# XRP New Crypto Rules Coming From The White House. #13772 Executive order.

great wealth transfer xrp after dark the greatest digital asset ever created get your ducks in order now don't stop me now join stream I like to welcome everybody to xrp after dark you never know who's gonna show guys we got a lot of stuff going on the community today the q2 q2 report q2 report came out today q2 good 3 crazy day today guys hmm hmm q2 report came out today guys and we'll talk about that we got a lot of members from the community that chimed in on the q2 report and it's actually a lot of interesting scenarios unfolding there so we will talk about those reports that came out today also guys there's so much good news going on we'll talk about we'd say when is someone trying to take advantage of the XRP ledger and we'd say when seems to be a little bit upset about that also guys we got some really good news from ripple insights SEC the government says more regulation is on the way in US will be the top regulator when it comes to crypto currencies and it will come from the White House now I can only think of one cryptocurrency that ties to the White House we'll talk about that one let's get this party started I'd like to thank everybody for tuning in if you guys can smash some thumbs-up XRP after dark let me tweet this real quick hit link join stream put some drums in there 10 10 10 I got my XRP tip Bott loaded and ready to go live stream time put some clocks on there maybe even put some Suns in there let's put some ducks in there cuz they get their ducks in order tweet it legendary what's going on legendary oh yeah guys and I got this actually don't stop me now I got a really interesting scenario in this don't stop me now XRP and this was actually used by the hell's our name oh man this is crazy what is it lordy Here I am guys I've been rushing all up in here pretty much the Scooter Braun team guys raised in space raised in space they actually used this thumbnail on the raised in space and it's kind of ironic that they will use this on the raised in space project and the raised in space project is the has a partnership with spring initiative which is Scooter Braun projects so it's kind of weird that they would use this Queen scenario and I will show you their tweet about this also basically there's the rocket ship right there guys there's the rocket ship raised in space Scooter Braun spring initiative very interesting scenario well I'll pull up the tweet legendary XRP Chicago BC matrix what up BC all coin Whisperer is here Chuck real XRP Chicago XRP ledger can't be stopped you got that right Bullock CEO J hall bc scott elliot art what up art good to see you xrp chicago spanish fly is here bc matrix empire what's going on Empire day but not that hot the last two days better weather XRP chicago can't be stopped don't stop me now can't be stopped I'm burning through the sky yeah burning through the sky like 400 degrees okay they call me mister Fahrenheit okay it's damn fresh flip X or PKD Stan fresh Scott hell yeah what I'm staying fresh let me pull this up guys thank you big time for tuning I really appreciate it if you guys can smash the thumbs up as you come in it means the world to me let me hold up let's get some light going on here we're trying to get this whole new set up figure out my whole new setup here guys I got a whole new set up and uh it's kind of so different I'm used to my microphone being over here where I can't even see it and camera at a different angle it's like a whole new set up but you actually can see my shirt XRP that's for sure drop that beat what up Scott Eliot Tyson Moke yeah we just getting this party started give us some time my brother legendary people going to be burned but up by that rocket yeah you got that right that's crazy how they use that oh I wish I would have pulled it up I could have showed you guys that one first I guess we'll get to it thank you so much Chicago yeah I never wear this one the orange one I never wear the orange one too much I probably worth only a couple times since I got it I pretty much guys got the whole closet full of XRP shirts the XRP unstoppable XRP that's for sure xrp army XRP pioneer XRP is here have no fear dr. FOMO shirts on the way no I'm addicted guys I'm addicted to buying XRP shirts of mug you know how they say on the one show not only am i not only am i the president but I'm a client I'm my biggest client guys I'm addicted to buying xrp muggsy shirts and addicted to buying XRP because I see the opportunity coming down the pike whoo yeah yeah so my uh not my merchandise store it's on miss CK J's merchandise store link in the description for the merchandise store or miss ckj give perfect i forgot somebody messaged me about they wanted a personalized mug i have no idea who that was and I'll never be able to find it if you guys want any like personalized mugs or anything Missy cage a link in the description contacts are personally me lordy I'm trying what up Tyson I was at my local gold and silver and he was selling that old for twenty fifty dollar bill and five what I was in my local goal he was selling the old 20 and a fifty dollar bill for five dollars old 24 25 oh lordy what up Chuck real yeah you got that right Oh future wells I like the way that sounds that's for sure it sounds kind of weird being that close future wells and so uh pretty much guys oh yeah check this out really I've been kind of following this McAfee thing to myself personally and and basically if you guys would have seen yesterday he supposedly was missing and then and then they this whole scenario was been like a movie scenario if you guys been following it no basically yesterday they said if nobody can find them with X amount of time then their lawyer or somebody would have personal documents that will be released to the world but the world's secrets and basically this guy says no mcafee if you guys aren't familiar with McAfee I mean he's on every single computer every computer comes with McAfee like this is the Security virus McAfee so he's saying that he knows the world's secrets and if y'all mess with him he'll release some secrets I mean I don't know what he knows I don't know what he knows I know he's a smart guy you know but he's also a nutcase so but anyway they basically said I've spoken with John over the phone and can confirm their safe release they are under way to a new location but have been forced to leave the freedom boat for now John will be assuming control of his account after travel so this has been a quick yeah this has been like a crazy story guys I'm like whoa and believe it or not they had like a McAfee special on a CBS or something about a month ago this guy right here I mean I think he's like 10 years past his deathbed I don't know if he's like 80 or 90 if you guys seen him on Twitter he would wake up on Saturday morning and he would mix a drink and I'm telling you this drink that he mixed would knock any normal human being to the ground I mean he would pour like ten different alcohols in there mix it all up and it'd be like this like this much alcohol and he'd drink that bad boy straight down I'm like damn so that dude is a party animal that's for sure he can probably out party anybody in this room what you think BC can john mcafee out party you what up ye he probably can that's for sure what y'all think CK's a some more XRP Plan B or Plan C V Chaney of course yeah that's the morning show this is XRP after dark we're going talk about Plan B which plan bit we might not make it a Plan C because I think Plan B is a really good plan plan B is XRP the standard not just joking all the plants that you can get Chris White whatup gaming good to see you bro without Robert Holliday oh yeah him and his wife yeah what up cam USA yeah him and his wife guys that's wild that's wild I think y'all seen the clip they showed yesterday where him and his wife was like on this boat and they both had these machine guns I was like what in the world that's nuts huh I'm we're playing B and C okay KD me to plan being NC all day I like to welcome everybody to XRP after dark what we're going to talk about plan B plan a ain't work yet we didn't hit the Powerball you're grading on point leave that trillion dollars to you yet so now we're focused on Plan B which is XRP which I believe is the road to opportunity tell them legendary please smash some thumbs up and hit that subscribe whatever crash monkeys good to see you bro just got out the gym trying to catch you live let's go let's get it that's for sure crash monkey says he's waiting for Plan B I think I joined crip believe it or not Stanford oh how long you been in crypto for staying fresh believe it or not I've seen a couple people that I said they just gotten crypto like three months ago two months ago believe it or not if you got in this year you've really got in at the perfect time if you got it in February you got in that a real good time because February was the best prices around and what February March April May June July so any time around now god the prices are all still amazing but February they was like low low I think what litecoin was twenty Bitcoin was four thousand XRP was four for a dollar so I mean the prices are still amazing right now that's for sure what up for twenty four it's one year's here yeah a legendary you guys are lucky because we've or not for most of us that's been here like two years year and a half two years we went through the UPS the downs we thought by the end of 2018 we'd already on the island by now huh cuz we've got we've gotten in January by December you could swear you is gonna be rich and I know you guys know it's know what I'm talking about for because you know Bitcoin ran up the 20k XRP ran up to $4 and I had no idea we would have to wait longer than twelve months to see that happen again that's what I thought I'm only a few months in XRP Chicago welcome welcome my brother you're very lucky guy but staying fresh that what he's only been in two months also two months staying fresh oh yeah you're real lucky too and that's another good thing guys about people that just got in like two months three months like all the XRP prices what still three for a dollar so you actually still got time which I really did not think you would have at this point right now so yeah still got time up down sideways tell him captain crypto what up Junior Oh Junior are you just reminded me Danny Cajun crypto Terence Brown class bonus and Farrokh crypto thank you so much for the love earlier and shout-out to CSI Simon RJ Rex Darby and BC matrix for subscribing to the backup YouTube channel I actually got up and on fire today I actually dropped three videos on I dropped three videos on the backup YouTube channel and I dropped this will be my third video on this channel that's six videos today whoa the life of a content creator and the life of a pet you gotta get it you gotta make it happen guys on that journey on that journey what up people what is up good people jungle link here shoutout the jungle no guys really really quick I did link to the description on my hidden gem video I dropped right before the livestream you guys got to check out my hidden gem video I dropped I believe it's gonna be a massive opportunity and when that goes to the moon I don't want to be in Bora Bora by myself so go ahead and watch that video check it out broaden your horizons and check that video out that's for sure what up Lisa black guppy the prices are still good z ec is 70 may go up I really thought the market was gonna take off this morning after I started showing grain again so I mean it's been like up and down a little bit today let me look real quick that's kind of weird because the rest of the market was Green and Bitcoin was red and the rest of the market was green you kind of really don't see that often I mean it's like the markets all over the place today I kinda never even seen that normally a Bitcoin normally Bitcoin pumps first and then the rest of the coins pump or XRP and Excel Lim might pump by theirself but I've never seen Bitcoin going down and the rest of the market going up there's something strange going on there shout out to Hawaii or why in that house I don't know what I would know what Hawaii residents can't buy crypto at all or you guys just can't utilize coinbase crypto life how can we D mu on Twitter this is what you do if you can't be in me personally right here here's a crypto bait 10:12 follow her this is miss ckj follow her and send her the DM and then I'll know right away like believe it or not even before the stream I tried so hard to try to go through all my tags or my messages to try to find some interesting stuff that people tagged me in it's like damn near impossible for me to find anything on Twitter with the amount of followers I got I'm sorry I apologize Tony x RP Z and crypto insomniac what's going on yeah big-time big-time regulation on the way in shout-out to Chuck real son I saw I think it was on Instagram it's your son's birthday right Chuck shoutout to the crypto kids tell your son I said what's up Chuck happy birthday what up Andy now we can get the party started Andy is here have no fear Andy is here what up Andy okay so we got that out the way check this out guys shout out is Sean Shaffer as Sean Shaffer now this he I don't know if I read this before or not it's sounding like I read it but I wasn't really sure no to notably regulatory activity the SEC announced that it would establish nose on certain openledger stores permissionless leathers such as the XRP ledger to help inform its policy making so well this is all Ripple insights is that's basically saying the SEC is gonna set up a basically gonna set up what a validator hell yeah damn right what up J kills happy birthday Jake did you have a good birthday my memories on points a day I remember that was Jay's birthday so I think God now I don't know if SEC is gonna set up a validator that would establish nose on certain open-source permissionless Ledger's such as the XRP ledger to help inform its policy making authority apologized XRP teeth which recognized was a hybird utility exchange token not a security so what okay okay so the fine okay financial Authority okay that makes sense to in the UK of course we get regulation everywhere happy birthday so I thought that was kind of good guys you know one thing is it's really strange last few days is how it's just like it blows me away that I go through Twitter in so many people there's like a war on Twitter of people telling people that what's not possible like XRP can't do this and XRP can't do that but I'm like wow like for one thing who made anybody a PhD or their doctorate in crypto like this is a brand new asset class after this is gonna be the most you know this is gonna be one hell of a ride for one thing but it's gonna be so unpredictable the same people that saying XRP won't go to a thousand bucks it won't go to 500 or the same people that was saying it probably wouldn't go to four dollars overnight they probably would have bet you their life that it wouldn't go to four dollars I don't listen to no naysayers and this great wealth transfer in this asset class it's time to dream big this is huge this is huge guys we're talking about the tokenization of everything and matter of fact I've seen a really good article today I wish thought of I wish thought or shared it they were pretty much debating one and something I've been saying for a long time I think one thing is the XRP is going to be used for remittances but I also think it's going to be used for the tokenization of moving like tokenized real estates moving other other liquefied assets that's what I think I think we're just getting started as far as the opportunities and use cases they haven't thought of yet it's time to dream big big real big Peru crypto is here what upper row so shout out to Shaun Schaefer okay here it is right here now shout out to doc I did run into this right here guys his doc here shoutout to doc she actually tagged me shoutout to back up Brad comms actually God is on listen to this guy today Kevin cage that's Kevin cage is that Kevin cage is this the Kevin cage with a youtube channel let me have a youtube channel named Kevin cage you're finding mistaken former Bob just finished milking them cows uh-oh you got some ducks too and you got some ducks farmer Bob gang guru tell them again bro no doubt about that that's what I'm saying – Robert Holliday and one thing it bothers me is I'm gonna throw it out there it kills me when I see people that's in the XRP community doubting the potential of XRP I'm thinking like whoa like what's really your attention was it your attention to join the community but they the whole time like well we need to bring some reality some reality to this you guys are too height what it's like you're trying to steal my joy steal my excitement this is exciting times let the people be happy let the people dream I have a dream that one day XRP LRT put up a static good to see you bro yeah you got that right right there same thing yep Spanish Fly right on the money I'm short of BTC community heard all the prices that would never reach camo ammo what up camera man look good to see you bro see KJ it's about to be on like never seen before you got that right shout out the camel ammo bro you've been a star the last few days in a digital asset investors videos he was like this is camel ammo and he's having a margarita with a Corona in it damn camo you living a good life bro huh we're all a part of history tell him John yeah camera aim of the superstar we chose to go to the moon in this decade and we do the other things not because they are easy but because they are hard whoo Andy bringing that knowledge we chose to go to the moon in this decade and do the other things not because it's easy but because they are hard whoo guess what guys is the journey that creates a new person that creates that millionaire yes so anyway she Reshard ac3 nix uh so pretty much see through Nick if you don't know guys today was cue to ripple to cue to market reports are out actually see three NIC actually summarized it in a really good way so basically let me show you see three next quick summary and then we're gonna get into like the debate because also there's a debate side of it where people are like kind of like upset about a few things and then we got like the straight summary so I'll show you guys both both sides real quick crypto Chris what up Chris believe it or not guys I'm at Otis out there but if you would have told me box was having a soft launch and then if you went told me that SBI was semi alive and TD Ameritrade is live and everybody's live now I would swear we just saw that reflecting the market something something's going on something's just I don't know guys sometimes I'm telling you I think it's just unavoidable I think once that ball starts running out that cage ain't gonna bear to stop it that's what I'm thinking and I'm thinking any day of day that's my motto not know six months not know next year I'm guys I check my phone in the morning it's today the day that's how I feel yeah damn right okay so ripple cue to market reports now ripples sold 251 million XRP in q2 251 million dollars and substantially reduced in the future sales of XRP he linked the ripple insights link right in here future sales ripple plans to take more conservative approach to XRP sales in q3 as noted you can hear a pickle turning that water up pickle loves water he's a water dog pickles a lover not a fighter as noted the company switched benchmarks from CC TT and will target programmatic sales at ten basis points they're gonna go deep ripple has partnered with top digital asset brokers and use inventory to serve as backup for XRP liquidity this allowed OTC markets and liquidity providers whenever I think of this say the word liquidity the first thing I think of is love for crypto you know he says liquidity a shout-out to love for crypto liquidity providers the ability to source X Arpi even when institutional quantities of XRP were difficult to access so basically hello Lord this this right here McAfee arrested you guys were saying that last night McAfee is arrested McAfee is arrested so pretty much guys q2 reports Ripple's sold 251 million x RP and if you guys don't know I think x RP they released what a billion a month from escrow XRP pioneer yeah tell them Robert holiday that's exactly how I feel – guys there's actor like Robert holiday said it really could be anytime and wouldn't surprise me to grab my phone and see XR Peter couple bucks I wouldn't either I don't even know what you guys would do if XR people is at three bucks right now you guys probably dumped your ex RP and I wouldn't even see you guys tomorrow you probably be at the party somewhere huh I don't even know where y'all that's for sure so basically right here guys brag rolling house and this is the one that that kind of break you down oh yeah guys I don't really like this new Twitter update either but basically it kind of sucks because when I was on my profile page it was showed my banner real big which kind of was like good for this YouTube now it shows everything real small it's it's weird at first I thought maybe I did something wrong and just change my settings and so I seen raining tweet about it all coin Whisperer Oh Marcus here without mark good to see global assets mr. big man I like to welcome everybody to XRP after dark if you guys can please smash some thumbs up show some love hit that subscribe I will dump it 300 uh-oh sterling says he's holding I would guess we're gonna see guys no imagine say for example XRP shoots up to $3 right and all of a sudden we started having a pullback you see it going to $2.90 $2.80 2.70 sent and said to 60 to 50 to 40 next thing you know you you got all you guys gonna be hitting that sale like this sell sell sell sell I know what you guys gonna be doing what up oj Donnie Johnson I hope not God I mean you know maybe wanna get rid of a little bit but you know it really makes a big difference on you know do you want to get the Honda or do you want to get the Bentley and the nascent industry we need to be more transparent know this is big BG himself Brad Garlin house is spoken I never noticed that his first initials is at BG you guys noticed that at BJ it's a nascent industry we need to be transparent and urged others to do the same as a responsible stakeholder of XRP ripple is confronting this issue by updating the benchmark for market value in reducing future sales of XRP reducing future sales we need to get rid of that stuff now I'm just joking bora-bora all day long what up Patel so now what's interesting is XRP wolf crypto wolf I like to call this the wolf report no guys congratulations to extra I know you guys know crypto wolf guys I'm always referencing on the show he's also an ambassador for bitch room you know I like crypto well if he does really good research I think that he did his homework on bitch room if all goes well between XRP and BTR and my other hidden gem I just dropped a hidden gem video link in the description those three that that's four that's four to four options that's for vetting there's off this plans on top of players guys playing BCD we're gonna make it we gonna make it I need to live lush and lavish so I'll wait yeah you got that right Spanish so crypto wolf says hey BJ can you also convince coin market cap to correct the market cap for XRP because it's supposed to be a lot higher and that actually caught my attention right there so the guys are probably learning something maybe a lot of people might have knew this but I'm not really sure now that really caught my attention hey Brad growing house can you also convince coin market cap to correct a market cap of XRP because it's supposed to be a lot higher on Yahoo Finance the market cap for XRP is 31 billion but on coin market cap it is only 13 billion that's a huge difference so I was like hold up I was like what's going on here I was like now hold up so then what's the direction we're gonna go with this one right here I think it's gonna be okay okay so we're just gonna pick up from there Oh everybody's coming up with our game plan now I'm getting rid of 10% at 20k 10% at 30k and I'm also gonna put money in my die 5 and get 20% interest tell them art believe it or not guys I'm trying to tell you it once it takes off you better seriously think like reinvest like I don't know well you know it might not not the rim but maybe I'm more let me think I mean I was definitely hot on but I'm always still searching for like the next the next one too that's why I dropped that hidden gem video but I don't know I just really think over this next couple years I really think things are gonna get really interesting and as far as opportunities far as you know blockchain technology different programs other tokens that might come along that do really well you know and we're gonna witness at all and I'm gonna cover it all smash that subscribe hit that notification bell and you might not want to miss the hidden gem that when I release it so shout out to Nick so Nick stepped into right here now if you guys are familiar with Nick Nick works a triple so this is kind of amazing guys you know I love when people from ripple actually correspond with us on Twitter like Nick is always on Twitter talking you know Joe cats is always on Twitter now I did pull Nick up right here – guys this is Nick I'm probably gonna bash his last name Nick Bogle s huh are you guys familiar with Nick he's a cryptographic software engineer at Ripple entrepreneur consultant uh-oh ain't no telling what he goes into next you ever noticed all and this is why it's amazing all these companies like they got these guys that like work at the company but then they go into their own venture because they see the opportunity that's why I gots the word entrepreneur in there you're ain't no telling when he's already working on behind the scenes also know I got some vet and 8088 leave or not guys today could not be a better day to go shop in the last couple weeks have been amazing prices that's for sure vet what penny a TAS like half price what four or five cents six cent all good prices where's all my Vancouver people that what up one rough freaking good to see you bro I won't be able to sell anything two five eight nine I'm with you on that five eight nine all day matter of fact why was I just talking about the one guy he did a 589 video today that caught my attention he basically was talking about five eight nine and uh you know five eight nine never died five eight nine forever yeah okay so right here guys uh Nick said I think XR PL now what we're talking about is the different values x RP l org should attempt to have such metrics too but this is ripples reporting page so I expect that pie charts to remain my preference will be for third parties to start tracking and reporting this information perhaps even more granularly so he basically says that you know we need to come up with a way where they can work these metrics out and this is how new crypto is guys did they got different entities that's given us different numbers like welcome to the birth the birth of a new asset class they got different numbers one one in Yahoo one a triple one a coin market cap what's the real number well the real number please stand up huh you know what that means welcome to the to being a pioneer and the great wealth transfer shot out to xrp researcher he actually put some really good stuff on here so he says fair enough I would like to see that and he says how are you guys seeing your ripple participation contribution at XR PL do you guys have intention to remain relevant role as a community member yourselves and then Nick says of course we see ourselves as participants in the XR p ledger ecosystem and will continue to contribute as such so basically they're all this is amazing guys Nick is there Brad going houses tweeting Nick's backing it up crypto wolf is in there and they're trying to map out a game plan to get the correct numbers I really appreciate the ongoing efforts that you strategically applying towards achieving further development of decentralisation sadly there are sites like coin market cap who won't take information that was or originated a triple I'm eager to see this changing in the near future so if you'll actually go on this right here guys what he's done what he's gonna say is I don't know I guess coin market caps not reporting all the volumes from different parts of the world or something like that so that's what it's kind of going to go into you're gonna go into how coin market cap is not reflecting the actual point that the the volume of that the volume price of x RP John never said he got some I was like woah oh yeah guys a shout out to x RP Research Center to at x RP Center he does really good research also there it is the baddest merchandise thrown on the planet thank you so much Spanish Fly come on guys sell some love out there smash them thumbs up I use coin watch live know what I own coin watch live do they have the same numbers as Ripple Robert Holliday why they gotta hate on us that's what I'm saying – guys why I gotta hate on us this is crazy when you when you're great they hate when you're great they hate hey Brad growing house can you also convince coin market cap to correct the market cap for XRP because it's supposed to be a lot higher at Yahoo Finance the cap is 31 billion but on coin market cap it's only 13 billion that's a huge difference you got that right no I guess they're saying cryptic life already there's more there's a whole bunch of stuff in here but from my understanding coin market cap can't accept information from a third party so I could be wrong but I think coin market cap does get the information from ripple but Yahoo gets the information from ripple and a company in Korea or something they add the Korea site also which gives the value of 31 I think coin market cap only collects information just from the original originator so you can't have third party giving you estimates on their value because basically guys quit market caps trying to prevent fit false value and I think they're kinda being accused of false but I don't know it gets kind of sticky but like Scotty Olli is saying Peru so Spanish Fly saying they got live coin watch you guys can check that out shout out to Nick and guess what guys I'm a cryptographic software engineer at ripple and also we're hiring if you somebody don't go over here and get a job at ripple there's anybody in this room live in San Francisco and believe it or not guys I don't even think you have to live in San Francisco to get a job here you can live anywhere in the world actually if you got any kind of coding skills you can get a job here everything is you heard Bob Way said you only go in like what once a month twice a month you really I think what they said is every quarter you have a quota for so much to get done so if you want to go in every day you can go in if you want to stay home Bob Way was saying something like that Alex sheet is here X are people a Rico okay okay thank you Andy yeah that's what I read – okay that's another big debate right there Andy said Queen market cap doesn't include the escrow in the market cap so okay that's the big debate what people are upset about is ripple labs has XM on XRP and escrow and coin market cap doesn't want to add that because it's not in circulation so they said they feel that it can't be you can't estimate the value of it because it's not a circulation I guess so yeah thank you Andy I appreciate that Peru crypto Peru crypto you to me and bro Peru's on a mission to spread love XRP to the planet they say XVI's live right tene crypto 101 so this is it cute reports to guys you guys can link in the description or if you follow me on twitter guys I've been tweeting different angles of this all day ripples sold 251 million in q2 how much they sell in q1 Oh q1 169 ok q1 169 q2 251 they move in x RP what up Ripple rich good to see you my brother ripple riches here have no fear ripple riches here OSBI live in 10 minutes I'm with you on that and I don't care what nobody says guys as bullish as Catala is on XLR P half the stuff he said if I would repeat what he said as not repeating what he said and just saying it because I said it you guys would say I'm nuts Khatami said well originally I was I know he said by 2022 now he's saying by 2025 he wants XRP to be the global currency and XRP will be the global currency what else did he say he says every damn thing and I'm backing it all team crypto is here all XRP tokens have some value because they all exist unlike BTC Bitcoin that has not been mined yet oh I didn't think about that Rasul that's a really good point right there he says all XRP tokens have value because they all exist already they're in escrow so they exist so they have value BTC bitcoin that has not been mined yet has no value because it does not exist and what they're saying is the unlined bitcoin is already playing a factor in the price and it doesn't even exist yet that's a really good point rasul thank you my brother get out of here guys are you serious I see two different people so my extra people said SB I live in ten minutes now they're saying nine minutes like we're getting a countdown yeah they countdown please hit that like and subscribe thank you big time Peru I appreciate that bro mad my keys here now this is what I was talking about two guys right here I'm proud to announce no this is crypto wolf now you guys you always say this is the wolf report no crypto wolf does really good research you've seen digital asset investor shot about five thousand times I'm always talking about him back up back I'm just talking about him he says I'm proud to announce that I'm a bit true global ambassador thank you Chris Wang bicha was the best XR Peter base exchange with fifty XRP pairs I highly recommend signing up with my bit true link okay matter of fact you know what imma do you know what I'm gonna do if you haven't signed up for bid true yet guys use XRP crypto Wolf's bit true link that's crypto Wolf's bit true link right there guys he'll benefit from that teamwork makes the dream work damn right Kristen's days that's a good question for ripple rich ripple rich when SBI goes live can you give us a price prediction my brother hit that like and subscribe Perot you're on fire denied my brother that's what I'm talking about forest ever no really really quick guys you know crypto wolf he was on fire today I'll check this one out this is a real good one right here the XRP community and brick will have big BG bad Garlin house personally speaking to the US this is why I'm all about XRP it doesn't take a uh and doesn't take a rocket scientist to see what's going to happen here because I'm far from a rocket scientist the XRP community and rip will have big BG bad growing house personally speaking to the US Treasury Secretary of minuchin the White House the IMF the Federal Reserve central bank's and many organizations around the world so this is everybody that XRP has while Bitcoin community has Eric thinman speaking to Congress for a for BTC what who the hell's Eric Feynman oh I know this is oh my god you gotta be joking me no way today I briefed Congress when staffers on Bitcoin oh my god this is insane guys no I know he is like a little genius though yeah I mean he is smart what you nervous about Robert holiday I'll get back to what ripple would say about he said exit plan stand by okay yeah yeah I just bought 500 more ma new Chan my new chin my new chin now this guy right here guys I remember his face now that I look at him he's a little bit older now but he's the one from teenage Bitcoin millionaire or something he bought like a bunch of bitcoins when he was like 14 but this is who they got talking to them is him are you kidding me all the way guys we got IMF Stephen Muchin White House I am a Federal Reserve central bank's many more and they got Eric Feynman that was a good post right there wolf yeah yeah that's a while right there 8:54 in Tokyo Spanish law says 35 cent oh yeah big BG personally laying pipes around the world telling Robert that's me I really gonna live I see you guys gonna count down everything out there get out of here smash them thumbs up party people mad Mikey thank you mad Mikey hey they trippin okay so let me go over here what else he has something else up here real quick okay right here guys US Treasury Stephen Muchin thanks outlook for BTC is bleak they're actually flooding the market on BTC guys I'm going to show you a little bit about the minuchin family at the end here I want to do some research on this family and you'll be surprised you'll be surprised guys so I believe there's a lot of smoke and mirrors but don't get me wrong when it boils down so it XRP is the standard and will be the greatest but they are gonna position XRP as being the one don't get me wrong but behind the scenes these are some sneaky guys right here and I'll show you why we're going to make sure we have a unified approach and this is this is what this is all about we're here and this is why XRP is gonna be the one guys if you were to see my morning show this is exactly what I was talking about what a christine lagarde and uh mark carney at the at that on the morning video i showed you the conference they were at what they were talking about where China Korea and Japan cannot be on separate pages there's no way we can have three separate payment systems and he's echoing that right here again we are going to make sure we have a unified approach there are going to be more regulations that come from all these agencies and what they're saying is you better get on board tell them XRP crypto bill the bridge asks that baby XRP does standard the only one working with the executive order the only one called out by the White House executive order the only one that you can tie back to Steve Muchin financial stability Oversight Council come on now down the rabbit hole we go tell them that Mikey all day long US Treasury secretary you knew you know what's even more crazy guys this it's amazing how many videos I've done on this guy before he became popular and we've been living down the rabbit hole here guys you guys better have your ducks in order that's for sure what else we got oh yeah South Korean president moon says that regulators are regulatory innovation in regards to blockchain is a question of survival like this ain't even debatable no more as if we're going to adopt its adopt or die yeah huh the prophecy is almost fulfilled I like the way that sounds because believe it or not guys it's you know ripple has so many partners and talking to so many people it could be 10 foil hat it could be but I'm looking at it like opportunity x goldman sachs minuchin more than you guys real Scott Elliot wait till I pulled up the minuchin family we're talking about their own goldman sachs we're talking about the biggest banking family in history they know all about manipulation you know all about smoke and mirrors president moon I can't believe that I remember the first time Trump tweeted I'm on my way to see president moon and couriers I was like is this real I could not believe it South Korean president moon says that regulatory innovation is a must for survival great man reporting for duties Ben Jones good to see you my brother welcome so it begins Robert holiday right on the money and there's one more on here Indian Supreme Court sets new date for July 25th to hear a cryptocurrency case guys you noticed the one countries that got the biggest the countries that got the biggest remittance market and in the country that has the biggest economy both don't want crypto and that kind of weird Indians you know India has the largest remittance market and they're talking about over being and crypto you know they're not being crypto and China has the largest mining and ethers in a mining of chunk of Bitcoin and ether and over being in crypto the two countries that control crypto are saying or banning crypto I come on guys smoke and mirrors big-time John Edwards is here and guys guess what and I tell you've seen the video we did yesterday which I tie it to India the USA and India that cast this initiative nail ties to the bit license office there's so much going on I'm telling you FOMO like you have no tomorrow FOMO and crypto is not a foe moaning XRP is not a bad thing foe moment and XRP is a good thing don't FOMO like me I'm not a fighter okay let's move on now you guys are nuts so mo FOMO tell them Chicago yeah matter of fact somebody actually go to one of my facebook on my video or something doctor FOMO Oh FOMO is here have no fear yeah Craig we just covered the queue to report in the fake market value from coin market cap and all that I kind of really liked it this right here guys and this is massive this is like my selling point now you know before if I run into people and I didn't really have a good selling point to try to explain what ripple was or what crypto was this is my selling point right here now this is my whole new scenario Ripple rich thank you so much my brother you are the man dude CRO appears to be working as a positive indicator just saying been on so far love y'all fan Ripple rich thank you so much bro I really really appreciate that CRO appears to be working as a positive indicator CRO what's that CRO what is CRO CRO appears to be working I hope it's not something really simple and I'm messing it up boom boom 9 a.m. in Tokyo o XRP Chicago says I love you back ripple wrench that's what I'm talking about right there it's all love family it's a family affair that's for sure thank you so much Ripple rich that's what it's all about right there that's positivity that's what I'm talking about you made my night with that Chicago that's for sure are we going to be ripple rich that's for sure as XRP going to the moon that's for sure are we reaching that financial freedom that's for sure okay guys shout out to crypto penny the initial term with money Graham is only two years the focus will be on X rapid how soon within those 24 months do you think ripple and MoneyGram are going to want to get that train moving think about it guys like they're saying there's a 24 month initiative and this is massive if you can go to Walmart now and you see Walmart – what our money Graham I think X rapid you can tell your neighbor you coworker your friend do you know MoneyGram and they're gonna say yes well guess what MoneyGram just signed to deal with ripple and they're gonna utilize the greatest digital asset ever created XRP and guess what they're three for a dollar what no way where can I get that XRP you got any more of that XRP just think about that guys that's insane that's insane and MoneyGram is like one of the one of the largest remittance companies in the world huh Brad darling I was told you remember when Big B G said hey guys we got three out of five of the largest money provide up remittances markets in the world and you thought he was lying to you now Big B G don't got a lie huh I had a dream last night xrp was 58 dollars telling Sally mr. wendal ckj Mike whose cheesy hair says it three times Mike who's Tina what's that your hair XRP Chicago I told you so party when it moons damn right great coin going live the great coin party noticing q2 announced I agreed to enter into a strategic partnership with MoneyGram one of the world's largest money transfer companies the company operates a 600 billion global remittance market imagine that imagine them XRP is moving that kind of money whoa what do you think that's gonna do through this partnership which will have an initial term of two years Ripple would become money Gramsci partner for cross-border foreign exchange settlement oh my god wait until they see what that exchange can do way to this di XRP converts them currencies we're not even talking we're not even talking about real-time settlements let's talk about that in currency swap that's gonna do that's gonna make them fall out yeah that's gonna make them fall out and wait until they hear is free what it's free it converts currency and it's real time damn what you're talking about somebody wake me up oh we were joking in the chat about grapes okay I guess something's going on are seeing grapes and then grapes going live something the thing is guys are so hard to really read the chat from this side you can kind of see like a comment here and there you guys are nuts this is guys this is XRP after dark this is what we do I like to welcome everybody the XRP after dark we do this show every single night at 7:00 p.m. est smash them thumbs up we laugh we joke we have fun here it is right here guys raised in space dress them up I gotta come Oh some kind of timer thing raised in space here it is right here guys big time this is this is a massive initiative this is something else matter of fact where I said hey guys this is Scooter Braun Brad Garlin house this iniciative right here is massive this as big as the Federal Reserve I believe I believe this is big as the Federal Reserve relationship I know you guys are Sandy's crazy there you go see KJ's being crazy again well guess what guys you got to have a big damn imagination because this is the new asset class and this is Scooter Braun ariana grande a hundred million followers on Twitter if she says you know it's all about stars and promoting and advertising and Michael Jordan and Matthew McConaughey with Lincoln and you know you know what people would do if Justin Bieber came out and said XRP baby or ariana grande says XRP baby what everybody I have to have a certain that says XRP baby not alone own XRP what I need that money today 1911 so yeah guys this this is I'm telling you we're gonna have watch next year I'll be like guys remember last year when I was saying about this raised in space but check this out right here now this is Scooter Braun raised in space signed at Dillard spring now look at what they post it right here no this is kind of strange Freddie Mercury was definitely raised in space check out our zero-gravity visual series for music legends who transform the industry well we're very transform the industry so but basically guys raised in space scooter bar initiative they're referring to queen don't stop me now and there's a rocket right there and there's the there's a plan and we're going through the moon come on now yeah the global standard telomere east of peru crypt that was on 420 cloud 420 x RP since birth you guys are nuts huh yeah freddie was the great great user and he loved it he but he was bust he loved busting grapes matter of fact there was not a better great bustard at freddie mercury oh no anyway so guys so anyway guys that's crazy that's raised in space freddie mercury here goes brad Garlin house you guys know they came out with two don't stop me now and now ripples referencing Queen come on now and I remember when I remember when uh when they the cute what was it uh the ripple drop remember when the ripple drop came out bearable guy dropped at fireplace and they're like a to like a week later like two weeks later ripple drop came out showing the same fireplace and Twitter went nuts everybody was like whoa what's going on here and it was so huge that the guy from ripple drop actually put out a statement they say that it wasn't connected to bearable guy but when he put this statement out saying it wasn't connected to bearable guy I was like hold on I think it's connected to bearable guy because if it wasn't you wouldn't even have to deny it like why was you really confront a lie I don't know it's kind of weird okay get out of here Andy if anybody would know you wouldn't know bro okay so I'm glad you asked yeah I'm glad you asked so this would make sense okay raised in space right here guys this is here's Brad Garlin house right here there's Brad growing house here in Scooter Braun now spring signed a deal with Scooter Braun SP projects in spring Scooter Braun says he's gonna get artists industry to start utilizing XRP and he's gonna start paying his artists in XRP I'm telling you guys these artists and these music people are gonna start XRP he's also kanye west's manager were ties to Kanye West Scooter Braun Ludacris all them now raised in space is the company they bought scooter bronzes teamed with another record producer guy and they teamed up and they called a company raised in space so and it also taught there it is raised in space Brad growing house and guess what because it means we're time to go to space foam of telling / oh come on and do you know everything bro are you playing with me are you just trying to give me a quiz huh weird I've been living under the rock when's that news come out oh lordy I don't know that's what I'm saying that's another thing that's kind of flying into the radar that whole Scooter Braun thing is flying the radar is not really getting the attention what's crazy sometimes the biggest news doesn't get the attention that it deserves like the biggest new it was an article like a couple days ago that was huge the biggest news do not get the attention so like a year later same thing with the Stephen mutes and stuff when I was like Stephen mutants this this that nobody was like you know Stephen mutant and now sudden I was like Oh Stephen mutant minuchin crypto new crypto rules likely will come from the US agency but Newton says whoa guess what guys we run this now I'm just joking but yeah we do the USA guys runs the camp runs the world new crypto rules likely to come from the US basically regulation here is slow as molasses that's all I got to say but this is kind of good because new crypto rules coming from the US where the only rules coming out of the u.s. is the executive order 1/3 772 that Donald Trump signed and minuchin wrote and it calls out ripple by name number one in Tokyo stop playing don't tell me they're bum-rushing the banks they're bum-rushing they're bum-rushing SBI right now in Tokyo as we speak matter of fact you guys seen it of the footage on Twitter for the running around with a little mask on the sticks and stuff like they're pissed at everybody yeah their life right now everybody's storming the banks my phone just alerted huh there's a massive withdrawal in the market people are cashing out yep no I'm just playing I think it is live though Plus gates new crypto rules likely to come from the US executive order all day long he said hopefully it's not like the Tron office shut out the weed say win guys the new XR all it I did get XR piece sent to my tip bought today I couldn't use the X address because we say when told me that the exchanges have to implement the X address first the new address format starting with an X so we can't utilize that yet yes it is we live like that Tron stuff is killing me it's all green get out of here guys get out of here the market turn greens right now I'm gonna if the market is completely green I'm gonna have to say my stream is attached to the green stream of the market because that would be too much of a coincidence guys the market is completely green I'm not even exaggerating we are green it's party time I'm not even exaggerating it's party time goodness huh now who says that they can't they won't or they can't FOMO who says they can today won't FOMO you see we don't like the Marcus green that like Energy Russia gives you all of a sudden and that's why they call it the emotions of investing because as soon as you see all green you're like oh and then guess what as soon as the market starts going down you're like damn it guys huh I go to work tomorrow this damn job my boss i'ma strangle huh that's what I think it is Chicago tell them one more time bro guys the market is directly connected to XRP after dark in the XRP community no doubt about it when we came in here bitcoin was red I'll show you guys I'll show you I'll show you ten cents in ten now you know I was like the rest of the market was semi green but bitcoin was red now that bitcoins pumping it's time for the market to pump pump time pump pump pump it up that's right it's green on my phone right here how come I I'm looking at corn market cap on my phone I'm looking at corn market cap on my phone and they're showing green here that's up 0.82% well I'm here showing red I don't understand that I've never seen that happen what up cat loves dogs so X RP is up 2% right now litecoin 4% well not really worry about the rest right now I'm worried about XRP task force or x RP you know me no guys really really quick what up Terrence Brown I think I had a shutout for you yup huge shot out to tears Ambro thank you so much for that on the on the morning stream I really appreciate your support in the stream so I altered and occasion on crypto Terence Brown and class bonus Peru crypto thank you so much for ro and guys please follow Peru on Twitter or YouTube / oh you got the link for your channel and guys who sought out the CSI Simon RJ Rex Darby and BC matrix they all subscribe to the back up YouTube channel today and guys I did drop a link right here on a hidden gem video and I highly recommend you guys watching it right here this top one right here you might want to check that video out guys and and when you get over there please hit that link and subscribe to the back up youtube channel you never know on that channel I'm pretty much gonna drop hidden gems projects that's not that popular but let's just say ckj is on the search for the hidden gems I'm looking for them projects that are at the birth where you can get them for a penny huh and they're gonna do the same thing link just did link one from what five cents to two dollars I would be happy with Maddie going to two dollars what's two dollars penspinners okay so guys here's Steven minuchin right well this is Steven man Newton's dad don't order some merchandise one my freaking all you the man bro Missy kj1 ruff freaking says he was just in your merch store he said he likes your products yeah yeah yeah Missy KJ's been working hard lately all Thank You cat loves dogs great vid on the ckj hidden gem yeah guys I'm trying to tell you like it says XRP after dark but I would seriously take a look at that hidden gem video I did I really really did there's some major connections with that project guys now and there's some major connections with that project so definitely check it out that's for sure I signed up for the ckj hidden gym today cam USA thank you so much I really appreciate that no here's Steven minutest dad right here guys he's an American art dealer and former banker birds of a feather flock together he's the founder of minuchin gallery he is the father of Steven Newton who is the United States secretary but if you guys go in here his occupation is the Goldman Sachs partner he's the partner at Goldman Sachs he doesn't work there Stephen minuchin is dead is the partner at Goldman Sachs you guys know who Goldman Sachs are right they just paid 400 million dollars for felonious a crypto currency exchange huh and guess what he has five brothers also and they're all bankers and they all work at Goldman Sachs huh this is a bacon affair and it was founded guys there's so much smoking mirrors here and his dad's worth like eighty million dollars how do you think they made that much money not by telling you what their game plan is they're they made that much money by telling you what hand sees don't work this the right hands doing which is doing nothing but the whole time they're working this hand on you how's that how's that go Oh Josh you seen that video bro yeah you gotta check that video out guys it's huge it's huge I'm telling you you're gonna see matter of fact let me go over here I normally say this for the Morning Show but let me look lordy yeah big-time baking family guys follow the money all day a career Oh check this out guys look at this this even goes deeper I never noticed this either he graduated from Yale his father graduated from Yale too well guess what Steven Mutants graduated from Yale Steve a mutants of the Skull and Bones member you know I know you guys heard of skull and bones if you guys want to go tinfoil hat Skull and Bones is like the secret society at Yale where you gotta go to Yale you gotta be an elite you gotta be rich and guess what Yale endowment just invested into grayscale why do you think Yale endowment invested it into grayscale do you think Gale and down it's gonna lose money well let me tell you something after graduating from Yale we're talking Stephon Newton's dad Steve minuchin who also graduated from Yale do you think they're gonna make a bad investment decision I don't think so do you think they know something well let's check his pork let's check his portfolio how much is they worth I think I'm gonna follow the money on this one guys damn right after graduating from Yale he joined Goldman Sachs staying there for 33 years minuchin was named the general partner in 1967 whoo matter of fact they laid the bricks for real heading the trading and arbitrage division he and his coworker Glenn co-worker Goldman developed the Goldman block trading business and ran the firm's equity division until his retirement in 1990 his final year before retirement he earned eight million dollars how the hell can you earn eight million dollars by working out a bank how the hell can someone earn eight million dollars in one year is that even like that's insane that's one thing that really blows me away guys is like people that get jobs in places and you make eight million dollars in one year you probably didn't even need a shower after work one time huh you probably didn't even sweat are you kidding me you never noticed the job you were is the hardest job you're sweating you're busting your butt you go home you dirty you need a shower you're making like nothing then if you're making eight million dollars a year you're getting fitted suits driving a Bentley the hell man it's a messed up crazy world and that's why I welcome to the great wealth transfer we're tired and this is why crypto is gonna be successful own the bank damn right and guess what guys really really quick I'm not gonna go through the whole thing I already read it he has five brothers and all of them work the goldman sachs all of them they're all at goldman sachs it's a Goldman family knew Newton's first wife had two children Allen Muchin was the vice president at Goldman Sachs what I'm telling you his whole family is sex and guess what trumps whole cabinet is Goldman Sachs that's what I'm saying guys there's something massive going on behind the scenes his son Steven mutant also became a banker at Goldman Sachs huh are you trying to tell me they don't know what's about to happen and uh yeah basically guys they're all they're all they're all Goldman Sachs all the brothers all five of them make it even worse stayed in Hollywood – Steve Minuten used to be a director and all kind of stuff guys Sony yeah that's crazy his father's from Goldman Sachs his brothers from Goldman Sachs and Steven Newton himself from Goldman Sachs his dad graduated from Yale and Steven Muchin graduated from Yale and Yale just put three hundred fifty million dollars in cryptocurrency they know what's about to happen it's about to be massive yeah that's one thing I don't understand either is why do they bring in like Goldman Sachs guys to like run the world that's kind of like really weird it's like it's really like a it's it's almost like a who you know kind of scenario and that's why we've been digging real deep guys and following the money because uh we clearly see and I really think like with everything going on with China and Bitcoin I think Bitcoin will do well if our store value but I don't think Bitcoin is gonna be the chosen one I think XRP is the chosen digital asset and that's because of this right here of executive order no doubt about it I think XRP is their answer to Bitcoin that's what I think from all the research I've done Ross press X RP is unstoppable you got that right by XR damn time flys guys I did not realize what time it was holy moly okay I'm going to put a clock right there I got to break this show down to like an hour where we're out of here like it at least by 8:10 what time is it time before line XRP is the chosen one that's for sure it counts I was watching that video last night unfortunately us I said XRP and that's what it'll be I'm with you on that all the way guys as far as XRP being regulated register with Vincent you know then the Treasury came out said they're backing fencing's original guidelines for cryptocurrency vincennes a resident like x RP is the only one is registered with Vincent right and just being an executive it's just too much pointing to X R P that's for sure it's been night time flies please smash that thumbs up and subscribe on the way out the door guys don't stop me now XR p is going to the moon let's see if the market well yeah it's actually why the show unread up there I'm telling you on my phone I'll refresh it though if I go back and then go back in yeah everything he's showing green on my phone it's even showing more now it's 0.76% that's kind of strange yeah it's got le guys thank you so much please smash them thumbs up we do the show every single night at 7 p.m. xrp after dark with ckj and the XRP community and we also do start your day with ckj hold on we do start your day with dr. FOMO at 11:30 a.m. oh thank you so much burnt coffee I appreciate that please smash some thumbs up hit that subscribe and I will see you guys bright and early in the a.m. Oh coin base is all green I think you can't go wrong with coin based coins that's a whole nother story let me see our four point base up okay yeah you're right yeah you're right bitcoins green Bitcoin cash Green ethereum green light coin 0x stellar XRP everything's green link I took real alright xrp Chicago BC guys thank you guys so much for the love and support it means the world to me shout out the Alex G you're the man bro Robert holiday John Edwards they talk about things like the quited say guys thank you guys so much I'll see you guys bright and early in the a.m.

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