XRP Can Easily Become the #1 Crypto Because BTC Investors Are Buying XRP! – Huge Ripple (XRP) Update

hello guys I'm here back with another video and today I have some very very exciting news regarding xrp you know it is getting more clear it's getting clearer and clearer that XRP is clearly breaking away from the cryptocurrency market it is breaking away from the other cryptocurrencies it is becoming the one you know and it's sometimes we are forced to be a part of a group but if you're clearly different than the group you'll naturally start straying away from the trends of the rest of the group which is exactly what is happening with XRP you know it is not gonna sweat we already beat diem and we're whoa look what I didn't checked it worth four billion dollars ahead of X medium in terms of market happy theum is crashing this is embarrassing it is Seoul is going so low it is 4 billion down in terms of market cap 1 compared to X or P that is completely insane to me you know it's near was that such a good place just a week ago like two weeks ago and then a year ago and stuff of that sort and Bitcoin is crashing – you know Bitcoin is coming down quite a quite a lot yesterday I think I mean the video is that 92 billion today it's at 83 billion and XRP didn't have to do anything extra P maybe fell a billion but that is okay because it's still connected to the whole market but it is definitely starting to break away so there's many many good things in this video definitely stick around for the whole thing now let's get started so Bitcoin price point is unstoppable CNBC hoster investors ditch BTC for X or P so this is becoming more and more mainstream this is the thing everyone's saying ditch BTC move to the cryptocurrency that is more advanced move to the cryptocurrency that has a that has a brighter future which is obviously XRP so Bitcoin price continued to lose ground toward 5k so the reason ground is important is because this is like real estate you can take up a certain amount of market cap and we want XRP to become the most dominant in terms of this market which will make up most of the mike cab right now Bitcoin obviously makes up for like what 50 or 60 percent of the market cap of the total market cap which is 157 billion but we definitely want XRP to take that spot so definitely the CNBC an host wants people to leave BTC investors and markets are literally anxious as BTC press kittens to continue with the bloodbath it is clear the crypto has not found a bottom and could to explore levels towards 5000 so the job last week was from 6000 so it felt down to 5200 just a reason that people are realizing BTC is not like it doesn't seem like it's long-term doesn't offer many many solutions and it's not efficient at all isn't really offering anything in the real world to be honest you know it was supposed to like the the pace it was going on like last year it was supposed to hit like $30,000 or something but it only decline from there of course I don't talk about price because price means nothing you know this market is very very undervalued right now so price does not mean nothing I definitely think BTC is overvalued right now but what I'm trying to say is that the solutions that it offers isn't as isn't like even near to as what XSP offers and the thing about XMP is that it has moved on into the real world you know so this is a virtual currency but the ripple the company's stuff they're partnering with over a hundred real banks banks that I use been said I have like you know money in so it definitely directly affects me so these hash wars show why everyone should get rid of BTC NBC is just put their money techs are P so hash rates are basically like rates to mind that cryptocurrency of course as we know X ur P does not need it's not my Nobel so it is very very efficient right off the bat BTC and BCS are my Nobel and they require mining which is why they take so much electricity you know like I sent a couple of videos ago it took more electricity than one of the countries in the world which is definitely very very inefficient you know that electricity could have been saved or used somewhere else and a much more efficient manner so definitely want to start the video with this you know good news because like I said this is real estate if Bitcoin Falls XRP definitely gets more dominance in that market so next up we have a Weiss rating so what BTC price losing around towards 5000 CNBC hosts around nooner so this is just getting a little more specific from the last article investors to put in their money to XMP not bch we'd be very surprised if X or P does not move with the rest of the market if that happens our own one Velarde says he'd recommend genuine so Weiss took a look at for short interest on extra P over the last 24 hours it spiked those who are selling off their BTC are attempting to hold x RP down to make a look as as though it is coupled but it is not X or below this market fasten your seatbelt so basically like I said many times this video XRP is becoming more and more independent where you can see that the percentage points are much smaller in terms of negativity in this case than they are for BTC or ETH like for the for its direct competitors XRP is doing much much better just look at this graph right here this is the screen breaking away from market trends I don't know what what what is you know Bitcoin stayed stable around this time except he did not need Bitcoin to go on this little spike or ball run or whatever you call it so I definitely want to share that with you guys you know very very exciting news we're up huge percentage points and we're mostly in the green for XRP so definitely a bright bright future next up we have 30 day is 30 days is a significant trend so like I just said guys the market trends tell us everything in the last 30 days Bitcoin is down 21% XRP is up 6.7% so in the last 30 days so on average XRP is doing much better than X or P ETH is down even more than Bitcoin which is 25 percent and what I'm saying is that eth basically knocked itself out of this market I know I saw he's great and everything it offers many solutions it's going on a huge climb but along with that except pain I mean eth basically knocked itself out of the market the same way I think BTC is going so I definitely I'm so so excited to see what happens of course we have to pay our respects to BTC in eth for like you know pioneering this industry and making way for a lot of cryptocurrencies but it's time for a new much more efficient solution and XRP is the one it is going to climb to the top it is inevitable but inevitable guys people deny it but it's clear it's happening like we can literally see through the data through the market trends which are not lies next up we have migrant workers sent home eight billion dollars to families and the reason I want to show you guys this article is because they send eight billion dollars a year to their families they were basically working overseas they're sending money home but the the fees are 7% just to send those money so cross-border payments in this case are 7% the global average and the people wiring the money should only have to pay 3% basically they're just saying that they want much much lower fees and cross-border payments remittances what do you think of you think of X or P you think of X rapid ripple of course they need to integrate ripple X rapid into this because eight billion dollars and percent of that is a whole ton of money like that is this is ridiculous you know we're in 2019 I mean 2018 sorry I said 2019 and I'm already thinking ahead in the future but we're in 2018 right now and efficiency is a way to go saving money is a way to go and for 7% of eight billion dollars the people's hard-earned money to be just thrown away is embarrassing and should not be happening at all so XRP and ripple should definitely be you know helping the situation like they like they have done for over 100 plus financial institutions now I know most of them have now started using X rapid but once they do and they've posited it so they know how good it works and of course this is going for a good cause so like for example cross-border donations or cause you know what I mean like when we donate money but they're mostly for overseas and the plate up from the places we live like I live in Canada for example so like obviously the poverty rate is much much smaller than it is in Africa or something so my cross-border payments I would want to use a bank that uses X rapid or something that soared to save a lot of money on fees and most of them one you can get there next up we have just a couple more articles of Y ripples going through the roof so XRP so it's just because people are realizing it is it is catching up to that valuation point you know right now it's very very undervalued which is good good news for us early investors because we get to put in more and more honestly I'm puttin money um I'm from Canada I put in money to coin Square to buy more XRP the price is very very good right now so I'm so excited for what the market holds in where it could go so ripple is completely exploding right now and that is matched with the rest of the cryptocurrency is falling down such as BTC so XRP is in it next Bitcoin although I don't always agree with this statement saying that X RP is the next something extra P is an individual cryptocurrency extra P actually has started trends you know so there's many cryptocurrencies that follow x RP but none can match it you know so I want to say I know a lot of people say X our piece and you but I was a Bitcoin 2.0 but you know that's whatever that says I'm saying extra piece better than Bitcoin so I'll take that for what it is but X R P is an independent coin that is independently moving in the market very very good news right here so next up we have extra P the future of cryptocurrency like I said it took the number two position without yes well of course it had to do this many times in the fall back down and then come back up but now it just seems like we're not going back down so like it's just this article basically just talks about how it is competing what swift Swift has gained so much marking over the past few years but banks are so quick to switch over to the neuro disruptive technology that is saving them more and more money and of course of the ones who aren't doing it are definitely gonna get left out so the people who have done already have motors advantage and it's definitely gonna play well for them they're definitely gonna save a lot of money as they've realized in their piloting programs and once they start actually implementing the use of ex rapid it's only through the roof from here next up I have this um reddit post and I wanted to share this with you guys because this is something you should not do you know we should invest responsibly so friend is putting house deposit into XRP so a close friend of mine is considering putting it his entire house deposit into exstrophy this is not good news do not do this we are only supposed to invest what we are comfortable with losing you are not comfortable with losing your house unless you are very very wealthy or rich you know if if that's the case then all up to you but in the case where you basically you only have one house right of course and house is like I'm assuming it's from 500k thousand to 1 million dollars that is not a good idea of course it is a huge risk could definitely bring a huge return you know greater risk ring a greater returns possibly but this is definitely not a good idea because for all we know a separate price could tank I'm just saying you know I'm very very bullish on this cryptocurrency but I would not pull my house houses worth of money into this not a very good idea so if you're watching my video for whoever posted this I do not think you should go on I think you should recommend your friend not to do this not a good idea at all if the price tanks and it goes nowhere I've seen a lot of people go bankrupt with BTC because they've invested at point such as 20k USD put in their house put took loans from the bank and now they're stuck so what can they do nothing they're just stuck and most of them are bankrupt so not a good idea guys invest which were uncomfortable with losing next up we're on training view calm so as we can see we were on a pretty good uptrend a mini bull run and then we're kind of stabilizing fell a little low but we're kind of stabilizing back in the middle so that is very very good so our starting point was about let me call this right here so our starting point was about like 46 cents and we're stabilizing at around 49 cents so that is good news you know even though we're generally on average were only up three cents that is completely good news because we found a new stabilize a Seng up a new stabilization point which means that we are comfortable to stay at that place and while I'm shooting this video we're on a green candlestick so good news right here you know definitely it's the end of year so let's see how this goes this could be the end of your borderland this could have been the start to the end of your bull run and I'm so so excited to see where this goes guys like I said I'm investing more and more because it is very very undervalued right now the masses are not seeing what it offers but really in the long run cryptocurrencies are gonna be price based on what they offer to the community which means big BT sees price is deemed to fall extra piece price is deemed to go up so I'm very very excited you know like I said my end of your price prediction it depends on what every goal by the end of November so I'm just gonna weigh down and see we could we can hit as high as 10 dollars we can hit 5 dollars we can add a new all-time high or like 4 dollars even a match our current all-time high would three dollars and sixty cents would be amazing past a dollar I would still be happy you know I want to take this slow and steady this is a long-term game so definitely stay patient but it's definitely a time where you can get more and more at an undervalued price and yeah guys invest responsibly invest in what you're will invest the amount you're willing to lose and that is all for this video guys make sure to LIKE and subscribe and leave a comment down below you know I want to know any feedback you guys have for me I love reading your comments and even if they're negative even if they're like criticism try to leave something positive at the end of it you know it just makes my day and stuff of that sort and yeah guys that's all for this video I'll see you in the next one peace

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