XRP Ripple To $10K | Bakkt Testing Bitcoin Futures

hey welcome to today's video I hope you are well if you are new to cryptocurrency and you want to learn more hit that subscribe button I press that button I'm gonna talk about x RP to 10k yes so Mon is genuinely touting that this is not clickbait and when I explain exactly why you should not think this is why you should not listen to this person and I'm also going to cover some elements of the news that's happened this week being quite a good week in terms of news not too bad but let's go for it right then let's make it simple comments his alike if we get 500 likes I will give you 0.25 etherium on the next remaining video if this hits 5 likes random draw let's go for it so on the screen here altcoin whisperer i mentioned this on monday marking up there's a matter column to this person this video is hard to watch this person has actually confused washed trade in to market capitalization I mentioned that Monday to check out that video but this is the worst one ever hmm it's a really bad watch it's really horrible it's horrific I'm not gonna bore you with it I'm not gonna put it on that because it hurts my ears but this person is genuinely believing that XRP can go up to 10k per coin needless to say that the calculation of the estimated calculation is kind of hard for XRP who's got addy inflationary model so it does lose a bit of X RP for burning purposes but if we go off the current total supply right now now what's circulating it's 420 trillion dollars guys if you are following people that are saying this to buy into a coin to hype it up to probably get out the bags please swiftly just do a rotation turn this way and go that way yeah because the talk an absolute unbelievable now let's talk about it when you're doing a prediction on a coin it's like anything it's the same as just this realism when you've got a certain supply of a coin like XRP and the price is really high each individual coin is price of that asset which gives an overall capitalization it's the same as a stock market in you know in in kind of way it's just obviously different in terms of traditional funding but an overall coin has the same as a stock in reality of the valuation overall how much is it worth as an asset and how many have they got equals the overall valuation in Ruth estimated terms that's why when people say that if like say a big company dropped in price they lose evaluation Wow four hundred and twenty trillion dollars for XRP get to yeah don't do it don't even think about it do not even talk about hi vanilla but this person has also made a 10x RP by 10x RP to change your life no way not a chance on earth so that's that done do not listen to anyone like this when you see price predictions have a little calculation in your head think and hold on a minute how many trillion is up now I'm not saying in ten years time that x RP is not gonna be worth more than is now but $10,000 per x RP are you having a laugh but there you go that's that end segment so if you've cared on for that for clickbait you can swiftly bugger off now o stay and check out the news anyways so what's happening this one's a good one basic attention token you can actually now start to withdraw it's not been developed fully yet it will eventually trickle out so if you've probably been watching my videos you may see on the bottom right hand corner little advert comes up I get paid for those I've already announced in how much you get roughly per month on how much you did you get it's not bad you know it's a good seven or eight dollars every month which I know it's not a lot but in reality terms I mean if you're just using a web browser you may actually get paid to do it you know it's pretty obvious it works very very well the only way that I could pay myself for it was to donate to myself so on my channel if you click wherever at the top you'll see a brave link or whatever if you are using brave you can contribute to me and I just contribute to myself through them because that was the only way to do it sorry but yeah that's kind of Awesome and it's really really simple it gets rid of all your crappy adverts it makes of the fluidity of browsing a lot better and I like it all coins oh here we go may never see whole time highs again now this happens this happens all the time when Bitcoin rally in all kinds of crap when all kinds rally in bitcoins crap it's all that sluggish it's always happening and this personally just another way to try and you know boost the the egos of Bitcoin fans Naumann I love big kinda bits but I also see the need for some not all all coins some old coins are pointless they're useless they're worthless about 10% of the overall market you're probably gonna see all coins survive that means 90% will probably die and vanish are already dead anyways so there's always me need for some type of old coin bitcoin is never gonna be used for payments in reality speaking libras to centralise you've got over Collins but some utility is good for business eco models in terms of block chains running them you've also got other payment systems you got privacy coins though there's a definite use case book doesn't mean that all kinds gonna die in evaporate a lot of all coins will not hit all-time high I get that but some old coins will have not even started yet they've not even even matured yet not even got product out yet so it's all about time and investments so yeah I whistled really loud them in my throat I was weird strange anyways other things to mention bucked has officially announced in testing so backed has been the long overweight overdue ooh trading sort of fund futures thingamajiggy that people like whatever and everyone's kind of excited about it but for some reason it's not really doing anything to the market cause I don't think anyone cares in mark because bitcoin is now that 10k region the fundamental of that is kind of interesting as an investor people are trying not to buy a Bitcoin at 3k that Thea was there and everyone was like oh that's gonna make it happen that was at 3k now it's like 10k and backed is officially testing so whatever no one cares so it's interesting on the market psychology so bhakti is here it's pretty much ready to girl wants testing is done I think I'm pretty sure the regulations came through for it so it's okay to go um but yeah I think that's okay you know back to the thing it's gonna happen at one point or whatever don't get too excited though don't get don't say that it's gonna go to the moon because we don't know how the markets gonna react we don't know fully how much it's gonna use it and it's awesome Bitcoin speculation we know that and finally before I end this one Bank of America files patient for settlement system citing ripple now XRP again it's always in the news isn't it's a pain in the bum book it's one of those things where it's always gonna get you so if you hate XRP get over it I would personally grab a bag just in case cuz you know it's going to ten cave remember you know jokes but honestly in terms of realism of altcoins if it's that close to banks it's gonna get some sort of pump it she's got Pimentel as eyelets call it so there you go xrp potentially being used as a Bank of America settlement fund cool there you go so if you like my videos hit that like button hit that subscribe button remember is here 25 theorem I was gonna say Bitcoin that no chance you can win on the next following video if this video hits 500 lights within a week or so and then ya go from that you know check out this video I think it's a size it might not be might be less I don't know so I recommended video get on it like subscribe and I'll see you on Monday

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