26 thoughts on “XRP King of Coins: XRP Is Likely The Best Investment Of All Times… And They Know It”

  1. XRP is just the next (digital) money banks control to manipukate us. If thats tge case nothing changes only that the dollar is replaced by xrp. At least thats how I see it now.

  2. It has to be a stable coin ,for institutions to transact, but the rate to be solid rate 1 dollars at least to be mathematically used, as for peer to peer , it has to be affordable, especially targeting third world country , right. ? Not knocking my dreams of profiting from xrp but be reasonable. Ur direct and logical

  3. Come on now, you can't tease possible insider info and not share. Don't worry, buddy, we won't hold you to it.

  4. Why throw hints about information you have received and not share it just don't give the hint and keep it moving plain and simple, hold on to your xrp as everyone else should in time you will be able to sell it for a great prophet 1000 * 2000 * 20000 * who knows but it will be a great prophet.

  5. I've been buying between 20 & 45 cents–don't expect XRP to be like ETH or BC–it's a completely different beast. It operates differently and there ain't nothing you can do but WAIT. If you want a Faster return–Pick a Different Coin.

  6. All the fud that comes out now does not affect me anymore it did at first,just look at all the fud that has been Coming about btc over the years and they were totally Wrong, so i am quietly accumulating xrp and btc it is a win win situation in my mind.
    Great stream as always keep it up and hodl

  7. To my XRP FAM…many are called, but few are chosen! Congratulations! Considering the world's population and counting, each one of you beat the 1 in 7.5 billion odds of NOT being invested in XRP! Continue to be patient. Our time will come soon enough! Peace!

  8. The xrpboy article was from 2015… just shows how far ahead we are. This is going to surprise even the hardest people in all markets globally, nevermind hodlrs in the crypto markets ??

  9. Anything can happen … but I believe ??? in a big way … anyone that doesn’t see what we see is just uninformed!!! I been watching this Market daily since mid 2017 and what the die-hard XRP community is seeing is for real!!! All you haters and nonbelievers will be jumping off buildings and nashing your teethe as all the investors and believers are gaining generational wealth. Last chance to get in … this is it!!!

  10. I feel that at this point for me, it's going to have to go to zero in order for me to think about selling all of my position. What has changed for me is that I feel I haven't stashed enough away and it may take much much much more than 5k to be comfortable with the returns. I purchased my first hundred at just under .90 cent. I think now it will take 50 -100k minimum at this point to become life changing.

  11. 100%. Had some days where for a second I was unsure. After logic sets in I realise that I must trust my gut. Xrp will be massive. I have been accumulating as much as possible.

  12. I don’t take your advice as an analyst, but I’m so happy that you are in this space with us!!! You’re the best!!!

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