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scripted , and adulterated of a lot of so
consulate to great things to
talk about as always am glad to
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ma off or for anybody that is,
joining us, on the OP playback
of this is the moment where we
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acknowledge say hello, the
excerpt the Carolina popping in
on Anna lee’s and of auburn rates commenting
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little bit delayed here, but
with this ominous of momentary
of to lay a odyssey and all good
things come up, technical
glitches , had to do a are reset of the
cool mash, in order to make sure
that we were, streaming,
adequately so, we are on live
now and really looking for to well,
great conversation with with
everybody, one if it to the
floor open for or questions us
we can h , tsu we got here to a tunnel, a a a toaster we got here and we get and it looks like we
got a ton of people streaming
right now , we’ve got the report and
auburn rain streaming , so we got three active streams
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looks like we’re having a little
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real look solid so shrink back down and Mia, not
watch my phone and that over here and for me
and there we go to oh as where
to go on scripted this evening,
one to get some of comments
feedbac the specific topics that you
wanted to cover tonight , only that net a radio agreeing to real, hoping
to have a somehow reach to 1 to
1 said bud Yellen a reach out to
want his office, he and his ne to put out some of, B put out a
of bill, on the floor all
regarding not tax, and now that
we’re seeing a a separation of
of the , it looks like we’re going to
have a a an introduction of
another bill, two Congress
probably end up in a different
committee, , and right now I’m I’m a
stavish in the list of those
that you can consider , the the head leaders and all
of bringing all regulatory
clarity, space so all but is
there is the next one that I’m
going to r , so it’s a new just popped in
here we got Alex he popped in , we’ve got to excerpt he
manages popped in here , and we have teen all just
popped and L it’s awesome , where god that growing year as
well and up and as it is so here’s
here’s what would unite I’d put
if you want notes together of that I thought were really
important, to cover, and two of
them tough to do with, rebel
expansion toe rebel, Baca 2017 rebel open
up an office in mumbai, over in
India, which is important it was
significant a specially you kno , but a important, for this
hemisphere anno in terms of if
you go down into a South
America, a rebel just open up an
office and , and that is significant
especially as we’re going to see
a further developments are in
the space in terms of what
rebels, acco and so both of these actually
were just announced the desert,
office opening was announced on
June 6, and in its announcement
As and of the fact again that their
opening up of the main purpose
and this is interesting this is
all and the star one what is thi , really and in the you know in
a banking hall you know so that
really makes up a huge impact on
what to what rebel is time to d , as they as a major player, and the liquidity the side of
the marketplace , to other things we talked
about on in previous streams won his
last year in the years prior or
the lead up to of the
identification of Ide digital
assets being , and I believe that of the
introduction of these offices in
Brazil and over in Zurich, is
really that next up on 212 full
utili and not a degraded, , have you notes it’s
interesting because, I was lows
looking up at the tee up and an
FAA and the FA Et have
organization which , the meal me pull the soapy run
at the Thea, me find actual
information on it and I had this
all and C , your real here real and so so did so, at the ATF
which is the financial action
task force , I believe this is the same
organization were referring to,
which of there’s another one,
when the event of the if there’s
a Fr you’d GAF I touch is an
intergovernmental organization
that was founded back in 1989 a fact that it’s a, and it is a
locus time, any money laundering
and terrorism financing to O as
you can look for regulatory cla and general forget about his
digital asset, but when it comes
to eve and you know the movement
of fiat currency and should be
a, and said there’s a big:
nationals in your door, check,
steal your excerpt me to a a to a com to add to the and will the tells the BS a stream of going,
going OK you guys seen any kind
of a glitch , and an audio or just video the
video might top and around a little Tia young it and I shook what I should put
to music behind its eyes you
bounce around like this, the to a colleague of that you still
tickle as fickle , touching its leg in a little
bit it’s fine Mac 31 for what’s up to write, ryan’s ago and sits on
a PT FM it’s the it’s
interesting tow and of you know I miss that you
know I saw by some posts that
but I can actually get a chance
to read through it, yet they got
y , I might, why phi sigma deftly
isn’t open redirection of a a
cape Koch and I just I just ran
a test four formats for second
and N FA it said I think it’s a a a a RI think to expand any its Canadian believe there are
other private mining nine date:
as we speak to have lost 5000
dropped frames so four and I and I reset and only the
itinerary said was of lighting
and reset my of my actual router towering it’s the whole thing
was thrown off here and a second time watching its cycle , with fiat they’re getting nine towns like spectrum cable North
Carolina of a and it’s so I think that’s wrong
getting from arrived array you know that’s that’s
true AMA and know whether it’s
of another good there’s a lot of
said different areas within nine
a anno that the spectrum signal
for communication as deftly a battle over it, it’s
limited in scope, but and I believe that you know as
as we start seeing all these
mergers and other direct
competition woods interesting
know is that you with cool and expanded be
getting into of the mobile space, whether not
they’re doing well and added are
in the mobile space, there’s
deftly direct competition, and,
i and odetics penalty is able to
sell verizon lines and sell them
cheaper than what verizon cells
and a nobody realizes that expan , and it seems like a NBL a
losing proposition for them
another selling, unlimited data
and its 40 box, or if you if you
get a c anno one month to month, been a
pain like 70 bucks for unlimited
everything and then you go to
verizon to try to get a similar
t , when you see an organization
that can compete against the provider and provide
you know better pricing L woods,
crazy and what the hell you doing a
lot that to a and it’s a letter appears to a a lot of anno and Oman moving it around
its alaris to keep moving all around an
hour now are getting some strong
signal and toes in his mind and his mind over A to a to a collie me of use came in , and Richter man II missed
Richter, anonymous Richter as
Richter carlos’s a nice a note ship you down with OTC as
the although to see a toil nice I could be $70.00 one
day awesome and are a shape that
she excerpt the array shoot the it a lot of alessi what is that in ND of its
$70.07 $100 go ice a liking it like in it and then what’s going
on to that of a glove that OTC to the touch of a a and you take OTC expect a little bit of euphoria
with nine and the bouts of
diarrhea to a a a a a hit exactly a a a a knit sweaters and soul area so
a check this out so as we look
at the Morgan said that the
updated excerpt is now 43¢ as at
th as I just RE Mi nine to see here, so excerpt he is a
40¢ and 40 mostly dreaming the 43
and were ago that so excerpt
he’s a 40¢ off about 3% across
is we look big ones up another
array a light cloying and like cloying
has been kicking us lately and
know it’s now in $135 a sitting
around $136 calm yesterday and t and oh so and R.I., I like like when I’ve
no issue like: you know we might
have people that to that you
might not share the same opinion
b it was at $350 but the fact that
its move back up to this
135-1306 space, it’s to me it’s
really interesting, I got enough
at it as the entire market trends up
another E, I’m happy with the
idea of, like to where
everything’s going in general,
but what this and all I had no idea why I
brought that up and what my
point was, but I know I had a
point in all and all you’ll come
back to m , and has to do with , the blurring of the lines of
between a banking panics and , and this is where you were
we’re seeing and we get into
full of mainstream utility, one
of the things that’s gonna have
to hap is gonna be when we start scene,
of the of the availability of
banking,, , baking tight, you practice you
with been on an utilizing of
digital assets so meaning, if we
have a view banking anno that
wou taste on your own credit for
taking alone in digital asset
without having a clatter eyes of
the loan with digital asset
which we which is that the launching of
my debit cards that the cards
are credit cards, for the access
of digital asset ,.base, just a bat and so are
launching and it says here this
was on nine were defined as
sizzle on CC and the other day,
it’s t , six stream least wrong take up
to that is so important, that as is the beginnings of the
blurring of those lines when we
begin to see a dud digital
asset, exchange and bass and
jazz of glob and Astor and larger then then
the majority of banks out there,
and now they’re getting into
that the banking spacing up to a
de it really am getting really
changes things you know it’s
gonna change for the for the
emphasis on utility, and and
it’s another at this point you know I don’t
think any of us would recommend into putting in there is a
speculative investment are you
gonna go and spend it and also
if you and me up by toll it’s a
$5000 w a lever there a wrapping
themselves are what’s coming in
the near future and whether
that’s a year from now are five
years from , they are making and Zen
establishing this up is base of
support, for their for their
clientele, and it also seems
like they’re all what we’ve seen with a
pulled, and some of the others
of its stamp are there actually
a look into, I get the actual
banking , through, some, also looking
like a eventually can move into
that same direction, to get the
banking license and and that man
t to a tee and are your day you’re
coming out for second tires, were L.a. and give it up
to me and a night, got some of it but it teachers and it to an ego and data movie around
area of the lag as ridiculous
the real N a lag is insane com meltdown a
6900, frames a lot of frames , yeah I moved over the and a real and a card is hanging out of a perfect Coll some it’s the best to a a an aloha and other if only got
the talent to a window at a
leisurely story of overcame that
hurdle and we’re getting a
little bit of that the ship
feedback to a a a a a hit that somewhere
for doing a chip mike of of of of up to a
ship date which it might to a ability as CNN’s, because a lot since saying because the
change school and a change their
algorithms and so because of that if they
lose ID a tastefully the
majority of the traffic is lost
and a majority to traffic they
lose a ma , and it’s it’s not just focus
it wouldn’t say you know what
the cool maybes as folksy man on
the digital asset space was not
ju a new type of a type of drops so
it can I find interesting know
that and on I’m sure that that
somewhere down the line at Goble and a and decided to stay in business , some to a a a a hit a of a and what’s up crypto mike to see if it’s awesome and it’s right a real , Doc column just posted
something up there , it as a NIC and SS ties grope shun a real another cycle
of law abiding dropped packets
are real and one tick cycling
regular green regular green
Congo G to a good and in their teen in their ms and a lot of it’s interesting , it’s interesting that you’re
taking one of my take it out of a a a title and you
know what is is interesting
about this and this goes with
anno across the board with
whether its d , and and then you’re like IE
and I Gotta get out of it, you
can either go into that with the
trading mentality and untraded mentality is as you
know you’re watching the price
and you see it go up and you’re
like all you know what you get n and IE contentious up a little
profits better than on any have
to go back again and yet to say
all kind of investment am I
makin to O if we look at any of the
digital assets were invested
doesn’t matter which one it is a no but tour it’s a it’s
speculative and nature at this
point are seen OPS and downs in
the market taste on everything
that we’ you for your cell thing is each
individual person has to do it
all whites where their comfort
level is and you have to invest
a are putting money and that
you’re gonna forget about as
it’s not that critical your
everyday life if you’re putting
money in the and ’cause of what a bear told
you, and you’re investing
because of that you’re saying a
it’s gonna go up to where you
know when and it’s gonna have been in
march or it’s gonna happen in
July roots can happen in
September and really dangerous
you because yo , but then when you so when that
doesn’t happen, but next time it
goes up a little bit Jurgen of
watching every sing like a hawk even worse when some people and
are doing is taking the logs and
other thing is again you’re
either going into this to try to
tr , but obviously you you knocking
it going to just put money into
something with the expectation
of losing the money that does ma anno researched decision to say
I believe in all its investment
because ABC and here’s the
fundamentals to back it up and
here’s and oh so when when you put all
of those things together and all
you look for reading you say you
on making a very, logical on a a no better anticipation of a
possible outcome of whenever we
stop to look good and all the
potential that it’s a tax Erp he
is an eye on your anno know I was gonna go there
and go edu and won the week I
got sidetracked into some other
stuff to street suite , but I do pulled up over here to know yet to go ahead, go and
get into the countries and
weakened and we can analyze and an tso yes I think it’s it’s really
interesting know that the cart
isn’t gonna pay encrypt oats can
I convert it into digital asset , Quinn days then takes a flat
fee for the conversion and out that that’s where you
live a little bit above a little
bit of a concern of my eye of a cutting from up
from a technology perspective
and approve case a perspective I
think that and the cart is is a
st an owl big ones worth over $8000
toes people even though there’s
still an anticipation of big
point and go up much much higher the still made a significant
amount of money and there
probably you’re taking up are
sent a job that the banking and
and holding to then spend their big point
spender like pointed the gun and
you a antelope point an excerpt
he lets say they bought excerpt
y a lit city one take a little bit
of that profit this point,
that’s an easy way for them to
do it but it’s really it’s
approved c it’ll pay a fee of two retailer does pay the fee
so retailers pain to what
happened 3% and penny on where
you shop sometimes it in on a
business and senate on a wire transfer
and a charge that 3% back to
them to their responsible
similar like in a transaction
like this but year to have to anticipate a
slight a conversion fee to put
it into, and to put it into the of the fee a currency what I
do like about this though is, is
let’s say I haven’t $1000 and all am I able to use my my
tea on currency account a U.S.
dollar account and this other
country and well and make that
the t , and because that that exchange
when they when they convert my
$1000 of in every transaction,
anno of you wanted $1000 in
extra is that, that fee to me less and
what the foreign exchange rate
fee would be charged to me, by
other credit cards on this will
y , in a foreign country are only
a dollar county are taking money
on Euro are to charge all four
and a currency exchange us and a charge you why use
fees, so to that’s the dynamic and I
think that’s working B it’s
still interesting where it has
practical use today, depending
on what th to know where to some thought C , till it’s read echo and it going yet whether either one
of single and did not know why did not
done it not hear about that all , into you been up and down over
100,001 day that’s when you pu
year she and dupe you have been
vomit and your bomb it though you’re
here puke then vomits and your
bombing through and your bombing
throws up and up of a , got insular ease and it’s funny and its tracks are pea minute , the chip which and I’m sure we’re we’re
clutching your little bit,
dizziness, a DOS and said old nick said earlier he said
every one of us this goes back
to anno your your exit strategy
and every one of us I should
alread otherwise it is flying blind I
think that’s it’s deftly true it
is that takes that takes the
emotion of it if you say , 100% selling, and a dollar a
zone of a dollar exam will 100%
of my dollars and a way to its
$5.00 matter you nothing does
and if you’re planning a nice 81/2
and maybe even you have all
levels of folks selling out
where you’re saying you know
what I put t it’s either going to whenever
that number is or it’s not a
numbing on hold until it does
and I am at Sid M care unit was
just a it’s one of the things I was
doing in trading and I had my
stock trade strategy and knew my
by employing I knew how much how
man a new of my stop loss was to O
everything that I did in that
trade and my by employing and my
stop loss point, and the number
sh so everything is mapped out a
plan and then you sign off on it
so every single tree that I did
I write it out and strategize
and , and up to look that up and its staff to try exactly every moment , so to know all your sense of
all be using the swag theory
scientific while desk as one
cache of a and spawning and it and there’s there’s deftly of
some and reality to to all of
the year note some that you II don’t think any of
us would be sitting here you
know if we didn’t anno firmly believe and in what
was happening this space and
Ohio I don’t think that, that
governments around the world BU
young anno of what’s happening in the
U.S. government although they
are dragging their feet , everything and and up and U.S.
government takes a long time to
happen typically, and so it will
we’re seeing an abyss of this as were moving block chain
technology a faster and faster
on into mainstream everyday
purpose, we’re seeing digital
asset ,, take its its place as even
offered more significance just
like the other day where reading off from the bee
and white melon, article and they’re talking about the
next steps are going to we’re
going to see the token as a
nation of securities I believe
others an , and and that’s where we know
you know where deftly part of
that, for the future so to all
you see a reflection ice , and there’s no they do it if
the employee of new , it’s close to about the
temperature , and a very close to the center
of a son, a and they are least
1000 to a telex and not that autos it
was actually pretty nice today
as on the west coast of Florida
of driving down and it was actua other looks like he’s a raft and
a black scarf of a a a a a black excerpt the
scarf and real and slayers tell you got a little bit alive
for the real yet reals, a nice if a a a chair was in its it’s insane again Ai at 109° you could you
cannot break an egg on a
sidewalk and coca crazy should and a of a that’s a another in a
gantlet which delay the results
and saying to 2.2 quadrillion dollars to be
absorbed in a crypto doesn’t take a genius to sort
that out exactly you 100° and
Portland Oregon and earned five
and nine and nine as at a loss
of w , it’s fun and saw some to O and see where are we on
this some time as it awaits
postal lights up after 11:11,
eight TD nine in Los Angeles the
real it’ to bed to it that the fed to cool I think
we got a wrap it up on rainy I’d
really appreciate you for
upcoming on the industry and
tonight, and all we do with loiterers of
of up to an arrest lawyers and throw you in the break to a
a a it to a COL son and I really
appreciate all you guys for for
coming on as always, you know,
strong to a diet that’s great
you kn an idea I appreciate you pop and
in all your last minute, it’s
always a great to see you, agree
to abide tuned in your stream a so and stirred a Wednesday or Idei
night,, tomorrow night Thursday,
we’ve got the and I streaming as
says we all know at 9:00 and c or act on some it and a specific topic for a are Friday night clients are answers to a a a a a can make them
uncomfortable of grace we got a fork a calmer to me at a medical tailed it out so every ever
everybody that is in here make
sure on your way out all you hit
the thumbs up, throw in some
comment , even on the way out on the
next video, Aunt Witter and
evert is if you guys have any
specific topics, but you guys
want to tal it into a little bit more, throw
them up on sweater you got mites
winner up here at the OP L up
above my head race winner and go and a death row to tweak it then
again if there’s anything a
specific that to the guys one
here about some of the awesome , a year ago , to be raining men on the set
of a of a Teri Kula R.A. ago and a good ties as an if a a a a rainmaker of a awesome that’s my stick to oh and so really pretty get
appreciated one being on a rowdy
year and a check you guys out
Saturday morning 8:00 AM eastern
s B and should

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