the Euro none of these
currencies are stable enough on
t if we look at you and you go
back to the st are of the U.S.
dollar is the the majority
reserve currency and as the
majority of t , but all of you know so all
that said the dynamics is just
it’s different, and we have to
accept a reality for a while
reality the reality on the ground and
that’s, their problem of the
distaff to go back and and study
of you know what’s happening
economi me know why it exist away digs
as of now, you know as we move
into a of a balancing again you
notice that every stay what I
said , I think that that’s can be is
really the most amazing a
potential aspect of digital
acids I said it last night is a
little bit of it has bought a digital
assets in a reduced onto the
nation states of the control
down onto of really that the
lowest common it in this individual the
potential to have a potential
opportunity to join there are their broader
economy , which is which is amazing so a noted that it’s just adjust
immense and so I think a III
believed in ID and I’d mention
as I can remember mention this
up but allnet the solution excerpt he
for sure it’s more of of of of a
larger economic, transfer a
solution whereas the idea behind a
stellar organization in XL and
was really made specifically for
micro payments so this is
exactly wher of yet the home loan value I
think that that’s interesting on I’d pulled up an article of
there was there was an issue
with the with some of the
transactions which caused a
delay and in s it’s something that would be I
need to look into a little bit
more on in terms of of the
actual network a deceive you
will, func on but overall UC Exel and the
divide tracks with excerpt the
size excerpt the increases and
in value Exel and as is, right
behi to lose some running out of all
the real , colorful crypto you really
need a partnership, and I don’t
see it as a partnership I see
the two being utilized, his is a
on t so Nasir, digital asset in art
of China decides to dump the
U.S. Treasury bonds that would
be a catalyst and fifth and CD another reason
why don’t I don’t see any
dumping for many side on its
it’s going to hurt it you deftly
have an which would be devastating to
the Chinese economy ~ it it’s
it’s not a zero sum game like
this it could be a zero sum came
in th not much in their own on us so it went if if you look at you
know the Chinese the Chinese are
going to do anything I’ve
detrimental to their own economy
that w as the introduced a capitalist a
form of love of economy on into
a OM scotch night on it is a scotch
nivea com so it was on it is on
it’s actually pretty good toe not not a a a define the water I don’t like
a pot of water with Aaron from
me and just a little discuss
tonight so not a lot can analyze
Cus you’ll sell the bonds it didn’t
work out so well and it’s not
going to anno and so that’s that to me is
really you know the the balance
here you know if it is we get
into this trade war as there’s a , and I think it’s an I know a
lot of people that do business
in China and it’s extremely difficult to
do business in China and it has
always been that way , just from a young and of the
mentality perspective on either
bit more you know why aggressive
in nature on but then also on in touches their there that their
business sense, is a little bit
different than then the rest of
the world on on what they odyssey is acceptable of
business practice so can be
extremely truly difficult to
want to work in negotiate done
with companies , and so if it bears say if
there’s a major up upset in in
the in the economy of it’s going to be super super
detrimental onto their economy
and again you know they rely
heavily on the United States
they re all of the Chinese are
manipulating their currency on to make there are a currency
a lower value so that we can buy
more exports and talked about
the other night so , let’s of Ojai a sea of crypto
bird dogwoods up legacy one , let’s see here, just us even
grab some Exel and is in a
digital asset there really is a
placement financial world as far
as av and it said it’s a possibility I
know you numbing the with Exel
and Exel and is of increased in
value, so far it’s speculative j , it’s it’s deftly of you know
it has a unit his stellar the
organization on has a saw a
couple solid the partnerships,
with wit other deftly in that micro
payment space and and I think
it’s on it’s an interesting
dynamic so, we’ll see all time
will tell so and that we had Microsoft are
apple or anno whenever it might
be, and and the many others that
existed or IBM you know which
one , were to see the flushing out
of , it and maybe you know if we go
to bid the nineties might’ve
been more appropriate and of the
high tech, but you saw flushing
o , because their use case never
came to fruition so it will
privacy the of same thing you
know happen with this so , we do it, Tina come join me
going live after Jeff Lawson
crypto bird undergoing lives and
ice , Spanish fly out a little Exel
and just to see how well may do
you know of a knob offset the
mile days and in in the in the
beg on my son XL am in an excerpt
Ian, nexell him was deftly one
of those that I got into as well
and I’ve been I don’t I don’t
real you know it’s just it’s a digital asset
you know I think it’s the it’s
important in overall so , Ron Rey and what’s up a legacy one , see where we’re at here Tia got 63 in the stream glad
everybody is taking their of
their evening of to spend a with
us all here all we got people
from a common everywhere else in
between so I go down of the late
Glenn moraine team and it’s
tough to, it’s funny you know I was of tennis title body and mind like
manna and I never get how I go
to someone’s house and they must have like an
antenna Latin 12 I know the
whole cabinet difference koch’s
and whiskeys and I’m trying to
figure out in and I go into my cabinet and
a psyche drink a little bit and
then also in your dislike you
know what I need to try
something , and I got this insley bray
which is really good sets a
highland the stocks I like a lot , and seeing analogy have a anno than working of everyday I
try to work out it’s tough to you know so you
Gotta get a beginning of early
work out many get ago between
you know a cardio routine, the
guy yo , and I went through a period of
time or actually lost , I lost a lot of muscle, due to
a complete change and in my
diet, and then it was president
is blood work and it told me
that I and I are planned good workout
regimen everything in balance
fan of one thing is often
totally masses you off your
energy levels so a right to a let’s have a a a
less of a party over here that
be great to me to have a on an
excerpt the party , would do it some more in South
Florida , and I think the week and
holding at the of the crypto
currency cafe up and West Palm
Beach, I believe from what ship
it said t , they even have a a special
wastebasket for anyone that to
comes from the excerpt the
community if you wanted dispose
it’s like to tight on glitzier , me go down the list, what is
this solves this is something we
have to get into this a site
that pulled in article over year
I , Starwood this because I think
this is all important to know on
me see if I actually had opened
up the song as article appear, , though year ago so this this
is already from like a week ago
of a pad this link to light up over a week, that’s
from May 14 and I’ve been
wanting to talk about it and I
just never fit in, and it was a
a major towered global trade finance
network so we do know that that the par
three with core dumped and
lamented excerpt he as their
first of digital asset to be
utilized on again you know we look at with a look at our three as a
competitor are or are three’s of
Marco polo black chain network I
specifically geared towards a fi that has availability to utilize
excerpt he is even a more
healthy relationship on but here
we see Banco opera Des go all
which a beginning to join all of this
side joined that that the
concept of that their excepting
of of the digital asset a spaced
are a anno that really makes a big big
difference so , tse Tung Tina hall I wonder how that
guys do in a chip and even back
then after yet shipped this land
base to that guy when the many a chip did you get a feedback
from that guy out there than
anyone go visit on the to get
any of any of phone calls over
the bow and I get that as an awe of the
other rebel OK rebel cappuccino
to a , excerpt the bananas I can you
talk about UST Exor Euro acts
which are both IE Toro acts of
net something that duff and I would have to talk about
to another time at that led to
read into that a little bit and
Donato you know of the Toro I
odys , excerpt the party in Vegas
awesome its sun makes some plans here
though be in june, and its
digital asset the conductor and ice I like that idea I’m up
for that of a auger and rain on your ego of
that Perot thoughts on the new
sap the new Saudi cord or going
over to India, so and toes just
lis us something on that, and
somebody posted that, and then I
thought those really interesting
you I think I think it’s it’s
import , and a really on a and Ovitz is it’s just it’s it’s
important in ditches is really
really important , considering that the of what’s
the right, let’s say you dating
me right now , let’s say a fall all is a
would be for me , me oh to oh sure of the day
you know and there has to be of
like the whole all trade on a
night I can remember that the
termin and other can’t be interest on
one loans or anything like that
they can gain entry as it can
pay interest on toll it’s a
whole o , to have is a sure Rea
compliant ideas to be a better
on terminology , to have the Saudi to India
into its huge for for many
differ reasons a to see a transaction coming out
of a Saudi Arabia utilizing a
black chain of you powered a
solution and that we have India
that that solution to oh I think that it did,
speaks for itself you know and yes you rebel net,
is does have access to many the
banks, however on none of them
are utilizing the actual rapid
so that taking utilizes rebel net
they can utilize ex current and
they can utilize the Exe rapid
solution of big as the one people trading
in digital asset to it’s OK if
there are exchanging thereon, on of my my my strong a black and
everything on what’s what’s
Indian currency why can I think
what it is , and on there’s a 22nd delay so
22nd someone’s gonna throw it up
then why can’t think of it a sweater whenever that of the
currency as saying that the
Indian currency exchange their
OK with exchange and that
overdid it t so we got the rupee of a of it must be what it is a some
phenomenal to me that a rain to just of two
too much it using the brain
begin to begins a shutdown to
bring overheats to a comet know I think I think that
that’s you know it’s critical
and as these banks and of the
one to get back in Zona duel
another over there I it’s it’s such a
there’s such a disruption over
there and it was one of the
first videos that I made all was
on Ind and you’d be there so much
corruption in government over
there on that you unite, force
all you know them shouting is
down and t , you anything to interfere with
their their control and
manipulation of the currency over there right
around the time and I’ve said
this before but just to
reiterate right around the time
they bega eye and ear forcing people into
banking, which was which is kind
of all Indian I never really done a a a
a sand really a sincere follow
one ought to see what’s going on
with all of that I does sell it I was extremely difficult up to
work with these of these
companies over India due to the
fluctuation on in the exchange
rates we it was really just pour
decisions based on a lobbying
off of other companies so, you
deftly see manipulation in these
industries on their explaining to me all the different line items
that they’re putting in cost
wise in transport and one of the
line items in their in their
cost was upon what they have to do over
there and an adjustment is not
the way people do business
anywhere else but that’s only do
busine so any LME only go through see if I
missed anything of anything good
year for a common why a song and
then were were, coming up on of make sure that you get
subscribe while you’re here on
if you wanna get a notification
at the Bellevue does not ado
that comic ta’s Monday are losing 10 it’s
crazy I know it until late
Monday but anyhow ID and I
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9:00 PM , bombed streaming out Mondays
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8:00 AM, tried it thrown another
stream night during the weekends a lot of great things coming up
on and so that’s that’s a guy’s II really
I truly appreciate everybody
being on tonight it was awesome on always glad to want to see
new faces a popping in on we
also have on a grade unsure
whether great conversation amaro
Nidal, a and and and put up some local
photos I was like the getty’s the
images for more on travel and
whatnot and try to do a live
stream of when I was out walking I was
out, than in an Everglades,
forced the area on Saturday
morning and then, at crashed and
I was g to start that conversation now
than in the wide side is gonna
take in a note from a friendship
is out there on the beach and
kin you know walking up there in
West Palm Beach am I gonna do
this over here in its know the
wines in all this outlook school
in an to listen to watch the comments
ought to be part of the show all really a has a hit you know
as a real positive on impact on done everything and
an untidy yul as we go through
this I learned a ton from from
the comments you know so so it’s great and you know we
get as we get more people on its
it’s nice to because you know
and you get that community a
sense , a but almost mystical I’m glad
you made in ton and that’s a
guy’s so we’ll see a guy is so
low Wednesday night and I
believe c all worthy are streaming from,
look for to one to see over
there so that sit until I see
guys next on the Bonn a delay in tier crypto and I should keep it open for a
minute denied to get smile BS year

4 thoughts on “XRP, SEC, and a One World Currency”

  1. You are amazing. So concise and coherent. You know your stuff! Thank you for sharing on business in India! Never knew the addition of bribes as a cost item. Keep it up – you deserve millions of views!

  2. So true about the Euro and Greece. It screwed the Greeks in the long run. I'm of Greek origin (fortunately born and raised in Canada), however my sister lives in Athens. The stories about the grinding poverty and suicide rates is really horrific!

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