XRP Final Push on Ethereum as Bitcoin Death Cross looms – Crypto Drop, How low will it GO?

[Applause] whoo hello hello cheers Cheers good morning good afternoon good evening good night whatever time of day it is welcome welcome what's up beautiful people thank you so much guys for joining me randomly dais know kung-fu days no stream no idea where you are what happened where'd you go XR peace price is dropping everything's crashing Oh Oh golly thank you so much guys thank you so much I got the signal I got the back call thank you rob it means a lot what's up everybody cheers Cheers let's say hey everybody in the room and let's just do what we came here to do there's a grant do this let's go listen good start let's just weed no need to discuss the extra details of what has been happening in my life let's just look at what's really happening in our life look what's happening with us together as the market turns red and people are fleeing and running into the streets etc etc XRP wise it's so great and why is the price dropping how low will it go what are all these things happening in the market how does the dropping etc etc let's roll the lux roll the switch to the other screen how about that oh wait now let's do the Kung Fu news hello and welcome back to kfn news live that's right let's say hey everybody what's up guys Jake my man what's up Jake Mike Diane oh my goodness everyone came hello I'm ed calm mutinies djalu Jalen what's up el Brado notorious my boy what's up veteran a K Jared Tyler something clever all right we got some mods in here so it doesn't get too crazy what's up bones what is up was a pace what's up man ooh baby Diane again what's going on Tyler Oh Cory's Eagleman oh my goodness hello already hold oh thank you so much for the support cheap websites today thank you so much I'm assuming you guys have a good cheap web site content on your channel so I'm gonna say check that out that sounds great thanks for the support guys thanks for the thanks for the love you know what I feel like it was a good time to come live just so you guys could know like hey you know what no I'm not disappearing especially right now in this bloody market and this drop right here let's see what's happening let's see what's happening with this drop I was want to say hey to a few more people what's going on everybody thanks again cheap Clara be chisme what's up what's up Nicolas what's up everybody thanks for joining Tyler J UHD owl what's up fam how's everybody today mr. pace Dutch moon boy guys guys it's so good to see you it's so good to see you thank you so much for putting up with me what's up Mario aka you know what thank you so much cheap websites smash this look smash this Oh hmm thank you so much man thank you so much crypto Sifu as well good to see you my friend good to see you guys let's hit a little XRP moon for you guys thank you so much man cheers XRP moon oh yeah oh yeah good stuff looks oh thank you man dude dude too much thank you so much man thank you so much Larry dude it's good to see you bro Thank You Man it's good to be back it's good to be back for sure hey kung-fu time for buying exactly hey thanks for a reminder smash that like everybody smash the like button if you guys haven't already joined the channel join the KF in Army smash subscribe hit the bell what's up Miyagi what's up dude rocket ship Bart what's up Skyler hello Eggbert Eggbert Tina Ferdie let's go what's up Chuck Chuck Norris I see you back there Chucky Chuck Norris what's up what's up sorter kfn army that's right Kevin army let's switch over to this sweet other screen where we have the my desktop behind me alright so here's all the numbers what's happening why is it dropping we said there's so many times before we said this before but I think there's a hotkey for it it's a Claire B thank you so much I wonder it's gonna say for all those hearts I'm really curious now what its gonna say thank you thank you Claire I appreciate it Larry guys oh thank you guys so much I'm so glad to be back it means a lot what's up what's up I don't think I can say anything I don't think it knows of the safe or the hearts thank you so much Claire up thank you so much what's up guys what's up grind my man whoa what's up grind what's up great pate what's up sherry thanks guys for joining what's up I just wanted to come live because it's bloody it's bloody it's dropping people are wondering what's happening and I've said before in the past everything so closely tied to Bitcoin right now again we we don't really know what the market metrics are that move Bitcoin right but we know that the entire markets tied to bitcoins so XRP is dropping but as its dropping hey thanks for subscribing Silhouette thanks for joining the fam – as the markets dropping what the most exciting thing happening today is the consolidation in x RP x RP is consolidating and is catching up – aetherium within like a percentage basically within a percentage of catching passing aetherium so as this market's dropping as all this is going down we can see oh we can see man it looks like possibly you know it looks like possibly this is going to be a major moment for x RP dominance history because as these are dropping x RP s– finding support what's up guys get Loco let's go let's go what's up thank you so much for what's up Jake yeah thank you so much I did shave hey thanks you know what thanks guys you know what looks looks not looks not talking about me I'm not worried looks not worried about me right now I just wanted to show up and say hey I didn't disappear I didn't I didn't disappear with all your likes and all your all your hugs the market does look bad but I'm still I'm still here I'm right I'm right here with you I'm right here with you guys so looks like a few things that I think are worth looking at yeah okay yeah there's some questions at me throw some questions at me what's up yeah let's chop through some food let's chop through some fun looks looks stay ahead of the foam Oh put my glasses on I might need them I might need them what you guys got well you guys got PS is saying market caps losing a ton are you talk about the market cap of Bitcoin or XRP because the market cap of XRP again I think is just a projected market cap based off of Bitcoin because of all the pairings and the exchange pairing so we expect that to move a lot we expect that to move and it's really not it doesn't represent the money and XRP dropping it represents the value in Bitcoin dropping that's a really good question though pS whoo far shot thanks man what's up ooh before it goes up it's got to come down that's a really good point that's a really good point Thank You Man that's true exactly it's a it's a great it's a great time to be in the market it's a great time to buy we've talked about this before a lot of the people that are I think recognizing the danger of the market right now is that we don't know we don't really know that much about Bitcoin it's a wild horse out here we're all just kind of like looking at this wild horse running around wondering how we're going to lasso it down or where it's running to and that's what moves the market so much and that's why it's so dangerous to see the yeah xrp so it's really really strong you a coin that has a lot of utility and there's just no one really using it yet enough to push it to that next benchmark of support that's gonna take the dominance out of you know take it pass aetherium and take it past Bitcoin but that's okay it doesn't really matter right now all the market prices right now again are not period utility it's something it's the same conversation we've been having and we're just waiting again for them to you know really trying to just like run out of the steam with Bitcoin manipulation I think hold my hand you can't take it someone the other day you know I want to that's something that if you're out there man I feel you someone yet messaged me the day they said hey someone told me to get into car Danno and XRP I like in January and the all-time high and they said like I put like 25 KN man and it's down 90 percent and I'm so terrified I'm ready to get out and I I haven't gotten the message you back man because I've been a little bit distracted but I want to say if you're listening or if you hear this or if this is something anybody can relate to don't just don't sell just do not sell if it's already 90% down like it is and it's you know you had a you're expecting this all-time high price just just let go of your fear of losing it all just don't worry about that last 10% you definitely got to play the game like you the more your risk is the more you can win and I understand it's painful I just saw someone say like please hold my hand Chucky you get it man you know it's hard especially seeing the market continually drop like this it's you have to reflect back and recognize that we're saying that all these prices don't have any paring utility it sucks to see it down 90% for sure I get it but definitely don't let go at ten you have ten percent definitely don't let go at 10 percent holding it doesn't make sense so even if you're terrified and you're thinking like this is I'm not sure what's happening here definitely this whole whole you know it's like it's like even if it's like the worst day of your life and you just like everything went not your way you like you're 99% down on life you got 1% holdings you don't give up so I can do it tomorrow you just get up and do tomorrow thank you so much Jason dude thank you so the support man woo thanks for the support you bought a 25 cents it was hard well some people were telling me they bought like a bunch of cardio and a bunch of XRP like three dollars or at all-time high three and like eighty cents or whatever and so I get it that's really hard for people and I'm I get it man I I'm gonna go message you back directly because you dropped that on my on my videos and I just want to say dude it's fine it's good is this good this is fine this is what we were expecting to happen continually ooh Diane thank you so much thank you so much Dan I really appreciate it so I came live today really cuz I just want to remind you guys all the prices are again tied to Bitcoin Bitcoin again is being manipulated by the you know the fact that we don't really know what the metrics moving it are we really right now it's number two whoo there we go let's hit some XRP moves baby haki XR people see this apparently XRP just isn't in number two there we go oh it happened on stream I feel like I knew I feel like I was ready oh my goodness guys let's just hit some hotkeys for let's hit some hongki's let's get honky on this bad boy XRP just achieved dominance over aetherium because as the market's dropping as bit coins dropping XRP again as we've said has this new support level these support levels that if theorem is not keeping up with metallic bro I hope you have some money i'm vitalik I hope you have some extra Bitcoin to put in because we're hitting some hotkeys Brown we're going back last up on it we're going last Bob mmm God lead what a beautiful moment I'm feeling I'm feeling pretty good about this what's up what's up what's up no no no guys this is a pretty good moment I feel like this is at least exciting you know exciting to be live it's it just came number two as we kind of started a stream talking about how this was happening lion king hockey dude let's do it pace Lion King for you bro that song is so good you guys ever got a listen to the actual song the new face by PS thank you so much Farshad did you just drop that again d-doesn't thank you so much man thank you dude mmm that's right bye bye bye I was just thinking about that this morning when I was like hanging out I was like oh my goodness there is this is I mean literally people always ask me like when are we gonna see X RPE at below 50 cents or below 45 down to 42 again and honestly I always just think like it's really up to Bitcoin right now Bitcoin just tanked hard it took a lot of the market with it and we were finding so much support and momentum and XRP we just passed aetherium so looks bye bye bye oh yeah expectations lead to disappointment Miyagi's miyagi thanks man Miyagi's touching back on on what we were saying about the 90 percent down market the fact that people are really upset that it's 9 percent down they bought a bunch of card a note card a note card I know they bought a bunch of XRP ripple whatever and they're looking at the market and maybe they don't spend as much time in the market is us maybe they'd only look at a video one of our videos once a week so they don't get to see kind of all the updates thank you so much Hakuna Matata thank you crypto seafood dude thank you so yeah you're right Miyagi's dropping some knowledge for sure expectations are dangerous that's why it's it's best definitely just to look at the technology be confident in the technology be confident in understanding the utility that these networks have the utility the partners that we have seen obviously ripple nets still growing still blowing up still taking new partners still expanding into corridors that huge announcement of Japan and Brazil and stuff like that just makes you recognize that they're solving the trilemma we call it the trilemma but shout out to the my boy who threw out that Pinta limit Pinta lemma man scalability decentralization you know like the speed and efficiency of cost you know these are all really really big things you can't ignore those things and say that they're not gonna solve something so yeah big stuff thanks miyagi for touching back on that if the markets so much down and we were looking at the price to reflect some utility it's not there yet don't worry about it don't have expectations yet thank you so much man thank you sparse shot again guys whoo it is right now like I've been having a challenging last few days feeling really excited and not because of crypto or lack of crypto or anything about the crypto but I want to talk about that we'll do that in a whole separate thing I have to open up and share more about that I think it's important for me but right now this is really awesome I'm so glad that I decided to come live with you guys this afternoon you look at this right as it's happening right as XR pees achieving dominance and finding support we know Vitalik pushes often to buy back into I call it a buy back into number 2 spot because he literally does I think take stores of Bitcoin that he has and probably by his own aetherium up into position number two if he can but I think that's a short-term game for him obviously he can't just do that forever because there's more people more utility more function in the XRP ledger XR PL and the X Y P tokens so a very exciting man very exciting to get to share this moment with you guys he's doing it right now he's doing he's like transfer the funds cuts for the funds from the back Billy Billy yeah he's definitely doing that right now let's see how fast he can do it silhouette Park Farm thanks man thanks for the support xrb has been strong bloodbath moon soon okay a theories gonna be third from now on I think so I think this might be the final whenever you see these pushes when there is a drop like that like bitcoins down and XRP is finding support as the rest of the markets dropping they're really gaining on the rest of the market we're talking earlier PS you just said something about the market cap being down and the market cap again is is down only as a projection of price paired against Bitcoin in the pairing so it's the money there's not I don't I would debate if there's actually any money that left XRP ledger at all I would debate that there is actually money going into it interesting interesting things to look at and things that I thought were really interesting when I looked at this initially and I was wondering what was happening I mean the entire markets down at hundred and eighty six billion and is that a subscriber thanks Simon thanks for coming man join the kfn army smash like smash sub smash that like button smash subscribe smash the Bell go drop some memes go do something exciting share a video share the success takes sacrifice video because I definitely I'm feeling like that's I kind of made that video prophetically for my life and that's kind of oh maybe it wasn't prophetic maybe it was right time anyway 53% dominance in BTC what's really happened with Bitcoin I asked myself and I was like looking at this hey JC thanks for stuff man I was looking at this I was looking a Bitcoin and I was looking the price obviously the 10% down the first thing I always like to see is where the market is and where the majority of this volume is coming from that's obviously going to be a lot of the cells it feels like all this for well we back okay hey I'm back thank you guys so much I was like just looking at my I was trying to like figure out what happened here what happened thank you guys what's up everybody I'm back I'm back what's up what's up thank you so much where did we fall off I don't even know where I fell off or what I was just discussing let's see let's see let's see the see to see where we were when we getting back to here oh I need to go I guess we could close all this stuff I don't know what these are yo yo what's up everybody thanks for coming back smash that like button I was just saying something about looking at the Bitcoin movement and looking at the volume and where was coming from let me see if I can catch up where was I whoa jungle says are we having fun yet man thank you so much jungle what's up dude thank you so much I don't know if the Bell didn't go off or if it broke or dropped it thank you so much man for coming through and supporting channel I want to say I want to say shout out to jungle really quick whoo you know what I'm not I'm not really talking about what's my personal stuff right now but I will say that jungle I really appreciate it dude you were super super awesome everybody who reached out to me super awesome guys I really appreciate it you guys were there for me and definitely one of my most challenging times and everyone's checking on me I'm sorry if I didn't get back to everyone or if I took me a minute to get back but I really appreciate it guys it really really meant a lot thanks so much jungle especially dude you're a good man dude you're a good man I appreciate it and so I must say I must say thank you everyone for joining thanks for checking this out with me I really wanted to look at what was happening with the the dominance of XRP as I saw it's making gains on aetherium I saw it happening a real time I feel like we hadn't connected in a minute and I was kind of I hadn't been around and I just wanted to come live and say yo you know like I'm here with you this is happening and I'm here I'm experiencing this too it's real this is really happening so what I think was happening when I dropped off I was just looking at the Bitcoin market and where the volume came through looking at 40 percent of the volume from this sell push right now looking like it's in max I don't know if you guys know much about bit max but this is a btcd USD pair that's pushing most of this volume right now that's pretty crazy it's pretty crazy it's a btcd USD pair pushing a lot of this volume right now 40% of it this is where maybe a lot of the cells coming from a lot of the drop that's pretty crazy and so as this pushes the market down you know then everything it's extra piece finding this dominance and finding support and as we're passing aetherium these are all just really big indicators to people who are not this far in it people who people who are like not here every day like all the fam they've been holding it down while I'm gone cheers to everybody all the XRP youtubers all the peoples all the Twitter X our peers everyone that's sharing knowledge and participating daily in this exchange of information they sometimes there's just people that aren't that much in it as us and these are big indicators for them these are huge indicators if you look at the market to casually want tomorrow and XRP has maintained this dominance it's a pretty big thing but Alec could buy it back pretty quickly but Alec likes to Vitalik loves to buy his dominance back and it's easy for him to do it only I think as long as he potentially can as long as it's financially feasible he might try to do it as long until X our piece or mass is some type of dominance that they can't even compete with so that's that's likely that's what I've been saying for a long time bitcoins dropping is affecting the price of all the tokens we've talked about you know Bitcoin cash briefly Bitcoin cash Forks coming up tomorrow so the Bitcoin cash fork that's the debate between Roger ver and bit mains Geon woo and then the difference of and Craig right wanting to launch the light client and let the you know miners pick their blocks and stuff like that they're debating if there's even gonna be another chain if they decide to honor another chain or not there's a lot of stuff happening out here and a lot of prices are dropping but they're all dropping pair to bitcoins so Tron Tron under two cents stellar is Dec back to 22 you know Cardenas down to 6 3 tethers at 97 which is not good tether is again just looking like a weird has weird issues so the whole thing the whole thing right now I think it's the most exciting thing is obviously the level of support XR pees finding right now as everything else is dropping and I'm honestly just kind of a I'm really just kind of mind blown that we're just sitting sitting here still with the same conversation for so long I don't know how long it'll it'll be this way so the same feels the same to me that we have all these new partners all these brand-new amazing corridors opening up we can see the use case and the price is still dropping and it's just because it's it's not connected to the utility so it's hard to see that I get it it's all because of Bitcoin it's all because of the price of Bitcoin moving so let's check out what what are you guys chatting about smash that like thank you so much for reminding me smash the like happy to be back guys I saw the bat-signal I saw hi I'm Batman signal and thanks Rob for putting that up I really like that man that really just really just made me feel good me feel good so for for shot-for-shot says hey jungle how are you what's up jungle everyone's asking how a jungle is doing can we get a jungle and calf in livestream together I would be honored honestly to be liveing to live-streaming with anyone I've been trying to talk about doing a livestream with crypto Eddie and with a love for crypto and also I think I might have had like a KO stream plan with like Aiden maybe oh I got invited to the game thing so there's a lot of people I'm trying to definitely schedule some time to hang out and do Co streams I'd love to do it especially with like crypto xi stuff is just weird the time frames are weird getting everybody together and stuff at the same time we live on like opposite side oh oh that's who it was oz and I were chatting I won't think of who else was i chat with I was chatting with oz crypto Oz shout out to Oz crypto in Australia good man good to chat with him he has good streams that I that I like to frequent if I see him live well go check it out and we're talk about doing a game game stream that's right fallout 76 I forgot I've just been so distracted with my own personal stuff guys and I don't really want to bring it you into it as far as part of this but I might have to do a video addressing it but it's just good to be back good to see you guys smash that like button smash smash the Bell if you haven't joined the kfn army smash subscribe hit the bell say what's up this is a good stream time for you bro thank you it is a good stream time for me what time is it I just came live randomly because I was like I need to go need to do this I need to say hi I've been gone I needed look at the market and I realized like this is about to happen time and we nailed it we nailed this it's happened right now XRP dominance over aetherium you'd think I would be a little bit more excited like screaming like a girl but I've just had a little bit of a drain energetically I've been pretty drained in the last few days so excuse my low timbre for how exciting a moment this is for how insanely awesome this moment is for the dominance of XRP over aetherium in real time we're sitting here calling it we're watching it happen metallics racing to grab his bitcoins he's coming he's racing to his ledger right now like I gotta do it before anybody can see before anybody sees I must buy back in XR piece number two that's right XL piece number two what's up what's up everybody jungle buckle up live stream with c3 live stream with c3 sure yeah where's he yet I asked you to I asked you a couple K Finn okay I'm sorry let's go back and see if I can get some questions that you guys are throwing out what is up what is up you got to get you got to get some Dennis work man later jungle thanks for coming by dude thank you so much for the support dude thanks for coming by and saying hi you're a good man you're a good man I appreciate to you you reaching out to me man that was really nice this is actually a good stream time thanks guys bit max is pushing it pushing American traders out due to the tax rules says Ben Ferdinand says you know that song by Joan Osborne what if God was a effing Chuck Norris dude I don't know who you are man but I feel like I feel like you and I man would be like I can connect with you I feel like I like your style or I feel like you might personally know me in real life and you're just trolling me I don't know which one I don't know what's up hey XRP fell to 41 back up to 46 yeah it did it did this true that was all that same momentum though that same movement that's what we were gonna do we're gonna look at this so XR PD USD right here you can see the XRP movement look at that pattern and then you can see the B as a BTC USD the same pattern except for what's the difference the difference is that there's not a lot that same come back the buybacks up is not as high notice that there's a little bit difference that's a consolidation of market cap and someone I think PS just said something earlier which is really smart question ask you know PS is saying well the market kept losing losing value and he and he was just prompting me because I know he's a really smart guy he's prompting me to remind you guys that the market caps only the projection of the of the buy price base of its pairings to BTC so even if it looks like XRP is losing money in the ledger i don't know if it actually is I think it's gaining money which is why it's gaining dominance and why it's taking that spot number two yeah best of luck jungle with your appointment man be cash is farc t' is forked i mean you mean you meant both you meant both yeah jungle man hope you hope you feel better dude come there live tomorrow we'll come by and I'll say and send you some love get some rest what's up Andy what's up something clever what's up kik boy what is up what is up we're taking over what's up everybody thanks for making it back the stream just crashed we're just talking about XRP dominance over aetherium how it happened consolidation of the ledger bitcoins price is dropping and again all the entire markets just pulled up or down by Bitcoin price movement so you can expect nothing less than just people kind of wondering where the markets going and there's two different things I always look at – the biggest things I think are important to look at every day's is one the BTC price BTC movement BTC speculation and then two separate than that is XRP price movement speculation and partners utility and unlike their new corridors payment corridors so these are two separate things that together I think are really integral to a lot of you guys your main interest maybe even being XRP or some other coin Tron 88 any of these other coins these can be again really important to watch them specifically but also important to watch the market as a whole and watch Bitcoin as as the market leader and where it's gonna pull everything yo-yo how's it going guys thanks so much for coming and checking it out thanks for joining me thanks for being live with me what's up everybody I'm try to catch up some of your questions Ferdinand oh wait you asked me a couple questions says Ferdinand but I couldn't I rolled up I couldn't find them or if you if I did find them I couldn't see them very well ask me again ask me again friend please please hey what's up let's say hey Jared let's say hit a silver what's up guys thanks for what's up XRP moon hello hello ether is on XR P's neck totally if it hallux racing to his ledger right now something clever that's funny dude you're funny man you need to hear the dr. evil some dr. evil singing I don't know if we have a hotkey that's equal to that let's see what we got here looks do let's do the spicy from foody Coody i just kind of broke like a spice there you go I don't like it spicy I actually do like it spicy smash that like button guys thank you so much for joining me smash the like give me some thumbs up hit that hit that Bell join the K F in army tell me what's going on it's funny this happened kind of directly after yesterday's news which I thought was really fun the ripple XRP price spike after the you know global framework call and the bitcoin bash I watched that I thought it was great you know again we've been talking about this global framework being built for a while we've definitely seen we've definitely seen Brad respect and and and say generously nice things about Bitcoin in the past but he definitely went a little bit more of a he meant a little bit more of attack Thank You crypto CP that's funny dude market caps down trading value is huge huge exactly crypto seafood gets it he gets it who cares about ether hey hi nerd Thank You Man thank you thank you so much man who cares about ether hey nerd a theory was really just something to fund ICO punts now totally every tip has got a great point talking about it's really just one of the more standard smart contract applications that people have been using for a good mott up good minute now and developers again recognizing that if you're a developer you can jump in and start you could probably get a six-figure income out the gate just by knowing how to develop on aetherium pretty easily but there's not if you aren't again recognizing the possibility of when koteas opens up to aetherium how that changes the gap launching and app development and also whenever koteas becomes more open with a theorem it'll become I think more useful with XRP as well and smart contracts again the way the they're coded I think it's different this is a kind of a complex conversation that we're not gonna we don't go to to too much into detail but for you gamers out there maybe you can relate my member when the ps4 just came out like the game developers said it was too hard to code with it and if you remember the first batches of games that came out were they were still great games but the coder said that they couldn't really utilize all the power and the ps4 again you know aside looking at the coding inside of smart contracts for aetherium is pretty simple and now because I people know it's pretty common coding smart contracts inside of koteas so the X RP is a little bit difficult is it not difficult but it's different I should say and I'm not the most you know technical coder so I can't really explain all these differences and there's not like a good or bad here it's just like a difference there's just a little bit of a difference and the one of the bigger ones is how they seal the contracts as they go live so aetherium you can always edit your contract you can edit the smart contract later and you can put in changes and these edits just cost ether but in in koteas the smart contracts are sealed when they're launched which is kind of a unique way to validity validate authenticity of the contract from the user that launched it and there's a lot of applications for the multiple use cases of all these things together it's not like a it's like the one ring that rules them all even though we love XRP and we we know XRP is achieving market dominance because it's utility we know that in reality it's the possibility of the open level playing field and the ILP that brings in the the the market for them to compete inside of the the level playing field for them to compete inside of that's again what we're suggesting over and over again that's going to help them achieve dominance so good stuff great thing golden golden opportunities here and I guess inside this stream again as we called it god I feel like maybe we're just doing I feel like we do it pretty good kind of doing pretty good you know – like recognize these movements and these trends talking about again bitcoins pulling the price of XRP up or down so don't worry too much about that it's down it found support it consolidated it took a run on dominance of aetherium and of course guess who bought back into spot number two pretty quickly let's go look oh wait don't look at the hawk don't look at me he's okay yeah and there you go the theory is back in spot number two and I think the stream broke and we came back maybe in the time that that happened but yeah I'm pretty sure that was a fatality buying back in as we call it Vitalik buying back in it's a that's it's that number to pay wall is that number two spot pay wall yeah mr. pace called it yeah xip junkie called it we lost the spot we lost the spot whoo it's rough it's a it's a back and forth game this game of thrones out here he can't let that he can't let people know he's lost dominance if they if they don't watch the market as closely as we do they won't see it happen it's again like a it's like a mental power struggle for that spot for that dominant spot he has to maintain that the facade of dominance and he can only do this for so long before he actually loses the spot and probably should have just been buying XRP this whole time instead of buying back into I mean but I like I love you I love you man I'm not I'm not saying anything mean I'm Batman though so maybe you should listen hey kung fu nerd I know that vitalik has BTC from working the writing articles but you think ripple founders have bags of BTC or ether I know that a lot of AG's have a lot of all the tokens because back in the day they were pennies you know back in the day whenever I first was paying attention to it I grew up with Russ Albright a little history lesson throwback when I first heard about Bitcoin it was just because the whole Silk Road was going on I didn't really think of that much about it until Ross got arrested which sucks man cheers Ross I've its that sucks man and yeah he just got I think his last appeal just got rejected so you know he he plays a really interesting role in the history of Bitcoin the history of the value of Bitcoin as the US government sold his bitcoins for the first time in the market creating a dollar peg value to Bitcoin and there's there's a lot of stuff that if you look back like they were so cheap for so long a lot I know a lot of people that have them that they don't even I know I feel that have them they don't even pay attention to this stuff like I'll talk to them about it and they're still like they're still a referencing market information from like last year and I'm like yeah and like this some people are really into it some people aren't and some of the people there's such a threshold of people that are in it like right now they're coding in it maybe people that work at ripple labs ripple execs that are there in it day to day looking at something different than what you're looking at this is not they don't look at the price day to day they look at the the batch of code they're trying to refine or the next multi-hop feature they're adding to ripple net or something right they're not looking at the price or how much their bitcoins worth up or down and so like maybe that some people's focus sure but there's a lot of people in this in the space and the tech Silicon Valley space that have plenty of these they don't check the prices all the time they have other things to worry about and focus on so the ripple koteas is better with more programming languages thank you so much a hard rock bully thank you for reminding me I was just put context on that I was just talking about koteas and in referencing it to a theory I mean how a theory of smart contracts are different and I was only talking about the smart contracts actually being different and how the code structure is functioning but you're totally right thanks for reminding me I did not remind I did not specify that koteas is actually open to so many languages open to any language you can write those those smart contracts in so that's a huge huge thing it's a huge oh it's a it's a paradoxically like a really open invite to learn how to participate in this smart contract that's a little bit different than the way that theorem has been doing it so that's really cool and that's really there again they're so smart honestly ripple and there every single extension and ecosystem of XRP is so well designed it's so intelligently designed it's so perfect for the incentivization and sustainability of the network and the features and the functions that we want so we always need be patient and definitely just remind yourself you know why you got in or what you're doing here make some make some friends shake some hands go see if you're your neighbor you know wants to you know listen to the XRP rap I don't know who the XRP rap guy is whoever made that thing you know I might have to go ask people downtown if they've ever heard of this kung fu nerd guy because apparently you know no one has really no one has heard of the rap I was thinking the day I'll see my how funny you'd be just like concur if you will to bump it in the background like bump the X happy rap ban introduce your friends kiss your friends decks are people that's really really really unique is a very artistic rap kung fu yeah it's really artistic I'm not going to say good is artistic something clever says because a lot of the countries have the ability to open up yrx accounts and pair the cryptocurrency to a plastic car to spin for purchases I don't know if you're talking what you're talking to or what the conversation is but yeah yrx cards a lot of those even like bitpay cards if you guys have Bitcoin if you guys are the oats emojis that have bitcoins from back when there are pennies then getting a big pay card is a really great way to spend your crypto a few dollars here there if you want positive things in the air pew pew thank you so much guys I wanna hit this I'm gonna hit this a XRP elite digital asset hockey do and have no reason not to I like you and have no reason not to hey did you guys hear about that new magical digital asset called XRP hmm Wow pS did you have some of the best questions man PS said do you have a slight concern about the IMF and their suggestion of their own token and saying central banks should use their own coin what becomes of bridge assets the IMF coin and not XRP that's a really great question and it's something that I kind of was learning about and touching on the other day when I made my own like I made a billion 10 billion kfn coins and I was teasing you guys like yeah I'll give you guys some kfn coins who wants a kung-fu nerd coin a guy got you guys hooked up no worries this it's just between us though don't tell anybody but yes smash like smash that Bell smash subscribe we're doing all these things we're showing you guys how to do this stuff talking about if I figured out how to make a coin inside of basically like an issuance of assets basically like an IOU and XRP ledger that's what the IMF we're suggesting that CB DC's for a little while maybe they could be you know used on private Ledger's but I think the the use of central bank digital currencies CB DC's is gonna be something that will be built on these open permissionless Ledger's looking at every time I send my coin my coins basically like it's like a XRP coin that I colored in with kfn colors or Arkell I colored it so it's like my logo and it looks like my coin I send it it can be my coin but every time I send it and use it it actually spins drops of XRP so again looking at if they launched hundreds of CB DC's on the XR PL x would be ledger then is spending x RP to send them and to move them so it's still a bridge asset base off of that I still still be bridging their assets based off of their issuance of IOUs on the ledger and that's potentially what we've been saying for a minute like I don't know if they're going to build out their own Ledger's and compete with these systems when they can just use IOUs on the XRP and integrate it with the ILP instantly I mean I'm pretty sure that's part of what's being built here I'm again not the smartest guy I am not a financial advisor I'm literally I'm getting my role this I'm forgetting to roll this thing all the time but I'm not a financial adviser if I said it again I'm not a fiduciary and I'm not offering financial I'm not offering finite line information I'm looking at this information and trying to learn with you guys so it's a great question it's a really good question good one good thinking good thinking hey nerdy how much XRP is enough however much you can get man however much you feel comfortable putting your money into like looking at the guys that were saying they put 25,000 in the begin of the year now it's 90 percent down that's rough man and no one knows where the markets gonna go from here if it if Bitcoin drops more XRP goes with it for a minute until there's more utility or more support in those different levels so yeah definitely whatever you can afford what you can afford I don't tell people any specific amounts I've thought about making a video we break down the different pockets and tiers of how many people hold what and what that could mean moving forward but in reality the big question is what do you feel comfortable putting into these digital assets that are basically like in this unregulated Wild West of this new you know this new this new financial system that's being built so good stuff good stuff good questions good questions so good to be here so good to be live this might be a really good a new time or something I don't know I just I want to talk to you guys about all this the things have been happening in my life but I really wanted to come live and talk about XRP and show that this is happening right now xrp dominance you know is happening it's real they're finding support as the rest of the coins are dropping bitcoins down to like 54 earlier I think now it's back to 5700 so there's a lot of possibilities looking at the the market waiting for a Bitcoin to move what does that mean is Bitcoin dead does the mempool fill up and we see that it's – its – it's the lack of cost of efficiencies gonna kill it can we expect an actual actual bull run with big coin leading for another few months or is it over for them there's milking their time till XRP dominance occurs inside of a week or two inside of a month or two it's crazy it's crazy to see the possibilities I'm excited to be here I'm happy to be participating in the conversation happy to be invited invited to participate thank you so much for the bat-signal Rob thank you so so much for everyone that's been taking the time to send me messages and ask where I was and see how I'm doing and and say like yo dude you were tweeting and posting like 17 times a day and now you're gone I'm worried about you thank you for noticing I really appreciate the love but don't worry about me I am back I'm fine I will we'll be putting out content we'll be talking about all the things in my life that have been going on so smash that like button smash that subscribe button thank you so much for showing up what's going on everybody kfn coin has massive utility a massive easy it's the best the best coin the best coin yeah PS dude you're really smart man PS I can tell you know what's going on cuz you asked really good questions dude always ask questions guys I always ask questions I am happily here playing the fool publicly every day you how I fail so often but that's how I learned right I'm learning as much as I can and I'm happy to share that with you guys ask questions I'll answer the best of my ability and I definitely there's people that are in this chat that are really knowledgeable I know like hammertoe comes by sometimes and says hi I follow him and shout out his streams those are a lot of really knowledgeable people in the space that are willing to share the information and at least participate in a conversation and say like yeah this is really great that's a great idea it's a great question like why would the IMF uses the XRP they're not you know like we're not gonna necessarily want to if they use their own token etc etc looking at that technology is why I think that got me so excited for so long about what's happening because honestly oh wait thanks for subscribing thanks for subscribing just for fun what's up let's hit a little hockey bye bye bye so looking at like yeah all this stuff coming together what's going on with you and I'm gonna see if I can grab your questions and before I bounce out of here let's see thank you so much we love you I love you man I love you guys I love all you guys thank you so much I wouldn't be here without you honestly I'm so honored and humbled and appreciative of everything that you is definitely like you used to guys give me so much and I get so much from sharing with you guys honestly the the the fact that I share and and I'm transparent about my failures really helped me like learn 10 times faster like if I didn't do this publicly and like mess up all the times I've been an ass on camera all the times I've made stupid mistakes and said stupid shit to like people that I really didn't mean to say things that harshly – about those things I learn on camera it affects me like tenfold when I realize I'm doing this and so it's like I've been I've learned so so much from you guys I've learned so so much from being here and participating so I really appreciate it guys it means a lot anything that you guys want to throw at me or any ideas or anything last minute what's going on what's going on what's the don't get don't get the kfn coin don't get the scam coin get the kfn coin okay I don't know I wasn't give them away of if you want to buy them oh I want to buy some Kiffin coin on this dip not on that guys don't worry don't worry let's see explain the price of all coins pegged uh BTC XRP has his own use case and value I don't get it okay well JP our junior asking some really good questions right what you're really seeing all the prices pegged to Bitcoin is really just a way to represent all the different pairings to basically BTC pair to Fiat right and there's not a lot of other coins like all coins paired to fiat as much as XRP played one of the ones as the most you know diversity as far as pairings to fiat and even XRP as much as it is decoupling in like a term of it's happening like a long journey it's not necessarily done completely because again everything is so propped up as we say by Bitcoin price by Bitcoin market by Bitcoin pairings and it's a really confusing metric system to look at basically it's very the math is wrong for a lot of these things and that's we talk about a lot about looking at the what really what really is the metrics of market cap you know what are really the metrics of where we're getting the the volume and the price so those are really good questions to ask jpr again thinking yeah why is XRP not moving right now it's because the as much as we see XRP price and the pairings separating from coin in step by step as a step by step motion it's not completed yet you know like there's been years of Bitcoin market dominance and all the about the value that we see through these alt coins is paired through bitcoins pair to these these Fiats and so it's a misrepresentation of the value as we were just saying to is like it looks like maybe XRP prices dropping but XRP price isn't really dropping bitcoin price is dropping and that's kind of confusion right now like XRP market caps dropping no XRP market caps not dropping Bitcoin market caps dropping and Bitcoin market cap is like a projected false value into the rest of the market caps and so the altcoins that start to achieve this decoupling are really just having their own pairings to other exchanges or other currencies and that that over time again brings about their own a unique price in the market decoupled from the support of Bitcoin but that's not gonna happen overnight it's not gonna happen tomorrow it's not gonna happen right away because we have years and years of these markets propped of all these markets being propped up by Bitcoin all these tokens hundreds how many we have today 2000 other crypto currencies every single one of them propped up through the price of Bitcoin so it's a really complex thing to break apart but it's really great question great question good one good good question man JP our hope that that I hope that does answer at least some part or any part of that question that you had let's see I'm gonna see if I can see JP are saying yes or no okay kfn coin – coin is centralized you guys are funny you guys are funny it's pretty centralized definitely any coins on the XRP ledger are basically io u–'s they're basically io u–'s I didn't Ahmed I didn't man you know what I didn't I was just too busy doing other stuff I've been away from the day I've been away from the station I've been away from the moon I have not been doing anything so as much as I wanted to maybe play a little bit and I probably could have made some money in the last 14 hours for sure I did not what's up can we talk smack or do we have to do something on the moon I don't know man I don't know man I don't know yeah Friday hashtag xrp strong hashtag you guys are amazing hashtag you guys are also so beautiful and amazing thank you so so much for joining me it means a lot I was really great to see you guys happy to be here happy to check up on it happy to see XRP pass aetherium for a minute don't forget if you guys haven't already go check out the XRP rap I think there's a link to get the rapper listen to the rap or bump the rap let make your friends listen to it do all the other things too I was just chatting with some people from ledger we might be doing like a ledger giveaway or we might be doing like a ledger breakdown and review of their blue the blue ledger that one that's really cool everyone's like hot so nice I want to see it so we have those things coming out as well and a bunch of other things that we're trying to break down for you guys we have the yoga video coming out on Remembrance Day on Veterans Day I just decided to do something for my new buddy that I met that was having a hard time he said how do I help me he's like what do I do was the first tip and I was like man you should do some yoga and I was like alright I'm gonna do I'm gonna do I'm into yoga videos so that's coming out of the channel as well I really appreciate you guys it means so much it means so much to see you guys and to be back and to be be here live and to see this market dominance occurring and then Vitalik of course bought it bought it away but we'll be back tomorrow at some point I don't know there's a lot happening in my life I need to figure out what's going on with me and I need to figure out what how to how to move forward so it's good to be here I appreciate you guys so much smash that like on the way out smash that subscribe button smash the Bell do all the things you guys are beautiful amazing just how you are you're so beautiful amazing just how you are really wouldn't be here without you it means so so much I appreciate it have a great day until I see you next time [Applause]

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  1. I just stumbled upon something very interesting. G20 summit is happening on November 30
    Bearable guy had a pic of G20 and $589
    The countries attending the summit have said they're going to discuss the regulations for "crypto currency"
    Brad Garlinghouse has said many times regulations will have to be worked out.
    Is bearable guy on the money? ??
    Please check out the Wikipedia page regarding the G20 Summit 2018

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