XRP By Email Ripple And The Entertainment Industry

ignition sequence start hey everybody this is the digital asset investor and I pulled my lower back I tell you what there there's one pain in this world that I hate more than any other and that is when I pull my lower back and somehow this happens to me every maybe every year – I'll get a good pull in my lower back and that I mean it's like you know that once you get it you've got it you got a week or two before it's just gonna go and there's nothing you can do in the meantime and you're walking and kind of bent over it's just awful so and then I what what is what's worse about it is when you're asleep if you turn the wrong way or you or you lay the wrong way and it catches where it's pulled immediately I'll spring up and Bend and it's the worst pain in the world trying to straighten yourself out it feels like you're being stabbed in the lower back it's awful so I have to wait a week or two weeks ahead of me that I knew is going to be fun I'm gonna try to get on the treadmill and walk it off today or start to walk it off let's see if we can get rid of it okay I got this from at Bob in Deep XRP he's I just wanted to talk about Jamie Dimon for a minute I know that he's so concerned about how the poor are being left behind Jamie Dimon says this is on CNBC Jamie Dimon says we've split the US economy leaving the poor behind Jamie JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon points to two Americas one that is benefiting from thriving US corporations and another that is struggling it is absolutely obvious that a big chunk of people have been left behind diamond says well well poor poor Jamie he's so worried about the poor being left behind now remember let's do a rewind here because I've talked about it several times on this channel and that is Jamie Dimon is in the bailout class Jamie Dimon was bailed out during the financial crisis of 2009 or ten in a rewrite of history he would love to tell you that he didn't need the bailout he just took it because he had to he was just trying to be a team player but the government just made him take a bailout well those people that took those bailouts and don't forever forget never forget that the very next year their executives were given the largest bonuses I believe that they were that they had received in history so these people not only did they take the bailouts from the US taxpayers and this happened worldwide really not only did they take the bailouts then they turned around and they knew and if you think they didn't know that this would create a separation between the haves and the have-nots and create more poor than think again there's an old saying I believe it goes socialism for the wealthy capitalism for the poor in other words the rich are always going to take care of themselves and though the government will take care of them and the people that get screwed or the poor in the middle class and that's what happened that's what the bailout represented was the screwing of the middle class and of the poor and so this guy has some gall to come out and try to act like he gives two you know what about the poor and their predicament because the truth is if they had really wanted to do something to help the poor back during the bailouts gonna bail somebody out they could have used all that bailout money and giving it to the poor or the middle class but they didn't do that not only did they not do that but they bailed out themselves the banks and and they bailed out themselves and then those same banks anyone who was defaulting because of the financial crisis with those banks on their mortgages and everything else those banks turned around and went after those people imagine the Gulf they there bailed out then they turn around and laughter legally those poor that Jamie's so worried about they go after those people and they spent years some of them are still going after those people that's a fact so anyway there's my jamie dimon rent moving along from Leonidas at Leo hae j IL o i0 you give him a follow great XRP community member and he also has x RP arcade comp and he posted this article the amazon of switzerland digitech Galactus is now accepting Bitcoin and other select cryptocurrencies including X R P as a means of payment boom that is big thank you Leonidas that right there is you know I see all the the news all the time over the last 15 months while we've been in this bear market we've seen all kinds of good news bad news but mainly just hundreds of pieces of good news about Ripple and you see things like this this this one piece of news alone should should send XRP going through the roof but it's just we continue to have the water built against the dam when this I was talking to my father this morning he and he said you know none of this really makes any sense whatsoever he said you know that this this market should be exploding right now and he said there must be some kind of manipulation that's really trying to hold this thing back until they're ready because everything that you see the stars are aligned this thing is ready for take off and I'm every day we see something else and I'm about to show you if many things though that just go right in line with this it's just a matter of time that's what I say and I don't think it's a lot of time I don't believe that okay from XRP crypto wolf Japan introduces new regulations for crypto currency margin trading the new regulations are reportedly to come into force in April 2020 will require crypto currency exchange operators to register within 18 months of that day well this is huge because when you're introducing margin trading that means that not only are people going to be able to buy and sell cryptocurrencies but they're also going to be able to borrow money to do it and that is the maturation of a market for the creation of a market I guess more how you would see it okay from XRP James T at X RP James sent me this I forgot to cover this the other day would commerce integrates x RP when ecommerce sales are projected to hit four point eight trillion by 2021 what this is in reference to I covered it about a week or two ago week's a win had put out a bounty where he wanted someone to create a plug-in I believe so that X R P could be used with I think it's WordPress websites which is what WooCommerce does maybe XRP labs through wind and two of the labs co-founders are working overtime to create so XRP use cases and part of increasing adoption is by creating an ecosystem around the use of ILP so apparently someone took him up on his deal and created the plugin that he was asking for and so now you're able now XRP can be used in e-commerce on WooCommerce how big is that that is HUGE okay XRP veteran what is your opinion on this they're talking about IBM and Stellar's World wire ok world wire is what IBM is created to compete I think my gist of what I read is it will compete it's a competetive competitor 2x current and X rapid they chose to use stellar on that platform well what's interesting here many times we've said before when talking about different things that that that ripple is working on and like r3 would be a great example they're going to be on the are three cord a settler platform and XRP is going to be is the first digital asset that will be used for settlement but our three made it very clear that over over time they will have other digital assets in the mix as well well I see this IBM thing in a very similar way this guy that speaking here is the head of IBM block he's the head of IBM blockchain director and in this clip I have to assume he's referencing their world wire because he's talking about how you'll be able to settle in cryptocurrencies and he says it could it'll be if it could be Excel him it could be Bitcoin it could be even mentions X farm fees that it could be X RP and I think he's referring to their thing I'm not I'm not a hundred percent sure it's a it's a short clip but I think that's what x RP veteran was getting at but the point is is that there's two points here the first point is nobody ever said that that ripple and X RP is not are not going to have competitors of course they're gonna have competitors Microsoft had competitors Apple had competitors both of them made the cooze of money but they had competitors and continued to have competitors nobody ever said there wouldn't be competitors but here's the other thing all of these platforms are not there's not going to be any single digital asset whether it's stellar or xrp what we're talking about here and what's important is that X RP is going to be in the mix and it is it has got the advantage of having been F at this game for five years and I believe and we referenced it yesterday in Bob Bob Way had written a thing of peace and he was talking it was from XRP chat comm he was talking about one of his posts was talking about how ripple the company had gone back and forth about do they want to focus on ripple software or do they want to make their focus on XRP well I think that the way he said it they are all in on and focused on XR P and the reason I believe that is is because they now know that the world has opened its arms to crypto currencies whereas in the past it had been kind of like the world would say oh that's for money-laundering those there's a negative connotation and now they know that it's going to be accepted and they their goal is to be one of those five to ten digital assets that are in the mix for worldwide movement of money and they know that it's not going to be anyone they've never said it's gonna just be XRP nobody's ever said that or I haven't said it XRP is going to be one of the one of the movers of money around the world and that's huge huge um just if if ripple I've said it before if ripple only achieved a small percentage of what they're trying to achieve it is on like Donkey Kong folks sorry I'm an a child of the 80s I use that terminology sometimes okay um c3 Nick this is big right here to outlook XRP added money message send money by email with these money messages an add-in for Microsoft Outlook which allows you to append money inform in in the form of X RP and send it to any email receiver and he puts the screenshot here but I saw I clicked on this so it's a you can go to money message dot rdy in a m.i.c s comm and check this out money message com I guess is the website but anyway um send money by email with these and they've incorporated this somehow with XRP tip but I'm not going to get into all the technicalities of it but suffice it to say you through it if you follow the instructions and all this you can send x RP through outlook email now how cool is that adoption adoption adoption folks this is from hodor's new blog today ripples entertainment industry takeover I'm not gonna go through the whole thing I just wanted to show you this part right here just so you can see just how big some of the things that this is a great little timeline of what what ripples got going on and all of them have consistent theme that is easy for us to identify ripple is aiming to dominate the monetization of entertainment here's a timeline of major events May of 2018 ripple announces the spring initiative ripple hires Ethan beard from Facebook ripple announces spring investment in Scooter Braun projects Scooter Braun being the entertainment icon Stephan Thomas founds coil to monetize electric electronic content November 2018 ripple announces spring investments in securitized to tokenize assets this one could be bigger than any of them February 2019 ripple announces spring investment in raised in space Scooter Braun ripple announces spring investment in Kavala labs ILP technology cinnamon video announces plans for coil based video streaming ripple announces spring investment in Dharma to help tokenize credit markets March 2019 ripple announces spring investment and for tape gaming coil announces Rafi key a new ILP connector there are two paths represented by this timeline a technical path and then the entertainment industry path so you can see where all this is going folks and that is what I wanted to show you in this article it's a great article to go and read it you can go to XRP community dot blog and read the whole article next and this is really interesting folks this is from what an interesting name quantum field petrol head at GE lo4 pp sent me this and he's got the Joker from my favorite Batman movie which is the Dark Knight I wish I wish that as I recall Heath Ledger overdosed that guy was a good actor uh that's an awful thing that happened um but anyway moving along this is what he sent me XRP most likely cryptid arrives in 2019 says survey from Japanese internet judge this has got several interesting pieces of information in it Japanese Internet giant GMO an opera cryptic exchange GMO choline release the results of a recent web questionnaire from January 30th to February 20th targeting ten thousands 964 users according to the survey roughly 50% of respondents named XRP as the cryptocurrency most likely to rise in price in 2019 about 70 percent of the respondents believe in the future of cryptocurrencies at large these are interesting here other key findings over 70% are holding cryptocurrencies as long-term investments roughly 90% began trading after 2017 folks following bitcoins record high and significant media attention roughly 20% began trading in 2019 but this is the one I'm interested in 90% of the people that are that are that are answering this survey did not even begin trading cryptocurrencies until after that run-up last December what that tells you folks is how many folks are gonna be in this next bull run when this when the sentiment shift happens and people and and people are finally told in the media and the FOMO begins and they start to say hey the markets taking off when the people come in this time it is gonna be a much much greater flood than what we saw last time and that translates into price increases folks while I'm talking about price increases for a minute I saw I heard someone say something that I wanted to correct the other day the other day I showed you I've been very upfront about the fact that I'm not a chart guy don't do charts but I showed you a chart guy the other day that I found interesting the guy's sound like you really knew what he was talking about and he had done a chart where he he showed that he thought there was going to be an X R P breakout and that it could go as high as 172 dollars well I show you those things because it's interesting to me to look at those things just as it's interesting to you to look at those team I was not in any way saying that I think that on the extra xrp is going to 172 all I was saying was that this is one chart guy who presents an interesting argument for that I was not saying that that's what I believe that's not what I'm saying at all I there's not there's not one part of me that does not believe that XRP could go that high but I'm not saying that it goes that high on the next run all I'm saying is here's one guy that that seems to know charts and this is his opinion and so I didn't want I heard somebody say that my that was my call of XRP going to 172 that is not my call but I want to correct the record on that okay if you want my call my call is that I believe that that XRP on the next run goes somewhere I personally believe there's no reason on the planet that it won't go from $8 to 20 bucks I really know that's that's what I personally believe just based on everything that all the stars that have been aligned and how far we were able to go on the last bull run with a lot less in the works a lot less in the works um it wouldn't be anything for XRP to achieve those things if you look at it in the scheme of things okay and finally from XRP Australia at XRP underscore Australia and by the way since I got in digital currencies I have found out how cool the Australian people really are the the Australian people are some of the smartest people that I have found in this digital asset space Australia seems to be on the leading edge of digital assets and I've met a lot of interesting people and smart people that are following this and here's just another example XRP Australia sent me this it's a company called red grid building the internet of energy and I want you all you'll watch their video because this is interesting and what's even more interesting is that they're going to be using holo fuel and these guys I want you to go on their homepage go to this websites kind of strange it's holo dot host slash project slash red grid go check this out they've got a video right here where these guys tell you it's powered by Hulu Chaim they tell you exactly what their plan is and if I had to describe having watched the video if I had to describe it in a nutshell they're talking about more or less the I'm a butcher this explanation like I butcher name sometimes but so I do want you to go watch the video um but the one of the better things I heard I'm saying here's imagine if they said that in Australia they'd had blackouts where if you let's say in the hot periods it's where it's really hot many air conditioners are running at once imagine an internet that is able to link all of these these um these uh sorry I'm sorry I've got another imagine an internet that's able to connect connect not just the things that are using energy but the things that are not you that are that are saved and helping to save energy different machines but imagine you've got it's very hot in say Australia and they have blackouts is what is what they were safe imagine you've got air-conditioning units that at different times may not need to use the resources they're using and imagine an internet that can regulate that and take one air conditioner down when it's not when it when they're not really needing it and then bring another one back up to try to balance out the amount of energy that's being used that is a very rough explanation of what they said so go watch the video but it's building the Internet of energy that sounded like a really what a great tagline for a company red grid so go watch this they're going to be using the holo chain and that's great because I'm a hobo chain investor and I think some of you are – I'm the digital asset investor I'm not an investment advisor this is for entertainment purpose is only please subscribe hit the like button tell your friends and family to go check out red grid thank you for listening

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  1. At least Jamie Dimon was honest when he said WE as in NOT US average people but HIM and HIS crew!!

  2. DAI answer this. Your hype now getting more and more less credibility. Or watch his full video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nUYt0MKw9jc&t=6550s

  3. Lie on a hard surface every morning for 15 minutes, bent knees. Also have a pillow under your legs while sleeping for added lower back support. (Google these for image references).

    And make sure you have a great chair with lower back support.

    These things work. 😉 I'll tip you some XRP if they don't.

  4. Whats even worse is the poor don't even know they are poor…. people making 40k – 150k a year are voting Republican… SMH!!!!

  5. Make a habit of stretching your hamstrings every day. Make it a habit. touch your toes in the shower, for example.

  6. I'm suffering with same issue at the moment hahaa, it kills getting up in the morning the worst is when your busting for a pee lol.

  7. I know what you mean about the lower back, you may have a bulging disc. I used to get that once every year or so and it would put me out completely for a few days….but luckily it hasn't happened in years.

  8. CORRECTION, DAI, the banks did not go after the people legally, but illegally with forged and fabricated documents, JP Chase, Wells Fargo, and Bank of America were the leading thieves against working class and poor people's homes, with mortgage notes to those homes which has been sold on the stock market as securitization CDOs, making millions in profits on those same homes until the people begin to push back with lawsuit and class-action lawsuits them, and it still goes on to this day.

  9. My friend I am sorry to hear it. I used to have it too. So listen carefully and please do it. You need magnesium and calcium that's why you got this problems. But its not so easy to get it if you can't absorb it. I would recommend you to stop eating any grains, sugar, peanut butter start eating more vegetables and do intermittent fasting do some regular exercise and get some good vitamins (like Code) If you can make it your problems will disappear. Good job

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