XRP Price Must Be "Orders Of Magnitude Higher" For Ripple To Service Cross Border Transfers

ignition sequence start hey everybody this is the digital asset investor I wanted to start this video out because um I wanted to give a shout out to camo ammo XRP at rocky Carter II and the reason is that he sent me a sent me a picture of he had to apparently take his daughter to the movies and he sent me a picture of his buttered popcorn and I told you guys on this channel a little while back that I have a couple of rules of life the first one is I never go to a movie without having butter popcorn and coke and probably some M&Ms too and the other thing is I never go to a Mexican restaurant without having cheese dip and a margarita that those are just rules that I just don't feel like I can break no matter what the diet is or whatever well he sent me a picture of his butter popcorn and it's got me thinking about it and so there's a movie that I've been wanting to take my older son to called yesterday and I think this is the maybe I'm gonna go see this is a it's really a kind of funny concept somehow the entire world forgets that the that The Beatles ever existed and there's no record of them except for this one guy who happens to be a musician and decides that he is going to go and pretend like he has just created all these awesome Beatles songs he goes out and he becomes the Beatles and then at some point I think in the movie at some point a couple members of The Beatles show up and say wait no that's our songs but so it looks like a it would be a great intricate way to introduce the younger generation to the Beatles music and that may be what this movie is all about so so tacamo mo XRP i'm gonna go have some butter popcorn soon and i'm watch yesterday at the movie theater so thank you for reminding me that I had to add butter popcorn in a while now from that we go to Galaga Tron I saw Galaga Tron on for those of you that don't know who this is Galvatron is one of the really smart people in the XRP community very intelligent guy I think it's a guy but anyway yeah he has a blog and I saw him reply to something on Twitter to someone where he linked them to his blog entry this is an older blog it's from September 24th of 2018 but I think we're at a time where you know we talk a lot about the speculation of xrp and the utility of XRP any anyone who really knows anything about XRP and riffle sees the the ultimate utility as being the major thing that's going to cause the price to increase but this rapid and this rapid much this blog entry by Galvatron and you can find it go to Galvatron dotnet that's G Al GI ero in net and you can find this blog entry where he kind of brings you back to earth and says basically just of it is this is not gonna happen it's not gonna be like banks colonel and ex rapid and overnight everything just goes crazy but this guy gives you all of the the technical details of how ex-raf it will work and the title of broth blog of course is how I trap it works and doesn't now I want to draw your attention down you should go and read this I'm not gonna go through the whole article here take me hours but I do want to read the last paragraph to you because this is what matters to me I'm a big-picture guy I'm not really I don't really get into the details I will point you in the direction where you can go and delve into all the details you want but I'm more of what ultimately we're ultimately all this is going that's what I'm into that's what excites me and it's probably excites you I don't know dependent depends on the person I guess he says the ride up has begun be glad you got in on the ground floor sure it's it's never as fast as we'd like it but I'd take a slow rising platform over on the monkey any day don't ask me what price don't ask me about price predictions please it's all a guess at this point just know it will get better to quote my my Stephon Thomas citation requested I can't figure I can't find that video again regarding how much higher XR P must be to effectively service cross-border transfers he said quote orders of magnitude higher so forget about the volatility find something to preoccupy you for the next few years while this investment bakes and for Christ's sake watch those socks I'm not sure but that is a reference to but he's telling you right here and this is a guy who understands all the technical technical ities of XR P and the ledger and all of that okay and so yes that this is now one thing I'll add to this is that you better believe and he says it's somewhere in this block you better believe that the speculators out of some of these banks come online the speculators will there will be pumps and dumps and all of that okay that's going to happen too so don't be surprised if you do see XR p surge as a result not necessarily of of X rapid but I think the way he's saying is that X rapid will be like a thing that like bathtub water that's filling slowly over time but don't be surprised if you have pumps and dumps that are that are associated with the news or by people buying the rumor of a bank going live those type of things so anyway I just want to show you that so all of you can be thinking about that type of thing as we go forward okay this is from Houdini Ripple Nene at Ripple Nene adoption first-ever Bitcoin movie storms Chinese cinemas in October you wanted option how about a blockchain maybe opening up in China a new Chinese maybe about blockchain and crypto currencies titled sage steve is coming to the theaters this October that is causing some kind of excitement especially among Chinese recently it's got a little trailer to the film and I'm sure that this is going to be another negative spin on blockchain unfortunately that's what we're going to get for on the first week first through the door is movies where it's the net connotation but as we go along you'll start to see positive movies about how the world is changing with blockchain okay and this is from in Bay nbk crypto at nbk ly r ad great article that's that gives you a lot of good quotes and summaries of what's been going on in Washington the last few days and that it says crypto bullishness spreads on Capitol Hill I wanted to go through a few of these quotes this is from let's see the world that Satoshi Nakamoto says this is from Patrick McHenry we covered him earlier the world that Satoshi Nakamoto author of the Bitcoin white paper envision and others are building is an unstoppable force and then the next quote I think there's no capacity to kill Bitcoin even the Chinese with their firewall and their extreme intervention in their society could not kill Bitcoin and then this one is from the Fed trebly that's not to say we don't we won't see it and if we do see it yes you can see a return to an era in the United States where we had many different currencies in the so-called I guess national banking era and then down here I'm sure you're you're aware of Bitcoin is now 10 years old and now suddenly magically Congress is responding in other words after more than a decade Congress has apparently started to care and then this one is from representative Tom Emmer my colleagues are incredibly fearful of money laundering and criminal activity and cryptocurrencies but the dollar and all fiat currencies have been proven to be the largest means of illicit behavior and money laundering and then this is from a Vanek director gabber group gur box I thought Treasury secretary minuchin had a fair and balanced view on Bitcoin and digital assets secretary monition told the general public to play by the rules don't do anything illegal and there are paths forward and I got that same thing out of it I don't think that's accurate at all that cash is laundered all the time this was from Steve maneechan okay now so this goes into this I'll show you this article that I got from the the utility got at utility got7 and it's an article says fiat money outpaces bitcoin 800 to 1 for money money laundering and this is a recent research published by masoorie revealed that bitcoin is not is not at all the financial threat that some critics claim says data from chain analysis chain alice's and the united states Nations Office on Drugs and Crime revealed the traditional fiat money is eight is used 800 times more than Bitcoin to launder money in the dark on the darknet the results don't take into account estimates of money laundering through conventional markets for each dollar in VIP coins spent on the darknet at least $100 $100 is laundered that's pretty wild crypto currencies such as Bitcoin have been exploited to support billions of dollars of illicit this is a quote from Steve minuchin and then down here it says all that although not all use of cash is criminal all criminals used cash at some stage in the money laundering process while the world is looking with concern at possible misuse of virtual currencies by criminals this report may seem somewhat unusual and that it is not highlighting a new phenomenon or an emerging risk money laundering schemes detected by law enforcement are still largely characterized by traditional techniques in particular the use of cash so there you go folks like I told you it is not about like I told you this with the government talking about all this money laundering and all that that is not what their concern is their concern is two things and I'll repeat it again collection of taxes that's why digital assets make them nervous they're trying to get their arms around this and believe you me they will get their arms around it and the second reason is that the United States and other governments of the world are terrified at someone else having the the capability of creating another currency that could compete with the monopoly that they've had for all these years that's what terrifies them those two things and that is it now I had I debated as to whether I'm just gonna show you this it creeped me out so much it's one of those things that you can't unsee and so I thought it was one of those things that I just had to show you a message from titanium the phantom but this is someone who has obviously used some graphics and they put out themselves they gave me a shout-out it was so creepy and I'm sitting there looking at it and it's still creeping me out but it's kind of creative at the same time so it's all in fun I hope but anyway you should go and watch this this is from gup-x art P calm at WG hoop is where you can go and watch this it's a real creepy thing but kind of it was one of those things I couldn't not watch and I don't think you'll be able to not watch it either okay then from c3 Nick at c3 underscore Nick website like Wikipedia which rely on donations for funding should should be heavily incentivized to push for streaming payment solutions such as coil it would make it much easier to support Wikipedia accepting crypto would be a nice start to this is a great shout out right here folks everybody should should tweet this out and and should should retweet this because if we make with Wikipedia is huge and they are the perp I mean you if you go to on their site a lot of times they're asking for donations there is no better solution he's right there's no better solution to what Wikipedia why ask for donations if you can join Coyle and have streaming payments or do both everybody retweet this and let's see if we can get Wikipedia's attention that would be a great place to take a long quote coil okay next I wanted to make you aware of this bit truth is doing up there doing a giveaway of XRP to say thanks to the XRP community in our first year users with total funds greater than $100 worth of tether I guess on bit tree will get a share of 30,000 XRP proportional to their total assets with BTR accounting for 1.5 times its current value a snapshot to be is to be taken on July the 20th okay so may have already done the snapshot now that I read this hopefully but for those of you that are eligible you ought to be looking out for your XRP airdrop that's going to be distributed on July 23rd tomorrow okay um and this folks this is fascinating I got this from Michelle XR pbot she's a buck 90 bot number 95 98 95 at Michelle Linn six sent me this and then it was also sent to me from this guy who had the link in here poop hits the panic button very curious too big for IMF to solve sounds like a Gilliam dialect problem reaction solution all roads lead to Rome alright now this you need to all go watch this this is kind of this is kind of wild episode number 395 declares financial crisis this is from crypto viewing is the name of the channel on youtube if you want to go watch it now what this is this guy on here said that the Pope the the the drawing a blank on it the what's it called the Vatican the Vatican just put out a document where the Pope is basically saying that we declaring that we're in a financial crisis and there are several quotes in this video from what this paper said one of them is this the International Monetary Fund can no longer stabilize the world finances by regulating the entire supply of money and can no longer review the amount of credit risk the system has taken over now remember remember back when Chris Larson he was on stage at money 2020 I believe last year and he said something that that I thought was wild he said you know in the next financial crisis XRP could help out with liquidity and he made that point and that was the first time I had heard anyone from ripple relate XRP and digital assets to the financial crisis in any kind of way well we know that Brad garland houses and and different people with ripple I crimes again have been all over the IMF they've been on stage with members of the IMF in pictures now now they're saying that the IMF can no longer stable the world finances by regulating the entire supply now Christine Lagarde has left the IMF to go to the ECB and the one person I think in all of the world in terms of powerful people that we have not seen ripple affiliated with in any kind of way is the Pope and folks for those of you that don't believe so or don't understand the Vatican is a big part of what runs the world okay and if the guy finishes the video and when I was watching this I would say I was thinking to myself in the Pope he's one of the only people we have not seen Brad Garlin house meet with this is not what we need next and for those of you that want to create some memes get busy I'd like to see those on Twitter today but the guy finishes the video with this all roads lead to Rome it's a proverb I don't know who if it's a quote from someone but it's at least a proverb but it's it's true the Pope and the Vatican are a big part of what runs this world folks so this is a fascinating thing that really caught my attention today I'm the digital asset investor I'm not an investment advisor this is for entertainment purposes only please subscribe and hit the like button and tell your friends and family that all roads lead to Rome thank you for listening you

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  2. (XRP,LTC holder) Im just thinking here im no economist so please be gentle. im just asking a question… If they won't peg the value of the US Dollar to GOLD (return to a gold standard); AND due to the speed of transactions using the XRapid network negating the need for a 'Stable Coin'; THEN >> WHAT IF they peg the value of XRP to Gold? Countries which are considered "Emerging Markets" could participate seamlessly on the blockchain, lifting those countries up to (a bit more of a) level playing field. Peg XRP to Gold and the value of XRP would… do what? WHAT IF?

  3. Actually the price could be a lot lower and still be just fine for CBTs. When Ripple finishes market saturation of the escrow XRP the price could even be sub pennies and do the job just fine

  4. My recollection is that the phrase "All roads lead to Rome" was coined by Ceasar Augustus who was the great Roman road-builder, stretching Romes' highway reach all across modern day Turkey to (now) Israel and into Egypt. These roads — many of them still stand today — opened commerce across the Empire, linking various provinces together with trade and the new Augustan currency. In fact recently in Israel a (VERY) rare gold coin bearing Augustus' image was found near the Sea of Galilee. XRP may be the new road.

  5. wow my cousin sends me some xrp from china to europe. i immediatly received it. probably 5-10seconds. quite impressive. but to cashing out as fiat from exchange to bank would take 1-3 business days …what shame. its so ridicoulos and sureal. i mean we have the technolgy to send money across the world in no time with extremly low cost…but still lot of banks are still playing oldschool. i feels like the banks are try to use mailcoach to tranfer money and tell us its the most secure way.

  6. "Iran is officially recognizing cryptocurrency mining as an industry within its borders."

  7. I already bought a crap load of additional XRP when it was around .29…. Have to wait until Friday to justify buying some more….. And I will buy some more….. Need to reach that life changing in a few years amount….. Or close to it anyway.

  8. The Papal documents that were referred to in this video are 8 years out of date: http://www.vatican.va/roman_curia/pontifical_councils/justpeace/documents/rc_pc_justpeace_doc_20111024_nota_en.html

  9. Can you find out if xoom is using xrp ? Today I just made a transaction (San Diego to Dominican republic. Bank to bank ) that normally takes 30 – 50 min and it only took seconds. Xoom is a PayPal service. Thanks !

  10. What do you think about the Corda Settlement from R3 and the Venture between SBI and R3, now R3 starts this year their Corda Token and no one seems to know if this could bring a real competitor to XRP and Ripple, please help get clearance… 🙁
    PS: Swift is partnered with R3 so in some ways its a connection to SBI, im just curios what happens next or if XRp is doomed or something else, don't want to create FUD guys just curious about that…

  11. look xrp army. look at the facts. xrp is amazing crypto technology. ripple has great partnerships. they also have a great business plan. but ripple has a lot of competition. and clearly adoption is not happening that fast. there is no reason to be dropping a lot of money into xrp unless you like to gamble.

  12. All Roads lead to Rome maybe a proverb or saying but its not in tbe bible.

    Speaking of all roads lead to Rome our capital usa ?? DC was once Rome, MD. Our version of Rome aka DC is surrounded by VIRGINia and MARYland.

  13. need some help people. I'm not that technical so I need input. I'm a huge XRP holder and and there is not a doubt in my mind it's awesome but will the banks use it. That patent shows no use of xrp only Ripple's network. Hypothetical question: If a bank holds XRP and wants to convert it to cash and they send 5k XRP worth 5 mil USD through an exchange and it comes out the back end 2.5 seconds later settled at 3 million USD and the bank loses 2 mil.$…..now unbeknownst to the bank, an XRP whale in say, South Korea, initiates a transaction and dumps a shitload of XRP 1 second before the banks transaction therefore it settles before the banks transaction and causes the price of XRP to collapse just before the bank settles. Now the banks out 2 mil $, correct? or am I missing something?………Now the patent shows the same bank sending $ 1 USD in the front end and out the back end at $ 1USD without using XRP but only using Ripple's network in house with absolutely no risk. Follow me? I know it's a lot but it's best I can do…….am I missing something? Help a brother out

  14. It is really annoying that you never play any of the videos you talk about even if they're about you and you can obviously play them without getting a strike lots of people are driving are working and even if not going back and forth to the video to see how it's spelled to find it on Twitter is annoying

  15. 8:13 in the video the Rep; Tom Emmer is finally talking sense and also they need to realize that Crypto is currency 3.0, it can be programmed to automatically pay taxes, child support, donate to the police, tips, fund raise, tolls etc! Every transaction creates a record viewable on the blockchain. Good video DAI!!!

  16. Keep yourself busy while your investment bakes – but be sure to wash those socks ?.

    Galgitrons blogs are a must read for all XRP holders. But be prepared – he has a sick mind!

  17. There is a HUGE financial crash coming.  The biggest EVER.  So big it will allow the banks to cover up all the lies and fraud and come out with a new financial system based on digital asset.  There won't be anymore banks.  Who goes to a bank anymore anyway?  They "hold" your money and charge fees and interest.  That's not going to be the case in the new system.  Be ready or be left behind.  It doesn't make me happy because ALOT of people are going to be in poverty and suffer like never before or could it get that bad again.  We are talking a fundamental systemic change to the entire world.  But this is what it going to have to happen to reset things.

  18. Has anyone watched what
    "The Cryptoviser " just posted … "Wirex CEO: XRP 'Purely Security Token'; XRP Price Not Reflective of xRapid Use" ..Oh Man !! He has sooo many valid point as to why the price of XRP is not moving and all the controvrsey arou No.3 top coin… no other coin has this type of controversey. You gotta listen to him people…. wtf is Ripple actually doing ?? !

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