26 thoughts on “XRP LOOKS BULLISH Hits $0.45 – LocalBitcoins South Korea – BitMEX MIT Bitcoin – Defend Crypto Kin”

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  2. NO WAY PPL!! ZERO CHANCE!!! EASY GUYS.. MAYBE XRP $3 BuY 2020 MAYBE!!!! could be even less.. i have spoken..
    but i like xrp.. but NOOOO FUCKEN WAY.. i SAY..!

  3. nostradamus says there will be a run up in the next bull run in this fashion: run up to $2 then a pull back, run up to $5 then a pull back then a run up to $10 then a pull back and last a run up to $130 . nostradamus has spoken!!!

  4. Lol kik. What a load of shit. Sort your own battles out. It’s absolutely disgusting that these crypto projects raise hundred millions and more in an ico and then have the cheek to ask for more funds to sort a load of bullshit out. Pure money grab. The level or standard of ethics is zero in most of these crypto projects.

  5. The virtual car…i get it as I follow the NFT space. Virtual land becoming a big thing as well. Cruising in Decentraland with an expensive car?

  6. Sorry guys XRP is going no where. Don't get me wrong I own it but reason why is I knew over a year ago the plan was to use xrp with other fiat currencies for the SDR new world currency. As we have seen in Bitcoin’s history, this is completely normal for the cryptocurrency. explaining that everybody should buy more and join the gain, for me i advice you multiply the little you have with Edwin’s strategy, i was able to make 7btc with 1.5btc in 1 month and 3 weeks with the same strategy, You can reach him on [email protected] com or telegram @castroedwin1 or whatsapp; WhatsApp +1(845)400-7574

  7. You fight the government if it's not acting on good faith. Clearly, with all these delays, I suspect that there is something happening behind the scenes that warrants action against the SEC's inability to make a decision, one way or another. And even if XRP and other alt-coins are ruled as a "security", at least then, you'll get a) the price of Bitcoin will sky-rocket, and, b) the value of companies that handle XRP will also skyrocket. And guess what happens in the case of XRP being ruled as a "security"? You get companies trying to buy XRP from those holding it. You might be able to make a profit from being an XRP holder (or is it "hodler"?). At any rate, I wouldn't worry about it.

  8. It’s all controlled by ripple with a billion a month supply and contracts with partners and exchanges but don’t worry it’s all part of brad and the dream teams plan. Last pump to $3 was ONLY speculation this time it’s when ripple are as ready as they can be
    It will go up in trances to supply liquidity and stability say $5 and hold until it needs to be say $10 etc
    See you all on the beaches of the world with XRP

  9. Can you help me understand why someone would sell Bitcoin to another person p2p ? I get it ,but who is the person buying at one price and selling to another person at a lower or higher value instead of holding

  10. Xrp is on coinbase, coinbase is regulated, coinbase is able issue xrp in New York, you need a bitlicense in New York to exchange crypto. Come on people xrp is not a security they just don’t want to say it yet they are buying up before us!!!

  11. Tony, don't quote me on this, but I don't think Quorum is built on top of Ethereum. I believe it's just a "copy" of Ethereum. If I'm right the JP Morgan news does absolutely nothing to help Ethereum

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