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out on tier and guys are ones popping in the excerpt he what’s going on and see here on a light have to
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tonight, after bringing back in it are known to welcome to the
show and you can make an on to its good also on OK good deal of it what I’m going to have to
do with a day of a guest on your
looks like I locked and a locked out, and how we
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possible and getting called in
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got a lot of great things to
talk about tonight on willfully
a K9 and so we got here, and
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my mind over here to oh to flee guys had a a great chat
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over year of a fade and some of difficulty of
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your think that helped I think I
was able to one to sun dislodge of the sky and year ago now scuds coming
back online so a once I get this
active then we’ll all the switch
back over on but many also tonig on but primarily if we get our
special guest back on I wanted
to take a step back in time and
go back and really a focus in on
a onto the digital asset space and
I think this is real timely on
as we’re beginning to see on an
aero of a utility, and an arrow on I think it’s important of
that we actually see what happen
on to get as to this point on so and really go I am getting are
of test that, see if Colin
answer to this if we cannot get this
going again to all its ear we got here part part of the way there are eight to oh I think we have
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everything looks good to let me try to transition this
back over where to get started
listing it all works there we go
I think a toe far so good guys, so of Sony also as a as I was
saying, it’s important for us
right now to go back on talk
about a catalyst of the really led up
to this new one asset class the
band led up to its digital asset
space all wanna go in and reall to oh part of the catalyst was
odyssey the economic meltdown of
the housing crash on banks gov’t of there’s a lot
of distrust of it was that was
up to Le Brun you know and and
and as a result it cloying as a
re of obviously without would and rebel and one that it’s
interesting because now we’re beginning to see a
transition on and and this is
talked about on a previous live
streams wellbeing of when you
know we ini of a getaway from government get
away from banks and create some
independence on now are
beginning to see a complete
circle back , looking back your one a sea of
looks like we might have a
little bit of a late year of you
guys I can hear me OK I just
give a on my phone us I can see what’s
happening to fast forward to
believe on what I’m seeing on
the screen so many and see if I can do that was to
identify fast for all the way
across an archer with its can
give me all some are eight of
their thank god it’s a fit the computers going
to want the OK here and do what
I need just clicked off their array of
not not seeing the playback
you’re properly and let’s let’s put their alone, are no lack of it is
awesome and I get me with a as is, this is a completely new
law be worked out real well and
I had ship on the other night,
was very young team was a Amada
s on Sunday up so are our guest
tonight on it is someone that
I’ve known my entire life to
tell that slash and my dad on my
debt h on the building side on the
investment side up and and on
the mortgage side and it was
really bad that final stage a
eye in the on and that’s why I wanted to
have them on a tonight, because
we’re beginning to see us some
big transitions right now on and be as we’ve seen woody
and I were beginning to see on a
lot of movement on in the financial space off
from the banks are beginning to
see some on mainstream adoption
a potential now all with a
digital on and so tight that will come
of welcome to the report and not
even crypto a league on really a thrill the
heavy on tonight this is gonna
be awesome so on TS so let’s let’s get into this
and I and I think it’s what’s
really interesting up and he can give a little bit
of a history lesson you know as
we stepped back to 2008 and all
you can talk a little bit about and a steady flow of finances to
two of a set of mortgages and
the next day that basically shut
off the switch of what what kind up and away some of the causation
spied you know what were some of
the of the triggers the band
began to lead into a financial
melt assessed turn your volume of
paying a one 2nd as a return of
the volume there ago and it down
to low OK and the real serve out
t it should be good now told lower spine like an eerie it of a Tia there’s that there’s a lot
and is that it is about a 10
second lag of as a 10 second lag
between the others are it’s
gonna b and and we can overcome the
crackle and debts and that’s one of the
bid and so so there’s a glut
little bit of a glance into a
nowhere where we were you know
an ody on 2009 up and saw that that is
a catalyst and then we saw the
beginning of the mining a bit
cloying and the introduction of
a d up that we have quality L
quality product, and and we’re
starting to see a lot of of you potential similarities in
in the economies of where you are there there still trying to
print money on their you know
there there’s really tell me the
question would then be you know
h and on and I think that sun and
a devastating in on and you know
if if we haven’t on and the
other part of it when it comes
to t a globally of me and that may
help you look at it you die you
seen any kind of anno similarities again up
potentially popping up and it’s crazy now here we have
on Tina hall said a ice the
niches glad it, she saw coming
in to pay off all the debt and
refine of auburn reign of was in the
sub was in the of mortgage
market, and saw coming in 2006,
watering says subprime loans
took over on and I sold a paper I sold on
a paper loans on a gun or
defined of people that would
actually qualify of you know so that sets a rate and it says here on as a
ceo of as a sly are loans were
the norm no Doc loans are a credit score
in the gave you the world of it that’s interesting on and
then as we get here on the chip
from the excerpt the minute on
Hud lower the down payments from and so so we saw a lot of of the
impetus a leading up to it on a
you know I think it’s also
important that you know the
bank’s o on that really would then date
back to the late seventies right
you know as they or the
government was pushing banks on
into cre it up so so here’s this is
interesting you probably haven’t
heard of this on my dad does see
as invest a little bit and in
digit of tuned in autumn of Italy and
then you know of and I
introduced it and put some money
in their on in that kind of was
the the what’s happening with it as it
expanded of told about excerpt
the of told about rebel and
rebel net with a cross border
payments on this one article that came
out recently there and and
actually so hear this was
Goldman Sachs on is saying that
they wanna se on what which are feeling a
Goldman Sachs and then I wanna
get into and we’re in a talk
little bit about your thoughts
on the AP of digital asset and we’ll talk
with them a minute to me of regarding a Goldman
Sachs along and so it will when
your thoughts on Goldman Sachs
is as an organization Stowe so here’s here’s what’s
interesting that that’s a no win
so teen alls bringing up in a
didn’t die Don Franken of it a
lot and if you know that deftly
makes sense, we wanna create a
chart of a void and all that
kind of a vicious cycle
obviously on now you know here here’s so
what’s interesting on edu notes
taken a step forward and we get
into the digital asset space and
we of digital assets can mean for
the many people up around the
world to move money on moving
money cross border payments is a multitrillion dollar
industry on large banks up one of you
know one make sure that they
have their part of that on and so when we look at , an organization like a Jp
Morgan offer instance that had come out
you adamantly, a jay and Jamie
Dimon and game and on and on a
can of adamantly against bit
cloy all he’s speaking out against
the space or starting to see,
rebel and and rebel net taking
huge progress up in the field of
a cr and how did the Morgan on is a
bin and the cross border payment
a space for quite awhile on they
have of live large network of t on and what’s interesting is
that they created a digital
asset told jay PM of it they
basically will then use in house
on to and that’s that’s the that’s the
question of what what is that the purpose
of having that point on and you as it you know is it dangerous
and I guess there’s the question
if you’re looking at it and the outside would not
telling you know knowing as much
or have done as in depth studies
into a dual assets but I think
it’s as a dangerous to allow banks on
to create of their own non to run digital asset another it’s for you know using
crossed for payment or with a
potentially then a packaging up
into something completely
differen and when your thoughts and losing an air of K yet open it up to a tee up so yes own dud jay Jp
Morgan a day of a jp employing on its
Ngo chip from excerpt the
menacing it’s not a real crypto:
it just a way for a Jp Morgan to
get s of but we know that the question
there is a pre look at what
banks and done with mortgages on
and you creating this
environments and up is there a similar,
danger if you have banks that
are basically creating of what
they’re going to call you know
their own are almost a creating a dish as
money of you know that their
mother not fictitious but there
there creating money on
essentially on what could a bank potentially
than it would and is trying to connect the
dots based on how all of a it’s
how they operate a form of you
can answer that an A and it really and when the
offer them to develop and what
there are basically touting its
are at Sydney to moment, with
his of simplifying across border
payment transactions of I just I
just look and II look in a Jp
Morgan of men I see that am sure
the on to do what they’re doing
odyssey captured in maintaining
on multitrillion dollar industry
across porter payments would be
all and and that’s I thought you
know it’s interesting, because
it will and we see where Goldman Sachs
stands on it and off talk to a
little bit about, what’s going
on on the odd on the
governmental s and on that there’s just so much
happening and it’s happening so
quickly on my concern is still on the on
the banking side and it unite to
see what the possibilities of it
be you know so on and on look look for a value no potential
similarity on as to you what
these of banks and potentially
due on not saying that there is
a nefa to oh when we look at you and
overall restored you know when
we love you know that there’s
been telling young two different
path are sporadic been spreading a
flood of the witches beer and
certainty and out of in the
minds of the people on and so Jp Morgan and and Jamie
Dimon of bin and diamond to take
Italy was one of those suspicion
over about a year ago came out , what’s what’s interesting now
go on is that we’re starting to
see on large a larger on
investment houses all like the
trade of a and and many more that are
actually getting into and
beginning to offer on trade on
in digital assets of saint
opening up a wh tearing about and maybe even you
know we can discuss a little bit
more adaptive and possibilities
on is taking a real estate on and O if you can imagine and you cannot token I sat and
split up that investment of
monks 1000 people 3000 people
4000 people and everybody can
own a sma and how how many pulled the B that’s it’s pretty it’s it’s and only interesting and assign
you know when we look at the
peer to peer type investing on
alike prosper in there some real
est and idle owls and what what I
really like about the digital
asset space of that is so
different from stock investing or you of your
investing as an individual and
real estate is that it’s giving
people an opportunity on to
invest and and high potential Yielding
investment are they never would
have that opportunity before on
and real estate is one of them b a no commercial a conversion
will the commercial Investment
Properties it’s pretty significant and also an awesome now like you
said in a fifth before able to
token eyes and there’s a number
of organizations are actually do on and that is come up here and
am just run to pull out the
article alone to begin finding , so this one is interesting and
this really of goes on, but above and beyond, where
we’re at with me try to open
this all of this, goes beyond
what we’re talking about right
now sc a providing complete
transparency of movement so from
a logistics a perspective on
having no black chain technology
on adds a si so this is interesting of law
and ex UPS and DHL actually have
joined forces of the call on the
government and made out to manda of meaning that from their
perspective and this is tapping
recently on this was an article
it was posted on investing a
block ch on and so here we have they
panic CIO a called on
governments to implement
mandated black chain standards
and international ship till now we’ve taken the house
and now we’re looking at a Ya
where where we came from and
this is really what’s amazing is
that onto now that the possibility of
token icing all real estate on and now you global shipping
not cross border payments is a
given a day in and the
technology of Tarrance parents
see a * chea another be great if you could
you its interest and and here we’ve got done as
wanting to go back am glad that
you you , to back on a oven reigns of
comments error of one of the
other things that the Miyagi
actually a UC and they’ll
mention as wer a lock chain to really expand
into medical records and
supplies and the importance I think
overall and and one of the
lessons that it can take out of
everything everything that we’ve
gone thro another nineties to the 2/1000
crash on one of that the primary
points of Olivetti’s
transparency and accountability on and so and alok Chang
technology to digital assets up provide a complete
transparency up and will then
also make sure that to banks and and those that are
operating on it here to a
certain level of accountability on so tall, goes and enhance all
a although we’ve had an eye I
firmly believe that you know that society as a
whole, and we need to the be
bound by a specific regulation
you know we we either you are
our governm a government role you run by a
accepted laws were were in
complete anarchy of all we can
have a know too much regulation
also we of as as an overall on butt of
light is one of a ceo what’s a
brick term by the UK mom made on
a crash monkeys haven’t seen a
lo on but you so so at the end of
the day you know if we can make
sure that it were holding these
banks onto task on but but again and a world without banks of my
believe that you we need a live
in a world of banks and Ainge
stream of to the mainstream of a public,
neither hand held it with a lot
of people that are on this chat
tonight and are early adopters
th a couple years ago and it was
even a lot more tenuous you know
trying to the route you and your year where you’re gonna
buy the currency where you can
hold it are you gonna move it up many of
us I have, and an OS or
something similar on external
lucky’s on to make sure that
we’re securi and a views uphold and it as a
whole slew of other exchanges
out there on and these are were
early investors were were
comfortab of Mcadoo imagine you know that
the general public trying to
utilize even if the appointee
year ago on me of going through
that are a and nobody I appreciate the lot
and on and I believe that you
know as in order to bring in
that mainstream adoption of
we’re sta is that we’re starting to see a
blurring of the lines the tween
an exchange like.base and banks
on and the question then is you of being a world party the
solution you part of the digital
asset space or they’re gonna
become irrelevant up and I think they’re seeing
that now are you other, like a
borders or Barnes &Noble and
I’ll try and hold onto the
relevancy on in the spaces as Amazon is killing on and selling books
on and you know everyone’s so no
exchanges are deftly be you know
slowly becoming banks to sell to be a it’s a special as we’re
moving on more and more to want
to digital asset of men that
becomes the norm at which could
be on when you see NASDAQ and
another’s talking about of talk
about this on a regular basis
you know things are happening it
happen topping up in and you write you
know these these big banks or
are deftly going to want to
streamline and and the world can
be di Teflon important to you and OAS sciences is interesting
and on law and at that hour on
me go a little bit longer idle
mind a phone and have some other
s as to my mouse as for as a year
ago so Miyagi says here all we
won’t need banks to facilitate
payments up by trying of an
incent that set of an awesome a
statement there because a right
now and the early adopting
adopter stage of putting your
digital asset on an exchange and bin of their
ear risky and that because they
didn’t have the FDIC Insurance
on so that stapley problematic
an on and something happens which
we saw a recently with at the
exchange up in Canada and all
that they they cracked or
abetted the a view of millions upon millions
of dollars to oh Miyagi you know
that’s a good statement a wrist
and foremost in your start a s anno first and foremost is is
really important and that’s
deftly the incentive of excerpt the minute here said
Dunn and see here on are we sure
bets pop bottle or is the edges
Jeff from the future of up to t it was so of the apple with the the boys a
response to cover it up is
actually a knob and an aunt and
a and it’s me in the future of array of a town of lunacy of its ear we have on the
crusaders span, I agree and I’m
those accounts were cleared out
months you know what a crusader
that’s Tahoe of Manet and that happen
in December and I think they
told everybody a month later time it hit that the media also
a deftly an issue of excerpt he
up excerpt the Caroline on
deftly hobbling my excerpt he
and on on the one make sure they were
protecting our digital asset of Miyagi up and sent of eyes
when a percentage gain like
Batra does and of hotaling
excerpt the other exchange and
there’s a th some of the others are doing
that so that’s where we’re
already seeing the the lines
blurred to oh anno people I
think is a main on my fee a current some put
everything into digital asset
and then on to put it into one
of these all these are exchanges
like and on right now people your
money in a bank to get what
1%1/2% and 89 on an even tougher
years and was your lucky to get
1/2% o tale yet they’re out there in a
cell was I think that’s that’s
interesting teachers staking crypto and up to vote C on and your thoughts
on that on and go up your it what else we got the go alone C a son, when all way down to the
bottom try to go back up and see
a foe of another some
interesting comments as we were
and are g and I let me see here and that
anything else that India wise words if you like to share
for mom or a milder self from the future
of an avid excerpt in the future
with the anno the eight that’s a that’s an
interesting point a twisty and I
was still was still on an off
day and I still on an idea night talks a lot about
that, about bid did the U.S.
dollar as a reserve currency and
you know whether whether not the
U of you potential popping up of
what your thoughts in the near
term on and on the U.S. economy
and then the U.S. dollar as a as
m bill that’s interesting Tia another of one day delivery
which is awesome it a lot of others suggested
let’s see what we have here, and
tune crusader of mentioned on
he’s got a excerpt neon is
ledger na a getting understand the ledger
nano on actually unite is a
little of nerve wracking when
you when you first get into
moving it , but in some of these exchanges
like a coin base on my believe
you know if they’re becoming
more and more a secure on a
special of and they’re there to being
utilized on on the institutional
levels well, to toehold on told
currency so are all digital
asset using excerpt is the bridge and
freeing up and up capital to
help get a big need to stop
printing which seems up like
they want on these either using a print
the money on and so let’s see
here of tiny also it is awesome
is a great conversation on up to one will we’ll talk
more young and onion of love to
have you back on again and we
can do is more deep dives into
you kn to an idea of a man of the good he
can come back in a hologram
format would be even better to it up so awesome a dog II
totally I really it may help
reshape everybody being on
tonight of medicine great
comments on across t on a guide to that CI not deny
is still on a ID and I sent a
lot of all new faces on to the
show tonight on we’ve got older
and on Friday nights on I believe
you mentioned of 10:00 PM Friday
night’s and of course we have
the excerpt the minute of wood
Step , I was a lot of fun, and chip
actually so if not a yellow fee
if we of it by asking him I’m sure
I’ll get the website done and is
putting a website together that
will have a lot of amazing
informa on and let’s see what else all
and I believe the current thing,
goes as planned on Monday night on are going to
have another excerpt the power
hour and actually Dion eye is
going to be on my live stream so and finish up will watch an hour
a day and night from 9 to 10 on
a Monday and then from 10110
beyond on the hot or were so on
th an item I know really I saw busy
with ongoing on a more night not
sure of what they see what’s
going on for tomorrow night, if
I anyhow again totally appreciate
everyone coming on a spending
time with us tonight up four to
seeing you guys on the next live
s and so next time the Bonn hotaling are crypto

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