it 3 to 1 and we are alive with
all report and timing to all the
way from you to solo tonight to toughly have
some great things as talk about
as we always do, as of we start
out the stream for those of you
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let’s get this kicked off now I
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things to talk about got people
bou as always on when we got going
on we got excerpt he, angel
Connie popped in here on mats
nurse and a Matson what’s going
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person got excerpt the Carolina and with that the a let’s get this going out
to excerpt the Carolina and then
you can do with what you please
the one who won a Tony didn’t ke , some to see how fast it is
because that should be like
instantaneous , the speed at which shop we’ve
got excerpt the traveling around
the globe toe, some tier we go to its twice in one day I think,
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a little bit further down on the
list at the first five is great, a shell and Michelle and
Michelle tie: an N array of Taiwan to butcher names are
about the toe to its lets us to dissolve a
sea of Denny tour is on as well , get focused here and so before before I get into
what I wanted to talk about ID
one to talk about banking with no borders because
I think it’s really important,
that we dig in and we’ve been
talking about banks so I figured
or of before it get into that I
wanted to want to look at
something that popped up and the news over the past
couple days and actually Jamie
Dimon weighed in on student loan
debt and was saying what a disservice of the dun off
for students and yes they have
done a significant disservice on
to students, through, through t ticket my content, again it
keeps getting cuts even sign and
what’s up with that, but you
know when mother talking about a
stude of the seemed to ignore all the
other aspects of what’s going on
with within the student that the
cycle and so and a lot of talk about this
before but it keeps popping up
its been a top of mind its kind
in aggravating and this doesn’t
nece of the impacts the of the
digital asset space in if we
take about the of the last major
recession and really global
financial cr big point in the digital asset
space burned out of the Las economic crisis so I
think this is really important
of that we focusing on what
leads up to a financial crisis
and I kno and to see one tie up as added up to one image of them
are time is it Michael and
Michelle Lynn, Michael up in dual com a beacon of SP and will get
a bit accurate the pronunciation
and easy if you just type in a , so when she could stay for class
as can be a good class two, make
sure you have your espresso and
a stairway for this one , but so what we’re looking at
you were looking at up to the
political class, speaking only a
real like Michael and mike might
l and you Michael and pin you and
you , what is typing year , ray there we go of a
everybody’s translator E are
fixed car at the big question of the
day is who’s down with OTC and
there we go so the clown debate is on tight so it was so when week
when we dig into the AMA into an El Nam and plainly office,
did it to this debt crisis and
we dig into the $1.3 trillion in
student loan debt, we have so many Allies or and maybe just and misinformation maybe it’s up
a purposeful, reiteration of the
end of this misinformation you know but did the government
officials also are running for
elected office seem to again
made a look at student debt and
they and has to do with appealing to
people’s, ideologies people’s on
a new political, you know
mindset, but in much of it has
to do churning up emotions and were
seen that more and more that
there’s a focus on emotions and
more and more folks on emotions
and l and we hone it and we can we
hear these guys talking about a student loan debt in the
student loan that a crisis 10 and you have to
look at the entire picture so
when they say that there there’s
a student loan debt and we need , these a like to these of those
that are running for elected
office speaking out that they
need to charge off the $1.3
trillion but think about why is it that
the students have racked up $1.3
trillion in student loan debt to
begin with an owl the one thing that the
bank’s know, and in and colleges
know I specifically universities
know is that student loans are g taino specifically that students
coming out of the university’s all won’t be
able to get a job you know
paying enough to pay off the
loans now that the problem here
isn’t so m keep increasing to wish and then
they read a letter that ID any
tour is colleges pleasing the
students with high tuition and
tha tight to wish and cost now the
thing is the university’s key to
increasing tuition cost and they
know that the banks are to keep if a bad scenario now what is to raising about the
concept of their racing $1.3
trillion in debt is that it’s also a form of
transferring wealth over to these universities
because the universities and I’m
paid to students Dr. Education
of the banks, are are somehow
going t and governments essentially
saying organ to pay the $1.3
trillion in debt that means the taxpayers are
getting pick up a burden of $1.3
trillion in debt meaning the taxpayers are not
going to be directly responsible
to continuously funding the
exceedingly high to wish and
rates an and ’cause their zero
accountability by the
university’s and so the fact
that they keep bringing this up
and they don’t focus in a bank Stallone and then back in
those loans and making those
loans such that you they can’t
be discharged so that basically
sti I know $100,000 and college
loans of course this charge an
ally in a vote for so basically that now entered into a level of
buying votes so it’s not so much
that we support of access two to
wish and what they do have it borders at this point on an
illegal overreach of Lovell
politician to make promises to
directly to individuals to say
vote for m so you know there’s there’s a
huge problem and it’s amazing
that you’ll mainstream media
isn’t a oaks in on that the
mainstream that it just been really you
irking the four while, and I
just I just had a really
emphasize this because it’s a
notes deftly pr teenager own talk show on the
main street to tell be the be
awesome if I can to get a couple
of 100,000 people following us
in h to our aid to the Golan city got
seen Reebok in your Carl Lewis and legacy whopping here too,
subscribe and scribe subscribe
thumbs up, if you can let see
stored age by tuition Costa
directly we have a lot as more people
that come into law into this
chat and you know and so of
young sure you know when I did
when I you I would sometimes you just Gotta
vent and sometimes you Gotta you
vent, you know months people
that are to feed some and
clarify you also the Federal government
is purposely transferring wealth
over universities unfortunately I universities have become the
Bastian of a communism and
socialist thought process and
you have the individuals that
are teachi at the university level that
hold the sole a so called Ph.D.s which are just in all letters
that come after their name and
date and they prance around
calling themselves Dr. So and so
I don’ terry few university professors
actually have any real practical knowledge on in
the real world and the private
sector not to demean teaching
because I think teaching is
pretty a all but when you spend your time
and you prance around to be the
expert on in your subjects and
you’re to carry the a this eye D and if you’re on if you’re
teaching political science and
you’ve never been actively
involved in any shape or form
and politics and in that’s just a shame not
just doesn’t make any sense to
know all the shots graduating
college would detonate new
credit ca and they get you in trouble and
other credit cards that they
just give you any get free
credit cards on deftly deftly I
can get , they if you get a chance can
give your opinion on the
exchange is going down zeev it’s
you know what I wanted to bring
that up ,.base went down for. Time also
on that was either relic of
their relatively new then and
they said all we did expect this
many , shuts today focused on
kidnapping Vinson wilson’s out
brother only half as good but
same grape love like Ten Kay and Kay to have this if Bentsen wilson’s
all have fence and Wilson is
also pretty good as a full
Vinson Wilson and , let’s see here when we got
here rain burning notch of
Sanders all pay for everything
are a free free free everything
until we and people eventually learn,
hopefully all flee, no, no
people learn up when we moved
Carolina hit me up of your
interest in soc it going down Arrigo it seems
like my phone is moving in a must much faster
clip than this is here, let’s
see its official been true was
hacked or over on 9.3 trillion
exce ATA an interesting , and one other reasons why I
didn’t go and open up and put
anything on to a bit route that
that’s the case, and exchange
issue , deftly some issues on a stored
a jump into a couple decades ago
you could discharge a student
loan like any other loan and in rate the air , a year ago that scroll down
here Carl Lewis you keep going
down and be very popular and 2:00 AM I going down town what going down what that , and get some water here and
say we got to itsy tired is going to joining get
some beach and it away from it to eat everything on the ledger and see all remember a void to be bwv what sun and Chinese
bamboo was in the house,
remember a void by BT CC Risley
they’re on a terrace only by BT
seed vic that they have their own
telegram channel , that’s pretty serious toe and C roots go down that’s horrible and the
exchange’s go down a specially in an emotional. Time and I was
watching kept getting the
notifications and check to allay
Le let me take a quick look
hearing o on coin market cap and all
everybody loves: market cap, but
each is easily accessible I
sought by saw a big one was in
the like and was 136 and I get a
notification all were down its
down like 20% that was down, are
12% as Donna like 11,000 and
that all so a lab and 696 is where it sits
right now OPS 6% for the day
excerpt he hit a high today of
like 48, that was pretty good
does pr and others deftly toughly
fluctuation fluctuation the
market’s natural on everything
is going in this uptrend of
people are gonn , see we got here light its move
on a bit ruin your exchanges
same thing happen to buy nance
early on that CIA and then
people s and oh so and I member of the
unites and issues with one of
the wallets and I can access my
asset and they shut it down like
all tse and an all the snipes chides
says 100% a lost fumble beer
Atty. users , and that’s awesome and they do
that then their standing behind
their policy on I think one of
the things they said is that the so as exchanges are providing
insurance and backing up the
digital assets and are kept on them and they
stand by their word you know
they and they’ll get hacked for
such a huge amount that you know they go under in all
but the thing is I think that
you know will speak volumes
offer the character of the
people runnin the York City mayor is on TV
right now in that den debate, what a wreck
what it took errors and whites
not on I’m not watching it on
competing without with prime
time , still think that’s a that’s important and a owl let’s move on , let’s move on let’s move on,
and a screen shot to your
account it’s a good point to
beat a great great advice , make sure you keep a screen
shot and the deftly proves an update
in time of all watch at that
moment and of its deftly a good
idea to oh and that’s a tense move on so, focus a little
bit on banking on sure you guys
of some of cumin and feedback to have home and I just got really drying are
awesome array and lease we’re
getting a good stream no lag and
everything else it’s awesome so talks enough, banking and
banking without borders is so
critical so crucial I started going down this this
mindset and I thought it was
imported talk about it kinda
bringing to light again I think I’m preaching to
the choir but to any help to owe you know for
George for generations up to
leave you know we’ve all had a
relatively decent access to job
as m think there’s a total of all one
on CNN and that’s probably the up the
guy that’s monitoring their of
their of their newscast of nobody wants one to debate
forgot about it about it and all
fun and just the weather like a I
think is like 100 of them
running nine to 04 for generations you know
again having access to to
banking or done about brick and
mortar and mortar banking has obviously you know benefited
society it’s really help build
society it’s really help you a
lot you know probably for all of it’s of excerpt the bags rector
trump kids making fun of the
month sweater now that I should
have a vision of a direct Witter
fe , so it with everything that’s going
on in the baking space know it’s
a tie kinky I keep going back
over here because these comments and auto I wanna watch it was a
solo rather than a let alone a whole mess of a
mop their sew and it also the route
through internal ineptness which
I guess you guys are seen in the
debate , the potential for money
laundering which guy you might
see a bear on in the debate a
fraud corruption of banks of
obviously yo you moving from FB you’ll have
to go that far to look it
societies in existence now more
in the developing world that don’t have access to
banking what is banking actually
done to help of you push in and
promote innovation up remote
business and you see and hear all the way
from the Breck I’m show it’s
awesome , but is a son to sir captain
sticks Ter captains, wait so are now up to sticks to cap the
sticks to captain’s Ter captain
sticks and a zero to have such
different of names to RE again simple to see AKA what’s up how does
tether print money , missed an auto works to do all
sorts a great stuff over there
as the back and buy up all sorts
of things that are mystery of i tall tale he’ll focus on in on
the banks, and what’s up
extremely potent and to see one , so to the banks when we get we
get small business loans to get,
of capitol allocation you get
the up and of a liquidity provid you have corporate transactions you of retail transactions on
the individual side you nowhere
as we’re just saying you have
mortgages auto finance a school
fina these are all that big things
that banking has provided to a
develops society developing
societies I was here struggling
on to c , not sure that all and that’ll
happen but, then the that’ll be,
crazy if he does so, with all
the positives on and all the
inte is that it always seems to slant
in the direction of up of
benefiting the bank’s bank
profit over the banking profit
on interest and so you know that there’s
always that you know when you go
into a bank of it seems as
though that you they think that
you nee and you need to be grateful and
thankful that they’ve allowed
you into their bank and although
they they try to make it a some formal customer
experience for the most part you
know that customer experience
doesn’t always exist in those
brick and mo you know that that’s really the
point is is that and that brick and mortar
banking environment it’s not
necessarily accessible to
everyone all over the world of
odyssey you know what is critical about all of
that is that with a brick and
mortar bank it’s extremely
difficult to bank without
borders, becaus it wise it that everybody’s
fighting over the speed apiece
pace wise everybody fighting
over the beaded be space all
when it com a bank to bank corporation
corporation it’s because it’s a
critical space that is been relatively often
working within this a in an
analog Alway when everything
else is been ongoing digital and
and so , we really need to emphasize
than that with all of the things
that are our transacting you
know how is it then that were
going all yield millions of people a
globally that are on banks and
what we wanna be able to do is
bring all of these individuals
on i and Baldy can think of his name but
he is of a moderate, no clue and think of it I’ve no idea , so you know so what we want a
really then you’ll be able to accomplish , is a couple things you one you
know with all of the negatives
that we’ve established and in
the banking space on we talked a
l that’s a huge amount of money
and yet they continue to walk
down this path of a committing a
fraudulent, act on in pain these
la it’s really allowing all of the
AMA the assimilation of love,
one feature that the banks all
are running away from Dan and
that’ you know and we talked about
this yesterday would ship you
why is it that you a lever: you
know coming to the forefront why
is i you know with what was going on
while what the potential of the
lever: what is it actually mean
on two than it actually means be and we’re going to see and
that’s what they’re terrified of you know
what face book represents not
necessarily would face book may
do on its own but what face book
rep and are not finding the need to
walk in to a brick and mortar on
location and so it was so you know so, is that
mean yell for the individual as
any for the business that really
means that things are moving you know
in a direction that you know the
need to be digitized and only
win means that we’re moving in a that is is really good of
Ellington died too generous on
the show so to it all so and you know so
you and with all of this in a night
and I keep going back to
thinking and Owen anno in the in
the beginning stages of a big point
there was a heavy focus on all well with bit cloying and
and now with the crypto currency
and that’s gonna be the end of
banks you were knocking any
banks we have digital assets so again
about the banks because you know
we just have the dual assets with big point
of the reality is is that you
still need a third party
solution and how we talked about
this rece banking concept now the banks
and enough talk about the
blurred line I believe there’s a
blurry line it’s happening at a
faster and the in the brick and mortar
banks understand and the reason
why we know that the brick and
mortar banks understand it is
because Jp Morgan real rolled
out of the JPN: on an internal
of digital now that becomes very very
important you know because that
means banks understand but now
from a banking done, we’ll focus
is th now one of things that
intimidates the banks as we gain
this transparency as it become
less and less relevant as ace
try to stay on is that they’re losing the
slush fund, were seen that night
without moneygram I think is a
perfect example that when a deal with this new
open up, flat cost of
transaction of Canada which is
basically 10 Canadian dollars up
to 500 so i are paying 2% now when you look
at up to $1000 your transaction
cost goes to $15.00 and 1/2%
touch is amazing is very little
out that’s only charge and ½ are 2%
and all but the thing is as you
get rid of more more these large
monstrosity big and more brick
and mortar of the structures you
it doesn’t mean that we don’t
need a conci , if you look at the pike
capital one you owe their
opening up coffee shops that are
also banking shops and others
there’s one d and they’re trying to stay
relevant they realize that what
is it that Latinos like to think
they like coffee and also their
door and that’s why he wanted one
that’s why you want a bank here and oh so you know that there’s
so much that their their banking
customers to come back you as
soon as you see a banks that are at the higher interest rates
when they’re probably paying a
1% on your money and they wanna
get their 34 percent on the
money an and so it’s crazy to the soccer
people and not not to say it’s a
bad thing egg open a checking
account and deport a box you
know all but now with a lot of the
thin tack on companies in the
stands at banks, I think they’ve
really again you’ll put up and
put now with all of that being said
individuals need to banking space at site is just
saying you have said before you
know that there’s been a
blurring of the lines because
that the a small business loans we still
need a small business loans,
capitol allocation we still need
of the liquidity providers we
need whether its corporate are retail
individuals need mortgages and
auto loans and school financing
and an allotted for house renova that’s the blurring of the line
help we can feel safe like all
your sane up, the true was
hacked and their backing up if
you fee and I’m a by Euro instead and
feel like holding your home and
feel like old Ing and a big
point, to take a rescue know
that that a no go up and down the other 3%
is my daily, you know my daily
money than spending plus and to
think about the tax for the tax and so you so that opposite is a
debate about their but the point
being is that if I’m going to
you’ll be able to bank within al all of my digital assets on that
exchange and there to pay me six
or 7% Hackett they pay me 3% on
my digital asset that city doi if I want a credit card I don’t
need on a chase of brick and
mortar all with you know
thousands of employees to have
the credit and no sin to topple it did this
part of society and you also
need to then bring banking to
those countries we see what’s in
bob and deport rating and other for
currencies because they were
stable, but they could utilize
of their own and oh so you know there’s just
that you know it’s kind of mayo
ton of of things there are going
on you know plus not that, go to
this in a minute that coz I
think is interesting when it
comes on to paying people, to
get paid fo a day a conference call that IDB
on, 8:00 and it went for about
an hour and 1/2 so, to the
governor of the state of
Washington i what a jacket as an absolute
jack as a now it’s one thing you
know that you wanna give free to
wish and you know what if people and then they live here and
there here legally a no go for
it at your prerogative if you’re
going to then you’ll get college
tui that’s a whole different the
situation and it’s it’s really a
sham that you know that there that
they’re promoting the fact that
they’re giving medical handout
driver’s license and all these
othe where the politicians then you
know in these inner city
communities that are that are
you know he had disaster zone
they don’t g and absolute stupidity what
they’re trying to do again there
there feeding a motion instead
of rational thought and owing to
cho its kind of disgusting enough
you think about and it’s
extremely insulting ought to
anybody you know that as any in
all thought and I just don’t trust me crazy
tech’s Erp even a eye bank
center screwed I love that is
awesome, love that to banks are
screwed and sewer to see , were to see the banks of the
game be bought out by the likes
of.base and uphold and by nance
and the thing is finances coming Manned look a what little they
done billions of dollars these
guys are generating the
generating more money on thin
banks would to oh, let’s see are the publish
Ickes bread said I’m going back
up to the stream die so tense
Edward not partnering was swift
w I agree today they see what’s
happening these banks and their
there are flailing right now
they think if they gained upon,
nine you know it’s it’s just of it’s
gonna be interesting when the
Pullman front of all in front of
the senate committee it’s gonna be interesting , tse Carl Wagner what’s a man,
rebel is now setting of
moneygram to move money cross
border for banks and it’s right
today I th on at least a a voting a strong
boating interest in moneygram
and that they have plans that a lot
of plans, beto the beaver is
eating is up of a tale when a
clown and I are the guys what
was the and is any realize that if he
called suffer very tall and took
on the name beto all you’d sell
more Spanish to appeal to all of to the one it be part of the
cold sure solely the one you
want take someone else’s like
Pocahontas over their you know
stealing and making it their own and then
they still we know they don’t
they don’t think it’s wrong that
is it just unreal beaches unbeli , government, we saw that and I just say all that allowed
the really mean to a idea night, we talked about
the face quickly brother
politicians will hate it to AC up behind the scenes Intel folks
all will push it through the
love face book and will love
libra even more interesting
terry int tale would Clap that of a annex
that saying it did not do I say
that to mean to say that to its feet are a gun, down this
chat here and ace book into
reducing the white paper cause
to banks day hit the panic
button ship or and raised in New York City
but speaks of a southern drawl,
I owned a unit of the cotton on ad that of the potions
inner voice chat inner voice and
a deal me a ID to sit here and
think to keep out people my tho of a car a so to me go back to where I was a
whereas going in this goes to
think about one extra component
of putting the banks on the up
on o they become more integrated with
our day today on existence and I
was thinking about this and does it mean for paychecks
to oh could you imagine you know
if you’re able to get paid enough for work on a day to day
basis and said awaiting every two
weeks and you know it’s just an money
flows and money flows out it’s
not obviously all reality in
every scenario, slate as a lot a
tra of day that company anno
typically need to leverage the
incoming money off four. Time
and then they have an
expectation of payro , however, I was thinking about
young day labor or you know
labor in general you know you’re
going and year you give of days
har , and your part time or whenever
that might be to do you have to wait another
two weeks to get paid or can you
be paid immediately for hours
worked, is there of a strategy
the beyond you know the borders of
the bank’s you outside of the
banking walls, what can happen
up from a payment perspective
and I excerpt he is knocking on that
door little bit all with things like while on an
excerpt the tip of the we all
know obviously , so that there’s so much of
potential in what’s happening you know so
to so it’s it’s interesting and
be up on tap lined a yes I say
pay the labor and also it’s
inter to have your pain somebody to get a lot of time to bring
someone for the day you pay in
cash and Owen and and off they
go to win a digital asset
environmen Toma city clock out your hours
and get paid that is immediately
transferred over to a lock in a
clock starts the clock out and in that thing is you get
them more of a tracking
mechanism if you can’t have
those of our talk about all
yesterday of it the liquid lunches many of
the revolving of the revolving
door sometimes they have those,
in the in the plants and nine in and out the turnstile and off
they go in and they found you
know Walton what instances of
people hanging of the bar young
down t that people ever really thought
of all but the most important
aspect of that bill and in my
opinion is you are only thinking about those
that are living in O’Dea today
those that take a paycheck and
they need a cash advance war
than of , or that the bank that the unemployed EI use
is up in to get to get a a, to
cash the check the end of going
to the of cash checking stores
an is the help facilitate the
growth and so were timeout and
the beginning the importance of
the bank what what is it
actually mean tell exactly all Ron Roberts
payday loans are vampires and
their prey nine people because
they understand and many times
there a whether it’s in bad areas of the
U.S. war in developing countries tanks aren’t they are so banks
earned in the community they’re
not nearby and it’s going to be
much less likely for those
indivi and in many cases they could the
party stores or the convenience
stores are Cashing checks and oh so, so it’s it’s kind of
of you know it’s kind of award
thought process because we wanna
be able to help these individual of which are glad they’re
joining of that the economy at
large and even after living die
hand and now giving them an
opportunity in from a digital perspective
which they can be, and they can
have an account that doesn’t
cost them anything on in that
account and it allows them ought to take
what they have in that in their
new on in the digital account
and they can then paying their
la and I mean that because that’s
how they live you know and you
can advance within the teen
stream society if you’re living
like t , that these people one advance
and a one to grow up, and you
know and they and they need at
the knee that opportunity and
that’ that it’s fun people think you
get my thought process also, but
you know the trump talks about
leveling the playing field their you a $300 and you have payout
25% of that and then there OK
with that that’s insane and all
but you make it 300500 Andre
Yellen so that we we need to feel have
that solution that’s the
solution and that’s why so many
of these entities are running
scared no , coming out with the libra
because they see it happen in
the periphery of the understood
the banks and these payday loans
store mainstream hasn’t had full
visibility to the space yet and
that’s what baseball believer
represents it’s that it’s that
presents of the digital asset space
because everybody knows baseball and a face books in it and
baseball coffers libra and bass
book 10 of you know and if face book
is able to bring lever up to 2.6
billion people around the world
tanks are terrified and that’s what it’s all about
because that’s mainstream that’s not just you all of us
sitting here talking about it
from an investment perspective that’s actual mainstream toll utility that’s gonna help,
make some changes again whether
its face book or whether the
full solutions that we
understand w and I think there’s there’s some
opportunity here so and that set of that and I got
through everything I wanted to
say when I actually skipped
ahead on I’m going down here and
of my and what awesome video of a a very, very pleased. To tell me let me go to the up
and go to the chat here of trumps level the playing
field that stated it applies
globally internationally as it
does also apply of Mana on at
more micro and only see abolish us I saw
those under read this and going
down to the corner and hobbling
a card were Simon reads will
leave it’s funny a lead for crypto
alike that an edge and you know it and give
crypto to people him a few one
excerpt be as you as you see
them out there on the a off the
fre , R.I. all sorts and crazy
statements going on over there
on tap line see fiber person
come the myeloma and nine mow my
yard I s and then that they we should
deftly be able to do that and
they shouldn’t that should be a
taxable event for us and that’s
what along guy came today an Ide no
times income and he likes to
pick up his check and recheck
gritty and always come in today
and le , as Engel and if any other day
online methodology is a payment
and other be awesome a year ago
to pay you let me shoot john exc and then bowman that’s now it’s
easy and extractable it’s not
taxable to tell a rail it’s up to see a you guys
and got some great come to feel
like I’m watching the debate
over here does reading your
commen Toyota jet from say that so she clinching, what your thoughts on
the widespread outage today and
big point started dumping a ID:
base and other exchanges shady all but I did see that I was
reading the article, are not put
I thought I pulled about maybe
not, here is today pulled up, so
th , price was within short periods
of time, and so and this article it’s a dumb was
as published it and 920 Ute sea
Tac is Ute C, time was unaware
that put put me I know what the today also as is the pride day
point drop 1.8 gained 15 minutes
and they came right back a site
does this rubber bandit was two , Lucy alleged trading and robin
hood also any issues to offer
Robinette issues,.base had
issues , that sure was hacked,
according to data that next
nearly $250,000,000 in volume
traded hands and a 5 minute. To run in the initial drop with
690,000,000 in Bala volume
trading across the team in a , due to the com is also too
crazy stockman these, wrapping
up nothing really interesting
there, no, that’s it was just
kinda cr if you relate back to what
happened more sane and the
beginning 1718 timeframe and
they were blaming it on too many
people top i , I really don’t hope that said
the situation, excerpt the
minute I might have a special
guest on tomorrow night, that to what they want to see up to say
we have another special guest on
tomorrow night, if we can do
something more on nine to figure
i to the light Chippendale tough and ship and they would sell those fun a
rush, that are eight, nine,
jumped all over the place a rate room great chat reshape
that , Eichel in a stirring age sure that’s why
republicans up better support
discharge in student loans in
bankruptcy and us, because it’s
one i of of of up to wish and as they
discuss the skyrocketing cost of
Health Care and incidentally all
both of them have government i of it is now also backed up by
the government or at least done
in part or and then it’s back by
insurance companies as odyssey s all but you know the fact that
you have a ridiculous a cost of
Health Care, and instead of
being in a cash fame Otto he had
no i that Toby on it really beyond
comprehension a number one togo’s to your
you’re basically no buying some
people see a Dr. You’re buying a
service to all goes to do something and
doesn’t ask how much it’s gonna
cost a guide to the document
reads can cover watcher Kobe I
know it was that you have no idea how
much that healthcare costs and
before getting settled and get
other healthcare costs and
pubert to one is the insurance that
drove up the price of Medical
Care because of government
involvement and and some part a
big a corp from the government over to one
insurance companies and we see
the same thing would go up with
the with the university college
t , that again large as preaching
and promoting misinformation
tell that sit at said of gone over my
hour and surprise you guys and
say hours of get back off to a to oh any help I get are
wrapping up at Alia keep losing
my voice but I am out here to
late and a not to arial appreciate everybody
coming on glad everybody was
here it saw some you’ll love
scene you guys in the stream toughly helps of the upkeep of
the things moving forward
everybody gets a contribute
everybody gets a learn all look
for to see Friday night with rain and 10:00
PM to look for to see any guys
again tomorrow night will flee
we’ll have our special guest on

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