20 thoughts on “XRP Moonshot 4 Days Away? And Ripple / ECB”

  1. XRP Technology Is More Exciting Then The Intrnt Itself, When Its All Said & Done, And The People Realize What XRP Is, It Will Be All Over, New Billionaires Will Be Born!!!!

  2. I watched the “Dave video” on Twitter and immediately recognized him from FB. He does Barstool Pizza reviews and is pretty well known in pizza world. He’s very funny.

  3. Here's the thing about the Golden Cross….the individual coin markets are developed enough to uniquely chart. Sooooo….Just about every major coin had a "golden cross". I'm not saying this isn't a good sign, but I am saying it's not unique to XRP. it's more indicative of the entire market bench-marked on BTC.

  4. One coin to rule them all, one coin to find them. One coin to bridge them all, and on the ledgers bind them. XRP

  5. Excellent cap'n. Yes Alex is a prince! He is fearless in his pursuit of knowledge. Watch him in years to come.

    Thank you sir!

  6. Love the vids, may I suggest you take a minute to clear you throat before starting your vids, also any chance you can shorten then to nearer 10 mins, some of us work long hours and time is short of an evening and your 3 vids take up 45mins, there others to watch and Twitter to check as well, not enough hours in the day

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