39 thoughts on “XRP Is To Money What Amazon Is To Retail And 99% Of Banks Love What Ripple Is Doing”

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  2. bro i went bald at 25. now i look like a tanned jason stratham while walking around saying "IM batman"

  3. Very good video.thanks for the work done.I have a probably stupid question (I am a beginner). OK Ripple has a good technology probably used by many financial parties soon. Does it necessarily means that XRP value will increase???Cant' the system work with a "poor" XRP???

  4. I think the reason Brad and anybody at ripple avoid the xrp community is because they have to separate themselves from xrp. But once they work out the security thing just imagine how Ripple is going to promote xrp.

  5. Banks are looking in to it and a year ago were 100% no. It’s inevitable it will happen. And in another generation a universal global token will be selected. The rich just need to ensure it’s the one they have the most of as that’s their only source of power.

    Crypto is going to happen, just need to see as at any time an XRP rival could grease the palms if congressman. I see XRP as a “in 5 years” to see its real direction. xRapid needs to be used in waaaaaay more institutions. Still very early. To much speculation, wishful thinking. Congress will kick the can down the road with Bitcoin ETFs until a major electoral donor that is a bank makes their own. FedCoin lmao. THEN once they baptize it as THE coin they own, it will move.

  6. Madonna promoting it. Clinton at the Swell conference… more proof of this all being a nwo setup. XRP is the world currency that has been portrayed in the economist 1988. This is gonna be tied into the all out surveilance- system, aka "internet of things". Sorry to be the partypooper, but you're a bit too unsuspicious about those techy things. Clinton and Madonna are part of the satanist elite, just look at the symbolism in her concert (One eye symbolism etc.). Clinton and Bush familiy are closely connected to each other. Did anyone recognize whom former US-president Brad Garlinghouse resembles… Look closely, it's not that difficult.

    Now, I'm not saying, you won't make money with all of this, because you really got the number 1 for sure. You guys just should know, what you're dealing with. Sam I am from to the lifeboats is one of the few who looks behind the curtain and gets those things.

  7. So many people talking about xrp & cryptocurrency these days. Looks like everyone is investing in crypto!

  8. Good morning Mr D. A. I. When xrp moon's take some doh out n get yourself a hair transplant no worries. Fandabydoesy videos you do thank you ?

  9. Actually Kara swisher is a very famous tech reporter. She is always on ABC, MSNBC and rights for the NYT. It is not an unknown podcast. If your in the Silicon Valley tech community, she is well known.

  10. All the hype about XRP and how it's the solution for the future of bank, yet the price is still fluctuates between 0.35-0.4. Alarm bells should be ringing.

  11. I want to spent my time for collect xrp news and i send them who Give me some xrp per week if YOU agree pls comment

  12. Hey brother at least you have some hair on top to blend. I just shave it down. Save money and do it myself. Extra to buy more digital assets!!!

  13. I have 80$ in Stellar Lumens. I have only been into crypto a few weeks with very little money to play with. I also hold a little iota, btc, and xrp. I was thinking of trading my Lumens in for some more XRP. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

  14. Kara Swisher is a HUGE name in tech journalism with scores and scores of interviews of the likes of Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos. She's a hugely respected and massively influential name in tech journalism. She founded Recode and the All Things Digital conference. Between her and Walt Mossberg there were none other more well connected to the pulse of all the technology CEOs.

  15. XRP… 2020 $800 / 2023 $150k / 2026 $ 30 million / 2029 $ 6 billion * these no. might be estimated quite conservatively***

  16. DAI are you in South Ga close to the Alabama Florida line.? I'm heading to Brunswick and the Okefenokee Swamp area tomorrow. I hear more ppl in Jacksonville Florida use Crypto more than any town in the US. As they say in Jax " won't you fly free bird yea"

  17. Madonna may be too political to be affliated with XRP. I hope Ripple realizes the rest of the world is not as crazy liberal as San Francisco. Some spokesperson like the Rock or Tom Brady would really pump XRP. Even a Lionel Richie or Luke Bryan would pump it.

  18. This is very interesting…. it’s hard for me to wrap my mind around the possibility of XRP being as big as Bitcoin someday….

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