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a rate we’re live 1212 to live and at the bank, now let’s see
what it looks like spring ticketless to a pup A assign a keeper real taken that eyes trained on
Monday at all, whenever a lie,
try the summit blood flowed when
was thinking and dislike test out the spot that it needed many of them
would be kicked off the air now are dated off in the next 5
minutes and sit and be
terminated and today the end of
the show as a done it yet, I made a bigger and then
up and then rain rates took over
the entire screen and and then as light up my rain , Allison nine kirsch I just
literally minister or live
stream and and then another
lives for its like that and up are going recalled from
lives to go live stream to a a a hit and rain a acid rain to see a renewed to a a a lot of up to hit it,
man it’s not it’s not perfect but
it’s but it’s going on next up, and I can that’s a prom ago
as II lost the wind died well I
lost the windows away we know
I’m looking for a one and on I
can , and let me play with all make
your windows bigger M and Koll, that’s my fault and a
second and got some meals streaming in
your and got my MIC all of this
August as stop is still going
rate of a now’s it still echoing among a a new loan loan ago and took a cock a one and automatic cuts has jacked up
too much to me turning a night
at the desktop audio down and
turn you down and did I needed it and title of my video capture
device these be muted , now I’ve got ship of god rain and I got me , and IE a gutsy as my headset
so and becoming across anywhere
else and future I’m it’ll love my am I a dream
signal through a B.S. is a
fluctuating on ounce freeze
solid tell you guys do that than
my check a check , K, you’re the echo Tate, gray and worries and we’ll Tennessee tips a coin to tastes , added there’s a lion, and I’m
checking to see where I need to
adjust to the wall Karst elm on the 50 our line of , and checking it out soft time to figure out where you
guys might be given the feedback
so are you guys have that sat on a KM and it’s an OB as a figure the
am looking for the filters , no on monitor and you guys in
its echo in my years of the of a now are good city of and so everybody’s got is no
echoing excel from my an all in ISUMS alone tall, cool and the guys can see many ways it, notes back tears lay that
goes back , I’m not echoing are you guys
are echoed , Dick A I changed a, and it’s all good again and remind its good
Yeah, of a of chain and as a lot of names of never seen
before and never seen Greece why
it Mac 314 tain em, awesome and I’m just glad to see
everybody coming in and chatting
and it’s possible to know if you
guys above scribe of foreign you want watch
videos of a B and it’s good to
see people they’d never seen
before in a live chat as always people and live chats
don’t talk or a Texan one ever so it’s
awesome a showplace gates and stories dogs get ready to
attack up up up to it as an adult and Oksana sleep
another up at a toe echo sounds like great
shipper in a tunnel would know
echo was a deer and that all and
sorry and shame them showing them
appreciate them and always
listen and always on that’s
great nuts it’s fantastic that people
on we’re actually, we’re a
eyestrain earlier than we’re on
the a train show , got auburn rain on my right , excerpt E, led , so we decided to tribal this
all together in and nine
everything pressed earlier a lid
on your wanna see we can pull
off EL and triple a stream here and
apparently we pulled it off so
it’s awesome a great toe , realizes and night are a , I have yet ,, 8:00 AM stream tomorrow and on a sun will be waking up
to five and more and Tad echoes back and won on its
back and then you might be the of the
NOBSC me it were all CB are out a ruins and you’re hanging out
with those the guys are at one I’m not at:
I can’t figure out why does be
echoing the am checking my speed test inherent zone would be good so long on
streaming down a 27 MB renowned
to oh but I’m getting a little
bit of delay on the OB S , this is too much fun , 179 and sub 179 Kevin it think base book plans will
read excerpt the , I do not actually it and you
know there’s been so much talk
about other face book global: my
son article the excerpt the
kille up base book is gonna be
utilized or I grow payments
within the pace book or old eye
in terms of an ever those of whenever the
product might be that’s being
transacted on an excerpt he’s
been utilized and cross border
payment ticket Stanford back tack and Richter, one , of turning down the audio intern
and audio and top that it be the lag is a little bit
keeps of kicking and every so
often and drop 1264 frames and a law that’s bad to up of time looking on time to figure out on sky as
it’s probably am I gonna turn
down the audience, admitting it limits , here we go zig of the word is
a C , turned you guys off again. Citibank, of a now us are getting feedback
and echo L tem going through I’m going to
the audio settings ons tight and
is only one for some were
knocking the feedback I’ve tried
check am in the eye seems to be finds
OM 9:00 AM I getting it going
and audio video and loan study someone as audio video , medically just microphone
setting speakers are turned down
on mute for incoming calls anno , some things sometimes causing
the audio to kick up on my MIC
fell , should I shot the desktop
audio often , and that’s a 19 , I don’t have Adobe is so a and there’s no way to get rid
of it in your home EC and looks like it’s
trying to bleed com getting some
fan noise and my my array and say it’s a while we got here and one
just hanging out the properties , the fall used time stamp , system: EL regions properties,
at the monitor when you guys and
see what’s going on but should say something to say something to all maybe that’s only turn
you off cases something should , should be a column that’s what I was taught eyed and I can hear both
you guys all that’s crazy can
everybody here in to their egos see that comment that sell works in word and
wounds are audience, chipper you are in India and you want chip tech support to a 1800 chips and chip tech support a ice and ice array tall, to a of a year will reach a new one stage fright and a lot of talk a minute when a real intro a light, an aide and were alive to a tape
of a hit and a welcome everybody to the
of a chip and rain show a a a a tough to pop up to NRA we got to and got the a tinge and some people in your hangout
was an open door nonsense that put this endeavor where
it’s passed as my bedtime an entire that whose idea was
this day let’s try to sell me
see if we get the stream working up a restraining until 8:00 AM or not given up to see only people in the unwritten skid everybody on your way or to have a awesome and SP what’s up Friday night fun and gladden but
everybody’s here hanging out
with us and nine afraid as this but is there any
way of turning up the volume to
chip in rates go up up and at
that whites are the guys down so site so I can turn you love now on, Mi altogether you and you did a new to them all
together and we’ll really want
him to real and I’m an Atty.
guys up to a test 1212 tests and astute CL testes , the levels are good for levels
are good allows are solid finely
only took a slight 20 minutes to
get to this point Allison is in of Turkey way and last in attend a detox and
Turkey to the top of it at one to if of a company excerpt he can fit into
a testing and it a to a lot of to a to a SC up up up up up up to it a lot of it loaned to half of it to a N then to the collection test after
midnight shop is like the late
late show up up up a hit and a sales 12123 to have a hit testicles 12123 , got an item it’s right light on a topic Taiwan, what’s the
topic and it’s a topic of Mia to a tough and all I think I think you
bring up a good point with the
antitrust , lawsuit to the government’s
going to the initiate against an
ace book against Amazon Amazon
cool apple to come in after
everyb and weather is it you know
coming from as a bipartisan
effort is a coming from the
democrats as if a deep state
initiative to up because you know that if they
allow after them for antitrust
violation or an ever like being
the one to break them up its
that t effective face book is rolling
out there there: it is a
completely separate issue , but not a mere , Eric of up to and of a hit an unthinking, they can it a pop up a hit of it yet it
will forge only tennis is it
sends so that’s a M a I 10 when a city like this to a it’s possible a minute tech another relationship with
Amazon toe FedEx is no longer
delivering overnight deliveries
for offer Amazon and I miss the part that Amazon two on their own loya and we were and the white ones to unsure what think I think
Amazon you know the dismay that
big announcement that everybody
prime is not qualified for next
aid to know the unit not in
everything it and it just shows up in writing the and said it which one , Judy Davis in that stadium
it’s crazy weather as in Hollywood Florida mail to a it to really care honestly a a a
love, care and its old NASCAR exhibits , goods cars eli’s the browns and we did get a work in it and say to stay alive in a
and their and when I start this to a thought a idea of love in there
that bore you went to the bar
there I and you know you know they don’t
have a cedar all school to tell it’s very
bizarre the blue anchor then the blanket
love the place they like the place to get a
good chicken curry over the lion that blew a pair and then on where to go once
keep doing this and all the way to 02 a day of a long and it so far so bart’s time did
it or all sitting here watching
if all we really no one watching
to it Copacabana if it’s gone now take obo that will blink of an it a lot that was a doe was
overrun 17 straight days to be
overrun up as U.S. one 17th
right it to a a a lot of it and that it has a bit its that’s not there anymore and overtime have fun and enjoy it sells and one day a file tax of the olivewood dozen
in a live in Hollywood as an hash mail North Carolina
local one , telling and up a hit at a rate change it
from a a a it up a tip of a a a a a 730 fives and Aussie bits and goods its Florida in general a popup
and that it allowed in general was hot as young as it is ridding the chat to a and a Ajax one of no and as anybody was as anybody
away blows up to and I lie awake, my still up its
almost 1:00 and as I watch wrong is also 1:00 sure , we’re we’re going to want to
to make it to one to go past one and at the cinema N that EL to a to a 10:00 AM and was up and a crypto crazy to a a a a a diskette to it as no reason hours and a
stop, 7 hours away was with us
was with us and hours to to have a to a its that’s that’s going on here already doesn’t have any excuses
only liked 6:00 PM wear with
times of tight 9:00 10:00 it’s almost 10:00 and o’clock 10 then it’s so early and Oman , U.S. Coast U.S. Coast people all 40 , jovial sacks in Calgary terrace Calgary and to and jovial as all away from
Calgary are as calvary and calvary west on the way to Vancouver to accuse of of of of of it,
goodness tour of a a a S ,, you end up as one of those when M’s
on the late night show of biz the late late show it to its an action ever gets warm and
Canada and 36° or their it to a up in the three stages of a
pop and Lorenzo it’s up to let say when digitally
buffaloed and that’s the one ago that all you know California Buffalo,
flown M and all II live in Thailand and
circus role toy of the Orangemen as a KM , was doing time in upstate New
York up and it and then I do travel
back and I was in Detroit four
of a lead in years , as long as long in Detroit and
then nine to four years would have enough
for me house plan been there two
years and I got sucked and and which one that’s where did
you work in Sterling Heights where where was it , you’re down alike to your on
nine it to a body of a name I live like 88 in mound
are a 10 to Omer Dunn there an Oregon man
of the amount of it a lot of a hiccup listed and
hips gifted sentiment shifted
the spit up of a hit that but
it’s great and often launch a
bill t , like the that’s funny up up up
up up up up up up and up up up up a test of a hit ball that’s
awesome and I love that one fifth of the bit of a aide to
have a legit reject told a Judge Everett Jovi and
George ever told you to reject a
a a a a hit that, much to get it
shifted into the chipset, gent to take up to , if it has a lot of it has to have a up of a hit the east as Edward Weil it’s funny you don’t always
gets me and Detroit is when
you’re driving up ice 75 and up and exit 69 is big beaver and its ads exit 69 rating guide offer the big
beaver of the top of that an exit nuance great to have to do it and we’ll wait
a little it’s all areas so what
you’re were you there , right up to so say you left zia left the
year before I move it to have a lot of a it today as baby Vegas to if if the and city got it to the age of the
john to have stays and corbel innovative and fairly some nice all some awesome to have fares as low as long as you say
with conviction that it’s true the hope of a tough to have a and has to be true snubbed and then that eric’s over in phoenix
suns 94 were there you go you
guys are all said on the West
Coast and is only up up phone so only
three days to get the venues as
a bed three days away from
various up a bit of that to a a a hit loans than one tooth to have common if she lived to half as a possible to take a as a Soviet navy said its formal
idea to hit it to suite , some tough , it’s pretty fun in those
particular C Thompson wrote to the to thought as all over the place
use of anno alike the front row
the best because you get you
know again to see everybody up
the kids to have a it to it and it has a half to it that could go up and then off all of a wonder how many subscribers in
a loose from this a strict up a and take up and go to more
morning tea and down one and if the fund and if that’s mine today it a special are coming up to
that 1:00 and the pledges let you guys
chat and I just leave the stream
goal and let you guys go and of up to a and to and set to it of a tip from the
beginning, begin into the hands
of up to a hit it and get it had to add my head was only
as whittle’s I think it’s good
to have it , it is as pariahs and an it to a tough if it a real and to the and good but now there we go at
least now we’ve kind of love and
tear it out the entire slot and
we’ve checked a 7:00 PM the
ADM-9:0 and to all be having a world of
1:00 AM is and what the hell
that says started at nine but it all some of its do the right and it up up up up up up up and talk of it live and at 3 minutes and some I’d say what’s yours a a a a a a a to a genetic in my subway cap
and is in a mix of the of the
order of the streams and ice to have a aura of a new, a test SSS and up up up up and at that I
turn on item on the echo to have
to make believe the icon of
nowhere and drive people out of
the r and I tossed around , the that I got it but faded
out and it’s the chipset , tips as a chipped and tip of
the chipset coach and tips to calm any tips can it shipped if
tip of a tip chip could ship
tips to to ship of a , Kari and it, flight and then whose , Tuttle did I have of it jungle on Skyview can call in column end of the string , you call a man and Lisa bike
and Andy I’m an a might be able to talk to homeowners and as phone to try to reopen scary thing and you know and I need of I need
jungles a sky it’s 1:00 run into the computer as a little today there it a little background music and
everybody laughed, is awesome leave me here to entertain the
people all right hydration and I’d rate and buddy
run to the bathroom do with the
Gotta do to be a jungle on here in a
minute to haul by myself and winding down as, cool actually you think
about to be able to get everybody on , and really got some things
that we’re working on the right at the computer, to be over ADM,
and that all the route hello to
one at you and tell what’s mine and all medium you might am away and I knew that I need to
call you Alway to me of the jungle just a view from AR and the ADM and then of other your article on it, the Jews senator all and
a second , new minute I’m trying to get back, get back
to my regular sky L , the theory that sell their real car and their real touch of light cool, added you
and them a child and you’re not , and a second day and a second and a real areas and areas, in a given a second and now none of the NHL yet use
lay on the sky and on a 90
minute and mature a again open seas on EL Arenas and a second eyes and a real Ira jungle you’d own a real check it out there ago and we try to balance is out of , and all know a result terry’s up to Brady bunch check to real , and the drake and gonna get back and get
something today that office of a a a hit me ready to
go be right back and , of automated back on your wares of an era to get up for a second the real not always there and everybody , and to all its collection as the aisle replay of the news to a a a a a a a up and says
that he and system and I reply and up so to a a it often is both as the
111 version of the Taiwan to let it should I change it up a
little bit now to up to a decade now so I made
it you know it’s it’s
interesting so and in their response back and
we’re going into, to dynamics right now of a fact
that the Sherman eder is say is
really serving as a
counterbalance to the token
taxonomy acts of Annie, and I are dual currency
billing from a Congress to oh
now there ramping up their
efforts, within a worn
davidson’s office to lay as much as they can do is
to wide get token taxonomy act
passed another few dynamics and
we talked about a few weeks ago , it the fact that Maxine waters and a couple requirements in
order to push back token
taxonomy act through so , Maxine waters as agreed in
principle of to see token
taxonomy at pass over to
Congress that committee, but
there were two hurd of the tax component that means
you know that that are realized
gain of $600 of wade of the wave
tax and once that removed, and and that’s, where Don Imus
office came in and out, all were
we’re seeing, and davidson’s
office is that they be doing
significan an ever all looking up, out in
California so well yet on
California so , so I think that’s the name
that’s not it will look to be
the way is up is not on the
Financial Services committee,
trying to a now swallow well we’re so now
they’re up against up against
the clock and the because a
Sherman eder is trying to
introduce a co , the Sherman eder and now it’s
the Sherman Anders, Mana zone
and if he gets cosponsored and
he gets to but if he gets cosponsors of
data did is bill legs meaning
the anti crypto currency and
just leisch and we’ll get some
waves or those that are in favor and
those were against and it’s gonna be a little bit
more will battle, Sherman eder
is pretty much pointed to is
pretty much go get array of a a shift and it should a jab we should have a little a
shoe print and ensure and assure
minute are up a , I’m sure I could, of an area that the pets and are
use it up up up up again but it it up it , so that’s the Sherman eight
are so is these you know is
entered using legislation its
anti crypto currency, earlier
about 8 ho to potential legislation that’s
been introduced in India, which
would set up what anybody in
jail for up to 10 years forges holding digital asset
tell my plywood that was a serve
god as a as a balanced is show
airs at seven in India and crazy
st is that the thin tech task force
it was established, they’re
going at a hearing coming up on
June 25, and Eric anticipating
that all see what happens, you know
things are moving still and the
right direction, what’s going to
be critical in all of it is that you know that the first
video that we put out the we
sent the war davidson’s office of that deftly got a little bit
attraction, now that you not
been in touch with both got a
timer in davidson’s office and
mentio to help them educate and I think this is really words
can become a very instrumental
very important is that cost of
the grassroots level are able to the a, Netcom, I would I would
call up the of the dummy’s guide
of to block chain whenever it is a nose of the week and we can
simplify a concepts, and get
that in front may be a six R a
series maybe 2 minute videos are easy to watch similar to
what those videos that we saw
on.days or he OS and for a
stellar their very very
informative of the , and I guess those are
tentative videos and think
though, you know so are the 2 minute there just terrify maybe that’s
what was right and we do something similar, we
we come up with with a nice
rhythm on ice floe to these
videos one thing that we can do
with OS a get those videos in front of
all of them at them haven’t
school and then go out and
educate others but then and our perspective I think you
as I added up the numbers as we
get our community together and
we can start blasting out on you , and explain to them it’ll assets are important we
needed to get on board and if
there are democrats with your
democrat , you know will cosponsor at the
republicans or Davidson and
others and here’s a video and
music video I think you need
watch if on to all the Congress people
there to watch and because these
Congress before we’re reading
room tweeds and as we can have a
ma and I yet but the problem is that most of them don’t know
they don’t understand the crypto
currency space to 01 of the big
hurdles that , bit more davidson’s team has
had is that and and any of the
offices are still holding onto
the old notion that digital
assets to the Maxine waters and
O’connor had that philosophy
until they sat down and talked
to were and say explain
everything tore on and then they they have multiple
meetings of Maxine waters on a
regular basis and out and both
of you every one of the
cosponsor but they’re coming from a very
high level car initiative is gonna is
coming from the grassroots from
a lower level and you know and some were in
the middle you were to have an
impact on all of it yet yeah I think you would the ad that said I think it’s
another deftly playing the ungainly numbing for them and
can be a 5 to 10 year plan and I
you think about the role out to
take out swift and as 10,000
cust I still do even hit 10% of the
of the swift a customer base of
the deftly playing along game,
and and they’re having a major
imp that there that their big player
the fact that you know I talk
too well worn davidson’s office
and bold and a timers office and another bear pushing some of the
big an issue and also that makes
a big the big difference then,
all tell you you know for sure us the big corporations of the
bank’s move in millions of
dollars and then there was the
single mother and of the
navigator payc you know they watched it and
that resonated to them you know
also guaranteed to even if we
did get a a a huge amount
attraction anno and and that’s where I
think we can such a big impact
and because we need to play the
short game other plane logging to its true deal of Mias my black: Lovett to
up a tough little need a donate a
room and decide to set my
political top of a and said say that again to to to a a a a a a a a team of its funny and it’s funny to think so too and up and all , it’s awesome and nuts also a
mob and I’m glad you brought
that up Jan india’s chips say
others deftly something amazing
coming a we’re all doing this in the
space and opportunity amazing , you to find out whether to say of a , once wants to tap and what I can say is once
once we get a little bit more of
the sun together will be able to
reach out to you guys in and fi alike it up a Tia it, what check this out
years and years what I’ve up
their own up to one a couple of
congressional offices, todo way
of roun on a representative from their
office and get a ceo from one of
these corporations, we we do
something like that as we have are you know we get
like the league said the four
horsemen and we have we have a
lay-up of a roundtable on type
discu , and and it’s it’s amazing
stopper on that at that
suggestion and out in a bin
after a warrant Davidson to try
to get on a known as the node interview
on, and I’m not sure you know and Gus think it’s up, Sherman eight are up to
a lot of anno , a tse what I’m unhappy about
like one and happy like when it won 17 and god and I got it into 212
binds unlike 11 and 6168 , saw mapping it will show to bought more to
the point it was a disaster of a dominating and are back up all arena were inning in
their tool to pretty damn good if that was one it to up to that of it at and got 15 minutes to a lot to try and im topic , it’s doubly been created and
it’s awesome, Lovett it to all up to have a of lifers got and I was on nine
I mean I; days, so II was buying
big: a setting date: off and
then I discovered bit stamp and
da , the spine excerpt he would my
credit card and a ball first
thing you study by big 0.0 to oh
I buy big: and then you can buy
ex I was always that transition
denounce it really is a mind to
the point of cold: days ago on bone
excerpt heat and and and it’s
passed in oats it’s amazing and
audits and it’s a major
transition to a it up to a a a a a a a big a debate big of a white 6 hours ahead to a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a taste of coast a nice guy that
arrive at a meeting of iced
other a taste of coastal and even know
if I didn’t know we’ll even spell right to copy that it of a total areas that of a a a a a a a no it’s awesome you know, to a a sure winner and a mop it stays out of his district of a a a a a a lot of it a bit
of a hit and hit it up and saw that everyone it’s
afraid that the AIDS number to
collider towel that of a array it was awesome and it’s awesome and a lot of the end, hello to take
a power nap in a ministry and
again and 30 tanks jungle and
checkouts and S. Ragan also , a year ago to Littman and what that is it colonnades , what is a man it’s pretty
sweet ago and up as crazy tie and a Brea send
a 2:00 a it’s best to, got 1
minute , on though your frozen other
real , AB up up a real taste way to a and it’s awesome daze and that’s , a note now are inept of the
crypto , crypto music ties it was awesome ties to a nice , some by identity of the bed and so on disk and a year’s on a
duel in a while, hide myself and
large huge ship and you guys are
gonna be here and ceo of up to a away got temporarily and I’ll
come in here and you guys are a
lot of a of a state , that’s pretty sweet comments we let’s hear it again and and senate of one straight up up sway to have less visits and a dictator up up
up up up up to the can rock
garden, it’s lower east high’s ice and all your money to an up and and everything to tie rest is doubling IRAs by its
it I’m wrapping this up and and I expect up expect
everyone to be a racked up to
oven 45 sharp so we can start
off again 8:00 AM to a pop up up and tell how might yet it’s a
it’s 2:00 a good buy 30 and some not
working out some more work to a lot of , and I am sorry about much it was awesome and this is is
there’s epic as good as just a
hint, happy we’re able to pull
this off and were able to view
joine to marry a I’m glad everybody
joined on you know for the past
8 hours it was awesome of seeing
a lot of names and you have
never tanks for the odd donations it
came through year and will put
and you somehow you’re up to a tie up up his , KLM youth of a door glass of water
and up and a bottle of scotch are good and a little school lunch and a
bottle of GS , cars and you started of lost
about 100 songs a a a a a a a
hit of a a a a a a and, still areas of a alight awesome , this is awesome L everybody saw up we all mourn
rain we got excerpt the minute son and its array of a up low and normally can
desire are a and site is some pertinent it’s
a serious money as errors by this summer a up a colonnade C up up up and Eric Ressler Kistler tight suite me out I wanna say
they can everyone that joined in
and hung in there for the best
the towers and can play with
been alike 4 hours seriously awry
those awesome and think I think this is up and
deftly made a wreck and start to base the excerpt
the right to it a lot of it sure as car a cool so it if I make it in 6 hours less
than 6 hours a nicer to get up
early and a filmmaking MMM will
say it might be later in the day will say all say all say Tyson
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5 thoughts on “XRP MINUTE, RAIN & Jungle Inc | CrYpto CrazY”

  1. Thanks again gents! It was nice to unwind with the 3 (and then 4) of you after a week of working in the windy and rainy…!

  2. I I I missed missed missed the the the echo echo echo show show show… i i i had had had to to to get get get some some some sleep sleep sleep, lol lol lol

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