"XRP Nightcap with DNI" Ep. #13 "The US Currency Battle & XRP"

hello and welcome to the xrp nightcap with dni the digital Nomad investor that is me and welcome to the show it is the Friday night episode let me turn this down a little bit so I don't blast your ears out guys let me know if it's a good level for you or not as you guys notice I did get a pop filter for the microphone so hopefully that'll get rid of those spiking sounds that I tend to make how's it going veteran-owned and XRP moon good evening happy Friday happy Friday night welcome in the weekend right it's already Saturday morning here in Thailand so the weekend already started but since my wife and I kind of doing some sort of work or business related stuff seven days a week it's kind of all the same and it's already getting kind of warm it's in the 80s here I don't know where you get guys are tuning in from but it's already it gets warm early as well just stays warm here it's either warm or hot I mean that's there's only really two temperatures here in Thailand so which a lot of people are happy about I'm not complaining mama Laci how's it going happy Friday thanks for stopping in you guys could be anywhere I'm planet Earth and you chose to spend it here with dni and the rest of the XRP tribe so james whalen thanks for stopping in how you guys doing Friday night Friday night it's the end of the second week for the XRP nightcap so we'll chat a little bit about that as more people jump in my lead in Brad kinds I don't think had a livestream tonight t-mac hello how's it going in-app dupe some more familiar faces how's it going thanks for stopping in happy Friday like I said well just do a slow roll here I guess our lead in our lead in show Brad crimes I don't think he had a livestream tonight I don't know I did shout it out and one of my posts on Twitter but he didn't say anything otherwise so I just assumed he was broadcasting James what time is it in Thailand it is 8:04 a.m. Saturday morning Saturday morning so as I always say I come to you from the future Steven Berg yeah Saturday morning 9:00 a.m. there yeah so you're an hour ahead of me here dni fYI if you were not aware xn pay runs on ripple xn pay no I'm not aware of that so early show Brad crimes oh yeah I saw he did something in the morning mama lacy but I didn't know if that precluded his evening show do you have any details on that mama I didn't hear anything about it so I did I wasn't sure what was going on with it with that I just usually tune into his show before mine and I didn't see a live stream with him so maybe he had something to do on you know for a Friday night so maybe he just changed his timeslot so I don't know but I did see that he did an earlier one app doop why did you choose Thailand for Southeast Asia living oh that's a I think is a fun story I can share that with you since we're doing a slow roll and letting everyone roll in depth it's a great question I actually was slotted to live in Paris I had an apartment picked out and everything the 16th arrondissement and I just the more I researched it the more I realized how difficult it was for expats to get jobs in Paris at the time that was in 2001 I was doing research for it in 2000 and it was always a life goal of mine to live in another culture for one year just as I just as a life experience where are my life goals I think now a days they call it you know something on your bucket list right anyway the more I restart searched it I had enough money to live off for a year in Paris saved up and again it was like 2000 1999 I just finished grad school got my master's degree because I originally am a clinical psychotherapist that's what my career path was and I worked I was working at a psych hospital so anyway one of the criteria for moving to a foreign country for me was to never leave a good job if I had a good job I wasn't going to do it so I had a was working at a I got a job right out of grad school at a psych hospital which was exactly what I wanted to do and things are going quite well and I was still researching this whole life goal of moving to Paris or another country and I saw a documentary one of those like vh1 behind the scenes I don't know if they do those anymore probably not dating myself or aging myself here about Billy Idol you guys remember Billy Idol right rebel yell and all that and white wedding and he was talking about his tour in Thailand man okay so more folks coming in some of the XRP zoo and xrp oh jeez jungle ink Matt Richter how's it going guys just you guys just popped in I'm going over the story of what led me to settling in Thailand somebody asked about that f do passed about that so I'm going over that story so thanks for stop mm-hmm excuse me thanks for stopping guys you popping bottles they're jungle on a Friday night is that what that is anyway so I saw a documentary of vh1 behind the scenes of Billy Idol who I liked at the time and he was talking about his Asian tour and he was talking about Thailand I'm like wow that looks like a fun place and so I Reece instead of moving to Paris I started researching Thailand and the met one of the main factors was that it with the cost of living here is is like 25% of what it would be in Paris at the time so and plus it's a lot easier for expats to get jobs in Thailand especially if you have like you know a bachelor's and master's degree so I the job I had which was going well ended up going bad when they got raided by the the government for insurance fraud it was a big psych hospital complex and it got raided by the FBI and a couple other agencies for insurance fraud so I thought well this place isn't the owners corrupt this place is going to go down so now is a good time to make the jump so I took a couple trips to Thailand kind of got a feel for the landscape of it came back put in my two-week notice and then in September of 2001 I moved over to moved to Bangkok I actually got here two days before the 9/11 terrorist event I was watching that on CNN in a hotel in Bangkok when that happened so yeah it was crazy I was I was only here for you know like day and a half so anyway the app Duke that's my story and I got to like it here and then I bounced back and forth between here in Los Angeles and lived in Los Angeles for nine years – between here lived in South Korea for six months in 2000 through 2002 so anyway yeah I could die could go on and on about those stories but yes since 2001 and between 2001 and now about 90% of the time I've lived between Thailand and Los Angeles so I hope that answers that question it's all due to Billy Idol so that's my story so anyway so what time's it here it's about 8:10 so it's Friday it's the end of the second week of my live stream guys I wanted to kind of get some of your feedback on the structure and things like that of the topics we're talking about I know some of my live streams have lasted a bit longer than an hour which is seems to be kind of the de-facto time frame in many ways so I want to address that and I think one of the things I've been doing when I do the research for the live stream is I think I'm trying to cram in too much material into one hour you know I want to provide value for you guys and make it worth your while to spend your time with me because you know I respect the time that you're spending here but I also don't want to go on and on about too much stuff to make it you know kind of you know too much at one time type of concept so I'm gonna try and rein it in maybe stick with one or two topics instead of trying to cram in too much but you know and I'll go up based on your feedback too if you guys think I'm covering stuff too briefly let me know or if you think I'm covering it you know too much in detail let me know as well in the comments after I post the video so you know just let me know it'd be good to hear your feedback about what you guys think and what you're getting out of this material you know because a lot of it is about my my life working with the government so I obviously can talk for a long long time on it so but I don't want to give you information you don't really need so app dupa like your streams and could you fit in the Southeast Asian crypto perspective news sometimes when you do the stream so thanks sure yeah Thailand seems to be right up there with the other Asian countries not quite as advanced as Japan and we all know if you guys watch crypto Eddy her videos that she puts out pretty much every day check her out it's crypto but she spells at Eri I'm not sure if I'm pronouncing it properly but nonetheless to get a leading edge on Japan she's the one that really brings a lot of up-to-date very up-to-date and well researched material about Japan and Japan like many things technology technology that technology related I can't talk tonight they are ahead of the ahead of the game globally for a lot of things excuse me so check out check out CREP crypto Eddie I got a my mouth is not working today check Krypto Eddie for all things XRP crypto and japan and you get a good feel for what's going on Thailand has is trying to keep up in a good way you know that they've passed some legislation they have one of the bank's SCB actually that I have an account there they are right up there as well in in keeping up with the crypto universe and so you know that there's a lot of good things happening in Asia when it comes to crypto so that's a good it's it's a good place to watch and keep up to date with and maybe see what's might or might not be happening in the future for the rest of the world so t-mac everything's going great as it is thank you I appreciate that I appreciate it let me just check a couple more comments before we get rolling everyone should be an expat for a while Abdul you lived in the Philippines Australia Indonesia oh wow yeah you've been all over I've just lived in Thailand in South Korea and I've been to China a few times and Japan a few times but other than that I've just lived in these two countries over here Stefan Berg I went to Thailand in 91 for three months while certainly was different back then I'm sure that was a great experience and you have some good stories as well and you've been in Malaysia for ten years okay I've heard mixed things about being an expat in Malaysia a good friend of mine that I've worked with in 2003-2004 came from Malaysia he had some good things but nonetheless anyway Pat green hi how's it going thanks for stopping in veteran-owned I so want to visit Thailand when our investment moons I know a lot of people kept have said that let's in addition to Bali and Liechtenstein to do a global meet up once XRP shoots through the roof in Thailand so yeah that would be interesting I'd be all for it I could definitely be your tour guide so anyway today's topic just to give you guys a heads up I initially title it the US currency confusion and XRP but I think I a better way to say is it's the US currency battle in xrp it should be the battle and with the world of what's going on with the global reserve currency the United States dollar and what's going on with the I guess you could say global thought on the US dollar as a global reserve currency so I've been moving along I guess you could say following the trajectory as I always say of the topic of XRP last week we talked about a lot of the global entities the IMF the BIS and various other entities that have some interaction with digital assets and XRP and ripple so this week I went into some some more specific topics about that and today I wanted to continue that trajectory and talk about the battle that's going on between behind the scenes with the it's not quite so out in the open but the IMF and the US as it relates to the United States dollar being the global reserve currency in the future and whether that's going to continue or not so that's what I had did anyone else have any XRP related stuff they wanted to throw out to the room I think most folks are probable that are going to come or probably hear you know for now so we can get rolling here anything XRP related anything anything okay okay so as you guys I'm sure are aware of you've heard Trump talked about the level playing field and I've talked about that and the trade deficit stuff that's going on right and for those of you most of you I recognize I think there might be one or two a few new people I always have to give my political disclaimer because I don't like to say things the wrong way are taken out of context I'm not a member of any political party nor have I ever been so when I do bring up politics or politicians it's only in the context of our investment with XRP and how it influences that it has nothing to do with political party bias or anything like that I kind of think all the politicians answer to the same people anyway but that's a topic for another show so if I do bring up these politicians and what they're doing it's just about how it affects the economy and how the economy affects our investment in XRP so hopefully that now that I set the stage for the context of that if I do you know I'll be bringing politics up today but it's only in that context in that financial economic geopolitical context okay all righty I need to have a sign you know like the roadrunner or the coyote wily coyote and I can just put the sign up every time so you guys don't have to hear me ramble make crypto grade again DNA jungle is a funniest thing I've heard all week make crypto great again what's on its way a jungle it's starting to get there we had of what two three good green days right people being getting pretty excited so it's it's how about this week it's very very good again and on its way to great about that how's it going well I am that's funny jungle and as you guys know I am using the jungle recommended company microphone I even got the pop filter yesterday so thank you jungle for the heads-up on that and the advice on that everyone seems to think or seems to say that the sound is a lot better I just got to get used to my my spacing I'm used to microphones from the old days when I used to do some some TV stuff and you know we used to put our mouth right on the microphone all the time but that is because the microphones weren't that good back then is my guess so other than me adjusting my spacing I got the pop filter when we're ready to rock on the audio I need a price where I can tell my boss I won't be back well I am you got to pick that out that's that's part of your exit strategy like we talked about you know if you if you have a stratify – exit strategy you know one of those steps will be you know put a big picture of your boss with an X through them and that'll be your exit strategy from your job right so make us eat great again Oh too late Bullwinkle how's it going thanks for stopping anybody so anyway let me flip through my notes here I take notes on every episode so I keep on track and on topic so oh boy yeah make make America great again how about that Michael Branch another XRP supporter how's it going thanks for stopping in Michael Connors we got some other people rolling in for 16 crypto SW happy Friday happy Friday thanks for spending it with the XRP tribe here I do appreciate your time another update this weekend I will be doing my final testing with the that OBS software so hopefully I can start pulling up some websites so you guys can see what I'm talking about not just hear me talk about it I think that would be a better reference so we're all looking at the same thing I'm hoping that testing continued to go well and I'll start next week with it just a tidbit doc Jay Johnson how's it going good evening good evening to you sir thanks for stopping in I appreciate it so Trump in Trump's been talking a lot about the getting the US currency back on a gold back getting it back to be gold backed getting it back to be gold back getting it to be gold backed again thank you and so bet and thanks for stopping in Channel coming along nicely thank you it's a work in progress it really has been it's every day I look and say okay what can I do to get this thing going so the production value will take time I'm spending more my time on developing the content and and the X the production value stuff will come along you know Lighting's come along I've gotten lights gotten the microphone got in the backdrop so we're getting there you know it's we're getting there so thank you SW doing great I appreciate it it's it's like I said it takes time so so let's on the getting the US dollar on the gold reserve gold backing gold backing so you know we've talked about how the IMF and the rest of the world is getting a bit frustrated or annoyed or whatever word you want to use for there are thoughts about the US using the US dollar using Swift as how they've weaponized those two and you've probably if not you can find it easily on the internet about how the US has threatened Swift when they don't cut out countries that the u.s. is going after when that when Swift doesn't cut these countries out of the financial system because we know you know most countries are still tied in to Swift a goal for for their financial you know lifeblood globally for trade so they've weaponized that there's a couple of really good articles about that on the net I'll dig up the link and put them in the description about the weaponization in the financial warfare that the US has direct Swift into and that's a really interesting topic just comparing Swift to XRP what will happen when XRP starts to take over for the you know the financial for the using it on the global landscape sorry I'm choosin trying to choose my words here junkies another ogia thanks for stopping in good to see you on a Friday night so when XRP starts to get used more often and more widespread globally what is the u.s. going to do to them or to rip off you know the company are they going to start approaching if they haven't already because we know and other folks have done videos on this that ripple has met with the White House right and they're meeting with all these other organizations we got Ryan's to go and and Chris Larson meeting with the IMF and have been for years so if we down to it and it's a battle a power struggle between the IMF releasing a new global reserve currency which we've talked about and the US and the US dollar as the existing global reserve currency but maybe not in the future you know what's going to happen there and what's going to happen to ripple and XRP who will be stuck in the middle Anneliese is in the house how's it going thanks for stopping in another XRP zoo member and longtime supporter of the channel thank you a long time two weeks right Sandeep thanks for coming in we'll XRP moon soon moon soon who knows who knows we're all crossing our fingers and everything else and price predictions are not something I get into to be honest with you I did one I know I've told you guys about that I did one price prediction with a timeframe on it which was last year and I said at the very least XRP would surpass its all-time high of the 373 three eighty three dollars eighty cents by the end of 2018 and I was 100% wrong so I'll never put any time frames on any price predictions anymore so that was my foray into that okay michael connors hello it's monsoon season make it rain yeah no kidding make it rain yeah it's a whole nother episode as well so the struggle the battle between the us wanting to keep the US dollar as the global reserve currency and the IMF leading the charge so to speak for exploring or implementing a new global reserve currency you know that's going on right now in addition Trump also wants to get the US dollar in in some way back by the buy gold that's what he's been talking about I don't know if that's his definite carved in stone and plan or not but that's what he's been talking about we've been hearing about that right he keeps keeps talking about gold one of the things he's vacillating about that is the earth one of the reasons why he is is because he doesn't feel there's enough Gold in the u.s. vaults to support backing the US dollar so you know that that's another thing that's another issue too is where is the gold is it there is it not there you know who knows and we could do a whole episode on that there's there's talk that during I think it was the Clinton days Bill Clinton president days that something happened to the gold in Fort Knox who knows and of course there's always talk of a lot of the gold that was stored underneath the twin towers disappeared the morning of the 9/11 attack but who knows about that as well that you know we don't that that's those are all topics for a full episode jungle Inc what an amazing time we live in around the clock we can tune into great coverage of this digital asset revolution yes and and guys jungle has an awesome channel on YouTube make sure you check him out and look him up on Twitter he does some incredible videos about XRP so he brings a wonderful in an awesome perspective to this space so make sure you check out jungle ink on YouTube I don't know if there's anyone else here that has a channel but nonetheless yeah check out jungle for his videos Michael thanks for giving me putting that out there or a good reminder for me because I've been checking out jungle of for a long time and still a lifelong fan there jungle so anyway so we have this battle going on in the global landscape the IMF is leading the charge I've talked about before how the IMF is has been talking about you know digital assets are going to disrupt the financial landscape globally and the banking industry both we talked about my discussion that I had with James Rickards last year's October of last year where he said and for those of you I don't know are you guys familiar with James Records I talked about him a lot he's one of my references for kind of behind the scenes stuff just by typing in what the letter y or yes in the chat if you could tell me if you heard of James Records outside of my channel here but anyone heard of James Rickards familiar with him I know he's a pro gold guy he used to be a real anti crypto guy but he's warming up to kryptos excuse me my throat gets dry quickly here okay you guys my call Matt will I am Bullwinkle Annalise Stefan nope Michael Connors or Michael Connors okay so James Rickards it if you're an investor in XRP and and are just a student of the global financial landscape in general check out some more recent things by James Rickards he is a author he's up like I said he is a pro gold guy he is a he used to be an anti crypto guy up until probably about a year ago now he's slowly understanding and warming up to crypto so if you do look up some of his video interviews and talks make sure you're aware of the time of when that was done and try and get some of his more recent stuff the last video I saw of him and there may be more recent but the last one I saw he was warming up like I said too crypto but he was describing the whole crypto space by the disadvantages of Bitcoin so I still don't know if how much he knows about each particular coin nonetheless I spoke with him I'll recap just a quick 30 seconds here I spoke with him through Twitter October of last year about you know the IMF and what they're going to be doing and he said the the IMF is going to be distributing a new financial instrument called an e SDR let me type it in here so you guys can so he called it an e SDR and what that is is he said they're gonna combine a digital asset with the existing STRs which are the Special Drawing rights which is that basket of fiat currency that the IMF developed and they're going to distribute that they're going to bail out the central banks in the next financial crisis that they've engineered so I've talked about how he describes each financial crisis gets larger and financially in big and more widespread as they go 1998 it was the hedge funds that got bailed out 2008 it was the financial institutions in the u.s. that got bailed out sorry I'm sipping through this stuff because I've covered it a few times before so I don't want to bore you guys 2019-20 ish which is the next financial crisis that they've engineered that is going to be bigger because they're going to bail out all the central banks around the world so that's got to be on a larger scale financially where are they going to get the money for all that so what they could do is take the existing Special Drawing rights which is a lot of money and I haven't gotten the latest total and I don't know if anyone wants to jump on Google and find out what the total amount of SDRs are feel free to do so that would be cool anyway but if you attach a finding a digital asset excuse me if you attach a digital asset you can make it whatever value you want to make up for the deficit that you don't cover with the SDRs so I asked him specifically he said that's what their plan is I asked him specifically is the digital asset going to be XRP and he said he didn't know I am convinced that if you didn't know then he knows now and I'm sure that Christine Lagarde the head of the IMF as I've talked about a lot is she or they or the IMF already has their plan in place for what they're going to do as I mentioned before you know governments and global entities talk about they what they're willing to announce to the public there are already four to five steps further down the road behind the scenes ok veteran-owned 204 trillion okay 204 trillion is how much the SDR czar now I know the global the global debt is I thought it was like in it was like 260 or 280 trillion I could be wrong but nonetheless Thank You veteran-owned so there's a there's probably a deficit there so Sin City thanks for stopping in again Angie hello hello hello so he said he didn't know I think with his much chatter and as much as been going on between ripple and the IMF and Christine Lagarde which I will was maintained until I'm proven otherwise she is the gatekeeper for digital assets being used on a global scale I think the IMF is going to lead that charge even though the Bank of International Settlements the BIS they technically oversee the central banks and so I don't know there might be a little battle going on there or it's just pre you know predetermined that the IMF is going to lead the charge because they're the ones that have the SDR s that could be but on March 22nd the BIS posted a paper and they kind of downplayed the activity that the central banks are doing with digital assets although they also said that 40-plus digital central banks are using I should say using their exploring and or testing digital assets which matches up with what Brad Garlin house said about meeting with the central bank's right he said on a number of occasions that they're meeting with 40 to 50 central banks so those numbers match up about ripple and digital assets and the central banks so that's you know good to hear that way we have people on both sides of the fence you know the the government side and the business side those numbers are kind of our floating are matching up well we just got to find out you know how far down the road they are with XRP itself okay michael connors is that months or years away from being implemented who knows I think one of the main determining factors of when they're going to kickstart the crisis is the next presidential election I think it's either gonna be you know there either it just depends who's pulling who's pressing the button to get it started if it's people that are you know more behind Trump and support him more than likely the crisis will be after the election if it's people that are trying to you know make him look bad the crisis will be before the election while he's campaigning so that is one of the main factors so we I don't know we just have to wait and see Michael to see how that plays out they've been as I've mentioned before and one of the things I want to relay to you that I've learned working for the government as they Telegraph what they're going to do they don't hide it you know you anyone that's watched any mainstream media or even you know surf the net they've been telling us that a crisis is happening it's going to happen they've been preparing us and that's how they do that you know I that in detail in my episode about incrementalism they'll we'll break up some a large endgame agenda item like a financial crisis right because that is a big thing happens you know lately once every ten years and they have to break it up into baby steps because we can't just turn around you know one day everything be okay and the next day have a crash there we're very worried about citizens and the population you know going into an uproar and protesting and things like that and I use this evidence there's only two times in my career working for the government that I ever saw the government as a whole actually exhibit some signs of fear yeah you know that that showed through their arrogance there were two times one when the Occupy movement was gaining traction in momentum and and you saw that not just as you know not only through my job but I was living in LA when I was working for the government and I also became active working with occupy la from day one and I've talked about that before I had like where disguise all the time because if the people that were a you know surveilling the Occupy movement in LA you know worth would would have and people were there that I knew from the government surveilling it you know I would lost my job for sure so in the daytime I was getting briefed on what was going on and then at night you know after work around the weekends I would go hang out with these people and learn from them and then I would help him you know learn about what's going on with the infiltration about the government the the law enforcement and things like that but anyway sorry got off on a tangent the point is the second time I saw the government gets scared and I mean like I said their arrogance was broken and they were scared was when the anonymous hacker group was gaining traction those are the only two times I ever saw the government and not arrogant but scared there so the point of that is is why do I bring that up about them being scared there they were scared about an uprising with the Occupy movement so they're very worried about the population mobilizing getting organized and an uprising and going after the government you know physically going after the government so that's why they break things up into these baby steps through the methodology called incremental ISM and so they'll say what's our agenda so we're going to do a financial crash in 2020 let's say for sake of discussion and it's 2013 so they're so you know over the years and when it gets to a certain point they're like okay we got to start preparing the population for this crash that's coming up you know so what you are they going to do that they start passing out scripts to the mainstream media and then they start just hammering away about a crisis that and make us feel that it's inevitable make us feel that it's inevitable and we can do nothing about it which is crazy because they know about it so far ahead of time why aren't they trying to do anything you never hear anything in mainstream media about well we're going to do this they might talk a little bit about adjusting the interest rates but that's lip service nonetheless they are preparing us breaking us down making it seem inevitable and overwhelming us with this over a period of a year two years three years that's that baby step incrementalism I've talked about in the prior episode and I keep talking about so that when the financial crisis finally comes when they finally you know flip the switch for the crisis and everyone you know then the mainstream media says okay it's here the crisis is here you know sit back and watch what we're gonna do to you when we're not surprised and if we're not surprised we're less like you were more likely to say well they've been talking about this for a while now so you know it's finally here let's ride it out and that's what people say to themselves instead of saying well wait a minute you know why aren't you doing something to stop it or or reduce its impact you know why are you just sitting back and saying okay accept it well if we're not uprising if we're not protesting about it you know the mission accomplished for the government they've broken us down they've desensitized us to the fact that it's inevitable and we can do nothing about it so that's why we can read there's there with when I say they Telegraph their moves let me get back to my original point they telegraph their moves they tell us about things ahead of time in both subtle ways and in overt ways you know there's some people that will just say hey you know there's a crisis coming that's it so I missed a few folks that dropped in for Assad I thanks our shot thanks for stopping in again good to see you once more read surf how's it going I appreciate your insights the end I thank you I appreciate your feedback it helps me get on topic SW thanks for stopping by I went on a little tangent or a rant rant didn't I so preparing us for the inevitable crisis now let's get back to the battle between you know the global battle about the global reserve currency anyone have any comments or questions before I go on the battle between the you know the global entities and the US government over the global reserve currency that's kind of where I'm getting to not kind of I mean indirectly s/w back then 600 the holler us would get you around a hundred thousand XRP Oh Oh back in the day huh you guys quoting some older prices so anything does any of this sound at least familiar when you guys are doing your research and watching the news and and you know reading things online does any of this stuff sound familiar about them preparing you talking about the crisis you hear it everywhere you go Michael Branch yes okay I jungle I think it's clear both the transfer system and currency itself has major problems yeah you are 100% right jungle thank you for bringing that up Angie yes seems all linked yeah a good point it is and that's why like when I start going off on my tangent again my one of my I should get it make a shirt says follow the trajectory of following the trajectory of what's going on based on the past and current moves and so the transfer system we all know through which is you know the heavyweight the 800-pound gorilla is swift the transfer system jungle that you mentioned as we all know and let me see in the currency itself has a major problem yeah so the the problem with the US dollar is the global reserve currency like I said earlier is how the US government has weaponized these things the the US dollar and also the Swiss system which they not too long ago just told Swift hey you you better cut out Iran from the global you know from Swift and that's it you know or we're gonna cut you out and so the world is you know and when I'm gonna address the US government and I'm more talking about a kind of a rogue faction not the entire government but it'll probably sound that way either way RCX I'll have to listen later okay thanks for stopping in yeah catch the video posted a few minutes after we finish but DNA jungle I think ripple or XRP logo in the stream thumbnail will help new people find the streamlined it pops up in their feed yeah I you know what I had my cover on my webcam of camera when I took the picture today rookie mistake that's like leaving a lens cap on your camera right so I had made a rookie mistake today I do but that's a good suggestion when it pops up in their feet okay I have a chance um channel art but that's for my name so that's a good idea jungle I think I'll do that I'll figure out how to do that this weekend and some good awareness thank you for that that heads-up that makes a lot of sense so I know there's another homework assignment for me for the weekend for sure so the global landscape with like I said the IMF getting back to that the IMF wants to institute a new global reserve currency in some way shape or form I think that's pretty accepted by the powers that be they are tired with what the US has been just you know making these demands of running countries around the world insisting on regime changes using the US dollar excuse me and Swift for financial warfare and as a weapon when it shouldn't be so the world is mobilizing this thought process of coming up with a new global reserve currency and I think the IMF is going to lead the charge that's the research that I've come across that's what I talked about with okay like I said with James now of course I'm not buddy with buddies with James records I was just some guy on Twitter that was asking him questions and he was cool enough to answer so I think if anything he would just not answer me if he didn't want to say anything so I'm you know of course I have to question why he would put that out there what he said it's probably cuz it's not a secret you know of course he's not going to give that away so I'm not claiming to have any information that might not be you know locatable on the net but just for him to share that there's a reason why he shared that who knows why but I think the IMF based on Christine guards activity over the last year or the amount of time and attention she spends talking about digital assets talking about them disrupting the fine global financial system talking about ripple itself and then ripple meeting with the IMF as we all know I I can't ignore that I don't exactly know I won't exactly say that means you know XRP is going to be definitely used on the global scale no of course not but I like what I'm seeing that way and what the research that the other YouTube providers content providers are coming up with and connecting all of those dots I won't say it's going to be XRP for sure but every characteristic of a digital asset that everyone's been describing to be used for a global reserve currency matches with XRP so that's good news Bullwinkle he likes stellar but bet that is not the case now yeah you could probably apply make a good argument for saying stellar the thing about that the the determining factor for me that it's not stellar is just the team that's behind that works that's part of ripple the ripple team itself you know they've just they're five years ahead of anybody in five plus years ahead of anybody that's what's tellers doing I should say and who knows I'm not I don't know there's probably you guys know about Jed more than I do but everything I've read about Jed is he's not a real he's a brilliant guy but not an awesome team player you know he's brilliant when it comes to crypto and so he might be a brilliant behind-the-scenes guy we're with Ripple you know between Brad Garlin house and David Schwartz so just those two alone not to mention Chris Larson I just think they are years ahead of anyone on any other team just from the get-go just from mentioning those those people let me get a couple of comments here Michael Branch from what I've read by Jim Rickards is that no global entity wants total decentralization where they're not in charge you think that a deal would be made with the IMF in triple for IMF to be in charge great point Michael that is exactly but what Jim said in the comment to me he said the IMF is going to distribute it through the central banks but it's not gonna be you you I don't know you must have read my tweet he said it's not going to be run by a bunch of developers it's going to be run by the IMF so how that would be structured Michael that's a very good point in terms of a you know centralized versus decentralized who knows as it stands now you know they control the STRs and you know give them out as in whatever criteria that they you know see fit I don't know the criteria they use for that but you know would the IMF be given an allotment of a digital asset to be used with this with the SDR in this new e SDR you know that's entirely possible where they would control the distribution of it from their own stored amount so we kind of brainstorm before we could do that now like if the IMF just said to and and IMF and ripple worked it out where you know it's like okay for the next three months you know you give us you know your every the 1 billion that are allowed by smart contract every month be given to us or sold to us the IMF and then we will you know come up with this new SDR will make however many of them and then we'll keep some extra of the digital asset and escrow ourselves that we could use as we see fit that's a possible dynamic and structure I don't know I have no idea but Michael yeah he did I'm glad you brought that up Michael good reminder for me that he did say that you know the IMF would be running these digital assets in the SDR not some developers and it sounded almost like he was sarcastic about it but in a good way so yeah there there will be yeah they're not going to give up total control to the whole concept of decentralization because they have to be able to control the distribution of the ESD ours the IMF does so as far I just watched sam-i-am video he's saying November 4th 5th is when XRP is going to the moon did he give any reasons for that or is he just going by the what's the event data thing of remember the fifth of November remember remember the fifth of November I'm saying that wrong but that's kind of how it sounds some good comments coming in guys I don't want to miss some Sin City I think the US government is trying to figure out how to keep rogue nations from using crypto while sanctions are imposed yeah oh of course because they're all doing it you know plus you have Russia storing up I'm Bitcoin Russia and China storing buying up all the gold they can money in any form buys weapons yeah IMF needs to figure that out first yeah that's a good point uh Sin City you know how they can manage that I you know I I don't know the transparency of crypt of some Kryptos is something mmm excuse me that these you know global entities and US government likes you know privacy coins they don't obviously since I am so Jerry P welcome first time here great cool shirts where did you get them oh oh now that you asked I'll throw a plug out these are clothes that I design these three these two jerseys you can order direct from me the emails at the beginning of no it's ok the email DNI crypto clothing at gmail is at the very beginning of the chat if you scroll up on the chat I also included in all my videos you email me direct for those and I uh this shirt in others I have a probably about three four dozen designs now my web stores you can get those in the at the beginning of the chat room here and also in the description of all my videos there's two web stores so I do all the designing for all these clothes Jerry dni is the guy talking right now yeah I'm DNI that's short for digital Nomad investor instead of saying digital nomads investor people call me DNI which i think is great so there's DNA and there's also dai not to be confused with dai which is a digital asset investor he's another great and awesome content provider him and like I said jungle Inc was in the room here earlier and check those guys out Jerry you said today's the first time here so yeah there's there we have an incredible incredible group of content providers that I look to I've given shoutouts and prior episodes I didn't do the shoutouts today you know jungle ain't digital asset crypto Eddie there's just a ton of people ckj news brad crimes all these people that i learned from and that have helped me out and been really cool about me starting a channel there's the XRP zoo there's a lot of people here from that chat group that are very very supportive so yeah stick around jerry check out the channel if you want to see some of the stuff that i've referenced today the IMF the BIS and things like that so we're talking about the struggle between the global community and the US government over the u.s. dollar being used for the US or for the global reserve currency so Alex Cobb yeah he's one of the first ones far so thank you for bringing it up yeah I'm sure I'm missing you know a bunch of great people and I apologize if you guys got some other folks to reference and shout out for content providers feel free to do so we share where everyone's really supportive so yeah hey Sam I am you know all these guys ckj yeah I've been chatting with him for a long time just like I been so trying to support jungle Inc you know so put put your favorites YouTube provider content providers in the chat chat line there because we all support each other and I learned from those guys crypto Eddie yeah definitely mama Laci definitely she's at the top of my list with some of the other folks well I am yeah 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Tuesdays and Thursdays I'll be given a lead and shout out for his shows as well so thanks for bringing that up so anyone else wanted to give a shout out to their a good content provider on YouTube or put in Twitter screen name so we can keep in touch that way I gotta go guys that's W thanks for stopping in take care have a good night yeah the XRP zoo is awesome thanks Anneliese you're welcome SW thanks for stopping in show me the XRP digital asset investor definitely need to unblock you on Twitter you're blocked let me am blocked one I'll look it up and see I haven't blocked anyone in a long time so I'll definitely look it up your screen it your twitter is am i blocked one or is it XRP nada security I'll look it up I'll look at that after watch afterwards thanks well I am stuff you have a good night good night yeah we're rolling into so nonetheless the battle let me kind of summarize the topic let me see here does anyone know if mail passes good bad indifferent to crypto Malpass James Malpass from the XRP zoo he's huge huge crypto supporter am I reading that maybe I'm reading your question incorrectly Michael but yeah James Malpass he stopped by here he's actually one of the the three guys I did an initial interview with James Malpass bones and kick boy triple on the XRP zoo Channel and they really know fed male Pez sorry about that had my bad they helped me out u.s. appointed okay guys sorry anyone got any feedback on Dave Malpass uh the u.s. appointed male pass that was funny I don't have any need to hit the bed Farshad thanks for stopping in again good to see you once more yeah you have a good night and I hope to see you and talk to you soon so where else are so honey ng hey man Victor yeah Dave Mel past the US appointed Dave Malpass anybody anybody have some comments on him feel free to throw it in opening soul what's up my brother from LA you've been lurking been lurking in the room so okay so the battle let me get back to the topic here so the battle between the global entities and the US government so the thing with the US government they're the reason why they're able to have such a stronghold using the US dollar as a global reserve currency is the you know the the Fed Federal Reserve can just print up money right even though there's that quote by Alan Greenspan and that one video he's like we're never going to not pay our debt we just print more money which kind of caught everyone by surprise how blunt he was but when another country wants let's say $100 bill if the Federal Reserve wants to put out by something with $100 bill they just print $100 bill boom cost you know hundredths of a cent but when someone else wants to use a get $100 bill they got to exchange either $100 in their own currency or $100 worth of goods it costs them $100 and so the US has had a unfair advantage on a trade the trade landscape because you know they just print money and buy stuff and these people got to spend money to produce these things or you know give up their currency which cost them so that gives the u.s. an unfair advantage and it also allows them to weaponize it much better because they just keep printing it and that's what they've done since Nixon took us off the gold standard so the the world is getting sick of that you know so that's why there's this push and like I said the evidence supports that the IMF is going to lead this push to get the US dollar not to no longer be the u.s. global or be the global reserve currency accepting Oda the US dollar losing the reserve status will cost us hundreds of billions of dollars but they would rather lose it to XRP than the Chinese yen but they would rather lose it let's hope so let's hope so let's hope you know that the Trump is trying to get ahead of this loss of the US dollar as the global reserve currency and you know trying to get something going with ripple you know the ripple ripple has met with the the White House who knows what the topic was but you know we'll see the one thing that you know Trump is known for doing is you know thinking like a chess player and not you know he's not worried about special interest groups funding you know so he's not beholden to these campaign dollars like many other politicians are so that at least that's going you know I'm not a I guess I've told you before I'm not a member of any political party but you know so he's trying you know and he wants to get the US dollar you know back on a with a gold backing so who's gonna win that battle how's that battle gonna play out is the I am f going to distribute an ESD our our the other country is going to jump on excuse me jump on that are they going to support that or are they going to keep going along with the US dollars of global reserve currency now we had another feather in our hat by having Saudi Arabia and the oil-producing countries using the US dollar as the petro dollar right and now though we're not so the US government's not so friendly with the folks in the Middle East and that I think is wearing out as well so if the Middle East says and I think complete recently there's been some stronger dialogue that stronger dialogue that the oil-producing countries are not going to use the dollar exclusively and we know that they don't want to lose their business and trade relationships with China and Russia see that's the another key thing to look at too is what is Russia and China doing there are really good balance against the US doing just anything they want to do on the global stage so that is something really good to watch as well so we got what like I keep saying is Christine Lagarde as the gatekeeper to the IMF and the gatekeeper to whether or not the STRs are going to be used more as on a global reserve currency status or not and then we have what Trump is pushing for to keep the US dollar as a global reserve currency because that's really propping up our economy and our currency in many ways right so that battle is something to watch and then the reason why I bring it up is where it is XRP slot in that battleground and that's why I referenced what James Rickards has said about the IMF using a digital asset and then we bring in the you know and I'm just mentioning facts these are facts you know about the eye about Christine Lagarde you can easily find all the things she's been talking about with digital assets you know if you just google you know Christine our digital assets you'll find you know speeches and interviews there's the paper on the website IMF org called winds of change winds of change if you want to look that out I've put that in my the link in the episode where I talk about the IMF IMF and XRP but uh you know it's on the website or if anyone wants it just email me and I'll email you the link as well so the IMF is supportive of digital assets they've already she's already said it's going to disrupt the financial and banking industry we have ripple through Ryan zakone and Chris Larson meeting with the IMF through these tasks for its forces and steering committees we have David Schwartz talking about how the– how XRP has been designed to be scalable from the get-go and I always say that and the reason why I folk one of the reasons why I focus on the global component of XRP utility is I think the XRP remittance business is good it's gonna open up XRP to the world through the different payment channels country to country but I don't think that's the homerun with XRP I think the homerun with X RP is it being used for global liquidity global liquidity I've even put it on one of my jerseys global liquidity for some reason sorry about that that was shameless but I'm proud but that's how much I believe that the XR P is going to be used for global liquidity and I think that's the homerun with XRP and because of my background working with government and being involved in various different agencies and in organizations I try and use my experience to shed light on that and how these entities and organizations think and plan so the things I just mentioned in my last 60 seconds are all stuff we already know that's documented stuff right it's no secret who ripples been meeting with it's no secret all these different entities I don't know if any of you saw that little graphic I made and put on Twitter with all the ducks in a row with all the different government agencies across each Ducks chest anyway I was just being silly one time I think ckj was talking about getting your ducks in a row so I put all the ended global entities or governments that the US or the that ripple has been meeting with and each duck had its own one like the IMF and the BIS and all these other things that are involved in this chain of events for XRP to be used for global liquidity so it was just some silly thing I did anyway let me check some comments you guys feel free to throw some comments questions out there why well I get I catch my breath okay diesel hones thanks thanks for stopping in yeah the Chinese play the game buying the bonds yeah yeah we'll see how that how long that continues if they are going to keep doing that or not I know there's talk that and I saw something about Russia was selling a bunch of the US bonds that they had Michael branch let me read your comment here read that mail pass has a different view on the Fed which scares some wants to make the Fed accountable and more transparent feels that they have too much interference in the economy sure yeah no a very good comment there Michael there's a lot of people and Trump included that want to get rid of the Federal Reserve and the central banking system and in general you know there there's a couple different ways we've seen how other countries will just nationalize something and just the government takes it over and through these various executive orders that have been implemented over the last I don't know 10 years 15 years that I give the it's either the President or the US government in general the legal authority to just take over you know everything from the the land the you know the natural resources the financial system the banks so there is legal structure for Trump to just say you know what I declare a financial emergency and the Federal Reserve we are going to take it over we are going to take over that you currency excuse me and the US Treasury Department is going to be responsible for creating issuing distributing and managing the US currency from this point on from the research I've done there is you know legal structure for that to take place and it would be a good thing for the US government for the u.s. in general because then the US Treasury can you know the US government could now run the US currency and not where it is now where we the US government the u.s. the country of America borrows the currency from a privately owned bank called the Federal Reserve which is part of the central bank global system you know and as I'm sure probably everyone's aware that the US government does not own the US currency you know it's owned by an integrated by the Federal Reserve which is not a federal organization it's a private organization it's a private banking organization on owned privately and as many say you know the Rothschilds owned in part or for the central banking system which the Federal Reserve is a part of okay so you know Trump wants to get rid of the Federal Reserve now there's a bunch of other things that play into that politically and things like that but Michael branch I believe those who own the Fed would kill anyone who would interfere with that kind of money yeah no and Kennedy was killed for less yeah oh yeah I know no argument here that that's another thing yes to be considered is how you know the ramifications in fallout if you know Trump nationalizes and takes over the Federal Reserve and kicks out the central banking system from the US what fallout you know would there be and would he be assassinated for it Kennedy and he signed into law that one executive order something very similar to that before his assassination whether they're connected or not that's another episode but yeah yeah there there that that's probably the only thing that's keeping him from declaring a financial emergency and taking over the Federal Reserve is that there's probably not enough Secret Service people that are loyal to the President to keep him alive Michael branch yeah executive order one one one one one four yeah I believe that yeah that I think that's the one Kennedy signed right yeah there's lots of documentation on that so thank you Michael for bringing that up yeah there is a lot to be said for taking away you know someone's livelihood and especially its livelihood on the scale of trillions of dollars imagine what you know we would do if someone caused us to lose our job let alone something that that large so yeah great point I got guys if I could do a quick shout out if you guys find this content useful beneficial you want me to keep doing it hit the 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investigating what Christine Lagarde is doing with the IMF let's keep being aware of what's being talked about with the US dollar as a global reserve currency or not and start gathering you know more data and more evidence on that if you guys want to ever post links on that in my comment section like hey check this video out this is a good one that what we're so-and-so is talking about this or that you know let's interact through the comments section of the videos as well and we'll keep researching this together the jerseys like I said another plug email me DNI crypto clothing at gmail.com and scroll up to the beginning of the chatroom here or just go to where else the comments section of the videos you can get my email email me directly we're taking pre-orders for this new black one this one just kicks butt we still got a few of the white ones left before we retire them once I sell out of the first run of the jerseys I retired the design there are limited edition so this was the first one right here that sold out retired this one's about halfway sold out and almost retired and this is on pre-order so look we'll be coming out with those soon it I'm gonna find out I get an update today or tomorrow but when the printer is gonna get this he was a delayed okay app do what do you foresee happening in the XRP space this year and you're looking into any other coins besides XRP okay real quick let me talk let me address that timewise what do I see happening I just see Ripple keep doing what they're doing accelerating their partnerships and working relationships there was a video of about that recently where they were doing like three plus deals a week I what else do i foresee happening this year I'd hate to put a timeframe on anything I just think they're going to keep doing what they're doing I think the global liquidity will increase exchanges will keep adding XRP on there they're trading pairs I think there'll be an exponential growth in global liquidity and global use of XRP I think the you know the it was kind of mellow for 2018 I think the disruption will start to is starting to curve now like this in 2019 I said actually I put that I try and tell stories in my graphics guys so if I do refer to it I'm sorry if it comes off like a commercial but I talked about in my one Jersey it says disruption for 2019 adoption 2020 and domination 2021 right here and that's what I mean by that we're gonna continue to see disruption this year we're gonna see more you know overlapping adoption next year you know and then 2021 we're just gonna own the global liquidity space how about that is that ominous enough of a voice 2021 we will dominate global liquidity how about that is that is that address what you're asking abdul pand are you looking into any other coins XRP is probably 99% of my crypto investment I have one other crypto left well – I just did that answer question thing on coin base and got a few lumens from stellar you guys can get them for free you know I just for free I forgot how many I got but nonetheless I was in one crypto before I had learned about XRP and that was and I'm embarrassed to admit that but because I don't know if it's going to do anything or not nets electro neum and I got into it because they were talking about similar things with global adoption and global use and you know getting the unbanked in Africa and other places a banked they just came out within the last month or so with their own etn our electro neum crypto based smartphone and that they're distributing in lower-income areas of the world it's like $80 I'm gonna get one actually but it's a smart phone it's a stripped-down smart phone but it's you know the places that are unbanked that use cell phones for banking and not banks like Africa and they also hooked up with a I think of mobile phone provider that you allows them to top up their mobile phone accounts or minutes with using electro Neum so I was in that I got a very I mean it small dollar amount I got a high I mean there's a lot I got a lot you know of them but I bought them really cheap but they have a similar mission of being useful and you having utility so it's in the dump now but it's actually around the same price that XRP was at like point zero zero six point zero zero five before XRP went on its run up it's at the same price it's it's you know but it has some utility to it and they're trying to accomplish something on a global level just in a different more of a consumer based versus XRP and ripples more is a business-to-business base more so but you know that's the only thing I have other than that I have corrects RP I just I just can't look at another crypto and get over the utility that XRP has and the channels and the future that XR that ripple is building enough to buy another you know a crypto I don't I talked when I talked about diversification most people talk about diversification there's actually two versions of diversification not one people talk about being diversified across a bunch different Kryptos which is fine but that's diversification within a class or within an asset class there's also diversification between sectors and that's what I do even though I'm not diversified in crypto crypto is part of a diversified portfolio with me with real estate venture capital that I've invested stocks precious metals some other things I loan out money like a bank does to other investors in the real estate markets so I have a between sector so it's different sectors real estate precious metals crypto financing venture capital things like that so that's how I diversify between sectors sherry Thomas you sound like you're cheating on XFP well like I said any other Kryptos I'd bought before I bought before XRP before I knew about XRP once I learned about XRP you know I haven't bought anything else hard money lender yeah very similar to that diesel helm I do both equity investing and loaning out money similar to that not quite that channel but it's something like that it's a private person loaning money to investors and Rehab people and stuff for rehabbing properties well I am sherry well I am so any other last-minute questions we can wrap up on that topic of the global reserve currency how that's playing out what's going on with gold is in Trump trying to get gold as a backing for the US dollar again what nixon took us off of the IMF the ESD ours digital assets in general XRP being used with the SDR if that's possible what the stuff that I talked about with my chat with James Rickards the stuff that Christine Lagarde's been talking about that I'm just kind of summarizing the bullet points of what we talked about today and what we're going to you know this is an evolving topic of this episode and like many of my episodes this is to get us on target for what we need to keep looking at keep watching so mama Laci what do it what do I get thoughts on crypto pun D X in X Y oh sorry I don't have any information on those the only ones I you know I was into aetherium 2 before I found out about x RP in the Dow I participated in that Dow I co and that was what 2015 I think 2016 yeah and then that got hacked and I got out of ethereum but I like the concept of smart contracts with aetherium so that's why I got into that so you'll see a theme with my crypto investing I didn't do any speculating with it per se I always was attracted to projects that had utility and that speculation has its base for growing so okay run over an hour again 22 minutes over okay guys any last minute questions again oh and then I'll wrap it up if you guys like I say hit me up email me if you're interested in the jerseys I these everyone almost everyone that has bought one of them has said when they've warned it out in public someone's come up and said hey what's this XRP ripple stuff and they ended up you know educating someone about ripple and XRP and that was one of the main points of these jerseys making them so loud is to get people saying hey what is that what is that and getting the word out getting the message out of XRP because I guarantee you if any one of you just ask 20 people in your you know universe there if they know what XRP is out of 20 I guarantee you maybe one might know what XRP is might so great show brother thanks opening soul thanks for stopping in hope the weather is good there in South Pass for you but that's one of the reasons why I'm so I really pushed the jerseys as people have been fascinated by the attention they get and how it sparks conversations I'd like I think Michael Branch said he was at a restaurant and this waitress that you know said hey what you know that was waiting on him what's he had this one and I think or maybe this one I'm not sure and he's like that she said yeah yeah what uh what is this xrp on your shirt there yeah James records Jones haha good screen name what's up with those shirts who are you did you just pop in here mr. Jones or is it someone making a new screen a funny screen name what's up with those jerseys who are you I am the digital nomad investor that's who I am DNI and I create these jerseys yes I'm new ok cool thanks for stopping in I didn't know if you were you know kind of joking or not I don't remember seeing the name and I would recognize James Rickards I I have a feeling that someone created the the name just to have some fun here in the room but is there another screen name James Rickards Jones that I would know you by I have a feeling that there is if not cool mama Lacey good night yeah it's getting late I'm running long again I said I'd be an hour right that didn't happen message deleted yeah so James records Jones uh so you came in here to have fun I see ok that's cool so good night mama thanks for stopping in ok folks let's wrap things up I've given enough commercials for my stuff check out the videos check out the links in the videos the teespring and t public websites or the other clothing got a lot of cool designs and email me if you're interested in the Jersey so peace brother opening soul thank you for your continued support as always for last 15-years veteran-owned you – you've been stopping by thank you for your support I appreciate it guys will I am mama Lacey who else sherry you've been here well I am diesel hound yeah Matt thanks for stopping in I'm going to try and get out on an on location video this week and I'll just posted on my channel it will be it won't be a live stream so you guys can check it out at anytime I'll post the video for this of a live stream as soon as I finish editing it if you guys could tweet it out tweet out my channel we can start getting this hive mind going thanks for making my first time here pleasant Jerry P thank you for stopping by I hope you come again Monday through Friday 9 o'clock Eastern Standard Time always if you have any questions feel free to email me quite a few people have asked about monetizing and donating to the channel I do you can either get me through Twitter with the XRP tip bot or PayPal that link is in my video's description I'm going to figure out once I get a thousand subscriptions I can monetize the channel for super chat right through the chat so I'm more focused on getting the content solid and getting the structure of the show solid before I you know start monetizing it in full but someone suggested to me about the patreon thing because I have some content that I can provide to people written content PDFs and books and I can provide from my collection so and audiobooks I can always make that part of the patreon for folks who can you can get a lot of you know free ebooks so I'm throwing those ideas up like I said I'm focused on the content now thanks D&I Matt Matt thanks for stopping by bull manure that I say that correctly boom on my French is rusty boo Monsour yeah something like that sorry well I am yeah Jerry thanks for stopping by have a good night I miss anybody that's left Sherri diesel hound thanks for stopping in again just scrolling up since City if you're still here app do thanks for stopping by again a lot of familiar faces excuse me sorry guys a lot of familiar faces so thanks again for stopping by your continued support feel free to post any questions in the description I'll edit this video and it'll be up within probably 10 15 20 minutes of us closing up junk link was here earlier you know so we'll continue this topic of you know xrp and where it's slotted on the global stage and we'll keep doing it Angie and a lease was here earlier everybody SW Stefan if I miss anybody type that you're still here and we'll keep going on this journey together of where XRP is going now and where we think it's going in the future close enough sorry Matt I apologize for that and we'll keep researching this material and I'll keep doing these live streams get a get some recorded videos and I'll explore the whole concept of monetizing things so I can get more content on the side to you guys ok it's all good okay thanks Matt I appreciate it okay guys I think that's it for now and have a great weekend and if you come up with any good breadcrumbs of information about XRP either bring it back to the next live stream stream or tweet a link to me through Twitter and you know connect with everybody else on Twitter and share things tweet out the channel if you can we can get more people here and start getting more opinions and viewpoints and collecting it and grow together I appreciate that and we'll go from there how does that sound yay okay guys I think that's it for now three two one I am out of here thanks again guys for stopping by I'll talk to you soon

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