XRP Global Economics Bailouts and market crashes

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see one , the guise of the and I had some really in
depth of these to talk about so I’m knocking to get into a tear
on and and get into a lot of
things that he was covering
however, I am going to want get
into of all what’s happening on the a
global economic stage of Mr. Be
what’s going on excerpt he is
getting more expensive what was
it l and you can’t you can’t take
that kind of excitement and noble of a but as I got was
a lie to 5% the game and NEC a
pit theory on 35¢ a man see Ivan
even checked its awesome and if of a lead on and on and one 2nd , , it’s interesting I just got an
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so yes a DL a bit cloying to
over 800 , hitting some decent eyes on
Midas think you know that’s
obviously there’s you know some
good momentum right now , in the market a dozen mean
that were out of the weeds and
you know that we’re not to see
the resurgence of all of a bear
cycle on news that’s been pouring out
of men were in a talk a little
bit about some update of those
of types of things are also been
u to all of these the mainstream
adoption so you know I think
that’s it’s pretty it’s pretty
enticing of what we’re seeing
right n so across the board we saw on
four to the ad was big point up
12% at the reams of 5.7 excerpt
he’s up 8% for the day on and then we have like.up 3% the OS be NBA, kicking myself
for not getting the finance 0.1
was down to what like $7.00 and
now by nance cloying is up to
$24. of you know that that’s a crazy
and I knew I just knew that you
know as an exchange its deftly a
worthwhile investment and I jus , so tightly of the pulled some notes
here and where to start digging
in a little bit so to me keep the and keep the chat
window open all of got this one open when
see all goes are eight to oh to oh here we go
so starting out I think it would
support to really identify and I
believe that were to see you and 2.4% and then the S&P 500 is
down 3.4% where is where what we’re seeing
with a digital asset space
odyssey trend in the other way on there’s obviously a lot of
things off from a global
perspective that the markets are
reacting to all but really and
Andy and you know the of the economic
aspect talk about IMF on but
when we start looking globally
there’s obviously a kid gets a
lot more Damian black good to see here on and so so right now obviously
were were in the mist of a
market’s reacting to the odd to
the trade negotiations on between the United States and
China on and as a as a a
counterbalance to it on and
whether whether this is a as a
direct impa of were also seen on a lot of
discussion on the on the General
Media on alluding to the fact
that were have a potential a
financ on the begin the discussion
point and then I find it
interesting because however you
identify it and you’ll start
seeing it on t as they have a an agenda that
they’ve been promoting and
pushing along the way on now at the same point,
there’s there’s other factors
that are always a play and I
think right now we’re deftly
seeing a big f now really you know we’re going
into this negotiation point this
is going to be extremely of
difficult for the Chinese market
I on China is deftly get a feel
the implication on on their side on as is more
tariffs there’s also more
incentive on to why of the
United States in other countries
around the wanna start bringing
manufacturing back and pulled
out of China so on and see a Johnny yeah what’s up
with up to excerpt he breaking
out a deftly a great night is
deftly good to see you know
across on now now with this concern I
an eye height and they’d made
some comments to this on
Saturday on Saturdays live
stream but I th to benefit their export market will hamper either import market which has a direct impact on the
rest of the world I talked a
little bit on Saturday about the odd detrimental impact
that the the Chinese said low
cost Chinese Manufacturing has
had a pretty much on you know of
t onto where everything is made
over in China and I think you
know when we’re really break it
down and you start seeing the
negati of of what it really means IDC
Air manufacture mover over to
China is when you actually see a
Korean the Brands like Samsung
of where you’d say you know that
means that our Brands of dismay
over in China you’re expecting
same quality product to be
manufact and actually what happens it’s
it’s in it really surpasses all rational
thought is a consumer that the Costa Manufacturing
drops the quality of product
ROMs and then they deliver the
product that the same price or
the high really and you know we’ve
reached a crossroads where as is
a country in the United States
whether it’s us whether it’s
your uppe on then your your entire economy
on is really based on nothing
and you have of major all hole
in the middle now obviously as
all as we advance on technologically
all when I can keep making of
you and I can make broomstick
for knocking them a body of
buggy w on however on without of the of
the primary core of the
manufactured days if you have a
service oriented industry only at your you’re missing the
entire foundation of your
economy and so the problem then is that
when you export not only do
export the manufacturing
overseas but your manufacturing
overseas yo a less expensive product in so
that deftly has a lot of
implication and now we’re going
to start seeing us some of the
media I t you know and see their economy
suffer either because our
economy exists and almost
exclusively on on the export of
these product on they want to continue that
economy now at the same point
and China we see a huge middle class and wealthy class
that has been booming over in
China now that wealthy class on
their the desire for product is
rea all with with a negotiation
going on we also see the issue
of being able to utilize a
currency and on and Indian I
mention this was it the same time the United
States can levy tariffs on a can
do other things on as as a
counterbalance to that so we have a see a lot of issues on
this is a really good point here
died of an off a Chinese
laborers are sleigh prisoners
and and that you know an AVI I shouldn’t of you throw
stones on this aura you try to
bring this up but you many of of
on the left love their apple pro on and in many cases there over
worked on it you ridiculous
amounts HRS and they’ll receive
compensation in order so you can
buy on an apples making a huge
profit on are well aware as you
know the of the labors and China
are making nothing and so how is
tha I let me let me scroll up here
with some people pop in Iowa
make this old conversation about
to about China so on and sea air of excerpt Hyun
angel Connie a glad you’re here up well, and we’ve got to ounce
of wave that excerpt the baby
Talia of the tse toss a this is something that
excerpt the Hollywood madam
losing my shirt Ronda De tray to
catch big bombs needed as:
excerpt he to a trading is probably one of
the most difficult things and if
you don’t go into a trading of
their there’s a lot of different a strategy as long as you have
up a solid strategy for finding
of the right to add that trades
to make on that given day you
can sell hand and capture profit so
there’s so many dynamics to go
into it and III firmly believe
and and I’m sure there’s people
ou I can be extremely of anno one
counter a productive so it’s my opinion not to say in
the beginning of when I started
getting to digital assets I was
going exactly that also so they excerpt the minute
what’s so glad you made on and awaiting free of such as
been talking about all sorts of
stuff and see came on so you’ll
have to go back and knee and try
to on the backside to do business
in China your company has to
hand over your plans and trade
secrets that’s deftly accurate
me on on a deftly will have an impact
you know overall and I’d mention of you know in China UK outlets
in IQ Factory and out the front
door yet not the product out the
back door they have all via the to wage a yes Nash sos a thumbs
up anybody that’s new year on
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on S , so that’s a year to take
Godzilla won’t be done on
Godzilla’s bin of town daylight
or ever since I took that
picture teen all you do in tech Serbia homered bill a light so where was I hear on
the go back to write sat in a
fine China the dell but the
point the point with all of that
is tha and on the other side yet
digital asset which could really
create a on more of a balance
within the national trade global
trade , I wanted to sidetrack
something else because I think
this is really important and
this really goes into of the IMF
of discussi now Pakistan is mismanaged their
economy on and there’s odyssey a
lot more to this story on what’s
going on in Pakistan but the with six billion dollars on to
help and support on and I think
it’s interesting you know so to see where where
was sun as if I get I skipped over
something else someone to talk
about all year’s Pakistan on
java writing a Paxton are
something else lifeline you know from the IMF
now and when we look at it again
what the look at that the
purpose of the IMF dealt in
support of countries that are
going through a of of you and from a form a global
perspective of the country on
isn’t a managing other economic
to output or you know if they’re
not that of could potentially be also on in the U.S. they seem to
print more money in the U.S. we
have you a lot of business
there’s there’s a lot more it’s
not you k of its stepping up onto really
support now when I was thinking
is that Talmadge and this is a a
scenario on is that the IMF on to utilize a digital
asset also means that we’re
adding a completely new
dimension or completely new
layer of account or these organizations meeting
these organizations then become
accountable on to tie to the
world at large a because the IMF
is at this point they basically
distribute money on two nations
as they see fit on and now if
they move into let’s say the EST
are the start using digital assets
these digital assets will now be
on transferred all with full
transparency on as two of when
thei of that ends up going on to the
U.N. to the eye you enter the
eye map and then from by the IMF
for their the U.N. bodies over
to and much of these of these of
funds are misappropriated on so
this is true of the look of
United Nations directly a
history of c there’s billions upon billions
upon billions of dollars to be
made up by the organizations in
entities that are tying up with
Un to misappropriate funding so
even the IMF the move money to
Pakistan and then that’s the end
that even though they they
odyssey to me that’s another
significance as to why all of
the IMF and the U.N. really need
to be held accountable of
through a digital so again you know this and get
people are real viewing to
what’s happening so the question
then would remain and up everything that we hear
and you know everything denies
talked about regarding the EST
are in the progression and in
that is that it’s going to give
people a clear view of what’s
happening and so again that the
big question is will these
organization , I think that’s interesting and a look here and see if the
navy body has any feedback and
allow to chat going on so it’s a tall marat Kaufman and
there’s a Teflon lot of talk about the
global debt and it keeps getting
you know if their ramping up
little by little and it’s happening all over the
world so unite deftly think that
that’s interesting so , don’t count on a reset that you know and I agree with
that done, you know you I don’t
think we can you put all our
eggs in a basket of this to be
some on so you notes deftly deftly
interesting should starting at
the fan are you prepared see Jan
I think he’ll be prepared in
fisca you know how many times can you
do that driving housing price of
you know taking money and and
when I was assigned as
conversati a view of financing a property
of those us I was stunned as
somebody else on but it the biggest issue at
that point were a young people
were buying these homes they
were increasing in value of deep
were so there’s a lot to that but now
we’re starting to see the same on trends already been up all
over again it’s almost like
people don’t learn and at the
same time we see a lot of of the
politic of its starting to go on and an
a La De saber rattling it
contain all the ideas said a
U.S. is unraveling the chains
and Iran, a and a few Didion I never really
got into a full of you know full in depth
discussion on Middle Eastern
politics are you the interesting
you know of and minded and that
one day , so you see a lot of big talk
for mir on east to see a lot of
big talk up from some saying
there’s always a counterbalance
betw and are a lot of power plays
that were going on all but in the same time the one
thing of that really of stands
out when you’re looking at the
Middle Eastern politics is that they respect the big
stick so on that that the role
of foam over there is you carry
a big stick a youth remedy of
the bi and if you show weakness in ulan
you have a big stake we’re not
willing to use it or if you
don’t even have the big stick
you’re , You know so there’s always
been a lot of tension alike that
so it see excerpt the pilot of my
wife to say don’t get excited
about 35¢ but say every every
rise instead is a right is
moving in a accumulation. And then there’s going to be on
taking profit. So accumulation
when it comes down its gunner
ramp up and it’s the 3536¢ we
see and Zach lee of auburn ranges
like North Korea was, but is now
moving or side at the North
Korea these ease a big saber
rattler done in these countries of their
they’re pretty horrible be
likened in on North Korea on the
don’t read their people well on
and and I and I think it’s really
interesting when you’re the DMS
is the demilitarize some of the
border between north Korean
South all over in Seoul and what’s
amazing about the South Korea
site is it’s a South Korea site
is all about wanting to
recapture pea all the way to the DNC and you
go into this train station and its odyssey not utilized but
the goal is the next stop is
poignant and so and that’s in
when you go into this train
station to the most sophisticated of
rock boring of tunnel
initiatives if you’ve ever seen on in order to come into one
into sole inaction as you go
over the DNC there’s a, a zone
and economic zone that supported by South Korea
were the bill of factories and
then there’s some relations up
between North Korean South
Korean I an relationship, with North
Korean South Korea so calm day
and am a little bit behind your
online comments Rei so make age
of 20 of didn’t China turning up the
heat, I heard of in a one to
deal with trout that right away
to the next election and it’s
possib right now you notes and hissing
match and this typist of pasta
go one we look at it from the
external aspects were his
reading h is this perspective economic
whenever I it’s gonna go like
this and then they ought
everybody has to say face also
sell China ca trump odyssey can’t back down
the two parties obviously have
to balance it out on the figure
it out and and everything a
workout on the Kala fate and not all
throughout tell us exactly , tse Omar, try to go through
one of them down, that a trade
war china’s been taking
advantage for too long what’s
paris’ Pere t so, to see are all the real cool,
Alex of it is as it’s a vessel at ski
Alex basil ASCII of the bigger
countries a struggle be the
first in a recession a similar to the U.S. in 2008 and I need I need to look more
into the the economy of
Australia I’ve got that I am a little of
nine Ivan on that economy of of
of researched economies of the
route of most of most of the
regio , as always, be dated may always
sought is head of a well they do
country they always seem to be
doing a status quo they do OK e and high data I Gotta I have
really have to look into that a
lot more iced really hasn’t had
a a a reception then I feel so
bad to toss and that’s a that’s
amazing yellow and that’s what
the ship you bring that up yet to its pretty much why I
probably haven’t focused on
because they haven’t had a
recession they’ve always does
status quo they’ve always done OK so that
Co. pretty amazing anno done that sea air on trump is tweedy
the tariffs are are great for
the U.S. it’s all for show it is it’s a big show and that’s
that’s the thing that that
people really fail onto two
identifier to realize when we go
into of of false flags out there that
state contagion of thumb is
responding kangaroos at what I
love kangaroos are like the
school anim a nice of the cameras are:
equality are alike to qual their test really avoided the GMC I do
to the mining boom a supported
by China by commodities and it’s
getting hot in here of a raid on the Richter and you
say what I miss com, by seep Otis 452020 tie this time will be different
and a stance of inside me move
on and on and off and back to
the chat so on Venezuela now I’ve talked about Venezuela
before I think venezuela’s an amazing
case study I think venezuela’s amazing case
study because it’s exactly what
happens when a country of falls
into socialism of young, and socialism on turns
into economic disaster and
Venezuela deftly a fits that
scenario perfectly all wants a prosperous nation
all with the largest economy in
South America up now a related
note said destitute nation up
with on love done work in Venezuela of love scene of the collapse of
Venezuela first and I’ve seen
people shot other businesses in
Venezuela and flee the other countries,
see people that we’re doing
extremely well in Venezuela and then over over. Time of UC
of that the overall role and and
and to my eyes of this country
on it’s just it’s so sad you
know what I do see and enough talked
about this before and on,
there’s been the been others
that have had really a look at
the the po that is really worthless and so I believe that
there’s a lot of great
opportunity’s all within of
Venezuela from anywhere else in
the in the wo on to develop a a a digital
asset economy off from the
ground up onto where it can then
be brought in [email protected] bout of
their fate P a new wasn’t based on anything , but here it here you have on in a second tier you have it point base
backed stable point startup,
called reserve, which is a van
most all hap and this is a coin
days bac to provide on individuals on to
actually a trade on tape to a
complete retail transaction on and it’s also it says here
ill and able people and
businesses ought to switch back
and forth up from their local
fee a curren , are is Deion is a
decentralized U.S. dollar baked
crypto currency, I think this is
this is timely I think it’s
important, if i of the U.S. dollar on and here
we have there actually, there
there and the press release and
as an article a common point
Ella g with an annual inflation that’s
greater than 20% if you can
imagine that mean that so
devastating to an economy and his way law is losing 10% of
its value every single day they
that like 10,000,000% inflation
their currency is not worth any a completely useless a currency
they destroyed this economy but here’s an opportunity where
merchants and I thought this is
a this is so interesting because
it said near the end of Decembe of digital asset, and so this is
it so significant up to see that of digital assay
can have an impact and now we’re
Tom ball real world utility it’s
amazing and that’s a real worl at its finest to where you can
use digital asset now the
question here is you why you why
are we seeing some sort of IE a
presen are in all these other digital
assets there of excerpt he would
odyssey maker really fine
digital asset and have enough
that the , just an open question up their of no more stable points and mom
with this one school this was
not stable and a new one stable I guess
it’s pegged its paid to the U.S.
dollar site isn’t stable to it and have the least one more
this one’s can be used on and on
and Venezuela by a cool have tons of NAZI Alex of the Spanish
fly a going up 50¢ feels good
that’s right I believe that you
know we have our excerpt the sta and ozone and that’s what is
we’re done by the I30 cent of
value to an excerpt he so small
movements are are are monumental
you , Tutsi Alex it’s gone down around
10% sorority some people, who
got a loan and then only to down
10% are already in the rear of t , not sure where that was
responding to comet is all here ago a lot of
us are a combat to one and see a lot of home of loans are total
fake some houses and wiry around
50 climbers at all year in
Australia I get it now and K, 50 climbers
when a pariah 120 Kay it’s amazing died so you guys
are getting ready to feel the
exact same real estate bubble
crunch of the we had over here that’s
that’s devastating of the havoc
as if it’s just a idiot can you
can last a just not sustainable , Jeff Roehm as so much going on
right now it’s mind-boggling
that right it’s crazy excerpt is
up 17% CNN look it’s awesome 17% talk about a nice gain for the
day it is 13.6 it’s the awesome if
this is fantastic guard Jeff
Romana on a Saturday night we
did the of we get a chat the
stream on of NAZI hear the whale rider 67
put me back for a bought in on
an October of 18 satellite you know this is a lot
and the the foundation’s being
billed never forget that you are
at the start of it all that’s r , I guess a long-term of
perspective helps the not
wanting to sell now you Gotta
look long term you know we can
look in a pure o so if you’re in a 2¢ urine and
20¢ odyssey and 2¢ you can
accumulate up a ton more on and
20¢30¢40¢ even at a dollar all w that Iran sublets a lets a Max
is out of $5.00 and urinated
dollar me still making a pretty
impressive game to know it’s
it’s no , light and CIA room which time
we have in about 10 minutes , tse all rights so something
else that I thought was was
really important, skip this one,
go to all of the Stuttgart
Bourse up, are not put it here and about Starbucks are a this is a good one at a Dr.
Press release all set up here
and now I can get it open,
thought about the financial
crisis on Turke in legal reserves eye dogs wanna
show this is a counterbalance to a Pakistan relying on the IMF
on to bail them out Turkey on
the other hand had their central
banks put money into reserved to of if the they fell day on other
uneconomic guide downturn and
add the bell and sells out the
so here does exactly what they
hav tie and here is a good statement
the league reserves a what the
central bank sets aside from
profits by law to be using
extraord a ID and a 2018 they started
27.6 billion lire and now they
have led 40,000,000,009 plus so
neither bodice to using
everything t on another reason why we need a
sea of these government to IE
when we say we start seeing
economies based in a a digital
asset t , located so the a second
largest a stock exchange in Germany here
is a nose can open your
eventually the Bourse eschew
guards, Stuttgart a spotter on com so anyhow on
their it’s their second largest
this is exciting because they’ve
enabled investors to buy
like.and it now they have this is up and
see the four securities issued
by Expedia provider in Sweden to
act the price of the two crypto , seafood percentage are many
investors can now buy and sell
exchange traded notes Et NS
based on a crypto currency
like.in rebe and of that this is really
opening up onto the mainstream
so we’re starting to see a
global adoption of eight such a
rapid pace the bases being built again
whether was you know of 2¢5¢25¢
off 40¢ the base is being billed
up and we are to saw the potent on organ a start seeing more and
more of this especially as were
seen of the adoption by these
large financial exchanges so
it’s and see here , bouncing back seat does
anything of a critical that that we see here
so like in the 37 mark of big
0.0 go to 120050 Kay, you have
the Beason that the im escape myself now also foot
and I put put its other into
other digital asset but I look
back alive in one big one was at
38 u and I didn’t do it only gets to
me put it elsewhere , and so tears something else
Indian I brought this up I
thought it was important to to
bring up and there is actually
an articl on but you credit cards credit
card debt is that Foley us something
important to talk about student
loan debt obviously something
important talk about student
loan debt on and there are defaults on it
but student loans are at their
back by the government of the
one loan that you can’t get out
of tough financial bankruptcy
whenever of you can terminate
other of loans you can terminate
credit card on the cake your if
your s and all they’re selling is
regurgitated information it’s
the craziest thing you going to
let you go to a university and
these co to ever I need they don’t even
make a product the only thing to
do is selling you I do agree a
single out and get a job there
se again they’re just selling their
ideas and too many of the
professors that working on
college campuses and they claim
themselves they’ve never had a real world
of life experience working in
anything so how in the world can
they claim yet to be these
alright and a Sump and a thought on a
Wichita State about that only to
go out on a on a crazy tangent
like that but it tells me you
know and all are the depth of the
pricing of universities is
skyrocketing and again so who’s
benefiting from it the
benefactors of th of a tuition is is is absurd,
and the end of the quality of
education hasn’t gone up in
those universities with that
their rate so and that it just kills me and you have to buy a new bats
yet that’s the other thing of
books books actually a member
going to school books were
always lik guy is around and there’s very
little unique idea that ever
brought forth by a professor on
to teach up a just a kills me
you kn we want a learned you wanna get
your degree you know but if the
same point that the cost of two
wish and a skyrocket the rate it are lacking you in and their
supporting of their supporting
the rise of two wish and and as
you know so it’s it’s a direct
trans you know from the people to the
university but it’s been facilitated up by
the government being facilitated
by the banks making a funding
too readily available there was a period of time when
you can actually on individuals
could work full time and pay for
their own to wish and now it’s diets almost impossible for
somebody to work and in go to
school and and actually pay for
it themselves it’s it’s insane
and all to a hit it at the shipyard you’re
getting a degree from from my
again it’s funny to it that you know but he
butted you make a good point you
know because think about all the
information that we have is excess water
fingertips online and in
obviously three you to Jan there
there’s more than enough
information and yet you know they’re still
no regurgitating information that the universe to love with
just eight kills me absolutely
insane so going back to the
credit card so that the universe
see a of the other side of it is
credit cards now what kills me , is that I almost agree on most not 900% because I’m
sure you owe their thought
process on this is a little bit
different, however a sports
programs and on and and in gets to guess who
gets a foot the bill and for no
reason you know it just it’s
absurd now on the credit card
side out a control a because you’re
seen interest rates on credit
cards they can be as high as 30%
now granted there’s individuals
th on non on those expenditures on
but it the same point that
second a calculated part of
business on but when you see
that the nor of the of this there’s
widespread of interest on a
credit card on and then then
they just a handout credit cards
like candy on a young needing a methodology of
balancing all of the south is
how to control spending and Osama helpings of gonna come
back into reality and that’s
where with a digital asset space
and we have an opportunity onto
r and it’s also cost so from a
credit cards perspective are
that the bank’s perspective of that transaction on try to
figure out you know how they can
justify even those types of percentages on
and then on the other side the
consumer at the consumer decides
not to pay their credit card off
a threat enroll on offer too long
and and compile on itself but
you’re much better off just
paying off on at the end of of
the end but what we all have to make
sure we do is not fall into that
into that trap of of doing that
so anno Chevy excerpt are Harvard
is deftly rolling in money we talked about that the other
day on it and what was I forget how
many of billions are was a
trillions of dollars they they
have sitting in nine and they’re
on a tree with that number was no
news is a ridiculous number so tell you know what many that
it’s I’ve come upon the Allied
as a starter little bit late me
and also as is pretty cool, that’s that’s all we look you
only go through and see if
there’s any other comments and I
was always a good 22nd delay to
some o and then, only go pure Lex coins
build anybody’s on and you guys
haven’t subscribe yet: subscribe
to the channel he has won to g of does any specific question
that you have anything you want
if covered on it does anyone
specific you like to see me
bring on up you know for a bigoted doing
that may be on Saturdays are
Monday night’s I Gotta figure
out exactly how arena do that on plenty
having my dad backed on a
stalking him the only get more
in-depth into the banking side
of it and lo looking to figure out who else I
would be a great to bring on so,
so that that’s part of it on my
did reach out to wall war davi I do the interview all would
warn David Singh I he’s done a
lot of great ceo interviews and
I think you’d be a perfect
person to to town hall style will get a
couple people from the community upon and input worn Davidson and
then we can have an interesting
chat so we’ll see you know how
their response that other bring , but Lex coins ago my Microsoft
certification my CC and Acer
certification by watching you to
that’s awesome it’s absolutely
fa and absolutely phenomenal and let’s see what dicey chips
say that the excerpt he’s gonna
be $50.00 when we wake up and
mourners that dumb to say that a Nissan other Spanish fly I
think so too the outlets of and only hope of a I wouldn’t
mind seeing that happen all we
wake up to more morning is like
a it’s up and if unify box 50
bough , let’s see here, and this
alleged of us do it in and took
a look at that credit cards all
this alleged a busted getting
their k it’s a death and that the that’s
exactly it table and bought their way into
college degrees or he ons it’s
it’s all part of it they buy the
degree so if you get afford on t wonder how they get their big
contributions of but you make
that big contribution you get
into Harvard and unknown a few
people it wasn’t that much in the notes
of them we know much more
difficult than it is going to a regular
university it’s really getting
into Harvard of that is the
difficulty because your
competition to so and see the one cashier’s I do
read a workable more that’s
possible anno but and yet I think the the word
were going to raise the bar of
expectation on as far as what we
wanna get on people and I think
tha all why not you make things a
little bit more challenging for
people , and you know a cashier might
be a little extreme but you know
at least have a some customer
service skills all we can train
pe Tobe of money bags of a legacy
here, and apply solely on before
but that see here on chip stream I leave a comment
after signs off and yet it’s always a great
ideas so on those of Ajax the
jacks and the comment excerpt
the minute $500 will be a lift
your spir other be pretty cool th of a blip 50¢ the missing about 50¢
and a 50¢ would be pretty good
to so tight that civility that a
commoner wrap this up an hour
this is awesome I really
appreciate everybody coming on I
think you kno and a you know if you’re if
you’re overseas and over in
Australia our elsewhere on that
sits on an early morning on so
the only on sharing great ideas all but
also the community that’s now
being built on in this late
night a late night stream of
sessions s on Friday night it was
absolutely awesome I really I
really enjoyed it is doing a
great job the only guy Chi
excerpt he of has s on it’s just fantastic anno one
Spanish flies been on is on the
zoo on meal with crypto dogmatic
that the bird dog on it’s just and to chat so this is
absolutely a fantastic, and
actually on this week, get together with
two people from the community,
so neither to be on nine Friday
so I’m looking forward to that
on TV throughout the picture
something on twitter when we’re
together so young deftly looking
for to one to that and then of
chip a , R.I. let’s see we got your
Anthony on disk and wrap of
users some cool things popping
up here and then were to really
really s suck scope act of the free
market I agree Anthony I love
the free market free market
rules so that with that again
you know, 44 directly after DN I’m a look for
TCI’s Wednesday until then the bomb hotaling your crypto
and let soak for some big gains
an excerpt below the next couple

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  1. perhaps … It is actually just simple math. CONSIDER THIS …If you buy say just 8000 of XRP at around 0.30 US or 8000US of XLM at 0.10, vs paying 8000 for a BTC. Then lets say BTC goes up to a possible high of 10,000US while XRP goes up to say $1.50 and XLM 0.40 ? … the Coke and Pepsi of MANAGED and transparent Cryptos. You would make , ~$2000 US with your BTC investment and ~$32,000 with XRP and ~$32,000 of XLM, after removing the $8K investment. Plus I understand the fees for XLM and XRP are far less than BTC ?! … Which would you rather invest $8K into … Plus of course BTC and XRP XLM will likely break their ties after the next Crypto crash, very likely before BTC hits 10K. … hmmmmmmm

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