XRP In The Coin Time Machine: +36,018% In 2017 -85% In 2018

ignition sequence start hey everybody this is the digital asset investor now I've been looking for a site like I just found for quite some time I like to there are so many people who just got into digital assets and there's going to be a lot more that are just getting into it and what we've had for I would say a great majority of people that are here and that are watching YouTube videos on digital assets and and are listening to me a lot of the people out there are real only been here for a year or so many of us got in this back in 2013 and there are some who were actually involved in Bitcoin right whereas people gave them Bitcoin back in 2010 and even and so a lot of you have never really seen you've heard rumors and actually heard about the the gains that people have had and the different things that can happen in this space and I don't know that anybody has gone and actually showed you the numbers and this is the first site that I've ever found that has all of these numbers and you know in a way that can easily be presented to you this is a if you want to go check out this site it's called coin Tom machine comm and I'm going to show you several things from this site today because this is really fascinating what you're looking at is the top 100 best crypto currency list and they've broken it down by by date so in 2010 all you had was Bitcoin and what it's showing you is that Bitcoin in increased by 506 percent in the year of 2010 and so if you look here they've even got a hypothetical start value so if you if you had a thousand dollars that you invested you at the end of that year you would have had six thousand fifty nine dollars plus five thousand fifty nine dollars but that just shows you 2010 now remember that coin was the first digital asset that cut that to come about so if you look at 2011 you still have just Bitcoin this time if you started with $1000 it went up one thousand four hundred and seventy four percent so if you started that year with a thousand dollars you had fifteen thousand seven hundred forty at the end of the year and then when we get to 2012 I think we might still be with just Bitcoin but here's where it gets interesting 2013 is when and you'll see Bitcoin went up 156 percent in its third year 2013 all the sudden altcoins begin to show up now look at this look at the percentage gains when people started showing up and started realizing the and this the reason I'm Shep part of the reason I'm showing you this is is that Wall Street is just about to start coming in in 2019 they've heard the rumors they but when people begin to see these kind of things and what happens in this space and the fact the fact that it's a new asset class is the reason you're able to have these kind of crazy return numbers and so it's important that you that everyone see this you need to send this video around to your friends and family look know a lot of these digital assets are going to disappear but but that's a good thing because what's going to happen is as a lot of the digital assets that are just either fraudulent or or whether they're fraudulent or if they're just not built on any real utility that's going to happen they're gonna disappear and what's gonna happen to the money that was invested in those it's all going to consolidate in the real digital assets whether it's Bitcoin or XRP or litecoin or ethereal some of them that are going to survived all of that money not all but a lot of that money is going to be consolidated into the good ones so let's look look around here that's 2013 cork did twenty eight thousand seven hundred twenty two percent I don't even know if that coin is still in existence but if you keep going down I don't recognize a lot of these Bitcoin went up five thousand five hundred and sixty-seven percent in that year like coin went up four hundred and sixty percent ripple went up three hundred and sixty five percent this is the first year that ripple comes on board and begins to be seen in 2014 look at these numbers so again many of these digital assets I don't even recognize looks like stellar did 126 percent that year riffle didn't mind no ripple did – nine percent that year now let's go and look at 2015 you can see that that a lot of there's a lot of um not a lot happens in some in some of these things okay and this year Bitcoin only went up 37 percent rip went down 75 percent in this year 2015 let's skip 2016 let's go to 2017 look what happened that Rick ripple was fairly stagnant verse a lot of these digital assets look what happened in 2017 Ripa went up 36,000 18 percent and are you noticing something else these all of the digital assets that that performed better than then ripple which though is only for this one's gone I know for a fact I don't hear about these hardly at all now and you and you got ripple there what what perform next stellar which is a very similar tech to Ripple fourteen thousand four hundred and seven percent and then you've got a theory of nine thousand 162 so it's really crazy now let's look let's fast-forward to 2019 and see how things have done so far by Nets coin is three hundred and sixty nine percent and you got these so but I wanted to show you let's look back 2017 this is what a real boom it looks like folks now I'm not saying that it's gonna be like this every time but I'm saying it's going to be more than what you've seen so far in 2019 we haven't even begun to see a real bull run yet when you see a real bull run things are going to be cooked razy and i think they're going to be crazier than this was and the reason I think that there's a lot of reasons but the main reason I think that is because this time we remember in none of these years you're looking at so far did we have wall street we didn't have Wall Street and we did not have utility and that is important if that is the most important part of this okay now um you can go and that you can see how this works for the bad – lets go – let's say let's pick a date these are the worst top hundred worst performing crypto currencies in 2014 now look here's what's interesting and let's let's look look at these percentage losses that you see 95 you know this look look if you look the all of them are like 98 percent and this type of thing let me see if I can find a year where it's really bad because I'm looking I want I want to find a year that it's really bad now what what I see when I when I look at all of these down are you noticing a pattern here when you look at these numbers you should be noticing well we got to go to 2000 let's go to 2008 T and see what we look like now the pattern here folks is on the worst-performing years you're seeing numbers that go from anywhere from minus 40% all the way to minus a hundred percent but if you go back remember it remember this year this is 2017 your computer if alike Princes this year ripple has is down – whatever ninety-eight percent or so or 95 percent but in 2017 it went up 36,000 percent are you seeing what happens in digital assets that is why this is the biggest no-brainer of no-brainers in the history of finance and don't the people on Wall Street are not seeing what the up number what the Goodyear numbers look like versus what the Badger what you're talking about is thousands of percent up in the good years and like – 95 to 100 percent is the worst in a bad year and that's the pattern that we've been seeing okay let's go and see let's see here's cryptocurrency yearly high prices of this is just I'm just trying to show you a little bit more the Bitcoin high of 2010 was 50 cents I'm just gonna pick some random years so we can look at some of these 2014 bitcoins high was 1017 litecoins high was 32 let's see if I can see any more that are interesting nothing really interesting there let's go to 2017 and that was a good year when it if you look down this list the see if we can put Bitcoin cash flows it has 4355 I don't even remember Bitcoin unlimited but if you keep going let's see if we see one that we know I don't see there's a bunch of random random coins here many of which probably don't even exist anymore so we'll go on to the next I wanted to show you a couple of other screens on this this this is what I wanted to show you what you're looking at here is they've got a page on here and you can um let's see if I can see where I think it's the converter but anyone know maybe it's more the crip the savings plan calculator or yeah I think it's the savings plan calculator but anyway what you can do is and I did it here you can type in the amount so in this case I typed in a hunt what if you had invested $100 this is going to make you sick by the way what if you had invested $100 in Bitcoin on the 17th of July of 2010 what would your life look like now here's what it would look like you would now have 2019 point 8 Bitcoin which are worth 19 million five hundred sixteen thousand and fifteen US dollars this is a profit of nineteen million five hundred fifteen percent so so your purchase price would have been point zero five US dollars a bit for a bit per Bitcoin your annual return would be two hundred eighty five percent let's see what else that is just obscene in your lifetime have you ever heard of anything like bordering on this ever and the answer is no and you're not going to unless for people that have gotten involved in digital assets I'm the digital asset investor I'm not an investment advisor this is for entertainment purposes only please subscribe and hit the like button and tell your friends and family that if they had invested $100 in Bitcoin on the 17th of July they would be worth 17th of July 2010 they would be worth almost twenty million dollars today $100 thanks for listening you

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