Xrp Ripple NEWS:The Digital Asset Space is Blowing Up!!

hey what's going on crypto people it is your boy the crypto siege but another day in the life and the crazy light that has cryptocurrency what is good guys wanted to shoot a quick video I know it's I've been gone for a little bit running around you know doing my thing make money but there's a lot to loot blackness and lots of news going on in a digital access space and I'm gonna go on any kind of kind of mantra it is going to be that we you know we refer to this space as a digital assets space Kryptos and cryptocurrency but a lot of things happen if you guys can help me do that that would be awesome but a lot of things are going on in digital access space that art is just like it's undeniable what's going to happen we are moving to additional economy we are moving into the digital world and the internet of value is literally being built out right before our very eyes and we're gonna be able to say in terms of the dispatch that space that we were there in the beginning and I tell you you know the later is funny too because all the risk is now it's an it's in this stays and it's in 2012/2013 but it's gonna be the greater reward right so both of us will take a chance now we'll have a greater reward it's easier it'll be easier in 2020 it'll be easier in 2021 to look into this face it'll be easier 2022 to look up to the space but the rewards will not be as great as they are now because the risk is higher that's just kinda how it works and how the world works so I want to go over a couple of videos that I had a chance to check out a couple three days ago so jungling League did a video about the modern investor callin for that's our pre price of thirty to forty dollars during the net during the next bull run he did it and it didn't he did it because I went to watch the video he did a price quote on you know the top whatever ten twenty did digital assets and his kind of this price prediction perfect or the next for us smart guy I think the modern that survive in any case so I thought about that thirty to forty dollars Jonah during the next bull run and a lot of people out there believe portal collects believe that the bull run when it does start is going to last for a nearly two years so that is going to be massive thirty to forty dollar XRP is is crazy good but I believe it's gonna get Natalie just gonna get some points I turn this magical run but it's gonna get them it's a crisis that will just swirl all people's mind so guys what do you think about that that's an interesting thing that the modern investor did and again I think he's a smart guy another video that I watched the other day but again it doesn't matter what that price is going to be 4x RPE if people don't own it right so the greatest assassin ever created if you don't own any what doesn't matter right so a lot of people didn't come up and it's mr. greatest deception ever people get hung up on the price and where it is now and how long does vending is range it's I'm telling you it's the biggest sucks up that ever to get hung up on that right really just remember that was at this price or even lower 20 cents maybe before I did his stay and went up to three dollars and seven cents and I think they did that in less than a month so just think about that just think about that but yes that is what about sex RPE are absolutely amazing I'm excited for where it's going I know in my heart of hearts oh this it is that it's as I said have created so another video I watched her early this one in course from to the lifeboats and sam-i-am and he got turned on to something called a tie I be four months ago he did a video on it in reference to sweat of course you know he'll do this you know it's kind of looking into something that the bearable guy or some guy called Marvin Gaye he called himself Marvin Gaye but in that video they were talking about a a IIb and and how is somehow the swift thing you know Swift is either gonna be eliminated are taken down a peg or two this kind of the whole was kind of what the video was about but it was also about how gold was going to come back into you know the backing for fiat currency and digital asset and a lot of people know you got to do is kind of deal homework and do due diligence and they just check out why upon nation if I'm instance are accumulating more Marco buying back gold from the US whatever it is getting it go back and you add just accumulating gold so and looks it seriously looks like gold is gonna be backing digital assets fiat currency is not going away but again it's gonna be the second or third in terms of tears in terms of what people would want most what would nations want the most an X of T is going to be the liquidity to move these assets around and that you know obviously to me that makes 100 percent it makes sense you know how XRP is going to be world currency or world reserve currency it doesn't matter what it's going to be we put it eat the bottom line it is Alex Wente provider that's the bottom line that's in the end that is the deal because the global economic crisis stamps from the lack of liquidity funding in XRP is that one because it will provide that what other ways it's used however the IMF language will use it is incidental its use case is in the liquidity that it provides that's the bottom line you know whether it's gonna be you know moving stuff or whether it's gonna become this reserve currency liquidity is the its greatest asset because it's a world crisis that it's helping the solvent that's the bottom lines and that obviously they gonna you know they're doing things the company ripple is doing things to provide more and more use cases that mean that's all over the news just do you own with that but again what does it matter if you don't own any object what does it matter it's funny cuz you know I made a decision to get out of Bitcoin and increase our position and XRP another digital asset you know I you know when it was you know when Bitcoin was like thirty six hundred thirty four hundred you know I decided to do that because I wanted to have a strong position but the greatest issue that I've ever created and even if it's something that to see the biggest challenge is they can only can come into fruition first because it has first mover's advantage right it is it's that name it has name recognition so you can see your value in holding it sooner than perhaps you can see your value and only other devices but the return on the other digital assets is greater even if you have to wait longer for that to come into fruition so that's just words that I made and I'm gonna hold stronger than that I think it is important to own a certain amount of Bitcoin even if you just owned one or you know or the last all these Thomas's my humble opinion this is not a financial advice is a smart thing to do and I'm just waiting for a big pointing to us retracement language it will inevitably do hopefully get back down to the 3,000 whoever citing it purchased some before it goes on the parabolic Bull Run and I believe that is happening but I don't think it's gonna happy happening during the summer summer I think it's going to happen in the fall you know end up on you know September in Nevada is September October that's when I believe the pair of balance can happen so we shall see in either case I still think that best move for the average Joe and the average Jane is to hold the other digital assets can increase your position to those because it has the greatest chance for the biggest gains right I mean bitcoin is never gonna be in a box it's never gonna be 300 bucks so the chance for the biggest games are not there although I think it is smart to own some of it so hopefully they don't get down to the 4,000 or even thirty eight hundred thirty six hundred and then you know look at it and say okay why went home Oh three-quarters of a Bitcoin or do I want to own a big swing and just kind of go there just to say that it had it because I just think that it is you don't want to be the person to say you know you didn't know something well you don't want a big one because hey you got a whole one and what did when it does what it does it does that it's gonna still be a great return on your money even if you buy it you know four thousand so we'll see we'll see how I know I mean I wouldn't have it all kind of the from the up focus on for me personally a focus on our nano vitae and I'll chain again for me that's what I'm doing and you know I do believe at one point we'll all have to cash out the xrv I don't work you know my strategy is old enough digital assets not half as much that's under strategy there doesn't matter what the digital asset is they can make money to make money and hold on so the XIV is long you'll not have to cash out this part sex army you know because I have the other distresses that you can take five figures to six figures of just panel and prop it and just kind of chill with those that's kind of to go right so you know or things like our nano and even aren't rolling just to have some kind of cash out again and that five major six finger not a deal the fiat currency cash that I'll kind of display with that have that you know to meet on and it will did not have a mess around too much of that attorney it's Mike the ultimate goal how I get there as we'll see because you know these Shane is awesome and it's gonna make money because it's a great project but it's not the greatest asset every it's a great project but it's not the greatest ever and I think the thing that you want to hold on so for the long haul five ten years from now my humble opinion and this is not financial by jeopardy of all for me it is that sharpie so the devices space is exciting so many great things to happen in you know hope that you're taking advantage of these prices now right increase in your position if you I mean a hollow chain was down 70 mr. Soto c-17 Satoshi's ah just yesterday I think it's at 18 now so just think about that as crazy be changes kind of it out and one cent right but I had like that I tell you I bet it's been Wow I don't know is good interests is last couple three months we've been traveling a time yeah so it's been really really interesting just went to New York the other day now just for the night went to a networking event we stayed at the shot wall see 818 wal hotel that was nice on the way out right valet bringing up the car and you know the Clintons are pulling up she has Secret Service everywhere he's crazy she's at least sent in a lobby of the hotel like the Secret Service right there's a couple of noises in the air talking to someone you know I don't get the car at night goes to get the car up hanging out with him talking to him the valet guy and that's you know this big van pulls up in there's no plantain falling up you know head now heavily Helen comes out they got walked into the hotel that we stayed in that night and looks like they were having a lunch in there and I was pretty cool oh yes that's kind of the life door and had a chance to see down that was I was really early told so hopefully got to get back into increase in opposition some more over the next couple of months because I do think that you know tune it's not a see it's gonna be a big replace retracement for Bitcoin which is just for me means a chance increase the position of just an asset so it has some goals that it got to look at but it just it is s space that's gonna be gone into traveling again or so yeah guys so that's the deal lots of great things happen in this massive space are you taking advantage of it is the big question yes I had a I was at that network could have been talking with the young lady you know she was talking about you know did you last I'm surprised she was and had not heard guys had not heard of XRP so I just you know turned on so I love look into this homework the live coin watch that Tom click on xrv learn more about the greatest distress that ever created solely you know about the light point some other stuff listen I know about HIV so that's the deal right kinda gotta let people know just people don't know what they don't know right so it turns on to that hopefully she will take advantage of that sometime so you feel good about where you are in the space a little bit about that feel good about this decisis nation I tell you the greater patience that you have the more that you have to be patient is a good thing the more that you have to be disciplined in your position is a good thing that is a good thing because when the ball run comes you're gonna be rewarded you're gonna feel good about it and I think that's the thing that is so awesome for us the average Joe and the average gene is we're learning we're learning about the discipline that's required to make massive gains and there's also because before we'd even have that chance you know this whole accredited investor thing well we didn't have a chance to learn the discipline that it takes to become wealthy and now we have that shot and saw hope that you're exercising discipline and patience they you know you don't have to be that day trader and taking two percent gains and one person gains you can just take you know you can take the disciplined approach to any kind of wealth accumulation and that is patience through the bear markets so that's it for this video guys I just wanted to say hey check back in with you guys I got a couple of messages from people a man missed a video what's going on so I wanted to hop on there and say we are in the midst of the greatest transfer of wealth in history of man are you participating the guy's never ever forget that old money doesn't want you to win they don't want us to win never ever forget that this is our chance to win we are in fact in the midst of the greatest treasure wealth mystery of man are you participating are you standing on the sidelines here's what I do know the battle for you has already been fought victory of yours don't get it guys don't get it I'll talk to you soon see ya bye

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