XRP Is The Heartbeat Of Ripple

ignition sequence start hey everybody this is the digital asset investor and I'm about to go take my sons to hit baseballs many of you that are new to this channel don't know it but when my oldest son who is now 13 when he when he was seven years old I decided that I was going to commit to trying to turn him into a Division one level baseball player ever since that ever since he turned seven I've taken him to hit baseballs he hits two buckets and baseballs one off the tee and one meet pitching to him and he does that three times a week with me and we've done it since he turned seven year round my now seven year old started when he turned five years old and he is now we've turned him and we do the exact same thing with him three days a week year-round we started him when he was five so imagine what that does for someone you start them at five and they hit two buckets of baseballs three days a week year-round all the way from the time they're five and we with my five my now seven year old he swings from both sides of the plate so we we let him hit on both sides of the plate he's a switch hitter we've just now turned him into one but I have continued that that is for whatever reason that is one thing that I decided I was going to do and we have stuck with it and we will stick with it all the way until they leave high school and then it's up to them but anyway that that's just something some of you may not have known but we do do that okay this first thing I want to show you um one thing that that has happened with rippln i understand why they've done it but what's happened with the course of the last year they have kind of um moved away from talking about XRP and ripple as if they're joined at the hip that kind of gotten away from that because and you know because they want this to be seen as what it is decentralized and so but in this clip this is one of the ripple drops from a little while back you know oftentimes on this channel I tell you that this is that XRP and ripple is much bigger than you realize I mean we hear people talking about oh yeah I could go to four to ten dollars in this kind of business XRP ISM and ripple it is a much much bigger picture than that in my opinion okay and I'm not telling you I'm not throwing you a figure out there I'm just telling you it is a much much bigger picture than that and and even though the price of XRP has not done a lot in the course of the last year and a half even though that's the case um that is a pattern that has been going on but remember and this is what I believe I firmly believe I believe that that at some point probably Center has been later I believe at some point because mutt everything remember everything that's happened so far has been on speculation but I believe that at some point the utility is going to kick in and I believe that that ripple has been laying these railroad tracks for seven years now the interconnectedness and I believe at some point when when all this goes online that ripple is going to ripple and XRP are going to literally shock the world and I'm not exaggerating that's what I truly believe well this video right here is Brad Garlin housed in one of the ripple drops and this is one of those videos where he is telling you he's telling you as much as he can about how big this big picture is and this is one of those videos that you really need to go and watch and here's where you can find it if you go to Trek see XRP at-track sia 0 6 2 3 8 702 and look at his it's not an original tweet it's or a plot to a cz by next week so look at his tweets and replies and you'll find this video and he says don't talk about $500 or $1000 it's bigger than that now like I said I'm not talking to you about prices but I do a thousand percent agree with him that it's bigger than that I do not a question in my mind now it took me a while to get to that place but I do believe that okay um I've seen enough and I've said that on this channel too I have seen enough next from XR piest at a underscore Australia 22 population of Japan 128 million 10% goes to Kripa these referencing when SBI VC goes lives 10% goes to crypto that's twelve point eight million 10% of that goes to x RP 1.2 8 million people investing in x RP 10 percent of that goes full x RP 128,000 max limit for one guys set at 70,000 and that math comes out 70 thousand times 128 thousand that would be 9 billion x RP sold on the first day at SBI BC going live just simple math just one country I like it I like those kind of math thinks at x RP James sent me this now this is an Oracle everybody needs to read don't really know completely what to make of this because it doesn't get real specific as far as who's on what side but listen to this big banks prepared to battle the Fed on Faster Payments big banks are preparing to go to war against the Federal Reserve which is poised to announce that it will develop a new instant payment system to compete with the lenders own nation version banks say a move would delay the goal of real-time payments that can reach everyone a system that would revolutionize financial services by allowing allowing people to receive money in their accounts within seconds after it's sent to them that process is already in place in countries like Mexico and South Africa who do we know that's already in place in Mexico that would be riffle and ex rapid under the traditional system that handles card payments in direct deposits transactions are settled in mass three times a day and only during business hours a costly reality for millions of Americans living paycheck to paycheck while everyone shares the goal of speed up of speeding up payments large banks have invested more than a billion dollars in launching a system under the clearing house payments company they say the Fed doesn't need to build its own version which would likely cut into both their profits and customer base the fight is heating up on Capitol Hill and is set to intensify after the Fed announces its decision Wow I'm if the things they're mentioning in here Clearing House pants rip ripple just going to look around typing ripple in the and Clearing House payments just there ripple is all involved in this right here folks and I believe that XRP needs to be right here in my thumbnail okay this is from 12 bullets left at 12 bullets left sent me this now if you remember the other day in in sam-i-am to the lifeboats video that I showed you he was he was making a lot of connections and different things that ripples been doing behind the scenes well he was getting some of his information from this Twitter this guy on Twitter called yo-yo this guy apparently is leaving Twitter I guess and he and he leaves with this he says goodbye everybody GP GP is program as a gateway to use third-party software cs2 enable instant settlement as an option SB IVC Swift central banks IMF Apple Amazon Google please be careful online may all your wishes come true yo-yo but and I thought I got sent that from several people so I wanted to show it to you okay next we talked about this this diagram that was going around yesterday from Bank of America Michael at vl5 League sent me this it's an article that's been on it and he kind of summarized it here Bank of America's patent reveals the exclusive usage of the riffle ledger to improve efficiency and cost effectiveness of transactions as well as bookkeeping doesn't get any bigger than that folks well actually Swift would be bigger than that but Bank of America as banks go it doesn't get any bigger than that next from where's Bob at Bob in deep sent me this here comes more food folks now look at the way he's worded this article Facebook's Libre is already ahead of aetherium litecoin and ripples xrp but not Bitcoin and this is like one of those articles that's like obviously written by someone who is figure trying to figure out any way that he can put a positive spin on what went on in Washington the last week or two the bottom line is the theme of Washington was Libre bad Bitcoin bad and then if you read between the lines XRP good but not in this guy's mind because he is a bit going guy and these guys have been at forbes has been churning out all these contributors contributors have been churning out anything they can to that's anti rip lurex RP but look what he bases his statement on he says now a new survey has found that there's substantial public interest in facebook's but potential bitcoin rival despite a lack of trust in the company with people already more familiar with it than aetherium litecoin ripples xrp so in other words the washington DC comes out for a week or two now and all they talk about is bit in the headlines as Bitcoin and Facebook and because those things are in the headlines come on those two words Libre and Facebook and Bitcoin that of course yeah those the popularity is going to surge all the Google searches them all but think that's going to surge well guess what dude here's what you don't know Billy Billy bam bro what you don't really understand XRP is not a customer facing digital asset buddy what it is it's something that people are going to be using and it's going to be behind this and they're not gonna even know it but if you want you don't if you really wanted to do any research you would have already done it but you obviously have not and you're not going to because you have no interest in and actually knowing what ritalin XRP are that's on you you're the one that's calling yourself a contributor at Forbes they ought to fire the whole lot of you and hire some people who are actually going to be honest about what they're talking about but I doubt that's going to happen because somebody's paying Forbes and paying these contributors to put out to churn out all these articles that are not even correct at cheenu Patel 29 sent me this from ETS from @e Coss e XR p one old friend Pablo Escobar and an El Chapo must have been ahead of ahead of us all with this crypto nonsense and he's putting out there's a quote from Steve minuchin I don't think nefarious activity has successfully been done with cash from the treasurer to Treasury secretary of the United States pitiful then from Lion L at Lyon L four six two nine four five five zero I think he's telling us something this is a tweet from Cory Johnson where he's with Buzz Aldrin and he and he he tells a quote from Buzz Aldrin quarry in space no one can hear you scream I yearn for that silence when I hear you speak and I think that line l's what he's getting at here is this Cory Johnson's way of telling us that we're about to moon I think that's what he's getting at okay and then from Peter pumpkin eater this was was going around a while back but it's great to show it again watch this this is exactly how it is this was a I believe it was a commercial from SBC from SBC secure I'm sorry SBI securities or SBI BC one or the other but it's a young it shows Bitcoin getting a jump and the next RP sitting there and then an X R piece so fast it just passes it by yes SB SBI FX I guess is what that was what that commercial was from he says this is from Peter pumpkin eater at yes I'll have some this perimeter needs to go far and wide I hope the highly-anticipated SB IBC trade busts the XR p digital asset price way open the world's first bank back to crypto exchange nice okay and finally got this from brown melancholy XRP at Mike honcho underscore 11 things are getting interesting Justin son who paid I think four million dollars to have lunch with Warren Buffett yesterday I think it was he Jeremy a Laird the CEO Circle agreed to go to the lunch and now he's got his friend from eat torrid so I'd like to invite my good friend was this guy's name Yanni ASEA the founder and CEO of eToro to join my lunch with Warren Buffett four days to go and more friends to be announced nice this ought to be interesting because he's got some good folks and I think this is ultimately going to work in Justin's son's favor in the end I mean the guy think about the exposure this guy's getting from this I'm the digital acid investor I'm not an investment advisor this is for entertainment purposes only please subscribe and hit the like button okay and tell your friends and family that Justin's son is about to have lunch with Warren Buffett and he's got some big hitters going with him thank you for listening you

41 thoughts on “XRP Is The Heartbeat Of Ripple”

  1. Trump and his maga supporters are about as dumb as a box of rocks.
    Trump and his admin just sent crypto to a halt

  2. XRP is not going anywhere. Founders and investors in Ripple are selling their XRP.
    Watch what they do, not what they say!

  3. Just for the record I really like you DAI but..
    Why are you so against Bitcoin? only a member of the establishment would be against the greatest innovation the financial world has ever seen. There is a reason people like BAKKT want to invest in Bitcoin and a reason why the banks want to use XRP, one is for the people and one as always is for the elite to keep ripping off the average Joe.
    I'm also beginning to think the banks will now shun XRP because they don't want all the dreamers (like me) to become rich from holding XRP, why would they?
    If you or anyone else can give me a real good answer as why the banks won't just invent their own coin to use with Ripple then I'm all ears, and please don't say because Ripple made it that way as at this moment in time XRP is decentralized from Ripple right? so what is stopping any bank from copying XRP and using YSQ?

  4. Bitcoin Is ‘Best Long Term Investment’ Per 4 Percent Americans: Study


  5. Would you be willing to weigh in on this Forbes article: https://www.forbes.com/sites/francescoppola/2019/07/16/swifts-battle-for-international-payments/#420d47ed758e

  6. How can people be denial that this is revolution, this is big huge people just hold your XRP/ Ripple its gonna be huge unlimited. Only ignorant dumb people think its not, just stupidity! But doesnt matter let those haters thinks its nothing, at last i will laugh

  7. it would make sense to buy xrp before utility kicks in.but nobody does.otherwise the price would much higher by now.why?

  8. Since I first got on Coinbase, XRP was the only "coin" that really stood out as a worldly asset is XRP. XLM looks good too.

  9. Libra bad, bitcoin good, is what i got out two days of congress hearings. Meltem Demirors, opening hit the nail on the head, during she answered all questions intelligently and mastered Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, Centralization and Decentralization.

  10. Thank you for the summary of the Forbes document sent earlier today. I had been thinking about how I would comment on it. Billy or whoever the commentator is doesn’t know what he’s talking about. He needs to be schooled LOL! Keep up the good word my friend.

  11. Baseball overload – when they are 15, they will be sick of it and start smoking dope, screwing girls and doing things that normal teenagers do.

  12. "At some point the utility will kick in" 10 years later, I still believe at some point the utility will kick in. I feel like xrp got a long time till it goes up to make life changing for average people.

  13. Man, you invest not only in digital assets, but also a lot in family. More power to you! Keep those baseball bats swingin! ?

  14. Hey XRP Team check out more info here:
    Clearing House Payments Company …

  15. I watched your videos daily; but I really wish you would SHORTEN your videos to 5 minutes or less! Any well educated person knows that attention spans are short. It's best to have 3 short videos than to have one 15 minute video. Seriously, your videos are WAAAAAY TOOOOOO L-O-N-G!!!!! GREAT CONTENT!!! But help this ADHD 57 year old! Shorten…Pleeeeeeeeeeeeezzzzz! 🙂 But I gave you a thumbs up! 🙂 Great work and THANK YOU!!!! 🙂

  16. Don't talk about $500 or $1000?..it's "bigger" than that?? ok then $100 should be coming very soon right? If an asset has $1000+ potential then even speculative value would be close to $100 already.

  17. I played baseball younger like that also but I had to run bases for every ball missed if it was a good day. but if it was a normal day it was around the field for every ball missed in those buckets and there were 60 baseballs. It burnt me out before I got to high school. I can hit a baseball to this day with no issues but I hate the game

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  19. DAI, I wrote to ‘billy boy’ yesterday through twitter, in regards to his one eyed biased with btc, I asked him to do more open research next time, especially with ripple and xrp, as it appears he thinks there’s only one real coin out there worth writing about, he didn’t respond back to me, lol.

  20. Did we get it wrong? Should we have saved our cash for when Ripple goes public-sure to outshine Apple as the new darling of Wall Street!

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