35 thoughts on “XRP-Crypto Eri Interview FaceBook(Global Coin) Japan`s Regs and Sooo Much More!!!”

  1. You have made my Bank Holiday and i am only 20 mins in. If i had one wish now? It would not be XRP @ 500$.. It would be you 2 deliver this quality of news on mainstream TV so the masses get a piece ? Yes i do realise that FOMO on fact would kick in and 500$ would be in the rear view mirror. #bethechange

  2. Personally dont think when escrow dry out then we move , i think is more like buffer for market and ripple , the time is now for adopt , brad dont want wait another decade to see his baby he will only grow more grey hairs waiting.

  3. Hey Brad. Love you’re work. Only question or worry is if XRP is a Security or Not Decentralised. Watching from Australia. Thank You Willie

  4. Just a thought….maybe the 2396 inside the "swift" part of the Christmas BG123 picture means that swift owns 23(96) or 23% of the remaining XRP in escrow?!? Any thoughts Brad?

  5. XRP UNDERVALUED at 42 cents … $XRP SHOULD BE AT $1.69 NOW compared to #bitcoin at $8800 which is 44% OF all time high price of ~$20K and $3.84 XRP.

    The NEXT #bullrun …with @Ripple XRAPID now live since October 2018 only !!!

  6. https://www.tradingview.com/chart/BTCUSD/3IXvYVp5-BTC-seems-to-be-repeating-2012-Algo-Seems-like-the-2014-2015-al/

    Based on the currecnt BTC trajectory, XRP to $1.00 by 15 June 2019

  7. Thanks Brad for all that you and Miss backup do for all of us and the greater good of this wonderful XRP community & beyond!!

  8. I love listening to crypto Eri, and i love ma man Backup Bradley.. come on in.. Mrs Backup you rock with your support.

  9. Brad.. please consider using earbuds/headphones to listen to the sound coming out of your computer when doing multi-person streams.
    The echo is so painfull to listen to 😛

    Great stream though!

  10. Brad your face and reaction after eri said 10000 is hilarious. You looked speechless . Great interview guys ??????

  11. This is a gem of an interview. Eri brings the Asian perspective, revealing the reach and potential of XRP, from someone who actually lives there and understands the cultural nuances. HODL and be rewarded. Big Time !!!

  12. Hey Bro. A blues vid as promised….though I was in a really silly mood when I made it….lol. Ok I off to watch the stream. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aNOm7tbIymU&feature=youtu.be

  13. Hey Brad three quick points that I picked up from your last informative video with Lee and Mickey B

    1) The Coincidence between requiring 64 signature security in ordered to collateralized your XRP into the XRP Vault Ledger and the IMF International 64 coin. 64=64.

    2) The USDX Basket of Currency using XRP as the catalyst and then the addition of BTC at a later date is remarkable due to the fact that on 4/27/19 the /dev/null productions was successful in sending across the XRP Ledger 106.061229 BTC with relative ease. Could this be tied to the expansion of the USDX network to allow and fix the scalability issues that BTC is suffering from by using the XRP ILP?

    3) Japan and Russia signing and investing into the Russian Fund with the help of SBI as the connector. And now we have the USA and Japan meeting and TRUMP stating that the USA and Japan are working together in regards to the Digital Economy.

  14. Brad, bring this up to the XRP community….I have a good use case. I work in IT and my department has this printer that other departments think its okay for them to use. Whenever it comes time to do maintenance or repair on the printer, those departments refuse to chip in with the cost. Many printers that are being produced today have built in android operating systems…so if we could incorporate a payment solution so that before you can print to the printer, you have to make a deposit, that would be so awesome. Think of a vending machine; before a drink dispenses, you have to make a deposit. If we could work with Lexmark, Xerox, Dell, HP, Brother, etc we can really get something going.

  15. Yes we love the brilliant C Eri and all that she offers in the space..Another Great Show Mr Kimes and Miss Bakkup..Thank you both!!!???

  16. Can you consider and feed back on the issue of how XRP can prevent pump dump volatility please. Bob Way talked of a patented system ensuring the steady increase in value without extreme volatility, involving algorithms to prevent exhausting liquidity pools. Usdx by kava labs highlights how XRP can be locked on the blockchain in return for the stable coin, which will lead to scarcity to some degree. If the asset is traded vigorously it suggests to me that volatility could increase ?

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