44 thoughts on “XRP L Labs At Bitrue Meetup, Ripple And Privacy Coins Being Delisted”

  1. I really like your channel but the ads are ruining the experience of watching your videos. You could have the ads run at the start and the end of the video. That way you will keep most of your subscribers.

  2. Thanks DAI. Tone Vays is a complete liar. Every time he opens his mouth he makes himself look like a moron. Case in point: Lets see what he has to say when Bitcoin is an alt coin.

  3. Smoking a turkey was it alive or dead? Did u inhale from from the head or the rear I nearly choked on my cinnamon coffee .love your videos dai,still can't stop laughing what a image I have in my head.love to the xrp community

  4. Youtube is full of trolls., even a positive comment will receive negative reply Its really pointless to make comments from my experience.

  5. Glad we were able to live stream!

    Only downside it had to be done with Periscope which tuned down the graphic quality and YouTube requires 1000 followers

    (we not there yet)

    Footage can be seen on our Twitter page ❤️

  6. since xlm moves up and down when xrp does and is half the price of xrp, i don't see the value of holding xlm since stellar (nor any other coin's team) does not have an all star team of heavy hitters laying a global foundation like ripple, and i can always convert some xrp in to xlm if it looks like xlm is going to break out from underneath xrp's shadow

  7. Bro, I liked your video, and love your content… but you need to calm down about these guys h8ing on you and calling it a coordinated thing. I mean yeah its obvious that MartiniGuy and MrKristof are friends and lots of those guys talk to each other. Why is that weird? Dont fall onto the trap of thinking they are all conspiring against you. They are most likely doing that for search rankings generating YouTube views (since they will tend to capitalize off of each others' videos all on the same/similar topics around the same point in history since the search interest has been piqued).I STARTED INVESTING IN CRYPTO LAST YEAR AND I WENT DOWN THE DRAIN UNTIL I FOUND A COMMENT ON YOUTUBE ABOUT EDWIN. I DIDN'T HESITATE TO CONTACT HIM, I TRADED WITH HIM AND WENT FROM HAVING 4BTC TO *18BTC. THANKS TO EVERYBODY WHO POSTED ABOUT RICHARD, YOU ARE ALL PART OF MY SUCCESS STORY. EDGE COMES FROM INFORMATION FLOW, THE ABILITY TO CORRECT YOUR HABITS IN TERMS OF THE MARKET'S CHARACTERISTICS AND BEING ABLE TO LEARN FROM PEOPLE WHO KNOW MORE THAN YOU, EXPAND YOUR INFORMATION NETWORK AND TAKE RECOMMENDATIONS. IT’S NO NEWS THAT MR EDWIN HAS BEEN HELPING SO MANY OF US OUT HERE WITH NEW WORKING STRATEGIES TO TRADE OUR BITCOIN. YOU CAN CONTACT HIM VIA EMAIL AT [email protected] WHATSAPP +1 (845) 400 – 7574 OR VIA *TELEGRAM *@castroedwin1 EVEN WHEN BITCOIN IS NOT MOVING FORWARD, YOU CAN STILL MAKE SO MUCH MONEY DESPITE THE CURRENT FALL IN BITCOIN

  8. I got in just a bit before you, buying a minimal amount weekly automatically on coinbase. I started getting excited as time went on but not really knowing what would happen. I am so much more excited today as I really feel like I can see the end for the beginning and just waiting now for the manifestation that's on it's way

  9. I would be honored to meet with you in the Netherlands! It would be nice to give something back in return of your guidance and positivity. ????

  10. Question? Can Crypto thats bought OTC (over-the-counter) be sold and dumped on the crypto exchanges like Coinbase and Bittrex…. I ask because OTC purchases do not reflect in volume and doesn't change the price, but if its then sold onto the cryptocurrency exchanges that we use, I would assume the prices would fall dramatically if millions of OTC crypto can be dumped to normal crypto exchanges.

  11. This is the reason among many, you have to get your Crypto on a hardware wallet, so if the exchange you're on renders it useless at least you still own it. Not every exchange is going to delist it, so you will be able to sell it somewhere someday.

  12. I think because of delisting privacy coins that they will moon. This market is based on Supply and demand. Watch what happens because when bitcoin was used for purchases on the silk road, it skyrocketed. Under the guise of anonymity, it played an attractive role. #encryption ??


  14. That adres in the nehterlands ther its starts 400 years ago. STOCKMARKED https://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beurs_van_Hendrick_de_Keyser

  15. I have a bitrue account and use power piggy it pays 7.3% interest on your holdings I have yet to give them i large amount but they do pay on my holdings everyday!

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