3 to 1 and we are lives of its
see if we have a better night’s
night than we did last night and
see a phone and powers that be, , be enjoying a enjoyed last all
yesterday although there were of
those some minor complications , as we start off every time we
make sure that we get everything
a prep to your comic sure we can
see , was coming into the chat, to
join us, pull this up on , mobile so I can see guys is
you pop and soul got in lee’s a
George papa minority of me bring
a volume down gutsy Foo on with
u and got a special guest it or
remain on names as a dozen 1 to 1 say too much, know we’ve got got
some great things and we want
talk about tonight’s ingrate
topics, and deftly looking for
to ev you know as we started, the
trend will win the four few more
people don’t want to come in the
stream before we all really kick
t weikel Messner what’s going on and got the Jobe and arrow anno all the way to a Montreal its of its pretty far away and
Chubb in the Montreal to free a
it’s an amazing place of the guy’s been over Montreal
before it’s really a colonize really nice as the go
to the of a cathedral of Notre
dumb over there is actually a
sushi bar that’s not too far
from th of a CIA for a guest is with us can
tell his was a nine and with us as to guest terriers are for Dumas Max headroom array of sea walls we got coming
on here you’ve got some are eight to oh many all we’ve
got got a decent crowd the
piling in to see what we got going here
the guys wonder why give a
thumbs up on the way and that be
a helpful you guys all want
weeded out , today we are going to want
talk a little bit about Thai
government of regulation were in
a talk a little bit about its going on with the of banking
space I think we need to dig a
little bit further , as two and know why there’s a
meal high probability that of the banks are actually
running a little bit scared from
nine and the new one face book
announcement getting into the
digital and also we wanted it into that
and actually that was a topic of
or a car special guest tonight
not as a topic that you won a tw a some of the recent night news
announcements that came out all
we see deftly a lot of other
recognition and the space
awesome t , just up and each icon on the
number people popping and the
stream so I’d promise old
problem you like you promise
anything of , bogus nights are bullish on
ascites it’s going on there’s
rain there’s rain to write so let’s say who was
the first one that popped into
the stream tonight and god to buy and scroll back up
through the chap, and it’s not
scrolling are right that see Anna Louise
George I one on to a note that
means war to do tonight, first
one on in the stream, get some
of free and let’s look up in lee’s
Georgia NAZI we’ve got tentative arena picking out and
it’s Ethiopia to read Arrigo and with that and we’ve got to rigo excerpt be on its way a ways love of everybody’s
participation in the stream I
think it’s awesome, always
appreciate you guys coming on
and spending t an awfully enjoyable and deftly
appreciated so car I let sunlit
scare right into one of two
nights of discussion and then we
wil , that CI two are a incognito
Gastineau where were the one
starts might it reads a bear witness to a a a rate so and the idea on your you up and just adjusting your
audio a little bit while you’re
talking and K it wasn’t sure for getting
an EM and resistance here on the
EL , audio saws just a double
checking the audio to real and it better to just adding a
little bit game and nine and we
should be solid to the are fixed arrived so , say a let’s go it’s go into,
some of the unwanted really one of
date did a little bit into
mainstream adoption and an island in my opinion you know
there’s different as different
ways to see mainstream adoption,
those ways would be directly th , into the space, when you start
seeing corporate adoption and
black chain, corporate adoption
not just utilizing blocking
techn it’s also connected directly to
digital asset and also odyssey
there some of a roots out there
that if an especially if you
look and you know are what had gone
on in India and a lot of big statements over
there were no we like to we like
crypto currency or we like
blocking technology and we don’t
li and also I you know it seems
like it with mainstream adoption
as deftly a little bitter
struggle, that still going on at
the gov , before we are so rarely of a
disconnected via like spinning
tow, when the sewer, comments
you you have about that in and
see w its audits to you and I deftly might get into the
Ai pulled an offer to it’s really a day in your face
right there and at , you know it’s it’s interesting
you know that yesterday we had a
conversation, specifically I you
know about this and we’re discu war and a plus or -2018 , banks have, paid out in fines
around $243,000,000,000 , and in some regard, or into IE
on the emelle, noncompliance, other
laundering issues and and a
whole host of anno mortgage
fraud to Owen it seems to be a
continuo and of it even started in 2008 because it’s on the track back
in a much much show much of
before then you know but there’s
deftly got a nice record of its
funn the spoke right now you know
threatening and then the
statements that they’re making
are basically everything they’ve
been found [email protected]’s exactly a minute goes
on and a reality all is one of
throw a big shot out of a bush
Ickes I just sent over 10
excerpt h , throughout the route some so I
really I really appreciate that
doe and it’s great to a raid
what’s with the sunglasses at
nobo , a top to be a little little changeup
as well received a mail,
thumbnail the video incognito and, made a real honor at a time and on the rain and a a a a to it and a a a a lot to an excerpt the junior , ice and the body went in and a
very bad crowd of a but you know
what if you go to the sketch as a book to sketch and it’s a
very eerie similarity of a a a a a a a beacon of a longer to a a a test of a wrist mainsail areas to a tee and gazette in a a a drinking
launch back like in the old
Isiah martini lunch nice and liquid lunch and to a a a a a a this is interesting and 2.2.6 billion , active people and face book and believe they they say that
daily they have around 1. the
whenever 1,000,000,000 people
active daily and 2.6 active a month so an event that’s a that’s a huge
number of thinking on and it’s
it’s just it’s amazing, it’s
unreal and real , Tommy and a nine A and low to Oakland and when that’s the thing ship
you know is that there there
fighting the other day are
fighting over this pace and it then it’s not knew
so and think about it go back a
couple years and face book made
an attempt to get into the
paymen and not sure how successful it
is a know what what’s
interesting know is that it all in less than Lester pay
now, incentives in all points
and one not on your use of a
Golan and nine and apple pay if
you ar and let your using a credit card
directly get them but and uhler
read the terms and conditions
most of them will release those
p and Mosby port and use AMEX in
in in a business environment
anno for multiple reasons
because are in other deftly
getting on ano a nose I think that’s that’s a
drawback I wonder what the
adoption is because you’re right
I think this announcement from
face b their focused on a payment space
not an oak and we use apple pay
when we go to whole foods and
other talk about payment space
an ought to sending money back, and
are sending money between each
other and I think the it’s
interesting and it’s gonna want
cell , but it but it still deftly
bringing a ton of focus and
attention and the banks and
traditional banks are Bricker
you know the all paycheck of a still is an OEM one and won the meet
record than I do a one I want them to know
everything that he can’t another
thing I buy out the minnow
everything I say it on apparently they do you
write up between all of them
nothing can all get together and
do imagine to power that they
would h and you got Amazon tracking
every purchase you made every
food that you eat and then
you’ve got cool the listens and
on everythi and oh, and gave that up and
it’s it’s all area so I’m really
wondering it what Amazon is is
there and you no intention, with
wi and 9 minutes of it all back
back to Amazon shopping again
you know it’s funny to us and
not was in nod and whole foods
some tes and as an air yesterday king of
some items and it was amazing to see how
many Amazon prime choppers there
are, about Nelder action pushing
the cards and the other Amazon p and a pretty soon and Amazon
dismissed are delivering stuff
you a nine after shoppers to say
you’re out of this you need it and we’re gonna and a that one day delivery now to a its point and then they’re the big
announcement those that the one
love that they wanna start
delivering to the trunk your
cart and one of and what you want it delivered
to the truck my car forget that
and it’s insane and get them of a , to try to to see if you guys set
a scene and where the Leavitt
inside your door if you have the Amazon long
feared or tse forget that anno
that that doesn’t work for me in
all make sure my dog sitting at
the Amazon lock on getting Amazon
law, Gore and that a nine and a cool it sounds about right
to stay cool , none ago was talking a cool a lax of a Lex up to a a a a of routes to tug it’s alaris of a pro said,
she were to go to all and all
the time taking a word ago said it’s a felony to
steal packages up people’s porch
is now , as it always if only does it
wasn’t filling in as a
misdemeanor theft it bans on the amount they use
to low and what is it it and as
a felony over $1000 terrain doorbell drained or VOL
they have an initiative to bring your book and
connecting with the police and
then they can monitor all the
ring doorbells in the
neighborhood and to share your of data and then they can go on after
tracking somebody taking then go for indoor water
and Orville throughout the
neighborhood , you know what the summit is
brought up an interesting
comment here and is events and you know it’s
interesting as I went back and
watch 1:00 AM idea and my
streams and I notice there some
spots w and a few losing the packets,
might come through on the live
stream that might not be
recorded and drop out in the
packet, but tear it says even set a new guy
seen Sunday and I streams where
there’s no audio but when you
first watch and you can hear
every and of deftly of the Decree of
their eyes on its an eye in and some of it could
be a I driven you may be there
to automatically pulling stuff
out and Owen then there’s a view the public and manually in else amid a complaint as well
to cool and of apparently, is
from what we’re discovering
another there’s there’s
justification , four for about six months, to
collect money they yanked out of
our account, in a dispute with
someone and bought something fro as a lot more you know involved
in it, you pay volunteer it is
yank the money away from us and
also now we’re seeing a similar
k and not the way the technologies
there an OB yet they’re still
gonna take you know someone’s
ear no one complained when which
is and on so say wonder what what’s
really happening to it to offer TVs that it is a white
is Hata Lendl and ejects an
occasional up up up up a 10th of a to a a a a a an aloha goods real
areas , we got it so funny up to a to polish I said I was just an
gear up a tent of it, it does see but I was Luke age
of a time to or that are the aero array to me they’re always war
is going up alike you can see
his face house house and would
scare in space and are
understood an to a an Ai your own, your Colleen A , suite that blacks will stop and a a a a a up to the Gaels
and that a cup of leads, choose
wrong of a of up to it, and
ryan’s O it’s up and also to people pop tunes in
pop and ago people nine, just
watching and what’s up and 24
people in the stream and for
good pe to dude as to dude making videos and unlike one way beyond their
real and behind my computer and
prescient that seafood and saw
some teas don’t and our Allies a set of at the
end of the stick it to if of a as dreams of a a a a a a to a to the it DN I dress up as a
veteran pretend to get prophetic
statements about the future of
excerpt a a a a a and that’s the best one and a
love that it-I might even have you back on
the show and then we’ll do all and to be so you need no one’s
ever done that before to and and Burien were talk about the
future all be asking you so what
you think about the future of
excerpt he and you’ll be all it
fi a real alighted to th of that that it and ML Newhall tests, 2000 eights and 1/2 and
Owens done it with a live there,
and will mean it and dressed up
and their costume of the brand n a victory suite M and awesome all sorts of awesome
eye because of or 1000, and jumping around here to try to scroll the real
excerpt be under 4000 sat for
the first time in two years and there was even keeps
Thompson down try to stay on the
19 , try it a and to hang on there there’s a
serious question here and I can
find it alone and are member and Ashton and stir a chair coaster us your
wish there was news or $1,000,000 Allen owns four
million of excerpt the actors
from an ever given the way terriers or as a question I got
in on a look on my folks and
actually scroll my phone will be
quicker tough to to read my phone , switch occurred going down just as if
to see through another $2.00 , or we’re not we’re back to
back we’re trying to make their
way back or crawling back up I
think expanding the straw new
wilder a real extent me an extended 70 and was back on some or back were lives as weeks of some of a hit as the Dutch into
beloved inside a a a are not so was I was a Mennonite
Group tested the key to the left
inside and the forget them and to solve those guys or the cult
of way back and am it was like in the eighties tow , net black says a rake of Jeff
have a up up up and hit the
attendant and affects my
stopover here to say to watch a
talk may be and a sidelight is sitting there
and stared at the screen are the
good, two of Lorena Glasson kick
some of its am a quick asleep in between
anno, when will the excerpt the
ledger finally see some
moneygram volume r.s. I’d be in
San Fra appreciate that lets say, his
theory excerpt is being
artificially suppressed tending
their release of press
announcements of ex rapid clients based on NDS
and such and think you know I
think you know there’s been you
know quite a bit of OTC , a new, trade you know and in
that it in and did tell for sure
is is holding back to repay the
overall price of you know price if all of this movement was
happening right now, on the
exchanges you know the price 0.2
B all of you just be going crazy and I believe you know
especially as there are a heck
of a seized upon over episode a
hit that it’s funny idea I
believe that To for OS really interrupted bikes
committee, is that, we we deftly
saw a plan in place, with moneygram so if we go back to
the extreme and I was company of
three parts and last car was
first I was all confusing and
was ha , what we saw in may was an announcement by Connie
Graham that they’re moving into
Canada and on and so I thought I
thought you know that deftly a
anno had a lot of significance
because and moved into Canada
open the m , then what we see happen in
june than in june we say rebels
big investment in the moneygram
now rebel obviously already knew
th on accompany you know that
there’s an be some movement to
know what their plans are to be
at that point because that
that’s your you still own a 10% share
in that company based on the
stock to owe you know they own a
significant amount of stock in
the correctly after what was the
announcement this week that they
established a flat exchange , from Canada to anywhere else
in the world setting in a 10910
Canadian dollars and oh so if I age at a Ajax is
online fuel and ascend as any
money from Canada and all your
only enough to pay of 10
Canadian u and I actually tracked, an
exchange of prior to send alive
$100 it was $10.00 Fridays at
$100 as $10.00 client to live by
$100 t to whether of money transfer
service that only charges 2%,
city light reading many see if
we decided to double that when
we sent to limit $1000 the cost was 15
dob , Donna 1/2% to oh it’s amazing so to me what
that is saying is that in a
monogram moves to Canada and
june rebel acquired a
significant part of stock and and holding within
moneygram and are also able to
dictate of the direction that
moneygram is going in terms of
the and all has to be based off of I
would think you know it only
stands to reason I could be 100%
wrong with this, it just seems
th , as a test case I would think
on the chip and see what you
guys out there think as well and air , I deftly agree with that, just
wanna say what’s up the excerpt
he will go for a login an
awesome to see one, the awesome
to se , Mary alike and renowned create
a 428 offers an excerpt he on
through the excerpt the tip of , it’s an awesome way to move
excerpt the rapidly on three twin are it’s a great
great thing great invention to
oh, yeah I you know what I think
you know there’s been so much
goi tending on and try to guess and
on try to figure it out and
again do as much figuring out
and try to read between the line
somet it would drop in a flat fee when
everybody else in the industry is charging anywhere from seven,
to 20% of Ford for similar type
a transaction and that all
signed Canada is specifically a
no d as well you why would the drop
to a flat $10.00 to null, the
getaway with 2% or 1/2% and I
think, say the average amount of
mone you know probably somewhere
between 350 to 500 dollars , minus any money algae nine
alternates and all $100 at a
time in my weight in accumulate,
a couple $100 before the senate
and b tardy dollars, to send $100 and
keeping 70 arrests is going to
moneygram are paying 10% you know you’re
paying an onion keeping $90.00
that’s awesome but if you
accumulate a little bit and percentage drop
significantly and also to me you know that
that I could be a marketing
thing to maybe the night and on
extravagance possible but you
know to y to 100% are so many things are
happening and and growth in the
space that will never be privy
to even after it happens will
neve Tia and percent nine and a definite
sense it’s a , it’s a good and that’s a good
night and a night light of its
4:00 AM somewhere and Serbian,
says 4:00 AM over there we will
co and shared and you come out and
join the stream tell as in all control, control and
the out of it roll it no and talk of a nose is this is
also mean I think there’s
there’s deftly so much and oh so
much that we have to look into
its funn , a it’s amazing you know we’re
starting to see another rising a little by
little by little things are
starting bid to build up again
in the space on the one thing
that II beli and are you taking a little bit
of foam a weekly taken some
mainstream you know but the steady growth
is as important you know when
one big spike growth and PC that
rapid young, you know, Tara
Bolick and obits destined and to fall
off the cliff and I mean it just it just seems
that way because it is high as
it’s gonna go while you know
this can be fun on the back on
the it’s been proven in stocks and
over and over again, and all
that the space would be any
different you know that’s it
wrote a lit and knocking have that you know
of that same impact and a
falling off the cliff dean of
nice gains like we just add just
added e , we can, if Taylor down from hearing and
star wrap and often to hub of a nap not too much and did you know
it’s called on more on that sit
at sets, it has to that and it’s a a a a a a a a test and
Joe Galea, Jaber jamboree of up , TBA all that are to be thanks for the
tenants awesome, does real quick
two before we miss it before it
gets too far off than I can
scrol , as up as it climbs up to
double or treat to track double
or triple is Vincent wilson’s
and you know that means an old events and wilson’s our
toe and it’s awesome and it’s
awesome, men of occasion Jason
mamet’s good a good to see one
haven’t seen you on the stream
before of and Jerry gel readjust of as like yesterday I got back up
yesterday, and that’s the best
time to wear sunglasses night to
a its right to a tide that Perot , got Mr. Windle Mr. When know
what’s up as to when it was not
from a song or Z that some BS
and real’s it it 20 K excerpt he will deftly be
watching, to a a a fly with skoda’s going on
good to see one lead you’re
here, all the way from Calais
lowercase and Jason OK shun Jason it’s and Mr. Wendell to a a a a time of its pretty funny and are
advancing or am I going mad no idea where
I’m going that and a stack of this gonna go
back to sleep up a lot of it if he could of a wrecked of what’s up casa Mannheim away a Kenyan Tadiran owned and to see one and all some and test IC you have a limit on the rain and that’s ready was arrested
development I knew I knew I had
it in my head and I conferred on
Mr. Window and said a real it’s a great idea and C up on a scale 1 to 10 how good to Richter scale up up up to a a a a a taped excerpt Yvette
is what’s going on good to see
one and all that the West Coast is
starting to wake up and the East
Coast is starting as to its cat and to have to take it to try a a a a team encrypt as on the East
Coast 1,000,000,000 and from East Coast concert and never got a good one glad to
see one Tom an awfully glad to see one to 00
for the offer these goes for
tonight are up of these co said
men were to continue on for the
We a leaven 20 totaling 20 and that in the
morning as anybody work over there and feel like nobody works over
in Australia and Australia of Thailand
everybody’s I got in the middle
of it so awesome a moving over
there to comment beyond a
staying on th to Singapore to a state must be really cool the
same forest really a and like a
day ahead and know everything
that’s going on before we do it by fed to the big announcement to take no idea , China if it a level playing field are in the comments nonpartisan
watch and as if you talk as
great a layer arrived and array of a conflict that god of
tron said the magic letters Exar
P it could say OT C and a southern nine beacon New
York from Florida overshot its the canoe your oars begin your offer an upstate are down state and sure where that is as near
Albany are something you can enforce deftly wealthy and
advanced and not allowed to chew gum over to to a a 1 hour north and today like a
people over there think an accurate array that said we deter john
Ross some are some perfect
perfect that is good and am th tear it is an IP, not the timing
was off and was deftly often
look real Arizona and back , WestPoint Carr idea of add
this is awesome you know really
glad everybody was on with us
tonight, deftly all look for it,
wait , too high to a aloha, had an opening a moving
8:00 and a contrary an edge in the red zone were a
little old when so are a day you
know thank everybody for the all
are the tipsy guy sent over, se and in time with us tonight
taking time out of your tour De
your morning your late night
your early evening whenever
might be fr tomorrow and a


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